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I'll be playing a short performance in the Sirius Gallery, Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland on the 12 September so do come along if you're in the neighbourhood. I'm just back from playing the Transylvania Calling Festival in, yes you guessed it, Transylvania. To say that it was a wonderful experience is an extreme understatement. It was amazing in every way and I'm so thankful to the organisers and folks of Transylvania for showing me a truly memorable time. The performance was comprised on new workings on Australian travels in Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales to date as well as completely new compositions based on travels in Queensland including Magnetic Island and Noosa.

The performance was recorded and may form part of a live album due of release in October. I also recently played the KnockanStockan Festival in Co. Wicklow, Ireland and ended up doing one of the best performances I've ever put together. An hour of improvised electronic music that I put together at short notice and allowed to develop as the performance took place. Brilliant fun! So, the Life Festival performance was a real buzz and many thanks to all the good folks who sat back in the sun and enjoyed my music in a perfect setting.

Thanks also to the people who came along to chat about the performance and music in general after I'd finished. A wonderful way to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon. The performance was recorded for broadcast so when I've finished a little mixing just to get the levels right it will be ready to pass on to Fluid Radio. The Life Festival performance was also a premier of a completely new show based around Sydney, Australia recordings Some photographs from the festival will appear shortly in the gallery but here's a taster for now It's now on to Transylvania and the concert I'm performing there in August.

The concert will be recorded for a live album due for release some time around late September. It's early days yet but my plan is to create a performance that takes in all aspects of my Australian travels to date with an emphasis on Queensland heavenly place that it is. I will be performing a completely new series of pieces composed especially for the event. It will be quite cool if I say so myself. Do say hello if you're around. Hoping for great weather!!!!

I'd like to take a moment to say a big thanks to Waterford City Council Arts Office who recently awarded me a substantial grant towards my music this year. I've been invited back to play the Life Festival again in May, nice to know that the music was so well received last year and thanks to the organisers for bringing me back. I've opted to play the Sunday morning chill session so that will be on the 31st. I'm currently working on a completely new set. See you there again for some ambient moshing More details soon.

When time allows I'll revisit this again. Queensland field recordings are being sorted and the first few synths have been laid down. And thus the cycle recommences. Looking forward to some summer performances again this year and am happy to travel so invites welcome, do get in touch. Now that the Nullarbor album is getting close to having paid for itself I've decided to drop the cost for the digital download version.

Pick it up here! The current edition of the brilliant Space Music Podcast S4. Many thanks TC for including my music! Listening back to the performance I started to realise that it's a cool piece of ambient music and worth taking a week or so to massage the frequency balance and other bits and bobs required to bring it to a place where it could stand on it's own as a release.

Not quite a 'live album' but a live EP that will be free of charge. These recordings will be used as the basis for an entirely new piece of work to be performed live in San Francisco, USA for the [:] p l u g [:] 4 festival. More details to follow including news of a new miXile live album to be released in ! In many ways it was possibly the most enjoyable performance I've ever given.

Part of this was down to the fact that I'd spent several enjoyable weeks rehearsing for the event but also because it was just such a cool experience to have been a part of and knowing that the festival was being streamed live over the interweb was a real buzz. Along the way I met with some great people, especially Eric who organised and ran Le Placard events. The photo on the right of Eric and I was taken on the night. A live recording was made of my performance which will shortly be made available via this site. I also took time to carry out some field recordings while in Krakow and am very pleased with the results.

It remains to be seen whether these will find their way into an overall project or remain as stand alone recordings. I'll be playing on the 24 Oct. As usual it will be all new music but based on Australian travels. Looking forward to meeting new friends in Poland! The Dublin Electronic Arts Festival takes place in October and the organisers have selected the miXile track Kalgoorlie to Eucla from my latest album Nullarbor to appear on the 2CD best of Irish electronic music compilation to coincide with the launch.

