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One could hardly imagine a richer and more exciting life than that of Giuseppe Tucci , the scholar who may quite rightly be considered one of the fathers of modern Oriental Studies and a central protagonist of Fascist cultural policy in Asia: from his first expeditions to the valleys of the Himalayas and the plains of the Ganges, to his diplomatic activity in Japan as spokesman for the Duce; from his encounters with scholars and leaders such as Gandhi, Tagore, the XIV Dalai Lama, Mircea Eliade and Giovanni Gentile, who was his great protector together with Giulio Andreotti, to the archaeological excavations in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran in more recent years; a human and intellectual adventure inextricably linked to the history of modern Italy, which he himself helped to forge.

Regmi, and the previously unknown notes of Mussolini.

An adventure retraced in the pages of this book that reads like an adventure novel. With the Correspondence of Giulio Andreotti should be out. Yesterday the graphic designer has finished the cover and today the whole book should go to the printer. In this version I have also added some 50 original photos. All the above mentioned scholars have also read the Italian book. Here is a hunt in search of a hunter. Ford Coppola. I found the film, and still do, to be very moving.

It is a reworking of a novel, of the same name, by the Romanian historian of religion, Mircea Eliade. The film features Dominique Matei as its central protagonist and indeed, the English translation and the introduction of the novel was written by Matei Calinescu and is a true glorification of the Oriental disciplines.

Sebastiano Lo Monaco (actor) - Wikipedia

And who do they call in as an interpreter? Giuseppe Tucci himself—a friend, in real life, of Mircea Eliade. He was also presented as the president of IsMEO—which, though its doors are now shut, was at time of the film in the mid-to-late s quite prosperous and active. Tucci, instead, served as its executive vice president, until his purge and the compulsory administration of the institute, in Shortly after I was in touch with Enrica, and by March I found myself immersed in a text that covers over 1, characters—from poets to politicians, scholars, saints, and spies—and deals deeply with languages and cultures—Tibetan, Nepalese, and Indian above all—that I had little or no knowledge of.

And translating is not simply a matter of converting one language into another, but of infusing the words with context. When the context is a foreign culture or cultures the work doubles or triples! Living in New York City I have the good fortune of being surrounded by museums; since beginning the translation I have twice visited the Asia society, once for an exhibit featuring treasures from a Tibetan monastery, Golden Visions of Densatil , —including the photographs of Pietro Francesco Mele taken while on an expedition with none other than Giuseppe Tucci —and again to see an exhibit of Buddhist sculpture from Myanmar; I made two trips, as well, to the Rubin museum of Himalayan and Indian art in Chelsea.

Almost more than to the artifacts my eye was drawn to the title cards, which are a glossary of cultural terms—stupa, thangka, bodhisattva, Vishnuite, Shivaite—and all thankfully used properly the Buddha is capitalized, other buddhas are not, and so on , which served both as research and to stimulate my interest in the material. My experience before this project was principally as a poetry translator, where exactitude can often be a matter of creative interpretation and a deep sense of musicality, with room to improvise.

The tedium nearly overwhelmed me. I longed for the spaciousness of poetry. Her intense queries, her suggestions, her second-guessing of a word choice, a comma, a dash, tightened and improved my sentences. They revived the text. Which is not to say that the book leaves no room for poetry or adventure. Tucci bounds across borders, vacuuming up languages and cultures, speaking boldly before his peers, making enemies and friends with equal vigor.

The fascinating world of academia under Fascist rule is revealed, the hoops to be jumped through, the money and promotions to be applied for, the men of power to whom one must appeal. This biography is filled with life and lives, policies and places, it spans the globe, and that Ms.

Whereas the third attempt proved to be directly against the Pope, because it happened exactly against the Vatican in the next July. So that collection of recipients, in short, seemed a victim list, if not of people, at least of location linked to them, and the President of the Republic remained at the top of that possible targets list. But Scalfaro, as well as those other recipients who had already suffered an attempt, maintained a rigorous and detached profile compared to those solicitations, denying himself to any request of intervention. Not a word, not a comment, not an institutional intervent to weaken the article 41 bis in order to distance from him those dangers.

If that letter-threat was considered to maintain or to revoke the article bis in the next November , and how much weight was attributed to it, it's not easy to say, even because it is not mentioned in any official act. But for sure, even in light of the following attempts, it should have been a fact of maximum attention. Between March and May , decrees for bis regime were revoked under the sign of Edoardo Fazzioli at the time deputy chief of DAP , as Amato suggested in his note of 6 March.

