Manual Free Energy Here and Now and then Velocity Power sources

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Faraday knew this number Our solar system also is in motion in orbit with our galaxy. Astronomers give us a combined instantaneous speed of earth, solar and galactic motion combined together of With that high of a velocity of earth in motion, does it not seem that there is a lot of fee energy for the taking if only we can figure out where its at and extract it? If we hooked up a windmill to earth and built it high enough to go into outer space, would we not be able to tap into this high speed earth motion? It may look like it at first, but then do we not recall, that there is no wind in outer space?

Left, right. Up, down. Forward, backward. Do we see our 3 dimensions of motion? Do we not derive from this that earth is our 4th dimension and the back ground of outer space is our 5th dimension? Though must we not keep in mind, that in our earth bound example, we have wind and road that gives us a friction point for both? In outer space must we not keep in mind that we have no frictional elements to torque against? And we've established high speed earth and universal motion, as the root source of our free energy.

Part of the Electro-magnetic spectrum. Between the 4th and 5th dimensions. And what is our Forth element of free energy? How do we bring these 3 elements together for successful extraction of free velocity power source energy? Classical Newtonian physics posits that to only a kinetic field is useful for the extraction of energy.

Is this energy static or kinetic! If static, our hopes are in vain; if kinetic - and this we know it is, for certain - then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of Nature. Might this be a clue why so many puzzled over this for such an extended period of time? That is, if classical physics rules out a static field a source of energy, and only allows for extraction from a kinetic field, might this explain the puzzlement of so many top thinkers over so many decades as to where the free energy could be coming from?

Now we know that the static field is the most powerful field of them all.

Free Energy Here and Now and then: Velocity power sources

Might this classical position of established engineering, have lead everyone to not look at the static field of our planet as a source of energy? We know from experiment and observation that there is extraction of energy from velocity power sources in deep space. Might that not indicate that there is at least one more realm, the 6th dimension? The question shows up when we add the 6th dimension. What might the multiples of matter be? Can they be determined from doing an analysis of electricity? What was theorized early on and has become known as the Einstein-Fitzgerald-Lorentz Contraction concerns how electric fields contract when undergoing acceleration.

It is also understood that time flows at a slowed rate when undergoing acceleration into percents of the speed of light. It is understood and accepted by science that velocity affects the rate of time flow. High velocity into percents of the speed of light cause time to flow more slowly.

This is an aspect of the theory of relativity. Most of Our current industrial Machines operate based upon principles of differences in temperatures, pressures or voltages. Today's machines access kinetic in motion fields for their operations. To access the energy available from high speed planetary motion, we need to turn to the standing waves Static fields of our planet to find it.

Velocity energy is available throughout space, as the universe itself is in constant motion. Earth is in orbit around our sun at Combining Solar system and Galactic motion with it gives us an instantaneous speed of To extract the free energy of high-speed planetary motion The Power of the Cosmos we require machines that have a differential that we can extract energy from. As mentioned, pressure, voltage or temperature differentials are the prime sources for extracting energy from most of our current industrial machinery.

With a velocity power source, the static field is the input to our energy supply. The differential involved is Time itself, that is employed to extract energy from a Static field. An electrical component and also magnetic.

Can You Get Free Energy From Synchronous Motor?

Here is a theoretical understanding of how we can draw energy from our planet's motion, and universal motion. Using electricity, First we energize our coil that is in our heater or motor device that we want to operate. Then separating the 2 sides of electricity magnetic from electric and maintaining the force driver side magnetic in our heater or motor coils. To do this, we accelerate electricity. As we go into percents of the speed of light , the electric side will separate from the magnetic due to the mass difference producing a different speed.

This acceleration allows the light mass particles, electrons, to slow their clock rate based upon speed of light time flow contraction. The magnetic side of electricity is our amperage force driver in our motor-heater coil.

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The electric side of electricity is called our carrier force. For theory purposes, in electricity, Electric is one electron mass unit. The Magnetic side of electricity is electron mass units. While electricity is ordinarily considered to be mass-less, we know it has inertia because it will cause a motor to spin. Might we consider that the reason that electricity appears to have no mass is because of where it is measured from? When in equal relative motion with our planet , both sides of electricity seem mass-less and equal. Only when a differential is introduced, can we discover a useful energy value.

The differential in velocity power sources arises and is found by adding dimensions to our understanding. Might we say that Ordinarily ours is a three dimensional world? Yet when we add planetary motion as we soar through the Universe, do we not discover the 4th dimension? If planetary motion is our 4th dimension, then where is our 5th dimension?

Would that not be the background of space? Sure it is. We refer to outer space as a vacuum.

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