Copies of the album will be available in Dublin from the 03 October and afterwards at all festival events. UK electronic music web site Fluid Radio have listed Nullarbor on their front page. Many thanks Daniel for selecting my work! In coming months I'm due to record a mix session for Fluid Radio so will post updates here along the way. Field recordings I made in and around Sydney Australia are currently under the miXile microscope which means that work on the next project has commenced.

Far too early for me to be sure where it's all going but I'm back in the studio!! The last few weeks have been quite hectic so there's a few things to mention. I've just returned from an excellent few days in London where I was taking part in a field recording workshop under the tutelage of the legendary Chris Watson. The month started with my performance at the Life Festival in Ireland. All went perfectly with no technical hiccups and the feedback from folks attending was brilliant.

Many thanks to all who came along and took part in my musical journey across Australia. The new work based on Magnetic Island recordings does need some refining so I'll get to that over the next few months. Many thanks to Christine who took the performance photographs and shot some short video sequences. In advance of my performance on Sunday 06 July, here's a short preview as to what to expect.

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I'll be performing a somewhat improvised version of the entire new album, Nullarbor. Two of these tracks - Broken Hill and Blue Mountains have never been performed in any format before. I will also be previewing an entirely new piece of music based on recordings made while on Magnetic Island in Northern Queensland, Australia recently. This work has a loosely thought out structure but as with nearly all miXile live pieces will be largely improvised. The overall performance should last for around 1. Liam Murphy. Check it out here and thanks Liam for taking time to enjoy the music!

I'm now working towards the Life Festival performance in July so will be spending much time before then trying out some new ideas and ways of presenting my Australian journey. Very much looking forward to the event and a chance to meet up with some old friends from last year I'll bring my own guitar for late night Radiohead covers in the camp site this time I've also recently invested heavily in some new equipment so can move away from relying on a single laptop and keyboards. This will allow me to relax a little more about the technology knowing that there are a few more baskets for my eggs to go in, if you know what I mean The summer project this year will take me to Tuscany for some field recording in the Apuan Alps.

The St. Fin Barres Cathedral performance went quite well. Some technical glitches with an amp meant dropping the first piece, an improvised 'Southern Cross' from the new Nullarbor album. I was however able to premier in full a new work based on recent recordings from Magnetic Island in Australia. This piece worked very well and it was a nice experience to hear my music played in a large cathedral.

I'm due to play the 3rd annual 'Sonic Vigil' in St. More details closer to the time. I'm currently in the early stages of mulling over whether to do a piece based around unheard Broken Hill recordings or some Blue Mountains sounds, neither of which I've performed live before. Just back from 3 wonderful weeks recording in Australia. Along the way I spent some time up on Magnetic Island in Northern Queensland where I got to do some up-close wildlife recording.

These recordings should surface in by which time I'll be finished the next Sydney and Queensland albums. Many thanks to all who were wonderfully hospitable and cool along the way! I'll update the gallery over the next few weeks. The new Nullarbor album is selling well and the feedback has been brilliant so many thanks to all the folks who have picked up a copy directly from this site or who've grabbed theirs from CD Baby.

It's now official, I'll be playing the Life Festival in July! Those of us who had the pleasure of enjoying the Life Festival last year will remember it as being the coolest festival in Ireland so it's a real buzz to get a chance to share my music alongside some of the biggest names in electronic music. It's not every day you get to be on the same bill as Shpongle The CD launch went quite well and I took time to improvise a new work in progress track called 'Eels v Tigers' Australian footy fans should catch the reference as well as performing a few numbers from the new Nullarbor album.

I will be playing a short set as part of the launch as well as enjoying a glass of wine with friends and folks who attend. Admission is free so if you are in the area then do drop by. The return trip to Australia is shaping up nicely and will now include a few days recording on Magnetic Island in Northern Queensland. It's too early to disclose specifics at this stage but some summer festival dates are possible. Lots happening at the moment I will be traveling to Australia again in March to carry out some more field recordings and hopefully to play 1 or 2 performances invites welcome I've finally caved and started a myspace page thing thanks to evilzombiemonkey for setting it up I am very pleased to announce that the new album 'Nullarbor' has returned from being mastered by Colin Bennun and a brilliant job he did too, thanks Colin.

