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Set in the sparsely populated Cumbria with its numerous stone circles, Washington Poe, has settled into and fixing up his recently acquired croft, suspended as a DI in the National Crime Agency after being mired in scandal in his last case. He has no intention of returning to his job, but his name has been found carved in the b You can always tell if a piece of crime fiction is special and MW Craven's debut marks the arrival of a gifted and natural crime writer with a bright future ahead of him.

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He has no intention of returning to his job, but his name has been found carved in the burnt body of the latest victim of the serial killer dubbed 'The Immolation Man' by the media along with the number 5. Overcoming his initial reluctance, he cannot resist trying to find out why the killer is targeting him, and returns to the NCA. One of the main highlights of the novel is Tilly, an Asperger's afflicted young woman, the best analyst in the NCA.

She has 2 PhDs from Oxford, with remarkable abilities when it comes to statistics, data, computer skills and programming, pattern recognition and more. She is naive, innocent, having been sheltered from the world, takes everything literally, has problems adapting to situations and is targeted by bullies. Tilly is shunned, obsessive, a gaming aficionado, has the habit of saying the unexpected, unaware it may be unacceptable, breaking social norms and expectations on a continual basis.

Watching her relationship develop with Poe is a true joy, both poignant and comic, she becomes considerably more resilient, coming out of her shell as she and Poe bond. Poe is unmanageable from the point of view of his superiors, relentless as he pursues the killer, ignoring the obstacles and people standing in his way in his search for the truth. He has some very dark corners within his personality that make him a compelling and charismatic central character. This is a novel that takes in the worst that humanity can do, a killer that has spent years planning his revenge on those complicit in not only destroying his life, but those of others.

You cannot help but feel for the killer, facing insurmountable problems when it comes to getting redress through the corrupt judicial system and up against powerful forces intent on preventing the truth emerging. Poe is shocked to discover just how personally close to him the case emerges to be. Everything about the novel is brilliant, the twists, the plotting is exceptional and I am hoping we see the return of Poe and Tilly as soon as possible. This is a superb, entertaining, full of twists and tension, an utterly mesmerising thriller that I recommend highly!

You will be missing out if you do not read this. View all 24 comments. Jan 06, Peter rated it it was amazing Shelves: publisher-author-direct , crime , favorites , mystery , thriller. Vengeance The Puppet Show is a fascinatingly dark serial killer hunt that is packed with intrigue, subterfuge, vengeance, and characters that provide such enthralling dynamics that make this a truly outstanding thriller.

A brilliant read. Poe is Vengeance The Puppet Show is a fascinatingly dark serial killer hunt that is packed with intrigue, subterfuge, vengeance, and characters that provide such enthralling dynamics that make this a truly outstanding thriller. Poe is a highly driven person with an acute radar for injustice and often unreserved in how he would dispense retribution. There is a dark streak in his personality and he will forcefully jump to the defence of an abused colleague and be intolerant with those he disrespects or gets in his road, regardless of position.

I read a post online suggesting that if it went to TV the perfect actor to play his part would be Idris Elba — I totally agree. Tilly Bradshaw works for the NCA as a data analyst and is quite the genius with numbers and data patterns. She lives with a personality disorder on the autism spectrum, and Mike Craven has drawn this wonderful innocent character that we really care for.

In her own way, she is very determined and strong willed but appears fragile with her naive and soft demeanour. DI Stephanie Flynn has temporarily replaced Poe within the NCA and is performing as a capable, methodical and reliable boss that knows how to maintain police protocol. This is the important balance against the undisciplined activities of Poe and as a DI provides a much better stabilising and cohesive influence on the team.

Each victim of the Immolation Man is found burned to death within a stone circle in the Cumbria region. There is a modus operandi: a significance of the stone circles, a method of murder, a disfiguration, and they are all elderly men. To find the connection requires Tilly and Poe to utilise their unique talents, especially in the face of a plot that is full of surprises and a revealing link to a set of crimes from the past.

His craft of the plot is captivating with layers of mystery and suspense that are totally engrossing. The additional elements of humour and colleague conflict are very entertaining but not overplayed, and the remote landscapes of Cumbria are vividly drawn. I do feel fortunate that I've picked up on this series from the beginning. I would like to thank Little Brown Book Group for a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

View all 26 comments. Jan 03, Mark rated it it was amazing. Washington Poe! Remember his name! Tilly Bradshaw Remember her name! The descriptions of Cumbria are majestic and created a perfect mindset of images for the story and the police procedural aspects detailed yet fascinating The conclusion was great then got even better and then better again!!!

