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For a softer crust, lightly brush tops of each loaf of bread with butter. For a crunchier crust, do nothing! Allow bread to cool before slicing. I'm not sure how long that takes though I can never seem to get past 15 minutes! I can't even begin to describe the phenomenal aroma that filled my house while this bread was baking!

It was just incredible! I was so pleased with how my bread smelled and looked, I was almost afraid to slice into it and see how it taste, the key word there being 'almost'. Slicing into the bread, I did a little happy dance to see that the bread had a beautiful consistency without any gaping air-holes. Perhaps that's the purpose of Julia's flattening the dough, rolling it over onto itself in thirds and pinching to seal, I don't know. What I do know is that, having had the ultimate success in my first attempt at making this bread, I'm not changing a single, teeny weeny thing!

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thank you for this fantastic bread making tutorial. I've tried making bread many, many times and I've always gotten mediocre bread. This bread was fantastic though, so thanks again!! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, delishably. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Kim Power Barnes more. Homemade White Sandwich Bread. Easy Homemade White Sandwich Bread The legendary James Beard once said, "Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of all feasts.

Stir and let sit for 5 minutes to activate. Stir in 1 Tbsp sugar to activated yeast in warm water. Add 3 cups flour to large bowl and stir in 2 tsp kosher salt to combine. Stir to combine. Add remaining 2 cups warm water to flour mixture - stir to combine. Add remaining 3 cups flour to mixture, one cup at a time. Using hands or wooden spoon, stir to combine until a 'shaggy' dough is formed.

Turn shaggy dough out onto floured work surface and form into a loose ball. Let sit 5 minutes. Fold dough over onto itself and knead with the heel of your hand. Repeat this process until all of the softened butter is incorporated into the dough. Form a ball and let rest for 5 minutes. While dough is resting, clean out bowl and lightly grease with either butter, olive oil or vegetable oil. Place ball of dough into bowl and flip so that top of ball of dough is lightly greased. Cover bowl with plastic cling wrap and a towel. Place in warm area of kitchen and let rise until at least doubled in size, approximately 1 hour.

Turn risen dough out onto floured work surface, knead lightly. Divide dough in half. Using one half at a time, press into a rectangular shape using fingers, about 8 x 11 inches in size. Fold one third dough lengthwise over into middle, pinch to seal. Repeat with other side. Folds ends up and pinch. Form dough to roughly the length of bread pans. Place dough into greased bread pans. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and towel and let rise a further hour and a half.

Heavenly Bread

With rack in middle position, preheat oven to degrees Fahrenheit. When bread dough has risen out over edges of bread pans, remove plastic wrap and towel and bake in preheated degree oven for minutes until golden in color. Remove golden bread from oven and immediately turn out onto cooling racks. For a softer crust, brush tops of each loaf with butter. Let bread cool approximately 30 minutes before slicing - enjoy! I will try and post the outcome when they are finished but that wont be until hours later from now.

I do hope they turn out well.. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! I used the kitchen aide mixer and wow oh wow these really are heavenly. But I must say…I feel so stuffed like a turkey right now I feel miserable. Hubby said I for sure have to keep on making these…Thanks for the recipe. One tip, depending on your oven you might need to back down that temp to so as to not burn the bottoms. I guess this depends on where you live and how good of an oven you have temp wise that is.

YAY… love that you made them in the mixer and that they were heavenly. I need to know, too. Is it the packets? Yeast is what im referring to please let me know! Must be your Touch. I have never had my yeast rise like that. I still assume if the yeast is fresh by the date then the water temp must be so important. Happy Easter. I am just wondering how you get that perfect crescent shape?!?!

Can you post a tutorial? I would love that. Once you roll it out into a circle you use a pizza cutter to cut into triangles and then roll the into crescents just like you would if you bought a can of cresent rolls. It says to divide the dough in two, but only make one circle to cut 12 pieces? I love this recipe! Super easy and delicious. Thank you!!! Thanks for stopping by, Jenni!