A number of friends and folks who've bought CDs in the past have heard the new album and the feedback has been brilliantly positive. Over the next few weeks I'll be arranging for artwork and CD pressing to take place but in the interim, here is a quick link to the Nullarbor page where I've posted preliminary sleeve notes to accompany the streamed album above. I trust you enjoy the new work, I feel it's the best yet and I'm very proud of it. Feedback is always appreciated. Along the way, why not pick up a CD if you like it even high res. It's my plan to do some live work over the next few months to promote the new album so invites are always welcome.

All has been quiet on the web front of late. The main reason for this is that I have been putting the finishing touches to the second part of the Australian journey series of albums. The album which will be called 'Nullarbor' after the legendary Nullarbor Plain in Australia where many of the field recordings for the album took place is currently being mastered by Colin Bennun of OOOD.

Work has now commenced on sorting through field recordings made while in Sydney, Australia and these will form the basis of the third part of the project. I've spent some time recently working on a track called 'Extended Blue' which is part of a series of works planned for the next few months. The works form part of an ongoing dialogue with visual artist Christine O'Brien Shanahan. Colin has done a great job on the sound! Work on the Nullarbor recordings goes on and has taken a little longer than originally planned. This is mostly due to having taken time on a collaborative side project with partner Christine Shanahan which will be ongoing.

More details on the ' Extended Blue ' music shortly. I'm now working with a new Yamaha keyboard setup which is allowing me more scope and should contribute nicely to current and future projects. The summer project for this year will be 10 days recording in Sicily.

The long term goal is to finish the Australian project so as to commence a series of works based on Sicilian recordings in the Autumn.

That's the plan anyway. Coming quickly on the release of the Bibbulmun album last month I can confirm that work is well under way to mix and complete the 2nd part of the Australia project. The tracks I'm working on are based on field recordings made while traveling across Australia from Perth to the Blue Mountains via the Nullarbor plain.

Again, I'll be mixing in sections recorded during the live performance of 'Nullarbor' last November. I'm hoping to have this part of the project completed by the end of March so that I can commence work on the next section - 'The Blue Mountains' recordings! I'm also looking at some live performances during the year. Again these will probably be one-off performances each work performed once only. Invites welcome! Enjoy and if you feel like hearing the tracks in perfect quality then why not pick up a copy of the CD. You know you want to The performance on Saturday went very well and feedback was great.

Overall the entire event was a wonderful experience, no negatives and all huge positives. It was also a chance to hear some great music from other folks which is always a bonus. When time allows I'll get some photographs up into the gallery. The album is called 'Bibbulmun' and features the first series of works to result from my Australian recordings. I'll organise the usual sleeve notes and downloads shortly. The cover was designed by Christine O'Brien Shanahan based on a photograph she took while we walked the Bibbulmun track. Next Saturday 17th Feb.

With artists coming from as far afield as Germany, France and America to take part alongside Irish artists from Dublin, Waterford,Limerick and Cork the line up promises to be very exciting. A difference this time round is that each act will perform separately for around half an hour culminating in a mixed improvisation at the end. The line up is. Act 1: Tony Langlois Work on the Bibbulmun recordings continues.

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At this point I am about ready to start mixing. Since completing the two recent concerts I have been in the studio fine tuning the Bibbulmun and Nullarbor works. It's my plan to have these ready for release for early in The recent concerts went very well and both were well attended. Many thanks to all the folks who helped out along the way and who offered encouragement and support and bought CDs. When time allows I'll pop some photographs up into the gallery.

