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Castle initially thought that Beckett might be relieved that he will no longer shadow her; however, it actually became evident that Beckett seemed upset about the thought of no longer having Castle around when he moves onto another book series. In the end, though, he and his agent decide to reject the offer when Nikki Heat became a hit, leaving his publisher wanting three more books and offering him more money.

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The fact that the "certain British secret agent" deal would have terminated his partnership with Beckett may have also contributed to his decision. Castle is often pointed out as immature and childish, yet also charming. He is a well-renowned womanizer and tends to flirt with every attractive woman he comes across, even signing some chests of his fans. One of Rick's pet peeves is, being the writer he is, wrong grammar, particularly the misuse of irony and coincidence which he almost always points out.

Although initially portrayed as relatively jocular and slightly immature about his role in investigations, Castle has demonstrated significant character depth as the series progresses. While a skilled investigator with a knack for noting minor details in the situations they investigate, such as when he noted that rent for a victim's apartment would have been paid for after her death, there are times when Beckett has to step in to stop him becoming carried away with wild theories that threaten to obscure the facts; as an example, he once speculated that Doctor Joshua Leeds had been killed for his involvement in an organ-smuggling ring before they discovered that he was wanted for plastic surgery he had performed for someone in witness protection.

Long before Castle started following Beckett, he was known as the "Master of the Macabre". He alerted the police anonymously, but they never found the girl and there was no one Castle could find reported missing over the years that matched her description. Being unable to solve the mystery of what happened to him that day, Castle became interested in solving other mysteries.

In the present day of the episode, Castle was finally able to solve the murder he witnessed and stop a serial killer who had been operating for at least thirty years undetected. In " 47 Seconds ", after learning that Beckett had lied to him about not remembering Castle tell her he loves her, he still decides to continue working with Beckett, not to be with her or for inspiration for his Nikki Heat books but because he makes a difference solving mysteries with Beckett.

He likes that enough that he's become willing to put aside the fact that Beckett apparently doesn't like him back to continue making a difference. This is a change since Castle started for selfish reasons and is now doing it for selfless reasons. This is further showcased by the fact that when he's fired in season 7, Castle goes to work as a private investigator rather than going back to his old life. As of The Third Man , Rick was ranked number 9, dropping from his previous ranking, number 7.

In addition to Castle's knowledge of a multitude of topics, he has also demonstrated a high level of marksmanship and personal defensive training, even out-shooting Beckett on a range as part of a bet after previously missing three shots on purpose then getting three in the ring. During a confrontation with serial killer Scott Dunn , Castle even managed to shoot his gun out of Dunn's hand before he could shoot at the currently-downed Beckett, although Castle claimed after Dunn's arrest that he'd actually been aiming for the other man's head.

He beat Hal Lockwood into submission and fought off Dick Coonan despite being held at gunpoint; both were hardened, trained, professional killers. In " Probable Cause ", Rick was able to shoot Jerry Tyson in the chest even while he was using Beckett as a body shield. In " Tick, Tick, Tick… ", he operated a taser with proficiency, so it is shown he is at least familiar with basic police weaponry. Castle is also an expert fencer and frequently duels with Alexis. Castle's flashes of startling competence in combat is at odds with the fact that he's typically fairly inept in a fight.

Castle is also shown albeit off screen to know torture techniques.

British Cozy Mysteries: An Intro To The Genre And 7 Books To Read

When Alexis is kidnapped in " Target ", Castle interrogates Douglas Stevens, who refuses to tell him anything. We later hear Stevens' screams offscreen, then find out that he gave Castle the information. Castle also happens to be very good at Texas Hold'Em Poker, priding himself with his almost unreadable poker face. Castle's relationship with Beckett began as a rocky, forced partnership when Rick decided to shadow her for his Nikki Heat novels. From the beginning, being the womanizer he used to be, Rick had tried to flirt with and woo the detective, who just continuously rejected his advances.

Eventually, though, after several solved cases together, they form a bond and friendship that consisted of constant teasing and banters, which others around them usually easily pick up on. Their friendship gradually develops even further until they both have more serious feelings for each other, but are at different stages of admitting it. They eventually do and start a romantic relationship. About a year later Castle proposes to her and she says 'Yes',they plan a big wedding but on their wedding day,Castle gets kidnapped leaving Beckett to search for him for two whole months before he is found in the ocean on a small boat.

