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There is a quasi religious-political message, declaring both his acknowledged roots in Judaism and his attraction to the new and better world promised by the Bolsheviks. The work also reflects his participation as a young artist in the Jewish cultural revival that took place in Russia during the s. It links an old style with the new, moving away from Jewish folk culture towards abstract art. The three-panelled dust jacket wraps around the entire book and its design suggests that he may have been familiar with the Supremacist work of Malevich and Alexandra Exter.

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The illustrations, with their colourful flatness and expressive distortions of proportions, also consist of fractured planes and triangles in ochre, black and violet. The song experiments with language, typography and architectural form that would later define his future avant-garde style.

The mixture of decorative Hebrew letters and flat circular and triangular planes of colour demonstrates his concern with design. For each verse, he arranged the words of the story to form a curved rainbow frame around the illustration to connect text and image. While the lithographs are reminiscent of Chagall with whom he had studied , the illustrations are more Cubist with their geometric forms and Futurist in their use of the spiral to evoke motion. This front section, starkly different from the back, includes an introduction, a translation and a detailed and informative iconography.

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  5. There is also a music score — actually a bit useless, since Had Gadya is a rather tuneless tongue-twister. I kept opening it at the back, hoping to separate it from the rest. The excellent educational part could been kept separate, thus not distracting us from seeing it for what it was. It is available from all good design bookshops and online at the Eye shop , where you can buy subscriptions, back issues and single copies of the latest issue.

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    You can also browse visual samples of recent issues at Eye before You Buy. Eye Magazine.

    Traditional Jewish "Chad Gadya" Sheet Music in D Major - Download & Print - SKU: MN

    Pesach Sheni. Rabbeinu Tam. Shaike Ophir. Shaul Bieber Shoshana Damari. Shtiler Shtiler. Simona from Dimona. Song of the Noisemaker. Songs of the Ten Plagues. Take Me Under Your Wing. Tension with Syria. The 11th of Adar. The Book of Ruth. The Frog Prince. The Journey of a Niggun.

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    The Language of Flowers. The Month of May. The Omer Offering. The Steadfast Clock. They Say There is a Land.

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    Tsena Tsena. Tsippi Fleischer.

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    Twenty Years Old. Winnie the Pooh. Zmira Chen. Chad Gadya NliImage1. Dan Almagor wrote this sharp song about "one rude and stubborn goat, who just wanted to graze in peace". Moshe Wilensky put the sardonic poem to music and turned it into an upbeat and happy, sing-able song about the survival of the goat and dog. In the Passover Haggadah the goat is eaten, the cat bitten, the dog hit, the stick burned, the fire extinguished, the water drunk, the ox slaughtered, the angel of death killed and in the end, only God remains to rule alone. At the end of , there was international pressure being put on Israel to evacuate the peninsula and Ben Gurion bowed to those pressures.

    The northern "fish" that appears at the end of the song is an allusion to the General Secretary of the U.