I am really pleased this is Book 1 in the series and genuinely look forward to Book 2 and what the author does with Washington A book that will stay with you, guaranteed, its one you will want to tell someone about and get them to read it so you can share your thoughts etc Loved it! View all 6 comments. I loved the cover. It wasn't until I got home and looked up the goodreads reviews that I began to get excited! Every one of my friends rated it a 4 or higher so I knew I was going to read something awesome. Absolutely the best police procedural I have read this year!

My Review of The Puppet Show

In fact, I would put it as my second favourite start to a police thriller series of all time! Just behind Lacey Flint. Poe is brought back from suspension when a serial killer leaves his name carved into one of his victims chests. What a welcome back! Teamed up with socially awkward analyst Tilly, Poe has to find this serial killer, and discover why the killer used his name. Is he the next victim? Or is it something different?

What does the killer want from him. When it started I thought "Yeah this will be ok", but then as I kept reading and getting immersed in the story and characters I began to really enjoy it and upped it to "Yeah this is going to be really good" And then the action started, and there was twist after twist after twist! Yes I guessed who did it! Yes I am awesome! Usually it does and I deduct stars because I enjoy being surprised. Just when you get cocky BAM there is another spanner in the works!

And the characters! Loved all of them! What a team! There was something really great about the writing and the atmosphere the author creates in this book. Although it sounds like it will be just another thriller, something about it makes it stand out. Maybe it is in the way the storyline moves, or the characters, I can't quite put my finger on it. It is just a really fabulous read! Would I recommend The Puppet Show? If you enjoy thrillers pick this one up - it was great! I purchased The Puppet Show on a whim, at my own expense. For more reviews check out my: Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Jun 02, Lou rated it it was amazing.

There are three reasons why I requested this - firstly, the endorsements of Peter James and A. Dhand, both authors I love. Secondly, the cover, and finally, the synopsis appealed to me as it sounded pretty dark and gruesome. Everything about this book screamed that it was going to be a fantabulous rollercoaster ride!

The Puppet Show – M. W. Craven

I appreciated the setting, the Lake District is not very far from my home. I know it can be a very desolate place, so it's ideal for a serial killer to use as his stalking ground, There are three reasons why I requested this - firstly, the endorsements of Peter James and A. I know it can be a very desolate place, so it's ideal for a serial killer to use as his stalking ground, so to speak. I am so pleased that this is a series opener, meaning there is much more to come from M. Craven, I will be following this series through to its conclusion if the rest are as amazing as this was.

The 'Immolation Man' is a serial killer that burns his victims alive inside the stone circles of the Lake District. Washington Poe and his team are the ones tasked at stopping him claiming any more victims, but can they identify and locate him before he strikes again? Books that are gory and dark seem to call out to me, and this, my first read by Craven, certainly didn't disappoint. Craven's writing is fantastic and draws you into the story from the first couple of chapters, once it's got you, it refuses to let you go! The friendship between Tilly Bradshaw and Poe warmed my heart.

I look forward to their relationship and characters developing throughout the series. I would like to thank M. View all 7 comments. This is how a Police Procedural should be done! Immolation [im- uh - ley -sh uh -n] 1. To kill as a religious sacrifice. To kill, especially by fire. We have the disgraced, undisciplined ex-cop using unorthodox policing to solve the crime Washington Poe partnered with the extremely socially awkward, off-the-charts IQ, introverted, crime computer analyst Tilly Bradshaw.

By the end of the novel both had shown unique sides to their personalities to make them fresh and different. The developing friendship the two characters formed was another highlight — the way Poe and Bradshaw protected and looked out for each other, and the way they worked seamlessly together, was a delight to read unfold. Prologue aside, which I will talk about in a moment, and the first chapter, which is voiced by Bradshaw , the remainder of the story is told via Poe. All viewpoints are in the third person. He watches them burn. Same goes for those who are regular reader of crime , horror , or fantasy.

Book 2, Black Summer , is scheduled for release June 20, I will be counting down the days! Author has also published novels under the name Mike Craven , so I will definitely be checking out those books as well. View all 21 comments. I'm so very pleased to say that The Puppet Show is a fabulous book! I had high hopes, and you know high hopes high falls, so I'm especially glad when I realized not only is the book engrossing to read, it features two new favorite characters Detective Washington Poe and very socially awkward civilian analyst Tilly Bradshaw.