Comments like yours make my day. These our definitely our favorite rolls. These are the same rolls my grandma has made for years…they are so delicious, and always gone way too fast. Makes me want to make a batch now! This looks delicious! Quick question, 4 and 8 it says to cover with a tea towel and let raise for a few hours. Soooo, you do this process twice?? Just want to double check. These are delicious!!! I am making them right right now. I am bringing them to Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I was just wondering what type of butter do you use? Unsalted or Salted? I think i used the Country Crock salted butter last time. These are Amazing though!! A new recipe to be added to my cookbook of recipes. Thank you! SO glad you like it. I usually use unsalted with baking, but salted butter still works as well. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi, Just wondering could you make thiese rolls into balls instead of crescents? Also it says bake a is that fareneights? I am in australia and have a convection oven do you know how much i need to put it at? My daughter and I made these the other day for Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit!!!! They were almost flaky like a croissant- absolutely delish!!! I did use my kitchen aid mixer but made sure not to over mix the dough. Definitely a keeper recipe!!!! Hi there thank you for the recipe I am making these now and am a bit confused on one step.

How many rolls does this recipe make? I guess its 12 but still need to confirm.

Happy to Be FREE of 7 of the 8 Top Allergens

Thanks in advance! Hi Luna;do i have to knead this sticky dough or just combine the flour into the egg yeast muxture? I want to make these rolls.

What If Life Did Not Originate on Earth?

Loved these. Still perfect! The rolls turned out looking really great. They were soft and fluffy. However, it tasted very much like alcohol or perhaps yeasty. I felt that it was almost beer like in taste. Could it be that the bread was over-proofed? This time, I made sure not to let it proof for too long.

The taste was great, but I was not able to bake the rolls evenly. Is this an issue with spacing? I did not have as large a pan. Thank you for putting up with all of my elementary questions! Hi Peggy — no worries at all. It does depend on the pan, how many you put in there and how big you made your rolls. Do they look pretty similar to the pictures in this post? I have never made rolls in my life, l have made a lot of other things. I am going to try these this weekend. My husband loves roll so I am doing this of him. Wish me luck!!!

They sound great and by all the comments from the people who have made them, they must to be good. I used yeast for bread machine plus bread machine flour. That is so great to know!! Thank you so much for sharing that information! They are very hard to resist!! Let the experimenting begin:.

Hello, this is going to be my attempt ever at making bread just wondering what type of flour I use, is it self raising it all purpose plain flour? I make them and go from start to finish. Has anyone done that?? I can not wait to try these! I was wondering if I I need to adapt the recipe if I use rapid rise yeast? Thanks so much! Hope that helps!! Heavenly is the perfect description. Hi, I have a question.

Can I make the dough the night before and just bake in the morning? At what step do I stop and resume the next day? Thank you so much. Hope that helps! Good luck! They are always a big hit. I made 8 dozen for Thanksgiving and froze them. I have used A-P and high-gluten flours but use only high gluten now, the difference is very noticeable. The rolls are great if formed and immediately frozen. I bake them only at degrees F for 15 minutes. This is a very soft , rich dough and is best mixed by hand.

Once all 3 cups of flour are incorporated no flour is visible it can be put in a bowl, covered and left to rise.

A You-tube video for dividing a circle into 12 triangles, helped me lay it out on the plastic. Using a Sharpie I made 12 dots on the circle. Now I roll out the dough, brush on the butter, and use a pizza cutter to make all 12 pieces identical. Thanks so much for sharing that!! I hope it helps some interested in making this recipe!! I made your heavenly rolls, they were great. Thank you so much for the recipe they are easy too. I recently made these rolls for a couple of pot luck dinners and many people commented how good they were.

A couple of people even told me they were the best rolls they had in their life and they were older folks. Thank you so much for sharing and for giving the recipe a try! Great recipe! I threw all the ingredients into the bread maker — wet ingredients first and using 5 cups of flour — and the dough turned out perfectly! I have never used almond flour, so honestly not sure? If you have used it before in bread, then it should be ok?

