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So what can you do to help ease this transition during the holidays?

What can you do to ensure that the holidays are enjoyable and memorable for both you and your children? I have asked some of my closest friends in blended and divorced families for advice as well as my Facebook community. I hope you can find some great advice and tips and I would love to hear from you about your tips and ideas as well! Use technology. We hook it up to the TV and all unwrap presents together. Split the time evenly. I always want them to celebrate the actual holiday at home with their little brother my youngest , and their dad thankfully agrees.

Share the holiday. Start a new tradition. Embrace traditions from each family. It has become something fun to look forward to! The girls love having both! It has not always been easy to balance it all out, but something fun no matter what. Make family memories. Surround them with extended family. Having other family around is Huge! Choose traditions that are important to you to maintain and make sure that they happen. They key now is to make the day flexible.

Christmas Books For Toddlers

While you might not be able to celebrate with your kids on the actual holiday date they will love the family togetherness and traditions whenever they occur. Working together as a divorce family can be one of the best presents you could give your child! Work together and communicate. I always remind parents to try to work together as much as possible to alleviate any additional stress placed on the children.

Avoid confrontation. Enjoy the moment. Take the time that you have with your children to enjoy every moment.

This will put you in a happier mood and enable you to share that joy with your children. Distractions can be helpful. Being away from your children during the holidays can be hard. There is no way around this.

Christmas Party Games for Kids That Use What You Already Have

However, sometimes taking a much needed vacation while the children are at the other house, or planning a fun get together might be just what you need to enjoy the holidays. This will help you feel refreshed when the children do return to you, ready to celebrate. Now, we have a surprise for you! We have the Ultimate Guide to Christmas for you! Kids will have as much fun building this snowman as they will knocking it down in this festive DIY bowling game. Get the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Christmas Books with Crafts

Shoveling "snow" indoors may beat being out in the cold, but it's surprisingly hard to control cotton balls with a spoon. Race a friend to see who can shovel the fastest. Get the tutorial at Housing a Forest.

20+ Christmas Busy Bags & Montessori Bins | Preschool Powol Packets

It's like beer pong, but for kids! Use red plastic cups and have kids try to toss jingle bells into them.

Shape Ornaments - Christmas game for children

Get the tutorial at Playground Parkbench. If you want a game that's more of a sideshow than a main event, Name That Tune is perfect. The first person to guess a song's title and artist correctly earns a point. The player with the most points at the end of the night wins. Get the playlist at Play. Make your own "snow paint" with diluted food dye and have guests create works of art in teams. Be sure to snap a pic — the paintings will be gone as soon as the snow melts. Summer barbecues have bean bag toss or cornhole , and winter get-togethers now have this cute "hungry snowman" version.

Get the tutorial at Cul de Sac Cool. Get the tutorial at The Dating Divas. Write the name of a famous person — a celebrity, superhero, politician, historical figure, you name it — on a sticky note for each player, but don't let anyone read them before placing a note on each forehead. Every person has up to 20 yes-or-no questions i. Am I female? Am I on a TV show? Get the tutorial at eHow. Use old wrapping paper, packaging tape, and plastic wrap to roll various treats and gifts into a giant ball. Guests then take turns trying to unwrap the ball the highest value "prize" should be in the center while the person next to them rolls a pair of dice.

Once the dice roller gets doubles, time is up and the ball must be passed to the next player. Get the tutorial at Sparkly Polliwog. Christie Burnett of Childhood gives this classic guessing game a seasonal update with these nifty and free! Get the tutorial a t Childhood Use this free printable to bring your Grinch to life. Then, spin blindfolded guests around a few times and have them attempt to put a heart on the one who stole Christmas. Get the tutorial a t Twin Dragonfly Designs.

Have guests split into teams of three and give them balloons and a pair of pantyhose with the openings at the feet. One person wears the pantyhose on their head. The fastest team to blow up all balloons and stuff them into the pantyhose wins. Get the tutorial at Party Games Plus. Print out these free Christmas Bingo cards — decked out with holiday motifs — and use Christmas candies as markers. Get the tutorial at Crazy Little Projects.

Kids will love this simple game, which involves tossing faux snowballs at a pyramid of snowmen crafted from Styrofoam cups.

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Get the tutorial at Growing a Jeweled Rose. Instead of Easter egg hunt, set up a candy cane hunt! Hide wrapped candy canes throughout the house for children to seek out. Save these great Christmas party games for later! Don't forget to follow Woman's Day on Pinterest for more great Christmas ideas. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Best Beach Reads. Christmas Finger Twist. Elf Twister. Corky Creatives. Holiday Ring Toss. BitsyCreations via Etsy. Santa and Reindeer Christmas Puzzle.