But he does not remember what happened to him. After another few months they get married in an intamate ceremony attended by only Martha,Alexis and her father Jim Beckett. During their separation, Kyra has apparently read all of Rick's books. One of his books, A Rose for Everafter , was actually dedicated to Kyra. He also kept the original manuscript of the book, with one old photo of them tucked into it. As the two catch up, they wonder what it would have been like for the two of them if they continued their relationship.

Kyra contemplates the possibility that the murder and Rick's appearance is a sign that she shouldn't go through with her wedding plans. According to a conversation they had, it also seems like the two have at least once thought about their future, wherein when marriage is considered, Kyra calls it a "Jurassic institution. Receiving Castle's comments that Greg is fully committed to her, Kyra completes her closure with Castle, and happily leaves him all to Beckett though somehow stunned her a bit.

Afterwards, Castle and Beckett attends Kyra and Greg's small wedding ceremony, where Kyra intentionally gives her blessings to Castle and Beckett. Sophia Turner is Rick Castle's first muse. When he was doing research for his Derrick Storm novels, he was given permission to shadow the CIA agent.

For a while, there had been this intense attraction and tension between the two. After months of fighting the longing and urge, the two finally give in and try a relationship. It does not last though, since the two ended up "driving each other crazy" now that the sexual tension is gone between them.

But according to Castle, she only began as Sophia Turner but he ended up changing her into what he would have wanted her to continue to be: a woman more like Kate Beckett, which is most likely what Sophia was talking about when she said Rick "rewrote their ending". Meredith was Rick's first wife and is the mother of his only child, Alexis. Surprisingly, Richard is the mature one between the two of them, given Meredith's lifestyle that eventually led to their divorce.

However, Meredith still constantly pops into their lives, and most likely during every visit, Richard tends to sleep with her, although both are aware that their relationship is now nothing more than that of ex-couples having sex. Meredith and Rick keep track of their "Top 10" best sex. Meredith compares being married to Castle to a "deliciously sweet souffle," full of romance and excitement, but said their marriage ended because Castle never let her get to know him as well as he knew her.

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Gina Cowell is Richard's second ex-wife, his current publisher and his former book agent. Rick proposed to her on a February evening on a hot air balloon. Although this relationship is not explored further, apparently, Gina is too high maintenance for Rick, while Gina is also often frustrated by Rick's sheltering of Alexis from Gina. Also, the couple often fight and, according to Rick, their relationship didn't involve much sex.

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Even after their divorce, the two continue to work together for his books. The relationship lasts for a while too, until they go back to their old fighting habits. Once, they argue when Gina buys Alexis and Ashley tickets to the Taylor Swift concert which Rick also bought separately.

Then, in " Poof! You're Dead ", their very loud and public argument in a restaurant is publicized on the paper, and so the detectives at the 12th precinct find out about their relationship problems. The two eventually break up again, through phone, but in seemingly good terms, after mutually realizing that they are no longer in love. In the episode, " Limelight ", trouble occurs when the tabloids that Castle is getting back together with Gina after allegedly witnessing Castle and Gina "cuddling" and Castle "gazing lovingly in her eyes", causing Beckett to amusingly question Castle about his "committment to the engagement".

An old friend of Kate Beckett's, she met the team when a chef at her restaurant was murdered. Castle and Madison went on a date, but it was interrupted when Kate came to interrogate Madison after new evidence arose incriminating her as a suspect in the case, and the date was apparently never attempted again.

Jacinda last name unknown is a first-class flight attendant Castle met during his weekend return flight from Las Vegas. She's also Castle's date for one episode only. Her presence was mainly for revenge against Kate Beckett, who broke Castle's heart when she stated in the previous episode 47 Seconds ; unknown to her, overheard by Castle that she remember everything after she's been shot, including Castle's declaration of love, to which she shown no response, and known by Castle as "doesn't remember".

Jacinda first appeared in episode 4x20 The Limey , soon after Beckett and Lanie discuss about Castle's recent behaviours, and Lanie states that Castle has changed himself to wait for Beckett, and precisely after Lanie persuaded her to respond to his declaration immediately. But when the duo arrived at their crime scene for their next case, they were surprised when they spotted Castle in his Farrari with Jacinda, and Castle says to Jacinda to call her in an hour.

Lanie quickly excused herself, leaving Beckett coping with Castle's situation, to which she describes as, "like watching a bad episode of Miami Vice ", and says Castle like been "hit by a truck". Castle responds by saying there are "no bad episodes", and hit by a "truckload of awesome", indicating directly to Beckett that their relationship might be serious.