Recordings were made of both concerts so I'll be working these into something along the way. In an unrelated project I finally managed to complete the 'Harvest Green' track that had been on the back burner since August when I came back from Australia. It's a small work that a few friends have heard in various formats so now it's finished. A copy of the track in mp3 format is available here for free download right click and save as is best. Later this month October and early November I will be performing two major new live works as part of the ' Imagine Art Festival ' in Waterford, Ireland.

In June , I commenced a seven week journey that took me from Perth in Western Australia across the Nullarbor Plain and on to Sydney before traveling north to Noosa in Queensland and back to Sydney. Along the way several hundred hours of audio field recordings were made to be used as part of a series of electronic music events and other sound based projects. The work will be based on field recordings made while walking sections of the Bibbulmun Track as well as sounds captured in and around Perth WA.

The work will be based on field recordings made while traveling across the legendary km Nullarbor plain which stretches along the Eyre Highway from Norseman WA to Ceduna SA at the foot of the Great Victoria Desert. As such it is a recording of the journey across the Australian continent from west to east.

It may seem like a lull since returning from Australia but there has been a huge amount of background activity taking place with the music. As well as working towards some major live events later in the year, there is the small matter of the "Bend It Like Beckett" CD featuring some of the world's top Electronic musicians and Sound Artists who were invited to take part in the event.

Here's the official press release from Art Trail :. This new CD has works in a wide variety of forms ranging from electro acoustic, electronic, acoustic and voice to glitch to noise etc. Containing one hundred works each sixty seconds or less, combining together to form one of the most unique sonic experiences of the ye a r. Selection was by invitation and open subm ission and the call out received a huge response both nationally and internationally with entries from as far afield as New Zealand and South Korea proving that whilst based in Cork, Art Trail is reaching out to a global audience and that Cork is recognised a leading centre for Sound Art both nationally and internationally.

Further information from info arttrail. In early August I hope to do some recording in Sydney prior to returning to Ireland. The field and studio works created over the six week period will form the basis of recorded and live works later in the year. Roll on the Nullarbor Plain! Some new works based on recent field recordings are currently taking place. I recently purchased some new equipment to help with field recordings prior to the 'big summer project', almost ready to whip the lid off that one.

I composed and recorded two new tracks especially for Radio Cambridge in England as part of their recent Sound Art event held between the 11 and 17 of February. The two works - ' suburban spacers on the lawn ' and ' in the beginning, there was Plato ' are now available as free mp3 downloads by clicking the links.

I don't yet have track info available but will try to have it up somewhat soonish. Some background work is also taking place on new music. Nothing dramatic, more a way to try out a few new ideas prior to the big summer project, but more on that later. It's been busy of late. The show also featured tracks from the new Morning Glory album. You can grab a copy of the interview here 10MB.

January I was a little unhappy with the sound levels on a few of the tracks so pulled the Morning Glory CD so as to make a few changes. Once I started then I decided to move around the track listings and add an additional track that I had forgotten about. So, you may consider the release date to be January Free mp3 downloads of the entire album are now available here and the CD quality version may be bought in the shop here. The 29th of December is always an important date in the creative calendar for miXile. It was the date 4 years ago that I started the project that would grow into the White Horse album.

December 29, is no exception as it marks the release of the new album by miXile. The work which is entitled 'Morning Glory' contains 12 tracks recorded over a period spanning September and September From September to December the tracks were enhanced and mixed and made ready for release. Morning Glory is the fourth studio album by miXile and marks the close of a chapter in my creative endeavors. I can state this with some certainty in that will see a more regular return to live work and the prospect of some planned collaborative projects. A pic of the CD cover is included here just to add some colour to the space.

November 26 was the occasion of the first live performance in 15 years by miXile! The event took place in St. I performed an 8 hour long set of 45min compositions based on the Phaedo by Plato. The works were a combination of live keyboards, laptop and electric guitar. I was at times joined by son Peter on guitar and daughter Jennifer on keyboards. Christine in usual fashion made sure everything was arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner and took a few photographs along the way. A recording of the event was made and I'm currently looking at working these into a 1 CD live release.