Poe and Tilly just click, and there are so m I'm so very pleased to say that The Puppet Show is a fabulous book! Poe and Tilly just click, and there are so many wonderful moments, both funny and more serious. Anyhow, this is a crime novel so of course, there is crime happening. In this case, brutal murders, with the emphasis on brutal. Yes, being a man reading about the mutilations must be hard. I love the setting of the story, I really get a rugged landscape before my eyes and those stone circles that have been there so long time that no one knows what they are for.

Now they are used for human sacrifices and Poe has to figure out who is killing these men and why and the investigation starts to reveal hints that the answers lie in the past The ending is great, I started to have my suspicions towards a certain person towards the end and I was one the right course. It was such a fabulous ending, at one moment I was afraid it would end with a cliffhanger, and in a way it did, but in a good way. The book ended with me feeling satisfied and eagerly awaiting the next book! View 2 comments. There is nothing more satisfying than coming across a new crime series that sets the pulse racing.

Craven blew my socks off! I knew from the shocker of an opening chapter The Puppet Show was going to be an exhilarating and thrilling read, I loved this novel for so many reasons, with a gri There is nothing more satisfying than coming across a new crime series that sets the pulse racing. Dark and gruesome are my favourite kind of crime thrillers, make of that what you will!

Bestselling Series

As serial killers go this ones pretty terrifying, burning people alive, carving into theit charred remains, the author certainly has a vivid imagination, and his descriptive writing help you to visualise the gruesome scenes. Interesting characters, clever plot, shocking revelations, gripping story set in North West England… You ask what else? First-rate writing!

And the best part…there is going to be a second one! Poe and Tilly have easily become two of my favorite characters. That is, until his name appears carved on a tor Interesting characters, clever plot, shocking revelations, gripping story set in North West England… You ask what else? That is, until his name appears carved on a tortured and burnt body of an old man, the third victim in a series of macabre murders.

Bodies are being burnt alive in stone circles in Cumbria and Poe has to race against time to find out why? Why has his name been carved on a victim? What is the motive? Who is the killer and who is going to be his next victim? I am waiting impatiently for the second book! The Puppet Show by M. Craven Is the first book in the Washington Poe series and what a fantastic start it is.

It's an addictive read which you won't want to put down, It's fast,dark, twisted with an ending you would never of guessed but will still keep you questioning after you've finished. For i The Puppet Show by M. For it not being your normal police thriller but based on a specialist unit your not swamped with to much information about what the unit does but given just enough to understand which I found kept the story flowing easily.

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This book is a great first of a series which I would highly recommend. View all 20 comments. Jan 28, Whispering Stories rated it it was amazing. Book Reviewed by Stacey on www. He headed home to Cumbria and bought a small house in the middle of a field with no neighbours. He was happily leading a quiet life with just himself and his dog Edgar for company.

That was until acting Detective Inspector Stephanie Flynn showed up with an Osman warning a police warning that his life was in danger regarding a serious case that was ongoing. The case in hand was that there had been multiple men found tortured, their private parts had been removed and then they had been burned to death in stone circles around Cumbria.

The latest body, number three, had also been found with something cut into his skin — the words Washington Poe and what looked like the number five. Giving the reason for the police believing that Poe was in danger and the targets fifth victim. With a target on his head, Poe has to return to work and help solve the case before he becomes a victim.

The book took a different route to what I was expecting. I was expecting the book to be one that would keep me awake at night having nightmares, hence when I began the book I did so during the day opting for something different to read the night before. This type of book is perfect for me as I love police procedural novels. He knows it could backfire on him.

He also knows that nine out of ten times his hunches are right. Tilly is an absolutely remarkable character. I have a teenage son with this condition so I could understand Tilly perfectly. The book had me engrossed from the very beginning. They are also perfectly realistic. He also knows how to send you up the wrong path with his many twists and turns, definitely keeping you on your toes.

As Poe starts to close in the tempo of the book seemed to pick up and I did feel like I was sat on the edge of my seat at times. Craven takes Washington Poe next in the series and I do hope that Tilly is still by his side. May 28, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction. Oh My Goodness Me! Having read a couple of the authors other books, I knew I would be in for a good reading experience, I hadn't been prepared to be totally blown away though as this book isn't just good, it's brilliant!