Beckett asks Castle if he's all right, Castle says "Never better. Jacinda later shows at the 12th precinct as Castle's lunch date, after turning his role of interrogation to Colin. The excuse was made perfectly, but Beckett still realized something's wrong, further confusing her.

James Patterson – Books – Alex Cross | James Patterson

And later in the lab, when Lanie realised Castle's missing and asked, Beckett sarcastically points out Castle's on a "lunch date" with Jacinda, saying he's "probably trying to rack up his frequent flyer miles". Beckett then finds Castle in the coffee room, where she says that Castle shouldn't share police files to outsiders, and gets suspicious when she notices how defending Castle is of Jacinda. They were repairing to further the discussion when they were interrupted by Ryan with newfound leads. Castle: "She's fun and uncomplicated. I think that's exactly what my life needs right now.

In the beginning, when Richard first volunteered to shadow Kate Beckett, she has been occasionally providing various advice to keep Richard and Kate close. After Kate's shooting, she constantly urges Richard to confess his love to Kate "before it's too late". A statement that turns out to be true in the end Always. After the proposal, Martha still provides care to Richard and Kate.

And constantly provides different new insights to relationships. She and Alexis often and maybe inadvertently provide keywords or clues that would lead to case-solvings or breakthroughs, mainly via their everyday conversations. Alexis is Richard's daughter from his first marriage with Meredith.

Richard raised Alexis closely and very well. Richard often wonders how he raised a 'perfect' daughter and sometimes wants to let her get into trouble, but also often becomes very super overprotective of her, especially when she's all grown up like when he saw her with two friends in skimpy revealing warrior costumes at Super Nova-Con in The Final Frontier and saw her video vlog in Death Gone Crazy , which probably why he hasn't move on to the acceptance phase.

Alexis is the reason Richard revealed his extreme dark side. When Alexis was kidnapped Target , after tracking down Douglas Stevens, Richard demonstrated his skill of torture, and forced Stevens to give up the safe house where Alexis is being held. So far, he wasn't confronted by Alexis when she was stealing food and was giving away her money to help a friend in The Fast and the Furriest.

Alexis' new boyfriend , Pi, after her trip to Costa Rica caused tension between them. Later she moves out with Pi Time Will Tell. Alexis is very much a helper in her father and Kate's cases. She and Martha often and usually inadvertently provide keywords or clues that would lead to case-solvings or breakthroughs, mainly through their daily casual conversations.

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As a child, he never knew who his father was and had no intention of finding out who his father was, reasoning that he wouldn't have anything to look for since he never met him. Martha, sometimes blames herself for not having a father figure in his life, would always gently tell Richard on his birthdays that she had no idea who his father was, which never bothered Richard as it allowed him to imagine that his father could be anyone he wished. He was raised believing that his father was among several that she had slept with at a time, making their dilemma like that one of Mamma Mia , as often pointed out by his colleagues in suicide squeeze.

He did meet him when Alexis was kidnapped in Hunt. Captain Montgomery has speculated that Castle's knack for police work may come from someone in his family. In Linchpin , Sophia suggests that Castle's father was connected with the CIA in a position of an adequate rank to get Castle access a writer would never normally be given. Although Castle claims he isn't interested in pursuing the mystery of his father's identity, Sophia's little hint drop about his father obviously awakened his curiosity about his father.

Richard discovers who his father is in season five's Hunt. The man introduces himself to Richard as Jackson Hunt , a name he admits is fake but for Richard and his family's safety, he cannot reveal his real name. Hunt tells Richard that he is an international spy or "intelligence asset", as Hunt prefers to be called. Though he had to stay at a safe distance, Hunt tells him he was always watching and, though Richard had no knowledge of this, he helped him gain access to the CIA for novel research.

Richard did meet him when he was about ten in the library, Hunt gave him a copy of Casino Royale, the book that would inspire Richard to become a writer. In " A Deadly Affair ", after Richard left for the Hamptons for a whole summer, they are evidently upset when they find out that Rick was already back in town, but didn't bother to call the precinct.

In An Embarrassment of Bitches , the three of them seem to argue on who gets the dog food. In " Probable Cause ", although trying to be professionals doing their jobs as detectives by investigating thoroughly, when Castle is pointed out as the suspect to a murder, their main intention during the investigation was trying to look for evidence that Castle is innocent.

Even, after all, the evidence began piling up against him, they still could not believe that their friend could have done such a thing, so they decided to help him, and Beckett continue investigating Jerry Tyson after Castle's escape from police custody. With relentless danger around every corner, Detective Alex Cross is hunting down a kidnapper.

