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I think hard work is what really separates you from others. You know people at the very top work doubly as hard as 90 percent of people in the same profession.

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Take somebody like Cristiano Ronaldo. He probably works 20 hours more than someone who is outside the top soccer players.

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  • Genius is moving something forward. I knew that the scores on my tests, very early in life, identified me as gifted. I finished high school at 14, and finished my undergraduate and graduate degree in college at LB: No. I consider myself smarter than the average bear. I see genius as creativity.

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    I think genius is more complex: You need to have intelligence, but you need to put that to the test. I think it is for people who are aware of how well they are doing at that point. And who also want to see whether they can join any other organizations where they will find more like them. JS: I think people view it as a place where intelligence is valued, and understood, where they are valued and understood. Our society is an extroverted society. In Mensa the reverse is true.

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    The more gifted you are the more likely to be an introvert. LB: I think what sets Mensans apart is that they are willing to join, rather than anything else. Some people take the test and never join. One in 50 people qualifies to be a member, so we could have millions of members. But we only have 56,, I think. It is a social club.

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    JW: You see the same people in any place of social gathering, like a bar. It just so happens that all those people have high IQs. JS: Can you describe a member of the general population to me? LB: It is such a diverse organization though.

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    A Mensa member wants to belong to a community like them. RH: An exceptional ability perhaps? That would satisfy if you were a member of Mensa—you know you have an exceptional ability in IQ if you get in to it. It is one type of genius, but genius takes many forms. Learn which of the nine levels of the wealth spectrum you are currently at, and how understanding this master plan is critical to knowing the next step you will need to take in your entrepreneurial journey. Align with others who have the same purpose as you and give back through our partners, Buy1Give1.

    Take the next step and dive deeper into the eight paths to entrepreneurial success with the Wealth Dynamics Test. Copy link. Streaming Now! Worldwide Workshop Day 3: Assemble your Team. Click to join! Welcome to GeniusU Join the world's number one entrepreneur education platform. Start Learning.

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    How Is a Genius Different From a Really Smart Person?

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