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The morning of her euthanasia, Harper was too fatigued to even eat breakfast.

Caring for Older Dogs | Blue Cross

The very act of standing up to cross the room left her worn out. More on that below. In addition to being sad, euthanizing at the vet can be awkward. Finally, if your pet has anxiety about visiting the vet, they may be agitated, which is probably not the way you want them to experience their final minutes. Many veterinarians are willing to schedule in-home visits for euthanasia appointments, but increasingly, mobile veterinary clinics like ours exist specifically to help meet the need for euthanasia from the comfort of your own home.

The vast majority of in-home pet euthanasia practitioners try to ensure their costs are comparable to other clinics. Most brick-and-mortar veterinary clinics will have a list of in-home practitioners that they can recommend to you. Though legal in all 50 states, this is still a growing field, so some states and rural areas may not have the same ready access to in-home options that more suburban or urban areas do. In-home visits remove the stress that can be associated with the hospital setting.

Being at home means that people retain a certain level of privacy and are not rushed by the schedule of a busy veterinary office. In-home euthanasia practices work as an adjunct for veterinary clinics. We exist in a circle of mutual appreciation of each other, understanding that each of our models offers its own set of boons and constraints and focusing on the end goal of doing whatever is best for the animal.

Derek and I make sure to have pre-appointment phone chats with families before we go to their houses and upon arriving, we explain the euthanasia process to the family before we even bring in any of our medical equipment, and allow as much time as needed for questions. Any veterinarian who makes you feel rushed—in-home or in-office—is not giving you the care you deserve. Making the choice before the actual appointment means you can weigh your options before the stress of the moment and without a staff member who is about to hand you a bill.

Decision-making is always easier when done in the coolheadedness of before rather than the emotional rush of after. Choosing burial is usually about having access to land. Some cities do have pet cemeteries, but it costs money to buy and maintain a plot of land and a grave marker.

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Many other pet owners select cremation as the final disposition for their pets. Cremation—the process of using high heat to reduce a body down to ash and bone—is typically fairly inexpensive. Families have the option to have their pet cremated as part of a group or individually. Typically, cremated remains are not returned to the family but may be respectfully scattered by the crematory.

The crematory we work with, Pets at Peace in San Ramon, scatters the cremated remains from group cremations in the Sierra Mountains. Many families who do not want to possess cremated remains choose this option and then memorialize their pets by planting a tree or placing a marker somewhere, like their yard.

Some families may choose a witness cremation, where they have the opportunity to visit the crematory like I did and view portions of the cremation process. Most crematories charge a small fee for this process, but families often find a sense of closure and relief from knowing exactly what happened instead of having to try and imagine.

Individual cremations usually cost a little bit more and the cremated remains are returned to the family in an urn. Nowadays, there are an incredible number of beautiful options for personalized urns and even jewelry to hold small bits of cremated remains. Other people feel adamant that having their pets returned is an integral part of the mourning process. The body is essentially broken down to its chemical components over the course of four to six hours. Some bone particulate remains in a very fine, sand-like form that can be placed in an urn or buried.

Caring for older dogs

This process is touted as being more environmentally friendly than cremation. At-home euthanasia grants families the opportunity to memorialize and hold a funeral for their pet. Get over it. The ritual ceremony reinforces the reality of the death, gives our family and friends space to express their feelings at the loss, and it creates a common experience for those present to offer support. It gives us a place for the spiritual aspect of our grief too. There are many ways to make the euthanasia process meaningfully ceremonial. We have met with families who drew Tarot cards before the appointment, or created beautiful altars with dried herbs and crystals, or simply made sure that they were outside in fresh grass or beneath the stars.

Also remember to eat and drink water—crying causes dehydration and headaches, and eating means not feeling faint. Think about who you want to be there in the moment, before, during, and after. Bringing in Mail and Packages or Papers. Brushing Pet Upon Request. Cleaning Up Any Pet Messes. Indoor Plant Watering.

Potty Break in Yard or Walk. Sweeping Up Litter on the Floor.

Contact us for more details

Minimum Visits per Day Are:. Caged pets 1 or 2 visits per day. Cats 1 or 2 visits per day. Dogs 2 or 3 visits per day. Skipped visits every other day will have an additional charge. Mileage over the 10 mile radius of little buddies will have an extra. Dogs must be friendly towards children and people. Mild pulling is fine. Regular Fees are with 3 or more visits per week. Why Use a Pet Sitter? Here are some reasons for hiring a pet sitter:.

It eliminates the trauma of your pet being left at an unfamiliar place. Additional Cat is: 3. Additional Dog is: 4. We feel it is best for the safety,. Your pet will NOT be exposed to parasites fleas, ticks etc , aggressive pets,.

How frequently can my pet be bathed safely? Your pet can be bathed as frequently as needed as long as the shampoo is of the highest quality and thoroughly rinsed. Do you disinfect the salon? No pet is put in a cage that is NOT disinfected first. You will find we have the cleanest, most sanitary salon in the area. Why is my pets grooming session taking longer than expected? Sometimes the unexpected can occur. A fur coat that is more tangled than we originally thought, or a pet that needs a little more TLC to get through the grooming process safely and happily.

An over abundance of phone calls, or drop by clients. Remember if we agree to call you when your pet is finished, we promise we will call promptly!! Please be patient with us, we always do our very best to accommodate our clients and especially their pets. Why is my pet tired when he returns home after his groomer? You're pet likely rests or sleeps all day while you are out at work or running errands. While at the grooming salon, they spent much of their time awake either being groomed or watching us and other pets in the grooming process.

Services we provide.

This alone can be tiresome for some dogs. Just the change in routine, and missing those daytime naps can be tiring. Standing on a grooming table, for some older pets can be tiring also.