If all goes according to plan I should have this ready by January Preparations for the live show had the effect of slowing down progress on works already in late mixing stages. These I'll get to over the next few weeks and have them ready for release by mid December Some new material is in the mixing stages and hopefully will go live by the first week in November. Also, important news to follow regarding a return to live performance work due to take place in November. A number of new tracks have been completed over the summer period. I've been busy incorporating field recordings into synth and guitar based pieces.

A slight lull in proceedings as far as finished material is concerned. I do have some cool stuff completed and am waiting till time allows me to deal with the volume of partly finished tracks and field recordings as well as the 'Les Paul into the Marshal amp and out into the wired up Tibetan meditation bowl' recordings made in April.

A newly finished work 'Off Record' did surface recently on a Podcast by sometime-colaborator and partner in crime P W. Rather than release this track on the web at the moment I'm holding it back till the next full project completion. A limited edition album of recent and unreleased tracks is currently being made available to long time friends and supporters. Hi Clodagh in London! I'm hoping to do some field recordings in the UK in June and hopefully will have something to show for all the effort by August.

Yea, I did notice that the White Horse album is being torrented around the place. The new mini-album A Place Called Place is available for download in the discography section and as a CD purchase in the shop. Thanks to the folks who dropped by on the launch date last week and sent in their comments after hearing the new work. Work is now progressing on the next project which is likely to include more drum n' bass as well as acoustic works. That's the plan anyway with a few tracks down and a hankering for the old 'git-fiddle'. There again, who knows what next few weeks will hold in store, it could end up being a stadium rock extravaganza complete with a power chords, hair extensions and spandex ;-.

Over the last few months I have been working on some larger synth projects. It's hoped that at least 2 of these recordings will be ready for release within the next few weeks. Part of the work involved spending a few grueling days in Kinsale, Co. Cork, writing music and being forced to eat the finest food and swill down some choice red wine.

The French

The hardships of composing ;-. At time of writing this particular project is not standing up very well and may be abandoned. I'm also experimenting with some ideas for performing one-off works live during the summer. Invitations welcome. After spending some few months working with keyboards and natural sounds culminating in the Strawberry EP I decided to 'hearken back to the old days' and do some guitar based works. Thanks to the generosity of David Manser of The Real I was given the use of a rather excellent Marshal amp and effects boards for a few days.

The DL4 is the business for sure! Anyway, over a period of around 24 hours I had recorded and completed all the tracks that now appear on the Aftermath EP. Most of these are one-off recordings with little or no post-live trickery. The title track was recorded as a live improvised rhythm track and then played back once while the live improvised lead track was recorded. The two parts were then combined and I was finished. The whole process took around 10 minutes! One of the titles - QuarTrack is collaboration with my son Peter who plays guitar while I just 'twiddle the dials'.

The track was recorded live and then broken into four parts that were each assigned to various quadrants of the top hemisphere of the head. During the next few days I'll make these available for download as mp3 files and as usual will have full quality with artwork and extras versions available on CD. These works were then paired down to my three favorite tracks and released as ' The Strawberry EP '. During the next few days I'll make these available for download as mp3 files. As usual I'll have full quality with artwork and extras versions available on CD. Introduced a new section to cover work in progress and in particular lossless downloads for the fat-bandwidth-enabled viewers.

Edited : Received too many emails from folks unable to understand what shn files were and how to play them that I've decided to discontinue this feature for the time being. Sept I've been laying down some acoustic guitar tracks to work with recordings made while hiking during the last few months. It's also my plan to spend a few days completing tracks during the first few days of the new year. I'm on a roll now so it makes sense to 'strike while the iron is hot' never used that expression before. Anyway, outside of my own musical endeavors this has been a wonderful year for listening to new music, catching live bands and music related travel.

