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A test of the resource security and the body mass index reference point hypotheses of body dissatisfaction amongst adolescents in eight countries. Promoting healthy eating, active play and sustainability consciousness in early childhood curricula, addressing the Ben10? Maternal negative affect is associated with emotional feeding practices and emotional eating in young children.

Improving prediction of binge episodes by modeling chronicity of dieting restriction. Optimizing prediction of binge eating episodes : a comparison approach to test alternative conceptualizations of the affect regulation model. The influence of psychological distress during pregnancy on early postpartum weight retention. An investigation of the question-types teachers use to elicit information from children. Can I reach that sticker? Preschoolers' practical judgments about their own and others' body size. The act of giving: a systematic review of nonfamilial intergenerational interaction.

A prospective examination of depression, anxiety and stress throughout pregnancy. Interventions designed to promote exclusive breastfeeding in high-income countries: a systematic review. The transition to motherhood: towards a broader understanding of perinatal distress. Behavior modification techniques used to prevent gestational diabetes: a systematic review of the literature. Maternal correlates of maternal child feeding practices: a systematic review. Preschoolers' body-knowledge inaccuracy: perceptual self-deficit and attitudinal bias. The influence of psychological factors on post-partum weight retention at 9 months.

Preventing mental health problems in offspring by targeting dietary intake of pregnant women. Breastfeeding practices in women with type 1 diabetes: A discussion of the psychosocial factors and policies in Sweden and Australia. A conceptual model of psychosocial risk and protective factors for excessive gestational weight gain. Psychosocial correlates of exclusive breastfeeding : a systematic review.

A re-examination of the benefits of exercise for state body satisfaction: Considerationof individual difference factors. TV viewing behaviour among preschoolers : implications for public health recommendations. Maternal feeding practices predict weight gain and obesogenic eating behaviours in young children : a prospective study. Do maternal body dissatisfaciton and dietary restraint predict weight gain in young pre-school children? A 1-year follow-up study. Primary prevention of gestational diabetes for women who are overweight and obese : a randomised controlled trial.

Improving breastfeeding rates in an 'at risk' population. Fathers' mental health during the ante and postnatal periods : knowledge, recommendations and interventions. Body image and gestational weight gain: a prospective study. The role of psychosocial factors in exclusive breastfeeding to six months postpartum.

Does the burden of the experience sampling method undermine data quality in state based body image research? Interventions designed to limit gestational weight gain: a systematic review of theory and meta-analysis of intervention components. Body dissatisfaction during pregnancy: a systematic review of cross-sectional and prospective correlates. Parental factors associated with obesity in children with disability: a systematic review. Maternal psychological factors and controlled child feeding practices in relation to child body mass index.

Fathers' mental health during the anteand postnatal periods: knowledge, recommendations and interventions. Parent-child interactions and obesity prevention : a systematic review of the literature.

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Physical activity in young children : a systematic review of parental influences. Body satisfaction among adolescents in eight different countries. Television viewing, television content, food intake, physical activity and body mass index : a cross-sectional study of preschool children aged years. Protocol for a randomized controlled trial of a specialized health coaching intervention to prevent excessive gestational weight gain and postpartum weight retention in women : the HIPP study. An examination of the contextual determinants of self-objectification.

Maternal predictors of preschool child-eating behaviours, food intake and body mass index : a prospective study. The association between television viewing and preschool child body mass index : a systematic review of english papers published from to An evaluation of equivalence in body dissatisfaction measurement across cultures. An observational approach to testing bi-directional parent-child interactions as influential to child eating and weight. Cultural influences on body dissatisfaction, body change behaviours and disordered eating of Japanese adolescents.

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It's all about Ben10TM : children's play, health and sustainability decisions in the early years. The role of planning, support and maternal and infant factors in women's return to work after maternity leave. The association between ante- and postnatal depressive symptoms and obesity in both mother and child : a systematic review of the literature. Parental influence and the development of dental caries in children aged years : a systematic review of the literature. The relationship between childhood weight, dental caries and eating practices in children aged ? A prospective analysis of data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.