The President's son and daughter are abducted, and Detective Alex Cross is one of the first on the scene. But someone very high-up is using….

Wedding bells ringDetective Alex Cross and Bree's wedding plans are put on hold when Alex is called to the scene of the perfectly executed assassination of two of Washington D. Next, the elusive gunman begins picking off other crooked politicians, sparking…. When a beloved relative is murdered, Detective Alex Cross vows to hunt down the killer. Detective Alex Cross is pulled out of a family celebration and given the awful news that a beloved niece was brutally murdered.

Unprotected and alone, Alex Cross is chasing a horrible new breed of killer. When the crimes hit close to home, he must hunt down the source. When the home of Alex Cross's oldest friend, Ellie Cox, is turned into the worst murder scene…. Alex Cross faces two crazed killers in this chilling, suspenseful blockbuster from James Patterson, "the man who can't miss" Time.

A spate of elaborate murders in Washington D.

Alex Cross

Alex Cross faces the most cunning, psychotic killer of his career in the blockbuster James Patterson novel that inspired a major motion picture. Alex Cross was a rising star in the Washington, D. Police Department when an unknown shooter gunned down his wife in front of him. Alex's need for…. Someone is murdering Hollywood's A-list, and Alex Cross's family vacation is cut short as he navigates a mysterious world of luxury, gossip, and hidden secrets. FBI Agent Alex Cross is on vacation with his family in Disneyland when he gets a call: a well-known actress was shot outside her home in….

Alex Cross must face the world's most dangerous agents, criminals, and assassins. The fate of the world rests in his hands. In broad desert daylight, a mysterious platoon of soldiers evacuates the entire population of Sunrise Valley, Nevada. Minutes later, a huge bomb detonates a hundred feet above the ground and…. Alex Cross battles the most ruthless and powerful killer he has ever encountered: a predator known only as the Wolf. Alex Cross's first case since joining the FBI has his new colleagues baffled. Across the country, men and women are being kidnapped in broad daylight and then disappearing completely.

These people…. In this 1 New York Times bestseller, Alex Cross is ready to resign-but when his partner shows up with a case he can't refuse, he goes up against the most bone-chilling killers of his entire career. Detective Alex Cross is on his way to resign from the Washington, D. Detective Alex Cross must confront his most terrifying nemesis ever- and his own deepest fears- in this electrifying thriller from the world's 1 bestselling writer.

Detective Alex Cross has seen a lot of crime scenes.

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But even he is appalled by the gruesome murders of two joggers in San Francisco's…. Alex Cross is racing against time as a series of crimes stuns Washington, D. In a series of terrifying crimes, bank robbers have been laying out precise demands when they enter the building-and then killing the bank employees and…. Detective Alex Cross is in love, but in Washington D. Alex Cross is happy, but his happiness is threatened by a series of chilling murders-murders with a pattern so twisted, it leaves investigators reeling.

Cross's ingenious pursuit of the killer produces…. Big Happy 1 episode, Shannon 1 episode, Spencer Schofield 1 episode, Owner 1 episode, Sofie 1 episode, Roan Wilbur 1 episode, Thomas Colvin 1 episode, Ted Burns 1 episode, Ben Lee 1 episode, Landlord 1 episode, Rachel Campbell 1 episode, Lucas 1 episode, Ian Gendry 1 episode, Manuel 1 episode, Costas Andropos 1 episode, Richie Enzo 1 episode, Flaco 1 episode, TJ Cantrell 1 episode, Tai Chi Instructor 1 episode, Mugger 1 1 episode, Carlo Corelli 1 episode, Heather 1 episode, Pitbull 1 episode, Bus Boy Lyle 1 episode, Rosaline 1 episode, Tara Harvell 1 episode, Norris 1 episode, Coach Al Stinz 1 episode, Duane Hartstuff 1 episode, Crazy Man 1 episode, Donovan Breva 1 episode, Guard 1 1 episode, Danny Tolson 1 episode, Prostitute 1 episode, Roger Wexler 1 episode, Jessica Bergman 1 episode, Phillip Johannson 1 episode, Foreman 1 episode, Suspect 1 episode, Father Tom 1 episode, Jordan Pelham 1 episode, Maintenance Guy 1 episode, ESU Sgt 1 episode, Hotel Manager 1 episode, Auctioneer 1 episode, Lisa 1 episode, Karen 1 episode, Faith 1 episode, Clerk 1 episode, Matthew Sanchez 1 episode, Daisy Winters 1 episode, Corrine 1 episode, Brad 1 episode, Minister 1 episode, Boy 1 1 episode, Sara Shaw 1 episode, Flag Lt.