An initial recording is in the bag. I'm not sure how much of what has been laid down so far will make it to the next album but even if it achieves nothing more than a jumping off point then I'll be happy. I've started to examine some new software tools with a view to begin assembling some sounds towards the end of the month. If anyone has any suggestions for software prog's that have worked for them then I'd be interested in hearing from you. What I'm specifically interested in are Windows based prog's that either carry out a specific audio task or amazing all-round software synths and Cool Edit alternatives.

Direction wise, I'm still figuring on moving a little less structured than the last album. I have some extended natural sound recordings that I may disassemble and generate some random beats for. In preparation for the elections, the PS began drafting its platform in May , [] launching a "digital collaborative platform", laruchesocialiste. The text marked a new approach for the PS, arguing in favor of more social and environmental controls in trade agreements and a revision of the European treaties led by the left.

Faure also affirmed that the PS would not support the candidacy of Frans Timmermans as Spitzenkandidat. On 15 December , at the ending of a meeting of the national council of the PS, Faure for the first time proposed that the party participate in a "rally" of forces on the left. The list is composed of half PS candidates and half those of other parties and figures from civil society, [] marking the first time since the PS did not lead its own list in the European elections. The Greens intend to target both ex-Socialists and disappointed Macron voters who view his government's policies as too right-wing.

On 17 December , at the congress of the Democratic Movement MoDem , Christophe Castaner said he supported an "enlarged list" for the European elections based on their alliance, [] and on 26 September , the movement officially announced the opening of applications for prospective candidates from civil society, [] receiving 2, in total, [] winnowed by an investiture committee chaired by Jean-Marc Borello. Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade was delegated with the task of forming contacts with potential European partners.

The party considered recruiting MEPs to form a group after the election. On 15 December , Lagarde launched the party's campaign at its extraordinary congress, [] hoping to gain the support of pro-European voters who were not necessarily in favor of Macron's ideas on Europe. In an interview published on 10 March in Le Journal du Dimanche , Thierry Mariani militated for an alliance with Le Pen, [] and was subsequently threatened with expulsion from the party; [] he ultimately joined the RN list. On 19 January , Europe 1 revealed that Nicolas Dupont-Aignan , leader of Debout la France , appeared to close the door to an alliance with the National Rally RN while still appealing for a "union of patriots" that could yet include members of the National Rally.

RN MEP Sylvie Goddyn , who was expelled from the party on 19 October after indicating her support for Dupont-Aignan's initiative for a union list, [] initially planned to appear on the party's list, [] as did Poisson. On 28 March , Dupont-Aignan unveiled the first 23 candidates on the list, excluding Poisson because of his alleged refusal to embrace a collective approach, with outgoing MEPs Monot and Goddyn also absent "by mutual agreement". On 13 December , Le Pen claimed that she wanted an alliance with Nicolas Dupont-Aignan , president of Debout la France , [] and met with Dupont-Aignan the same day to discuss "a possible partnership", [] but was rebuked a month later, [] and subsequently published an open letter seeking an alliance on 31 May , [] only to receive his rejection again on 3 June.

On 23 November , Florian Philippot announced that his movement, The Patriots Les Patriotes , would present candidates in the European elections, fighting for the French exit from the European Union. On April 24, close to the deadline for filing of lists, Philippot publicly called for a common list with Asselineau; according to L'Opinion , he delegated Thibaud Lonjon with the task of soliciting an alliance, offering , euros in additional financing for the list which had then already raised around 1.

Another list, Mouvement pour l'Initiative Citoyenne , which supports implementing the RIC at the national and European level, was selected by drawing lots, [] though it existed long before the movement, with its foundation in and presence in the elections.

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On 23 January, the group announced in a press release that they would present a list called Ralliement d'initiative citoyenne RIC, or Citizens' Initiative Rally, referencing the acronym of the proposed referendum desired by many gilets jaunes led by Ingrid Levavasseur , a year old nurse assistant, and also revealed the first 10 names on the list, with the remaining spots open to applications.