A conceptual model of psychological predictors of postpartum weight retention. What to do when you can't afford to collect your own data? Body mass index and dental caries in children and adolescents : a systematic review of literature published to Body image during pregnancy: an evaluation of the suitability of the body attitudes questionnaire. Preschool children's transition to formal schooling: the importance of collaboration between teachers, parents and children. Low and high birth weight as risk factors for obesity among 4 to 5 year old Australian children : does gender matter?

Men's emotional responses to their partner's pregnancy and their views on support and information received. Continuity of midwifery care and gestational weight gain in obese women : a randomised controlled trial. Maternal correlates of preschool child eating behaviours and body mass index : a cross-sectional study. Parental status and childhood obesity in Australia. Children's content regulation and the 'obesity epidemic'. Parental influence and obesity prevention in pre-schoolers : a systematic review of interventions.

Correlates of ante- and postnatal depression in fathers : a systematic review. Paternal influences on children's weight gain : a systematic review. Accounting for fluctuations in body dissatisfaction. Obesity in children in out-of-home care : a review of the literature. Factors influencing the planning undertaken by women during pregnancy for their return to work after maternity leave.

Self-recognition in live videos by young children : does video training help? A prospective investigation of the relationships among sleep quality, physical symptoms, and depressive symptoms during pregnancy. Healthy eating and obesity prevention for preschoolers : a randomised controlled trial. Preventing excessive gestational weight gain : a systematic review of interventions.

Preventing gestational diabetes mellitus among migrant women and reducing obesity and type 2 diabetes in their offspring : a call for culturally competent lifestyle interventions in pregnancy. Call for research - the consuming child-in-context in unhealthy and unsustainable times. The relationship between depression and body dissatisfaction across pregnancy and the postpartum : a prospective study.

Television viewing habits and time use in Australian preschool children : an exploratory study. Thinking about thinking : innovative pedagogy designed to foster thinking skills in junior primary classrooms.

Effectiveness of a modified mother-infant transaction program on outcomes for preterm infants from 3 to 24 months of age. Assessing Sleep during Pregnancy - a study across two time points examining the pittsburg sleep quality index and associations with depressive symptoms. Frequency, severity and effect of life of physical symptoms experienced during pregnancy.

My baby body : a qualitative insight into women's body-related experiences and mood during pregnancy and the postpartum. Depressive and anxiety symptoms through late pregnancy and the first year post birth : an examination of prospective relationships. Depression and anxiety through pregnancy and the early postpartum : an examination of prospective relationships. Delayed self-recognition in 2. Children's perceptions of the role of police: a qualitative study. How well do women adapt to changes in their body size and shape across the course of pregnancy.

Use of complementary and alternative medicines by a sample of Australian women during pregnancy. Parent cognitions and parent-infant interaction: the relationship with development in the first 12 months. Sleep quality and depression during pregnancy: a prospective study. Pregnant women's alcohol consumption : the predictive utility of intention to drink and prepregnancy drinking behaviour. Examination of a multi-factorial model of body-related experiences during pregnancy : the relationships among physical symptoms, sleep quality, depression, self-esteem, and negative body attitudes.

The development of professional learning and a research culture in a primary school in Melbourne, Australia. Predictors of body image during the first year postpartum : a prospective study. Do young children get the message? The effects of repeated video viewing on explicit and implicit information.

Mothers' transition back to work and infants' transition to child care : does work-based child care make a difference? Vigorous exercise and birth outcomes in a sample of recreational exercisers : a prospective study across pregnancy. Repeated-viewing and co-viewing of an animated video : an examination of factors that impact on young children's comprehension of video content.

Development of the self-regulated learning teacher belief scale | SpringerLink

Young children's understanding of photo self-representations. Young children's use of a delayed video representation to solve a retrieval problem pertaining to self. A prospective study of factors that lead to body dissatisfaction during pregnancy. Changes in body image satisfaction during pregnancy : a comparison of high exercising and low exercising women. Recognition of form by pre-school children after progressive visual exposure.

How do parenting and parent-child interactions impact on preschool children's eating, physical activity habits, and subsequent patterns of weight gain?

