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The different types of elbow fractures include: Radial head and neck fractures Figure 2 Pain is usually worse with forearm rotation turning the palm up and down. The treatment for this fracture depends on the number and size of the bone fragments. Complex fractures often require surgery to repair and stabilize the fragments or to remove or replace the radial head if there are too many bony pieces.

Olecranon fractures see Figure 3 These fractures are usually displaced and require surgery. The bone fragments are re-aligned and held together with pins and wires or plates and screws. Fractures of the distal humerus see Figure 4 These fractures occur commonly in children and in the elderly. Pain, swelling, bruising and stiffness in and around the elbow may be signs of a possible fracture.

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Wrist Fractures

A snap or pop at the time of injury may be felt or heard. Visible deformity might mean that the bones are out of place or that the elbow joint is dislocated.

There may be numbness or weakness in the arm, wrist and hand. Fractures that are out of place or unstable are more likely to require surgery. A surgical procedure would replace and stabilize the fragments or remove bone fragments. Whenever a fracture is open skin broken over the fracture , urgent surgery is needed to clean out the wound and bone to minimize the risk of infection. Non-surgical treatment such as using a sling, cast or splint is typically used when the bones are at low risk of moving out of place or when the position of the bones is okay as is.

Age is also an important factor when treating elbow fractures. Casts are used more frequently in children, as their risk of developing elbow stiffness is small; however, in an adult, elbow stiffness is much more likely. Rehabilitation directed by your doctor is often used to maximize motion and decrease the chance of getting elbow stiffness.

Fractured - jozomibola.tk

This might include exercises, scar massage, ultrasound, heat, ice and splints that stretch the joint. Find a hand surgeon near you. This content is written, edited and updated by hand surgeon members of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Can you be the lone survivor in an arena of road warriors hell-bent on destruction?

Hand Safety

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