The announcement of a list provoked largely negative reactions among other gilets jaunes, many of whom were skeptical and considered them opportunists. Marc Doyer, eighth on the list, was revealed to have previously supported Macron, [] and withdrew from the list on 28 January. Shahinyan also stepped down as campaign director, citing doubts. On 29 January, a gilet jaune leader from Nice , Patrick Cribouw, announced his intention to present a list in the European elections under the banner of Union jaune.

Many of Macron's supporters considered gilets jaunes lists desirable, given that an internal poll suggested that such a list would siphon votes from the opposition and increase turnout by engaging traditional abstentionists, [] paradoxically strengthening Macron as a result. He voted "no" in the Maastricht Treaty referendum as well as the referendum on the European Constitution and opposed the Treaty of Lisbon in He intended to create a list composed of local mayors, farmers, business executives, and professionals inadequately represented in politics.

The table below is a summary of the platforms of the principal electoral lists in the European elections. Five MEPs were formally considered to have been elected in the elections, but will not take their seats pending the departure of the UK from the EU. Turnout, up by 7. The results of the election were a confirmation of the establishment of the National Rally and La Republique En Marche as the two strongest political forces, between them leading in every single department.

Even if surveys in the closing weeks uniformly reflected an increase in estimated turnout, that alone did not explain the discrepancy between polls and the final result. Teinturier suggested that there had been a "double transfer" in votes in the closing weekend during the polling ban, with LR supporters moving Loiseau's list to prevent the RN from a first-place finish, the Greens depriving votes from the En Marche list, and a porous Socialist electorate compatible with both.

The results of the European elections in France were also viewed with interest for their potential implications in the upcoming municipal elections in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Centrists LC. Main article: Opinion polling for the European Parliament election in France. First party Second party Third party. Jordan Bardella.

Nathalie Loiseau.

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  • Yannick Jadot. New L'Alternative. Manon Aubry. LR — LC. New FG. France 2 France Inter. NI Arthaud. P Brossat. P Aubry. P Hamon. P Glucksmann. P Jadot. NI Bourg. P Loiseau. P Lagarde. P Bellamy. P Dupont-Aignan. P Bardella. P Philippot. P Asselineau. NI Lalanne. RFI France NI Brossat. NI Hamon. NI Lagarde. NI Dupont-Aignan. A Bardella. NI Philippot. NI Asselineau. CNews Europe 1. Laurence Ferrari Matthieu Belliard. NI Roussel. P Quatennens. P Faure. P Cormand. P Guerini. NI Bayrou. P Wauquiez. P Le Pen.

    NI Cormand. P Bayrou. P Arthaud. P Roussel. P Balas. NI Faure.

    Colette - Restaurant - Wood fire grill - News | Restaurant

    NI Guerini. NI Wauquiez. NI Le Pen. NI Aubry. NI Glucksmann. NI Jadot. NI Bellamy. NI Loiseau. NI Bardella. P Lalanne. P Bourg. Ruth Elkrief Apolline de Malherbe. Pascal Durand. Mireille d'Ornano Florian Philippot. Younous Omarjee. Emmanuel Maurel. Jean-Christophe Lagarde. Marie-Pierre Vieu. Julie Pontalba PCR. Michel Branchi PCM. Cathy Apourceau-Poly. Emmanuel Maurel GRS. Gabriel Amard. Benoit Schneckenburger. Catherine Coutard MRC. William Martinet. Jean-Marie Brom. Christian Benedetti. Charlotte Girard.

    Sarah Soilihi. Guillaume Balas. Isabelle Thomas. Pierre Serne. Laura Slimani. Pierre Larrouturou. Nora Mebarek. Jean-Marc Germain. Karine Gloanec Maurin. Philippe Naillet.