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  1. NEW EDITION – “Candy Girl” | FreakyTrigger
  2. How Bobby Brown went from teen idol to bad boy
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Bookmark Subscribe. Product Details Catalog No. Description New release from Mika Nakashima. Please use it only as a reference. Tracklisting 1.

Albums produced by Maurice Starr

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NEW EDITION – “Candy Girl” | FreakyTrigger

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I find the song interesting for the way in which it both looks back beyond the J5 for me to older acts like Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers and forward to Hip Hop and subsequent dance music. The wikipedia entry for the band tells a depressing tale of management rip-offs — but at least the band members went on to enjoy further success. Internet FAIL. American here. There was a group from Miami called Freestyle aka Freestyle Express who had club hits in which is where I assume the name derives from, although today we would call their sound electro.

How Bobby Brown went from teen idol to bad boy

Actually I believe the early freestyle records were indeed made big by the Hispanic culture. I agreed at the time with the comparisons with Moozical Yoot but realise now that there was very little common ground there. Much more in tandem with dem pesky Jacksons now, I see. In any case, this was a song which surely could only be of interest to girls of fifteen and under. Of little interest to me back then, and not much now. Even if they were dressed beyond their years in the video.

It would be ages before I got my first leather jacket… which has nothing whatever to do with my mark of 4, honest.

others also bought

I would call it irritatingly catchy. BTW- I have a friend of mine who has this song on his Ipod, and to this day, when I see him, will sing the opening line just to get a laugh out of me. Does anyone know if royalties were paid? Anyhow, the file-sharers know the truth! Pure Jackson 5 rip-off.

CANDY GIRL hitomi—complete version

Thought so at the time and still think that now. Unfortunately also a sign of horrors to come. Sort of a couple of steps up from Little Jimmy Osmond. Same thing again with House. Re Freestyle, nobody used the term Doo Wop til the early 70s, or Freakbeat til the mid 80s. The electrosquelchfunk sounds fantastic played in a club, as I found out from one of the DJs I played alongside at some 80s revival do a few years back. I think often it takes a while for the best term for a sound or genre to emerge and often loathe the terms quickly coined, almost always by critics because who else needs them?

Electropop itself as a term is applied too broadly anything where synths outnumber guitars?

There were a lot of fly-by-night video shows back on American TV around this time, I suppose because the format was pretty popular and very cheap to pull together: a win-win. Of Tautological Tautologies now open for business. Again, I could be all wrong about that. It was the clubsters and the freestylers who learned from Soul Sonic Force but, after the first wave of electrofunk, not Northern hip-hop. There is a lot to like on here, even those wobbly keyboard breaks!

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  2. CDJapan : CANDY GIRL [w/ T-shirt, Limited Edition A] Mika Nakashima CD Maxi.
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The beat and bassline heard now, are so New Jack Swing, spookily so. This is a truly dreadful record, though I did still tape it off the radio back in the day. My recollection is that New Edition had no further hits in the UK, but somehow became massive in the States. Leastwise, Bobby somebody was able to establish himself with a solo career on the basis of being That Guy From New Edition.

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