The Future of Clinical Psychology: Promises, Perspectives, and Predictions

Healthy eating and obesity prevention for preschoolers: A randomised controlled trial. Promoting healthy eating, active play and sustainability awareness in early childhood curricula: Addressing the Ben10 problem. Timely intervention: Efficacy of a depression symptom monitoring smartphone app to deliver psychological intervention at time of greatest need. How do parents decide which sport their primary-aged daughter will participate in? Enabling environments for early childhood education and care: the relational space.

Building the capabilities of early childhood educators - A communities of learning approach. Supporting parents with history of disordered eating to promote positive parent-child interactions around food. Increasing healthy eating and physical activity promoting policies and practices in the child welfare sector.

Development, testing and evaluation of an online education resource for breastfeeding women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Thesis entitled: The influence of mother-child interactions on preschoolers' eating and weight. Thesis entitled: Maternal depression, anxiety, body dissatisfaction and self-esteem: do they increase the risk of pre-schooler obesity? Thesis entitled: Addressing healthy lifestyle behaviours amongst young people in out-of-home care. Thesis entitled: Psychological distress across pregnancy and postpartum: A prospective study.

Thesis entitled: Distress symptomatology in men during their partner's pregnancy. Thesis entitled: Child weight status: Relationships with mother-child mealtime interactions and child eating behaviours. Thesis entitled: Childhood Overweight and Obesity: Paternal influences on preschool aged children's eating and weight status. Thesis entitled: Early childhood educators supporting parent-child relationships. Thesis entitled: Examining obesogenic socio-economic status macrosystems in childhood obesity.

Thesis entitled: Obesogenic risk and depression: patterns and prevention among adolescents. We use cookies to improve your experience. You consent to the use of our cookies if you proceed. Visit our Privacy policy for more information. Tuition fees Scholarships Payment assistance Study-related costs. Undergraduate applications Online study applications Postgraduate by coursework applications Research degree applications International student applications International postgraduate online study Who can apply?

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Lecturers: D. Kairys, Dr. Navickas, Dr. Noreika, Dr. Doctoral students: G. Voropaj, O. Influence of colour contrast, adaptation and location of stimuli in visual field on colour Perception on colour constancy Selection and registration of psychophysical parameters for estimation of effectiveness of human being activity Procedural justice in criminal and civil proceedings Development of asocial personality The problems of psychological functioning of students and teachers in the system of higher education of Lithuania Development of language and thinking Intelligence testing with children Psychopathology of early relationships Addiction psychology: early detection and intervention Cognitive development and social cognition in adolescence Career psychology Emotion and behavioural problems of Lithuanian schoolchildren.

The temporal sensitivity of flashing light on human visual system was investigated. The two separate lights flashing at different temporal intervals were presented under coloured background. First part of the experiment was devoted to analyze dependency between temporal resolution and lightness difference between stimuli. Two red stimuli with different lightness were tested under achromatic background. The second part of the experiment was devoted to analyzing dependency between temporal resolution and background colour.

Results show, that for some subjects two flashed stimuli with different lightness shows better temporal resolution than flashed equal lightness stimulus. For others there was no significant difference between stimuli lightness and temporal resolution. The background colour has an effect on temporal resolution of two spatially separated flashing stimuli.

At this point of the research it is difficult to derive a relationship because of high attention impact on decision making.

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This longitudinal research aims at analyzing prospectively the predictors of self-regulation in early childhood. The participants are more than 70 children and their parents. In the 7th stage of research was implemented. Psychological Factors and Outcomes of Social Interaction. In the two research works were conducted. However, the changes are not sufficient. Still there are quite big differences between existing and desirable behaviour of officers. It was found, that people trust in law enforcement institutions more than in officers; moreover, behaviour of judges is evaluated as more positive than behaviour of policemen.

These evaluations of the behaviour of law enforcement officers are related to the personal experience of respondents. First of all, the structure of LPGS was determined on the sample of students. In total, university students took part in the study In this study, the LPGS has proven to have adequate psychometric properties. The above nine subscales account for The internal consistency test revealed average to very high subscale reliability, Cronbach alphas ranging from 0. After determination of LPGS structure the relations of its subscales with sociodemografic variables in a sample drawn from Lithuanian adult population subjects.

