Guide From Mayor to Fool : The Psyography of a Middle Class Man

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  1. From Mayor to Fool By Tim Mayeur
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  3. Meet Jackson, Mississippi's Frank Melton.
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  5. The Worst Mayor in America

In his campaign speeches Hahn had given us little to aspire to, and so he could hardly disappoint. We are bitter because you promised us so much. You were not only our first Latino mayor in years but arguably the most charismatic leader in memory to step onto L. You had charm, poise, and vigor, and you spoke in cadences that reconciled reason and compassion. Your life story alone was cause for celebration.

From Mayor to Fool By Tim Mayeur

As a boy, you endured Eastside poverty and a drunken, violent father who abandoned the family. Dropping out of high school, you sank into hurt and hostility.

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You owed your mayoral victory as much to the home owners of Encino and the African American congregations of Crenshaw as to the laborers of Boyle Heights and the Prius drivers of Westwood. Under your reign, our city might cohere. What an agenda you rolled out for us. Your progressive platform, if enacted, would cleanse the city of its toxins: street crime and failing schools, the evaporation of affordable housing and the carcinogens in our skies.

You made your share of election-year boasts—a thousand new cops! Instead, you kept on barnstorming. We watched you plant the first of all those promised trees and fill in potholes and leaflet motorists on Wilshire Boulevard.

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We were sure to hear about it when you stumped for Hillary Clinton or scaled the Great Wall of China. You tossed out new programs as if you were still a candidate, most of them paper-thin, without any strategy for implementation or credible source of funding. Rather than adapt your regime to compensate for your lack of organizational concern, you commandeered it for self-promotion. Yes, crime has dipped under your stewardship, and it looks as if we will be getting those thousand cops.

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You vowed to make L. A fraction of your million trees may have been acquired, but how many have perished in their pots or in parched ground after being handed out to practically any passerby during community events?

Meet Jackson, Mississippi's Frank Melton.

At our libraries, staff and book purchases have been cut back. There have been no great civic works to mark your tenure—no public art or municipal architectural feat to instill pride.

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class with Elizabeth Warren

The zoo remains a joke. The only perceptible change at our national embarrassment of an airport is the scaffolding that has enveloped its space-age Theme Building for the last two years. As for that personal life of yours, it is hardly up to us whom you should fool around with. But did you really have to choose a Telemundo news anchor whose job was to go on the air and report that your marriage was over? Loath to explain the whole mess, your online city hall bio, as it appeared this spring, made no mention that you were ever married or that you have kids. Of all your first-term foggy notions, your attempted takeover of the Los Angeles Unified School District stands as the most quixotic.

During your spring runoff against Hahn, pollsters found that what voters wanted most was for the mayor to fix our miserable school system, even though the City Charter and the state constitution prevent anything of the kind. When Hahn showed up at a local school demanding that he be allowed to appoint at least three LAUSD board members, your campaign dismissed it as a gimmick.

Jaws Mayor Larry Vaughn For President!

Two days later you appeared at the same school and raised the ante, saying you would seize control of the entire system, replacing the elected seven-member board with candidates of your choosing. For the first 22 months of your administration, you burned the bulk of your political capital waging a war against the LAUSD. When the state legislature passed your education bill, it was so watered down that it gave you little more than veto power in selecting the superintendent and direct control of only a handful of schools.

A superior court judge declared even that version unconstitutional, and an appeals court affirmed the obvious. Our schools are still a shambles. The solar power initiative you championed was savaged for its lack of specifics. It no longer revolves around simply making and moving things. Instead, it depends on generating and transporting ideas.

The places that thrive today are those with the highest velocity of ideas, the highest density of talented and creative people, the highest rate of metabolism. Velocity and density are not words that many people use when describing the suburbs.

The Worst Mayor in America

The economy is driven by key urban areas; a different geography is required. The Obama administration feels the same. Two weeks ago, he told the U. If we need and want dense, walkable communities, we will have to figure out how to build more of them. But its existence only underscores the fact that left to their own devices, market forces and their instruments—the developers—would never follow these precepts on their own. And why would they, when the system is aligned against it?

If we want to change the spatial fix of America, we will either have to change the underlying conditions to make density more profitable, or find someone enlightened who can work within the existing system.