Simonds 1 episode, Detective 1 episode, Olga 1 episode, Bitchy Mom 1 episode, Reiko 1 episode, Guard 2 1 episode, Brianna 1 episode, Worker 1 episode, Drag Performer 1 episode, Desk Clerk 1 episode, Sloane 1 episode, Waiter 1 episode, Dawn Dowd 1 episode, Chun's Deputy 1 episode, Hollywood 1 episode, Biker Dude 1 episode, Shift Buyer 1 episode, Surfer Dude 1 episode, April 1 episode, Receptionist 1 episode, Sales Girl 1 episode, Rock N Run Official 1 episode, Adam Silt 1 episode, Barista 1 episode, MC Firm 1 episode, Coach Tom 1 episode, Security Guard 1 episode, Janitor 1 episode, News Reporter 1 episode, Frat Boy 1 episode, Bartender 1 episode, Museum Curator 1 episode, Marco Williams 1 episode, Boy 2 1 episode, Tucker Wexler 1 episode, Theo Davis 1 episode, Shuttle Driver 1 episode, Jess 1 episode, Grace Cooke 1 episode, Nervous Guy 1 episode, Theo Barnett 1 episode, Corrections Officer 1 episode, Photographer 1 episode, Drop Off Volunteer 1 episode, Jimmy 1 episode, Collins 1 episode, Jerry Patch 1 episode, Kasib's Bodyguard 1 episode, Katie 1 episode, Trainer 1 episode, Campaign Manager 1 episode, Attorney 1 episode, Criminal 1 1 episode, Visiting Room Guard 1 episode, Corrina 1 episode, Casper 1 episode, Techie Reporter 1 episode, Red Jersey 1 episode, Professor 1 episode, Chic Mom 2 1 episode, Ferry Captain 1 episode, ESU Team Leader 1 episode, Slava Krupski 1 episode, Girlfriend 1 episode, Trashy Woman 1 episode, Sketchy Guy 1 episode, Rachelle 1 episode, Homeless Guy 1 episode, Baby Bjorn Mom 1 episode, Officer Hampton 1 episode, Hoodie Kid 1 episode, Rasta Man 1 episode, Yoga Instructor 1 episode, Customer 1 episode, McGuire 1 episode, Patty 1 episode, Rookie Cop 1 episode, Court Officer 1 episode, Sales Clerk 1 episode, Shawn Leighton 1 episode, Sexy Drunk 1 1 episode, Alexis Holden 1 episode, Tech Guy 1 episode, Chic Mom 1 1 episode, Mills 1 episode, Uniformed Rookie 1 episode, Shop Owner 1 episode, Patricia 1 episode, Cyclist 1 episode, Cop 1 episode, Paul 1 episode, Eli 1 episode, Nurse Elena 1 episode, Sketchy Russian 1 episode, Jean-Luc 1 episode, Pulaski 1 episode, Cleaner 1 episode, TV Reporter 1 episode, Palster Assistant 1 episode, Zac Romero 1 episode, Ronald 1 episode, Hot Dog Vendor 1 episode, Sexy Drunk 2 1 episode, Steve 1 episode, Dylan Gaines 1 episode, Tze 1 episode, Secretary 1 episode, Maitre'd 1 episode, Coach 1 episode, Cocktail Waiter 1 episode, Zoey Sullivan 1 episode, Maniac 1 episode, Emma Baker 1 episode, Valet Parker 1 episode, Nerd 1 1 episode, Coach Nash 1 episode, Sailor 1 1 episode, Teen Thug 1 episode, Reporter 1 1 episode, Manny Palka 1 episode, Mother 1 episode, Doctor 1 episode, Guidance Counselor 1 episode, Betting teller 1 episode, Tipsy Woman 1 episode, Dumpy Guy 1 episode, Shop Girl 1 episode, Jon Campbell 1 episode, Reporter 2 1 episode, Tense Driver 1 episode, Judge 1 episode, Nerd 2 1 episode, Watkins 1 episode, Young Woman 1 episode, Fertility Clinic Woman 1 1 episode, Nerdy Date 10 1 episode, Korean Businessman 1 episode, Curly 1 episode, Hot Sailor 1 episode,