Statistically significant gender differences were found in three out of nine psychological well-being subscales. Females seem to be more satisfied with their interpersonal relationships and their family relationships, whereas males demonstrate higher scores in perceived control. Marital status seems to be an important factor as well. Respondents living with a partner married or cohabiting report higher scores in the majority of psychological well-being domains than respondents who indicated to be single, separated or widowed.

Furthermore, as seen from the regression analysis, marital status is a relatively important predictor of psychological well-being. Compared between different places of residence, respondents living in central locations e. It was a rather important predictor of well-being as well. The aim of this study was to analyse well-being, stress and subjective health status of students. Specially designed questionnaire and Ryffscales of Psychological Well-being were used.

Well-being of students was connected to stress in different life areas. Results revealed that when stress fullness of different life areas of students increases, the wellbeing scores decrease. The strongest correlation was between well-being and stress, connected to independence of students. The lowest impaction on students well-being was caused by such stressful events as student life, changed relations with parents and selected study programme. The overall psychological well-being scores of students increased from freshman to senior years.

Psychological well-being of students was also connected to health status of students. There was negative correlation between different symptoms, which students experience at least once per week, and different aspects of psychological wellbeing. The more students were satisfied with the selected study programme, the higher was their psychological wellbeing estimation. Test Adaptation and Standardization.

Lithuanian sample of children aged 11 to Data from this study was used to assess scale ability and validity of the tests. Split- half internal consistency and Kuder-Richardson correlations were used to determine test reliability. Contract No. Modulated Light Influence on Colour Perception. Early Development of Self-Regulatory Skills. Mentor prof. Contract No VP Project No VP Justickis, S. Valickas, R. Vilnius : Mykolo Romerio universitetas, Articles R. Vilnius : Higienos institutas.

Bagdonas, V. Kaubrys, J. Vilnius : Rotas. Bagdonas, A. Vilnius : Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija. Dobryninas, M. Dobrynina, I. Giedraitis, R. Mintis ir veiksmas. Vilnius : Vilniaus universitetas. Vilnius : Gilija. Bliumas, M. Kairys, I. Valickas, K. Voropaj, V. Vilnius : Mykolo Romerio universitetas. Bagdonas, S.

Zaborskis, E. London : BioMed Central Ltd. Kulikowski, A. Panorgias, R. Washington : Optical Society of America. Evans, J. Hilbig, V. Laurinaitis, A. London : Informa Healthcare. Geissler, V. Vanagas, A. Bliumas, R. Schoenherr, J. Ottawa : The International Society of Psychophysics, , p.

CAREERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - MSc,BSc,BA,MA ,Institutions,Job,Opportunities,Salary package

Stukas, A. Bologna : Medimond, , p. Zamalijeva, R. Vilnius, p. Kazlauskas, Dr. Senior assistants: Dr. Skruibis, Dr. Doctoral students: I. Garckija, A. Lozovska, A. Investigation of the DSH deliberate self-harm and effects of long lasting traumatisation Research in existential-phenomenological psychology and psychotherapy in cross cultural context Developmental psychopathology. Results of investigation of transgenerational effects of trauma and psychosocial stress in families were analysed and published. Data on psychological aftermath of suicide on family members are collected; data on affects of psychotherapeutic help were analysed.

Contract No Nr. Kazlauskas, I. Mottus, J. Allik, A. Realo, H. Pullmann, J. Rossier, G. Zecca, J. Ah-Kion, A. Backstrom, R. Barry, U. Bhowon, F. Bjorklund, A. Bochaver, K. Bochaver, B. Cabrera, S. Chen, A. Church, D. Cisse, D. Dahourou, X. Feng, Y. Guan, H. Hwang, F. Idris, M. Katigbak, P. Kuppens, A. Kwiatkowska, A. Mastor, D. Matsumoto, R. Riemann, J. Schug, B. Simpson, C. London : University of London. Kazlauskas, D. Stuttgart : Verlag Klett-Cotta. Valickas, G.

Chomentauskas, E. Vilnius : Lodvila, Karjeros valdymo vadovas studentui. Dobryninas, Dr. Matulionis, Habil. Norkus, Dr. Docent: Dr.