I need to try using almond flour.

Heavenly (and Easy) Homemade White Sandwich Bread

Thank You. Absolutely approved!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! The recipe was posted on my fb by my student and I am glad to have tried it. I was so happy with the result…the rolls were perfect, the taste was incredibly delicious, soft and buttery indeed. Thank you lilluna and to my student for sharing the recipe.

Hi, it looks really yum. Plan to make them right away. Just a quick question, do we add 3 or 4 cups of flour? Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe???? I always start with 3, then I may need to add a little more as I go. It just depends on where you live, the humidity, etc. Hi there, Tried this recipe today, and it came out Devine! I made the heavenly rolls recipe yesterday and they were unbelievable!

My question is can they be frozen and then thawed and heated and still taste as good? I want to make them for Easter and want to make them a few days early…. Thank you for trying them! We never have any left to freeze, but they should. Let me know what you think, if you do. Instructions say to cut into 12 pie shaped pieces but you put 24 in the pan. Hello Sis! Thank you for the recipe! I tried this last Saturday and I am extremely sad that it turned out so bad. My dough never rose even if I waited for so many hours for the first part and the second part when they are in the pan.

I baked them and they turned out hard and didnt rise as well but the insides were uncooked. It takes awhile for the yeast to bubble. Also, it took mine awhile to rise and I finally put it in an oven on warm and that helped. Yes, good point Joni. Yeast can be tricky! These look amazingly delicious. I want to avoid using the store-bought crescent rolls that are full of awful ingredients. Do you think these rolls would work to make pigs in a blanket? Hi there, I really love the recipe and would like to try it, but what type of flour does the recipe require?

It states two different measurements for flour. Kindly clarify. Best wishes, Jo. Hope that helps. Thank you in advance! It might change the flavor a little, but you could always try. These look like they would be Great to make little Pigs in a Blanket!!! Just cook up your little smokey breakfast links or the little smoked sausages for parties. Makes me hungry just thinking about what other goodies to roll up in them!!! And, how much Better this dough would be over that stuff in a tube!

I tried this recipe today but I used one pack of instant yeast and just mixed all the ingredients together Less work. The rolls were wonderful. I had to restrain myself from excessive indulgence. I have always done it in the same day. You could always give it a try?? By the way, is bread flour better than all purpose flour? Not sure how it would change it? Anyone else try it? Hello The rolls looks great. Will surely try them. Just want to clarify which yeast have been used? Active or dry? There are different types, right? Yes, there are different kinds. I use the instant, active yeast.

These rolls literally are heaven!

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And to make them even better they are VERY easy to make. I love bread and these are just amazing!!!!!!! I will be making them a lot! Thank you so much!! This recipe is so easy and delicious, I made it for my niece last night and she loves it! My son is allergic to dairy…. It looks yummy???? Hope that helps you! Kristyn, my daughter told me about your Basic Homemade Bread recipe and I will be giving it a try this week. I come from a family of 12 kids and my Mom baked 4 loaves of bread 7 days a week for many years.

I am also a lover of hot homemade bread and I have taught my daughters how to do it too. Here is another thought for you, I take a zucchini and peel it and then remove the seeds if it is a big one, and then I run it through the blender to liquefy it and I add it in place of half of the liquid I use in the bread recipe and it make good fluffy white bread too.

Try it sometime and see what you think. The only difference I find is that it takes a little less flour than the recipe calls for. Thank you for sharing that! I will have to try!

6 Heavenly Bread Recipes | Stories | Kitchen Stories

Looks Delicious my wife dont like to much bread and would be wonderful for her. Is it bread flour you use? How much would I need to change the ingredients? Double them?

Just roll the dough in to a loaf instead of sectioning off into rolls? I wish I knew. For sure I will make these. I tried this recipe and it turned out great! Can I also use melted butter instead of vegetable oil? If so, should I use the same amount? Heavenly Bread Unclaimed.

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