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On 27 May, in Florence, there was the Via dei Georgofili bombing that caused five victims and about 48 wounded, again under the tag Falange Armata. The promotion seemed misleading to Amato, and shortly after he decided to leave the Public Administration in order to be lawyer. Even if after ten years in that office a replacement would be normal, in this case there would be uspecified disagreement with the president Oscar Luigi Scalfaro , according to former DAP deputy chief Edoardo Fazzioli. For his part, Scalfaro denied totally the existence of this disagreement.

Palermo prosecutors noticed that on 14 June the Falange Armata restarted to call, "showing satisfaction for the designation of Capriotti" and defining it "a victory for the Falange ". After it other calls followed, in which Mancino and Parisi were threatened with death on 19 June , then Capriotti and his vice Di Maggio on 16 September. On 26 June, Capriotti sent a note to Conso in which he explained his new way to secretly not extend measures of 41 bis in November, that would have constituted "a positive signal of detente".

On 27 July Col. Mori met Di Maggio to discuss about the "mafiosi inmates problem". During the night between 27 and 28 July there were the Via Palestro massacre in Milan five dead and thirteen wounded and after few minutes two bomb cars exploded in front of San Giovanni in Laterano and San Giorgio al Velabro in Rome both without victims.

The next day two anonymous letters sent to the Il Messaggero and Corriere della Sera editorial staff blackmailed new attacks. On 22 October Col. Mori met again Di Maggio. In the same period, the businessman Tullio Cannella trustworthy man of Leoluca Bagarella and Graviano brothers founded the separatist movement Sicilia Libera Free Sicily that linked itself to other similar movements forming the Lega Meridionale Southern League.

In October , the pentito Gaspare Spatuzza declared that he met the boss Giuseppe Graviano at a bar in Rome to organize an attempt against Carabinieri during a soccer match at Stadio Olimpico ; [11] according to Spatuzza, in that occasion Graviano confided to him that they were obtaining all they wanted thanks to the contacts with Marcello Dell'Utri and, by him, with Silvio Berlusconi.

Alfie Evans. Archbishop Paglia: I pray for him, I feel close to his parents

On 2 November , the minister Conso did not renewed around measures of 41 bis "to stop massacres" according to him. The attempt was not repeated.

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On 27 January in Milan the Graviano brothers, which were involved in the organisation of all the attempts, were arrested: from that moment the massacres strategy of Cosa Nostra stopped. After the first list of requests, created directly by Cosa Nostra, there was a second list with some changes made by Vito Ciancimino as showed by the son of Ciancimino, who consigned to judges both the documents.

The second request of the papello [57] is the "abrogation of 41 bis ", which concerns the "hard prison regime" for some categories of crimes, among which the organized crime. Calogero Mannino , investigated for the negotiation, received a notification in which "there are references about "pressures" that Mannino would have do on institutional figures and about bis topic".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Papello.

Sebastiano Lo Monaco (actor)

See also: Article bis prison regime. Forza Italia party was not the instigator. Corriere della Sera. Attilio Bolzoni e Francesco Viviano. Commissione parlamentare d'inchiesta sul fenomeno della mafia e sulle altre associazioni criminali, anche straniere" PDF in Italian. Corriere della sera. Giorgio Bongiovanni e Anna Petrozzi. Giugno Flavio Haver. Santo Della Volpe, president of the Federation of the Press, correspondent for Tg3, founder of the association "Articolo 21" and head editor of "Libera Informazione" organizers of the Ilaria Alpi award , asks himself the same questions.

He literally vanished. All of us, as well as the family, believed that Hassan had nothing to do with the murder. We immediately began to look for the "key witness". I also began my own research, through people I knew in the Somali community. My colleagues Andrea Palladino and Luciano Scalettari managed to trace him down but never interviewed him.

At the time we found out that 'Jelle' was in England.

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Afterwards, I moved on to other things but I am very happy that Sciarelli was able to find him and get him to tell certain details. More than twenty years have passed. We have always claimed that the original investigation was thrown off track. In an interview by "La Repubblica" Luciana Alpi also asks that investigations resume: "I dare them not to find him now. I am sure they will continue with the inquiry now that new evidence is available. And moreover: "We demand the truth, we need to know the names of the murderers who killed our daughter. At this point we also want to know whom is responsible for throwing the investigation off track.

We waited patiently, we suffered and cried. Now there is proof. A clear request made by a woman who has suffered for years. Despite the pain she still finds the strength to make yet another appeal: "Omar Hashi Hassan must be released from jail as soon as possible.