There are so many detective books out there that I think it can be hard for an author to make their's stand out. Craven has well and truly gone for gold with his new series. Poe and Bradshaw have got to be the most amazing characters I have ever come across and it has left m Oh My Goodness Me! Poe and Bradshaw have got to be the most amazing characters I have ever come across and it has left me absolute desperate for more.

Poe is your typical main protagonist who has issues but what makes him stand out is how he takes Bradshaw under his wings. Their unlikely friendship was something that instantly appealed to me and they are going to be one sought after crime duo. Tilly Bradshaw is going to win new fans over in droves. Craven has uncovered an absolute diamond with this character and if someone doesn't snap this series up for television then there is something seriously wrong.

You really need to read this book for yourself to understand the appeal of Bradshaw. I can't put into words just how fantastic a character she is and I really urge all crime fans to read it. Not only is there an amazing cast of characters, there really is one gripping case the team find themselves working on also. With a shocking and horrifying opening to the story, the reader not only gets drawn in instantly, it also gives them a taster of just what they can look forward to in the rest of the novel.

The Puppet Show is this years must read. It just had everything I could have hoped for from a crime book and more. Brilliant, just brilliant. I now have to go through the agonising wait for the next one in the series. View all 3 comments.

peter craven books | eBay

May 12, Keith Nixon rated it it was amazing. A stunning novel that I suspect will be one of the novels of if not right at the top of the pile. If you read only one book this year make sure it is the puppet show. Feb 24, Nilufer Ozmekik rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-m-intrigued. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Of course five burning stars! What an amazing, twisted, fast, dark ride! I enjoyed every second of it! Meet with Washington Poe! A brilliant, smart investigator who never plays by the book and he is straightforward, fast thinker but most importantly he only believes in real justice a kind of justice beyond the laws And his partner in crime also his first real friend genius Tilly Bradshaw one of the best heroines we could ever read , social awkward, introvert, also straightforward because Of course five burning stars!

Both of them have difficulties to connect with people, both of them are isolated because of their life circumstances which made them closer and good friends. They really understand each other and they are brave enough to do whatever it takes to bring the justice which make them a great team! I loved the end. Now I have to wait till June for second book! The perfect blend of an engaging murder mystery with a slightly darker tone and feel, alongside two interesting and easy to enjoy characters. The Puppet Show soon grabs your attention with its short addictive chapters straight from the first chapter.

Partnered with the socially awkward Tilly, the mismatch pair seek to uncover the truth. I really li The perfect blend of an engaging murder mystery with a slightly darker tone and feel, alongside two interesting and easy to enjoy characters. I really liked how the two main characters interact together, their relationship really help drive the story forward. May 20, Liz Barnsley rated it it was amazing. The Puppet Show is a brilliantly twisted, horrifically wonderful serial killer thriller where the killer and thriller is totally outdone by the imaginative, engaging and purely emotionally resonant characters.

Poe is fascinating, a rogue to out rogue Jack Bauer in 24 whilst doing it for all the right reasons of course, whilst Tilly is socially awkward yet highly intuitive and super intelligent. I loved every single moment of it, the settings are vivid and alive, the characters pop, even the peripheral ones and it is unpredictable and highly highly entertaining. I have literally nothing bad I can say about this one.

Go get it. More please. View 1 comment. Call me a psychic! A five star psychic! I predicted that The Puppet Show was going to be brilliant, and I was bloody right! I knew it! I just knew it! It gave me those vibes, you know what I mean? You pick up or hear about a book, feeling all attracted to the cover. Come on, we ALL love a bit of sinister looking cover art don't we? The synopsis gives you that 'oooh, this could be juicy' feeling. And it gets put right to the top of that enormous TBR, winking at you, beckoning you to pick it up.

Ebook available for download. Peter and his brother James become suspicious about the activities of their neighbour Mr. As they begin to investigate they quickly find themselves immersed in a very unexpected crime drama. There are clues around Mr. Craven's lake, at their school summer fair and even in Mr. Craven's house - but getting locked up in rat-infested cellars and in secret storerooms of stolen goods is not James's idea of fun.

Peter has a sharp enough mind, however, to make all the right connections and enlist the help of their school teachers as well. There are dreams, ghosts, magic, technology and mystery to assist the brothers - but will James's ridiculous sense of humour and comical rapport with Peter be a help or a hindrance to their case? Please note this is not a physical item but may be read and printed from How can I use this format? Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product.

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