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Top 2000 Most Frequent French Words Found in Subtitles

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  • The Adventures Of The Sheep Named Will And Jim;
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Paris: Bordas, Paris: Garnier, II, Romans. Michel Crouzet, ed. Gay, John See Pope, Alexander, below. Cease, Celia, cease; restrain thy flowing tears, Some warmer passion will dispel thy cares In man you'll find a more substantial bliss, More grateful toying, and a sweeter kiss. He's dead. Oh lay him gently in the ground And may his tomb be by this verse renown'd Here Shock, the pride of all his kind, is laid; Who fawn'd like man, but ne'er like man betray'd.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von In Faust , part one, lines , the learned Faust first encounters Mephistopheles disguised as a black Poodle; the great teacher is tempted by the dog's trainability. Wonderful sketch of a German Poodle in the early 19th century. See particularly only because the rest of the book is tremendous fun, although frustrating because under-referenced : The Dog Lover's Literary Companion , ed. Unfortunately, the section quoted does not include the Poodle Mephisto turning himself into a hippopotamus part one, lines Finally, see Companions Goncourt, Edmond and Jules de.

Madam Gervaisais. Romans de Edmond et Jules de Goncourt , 2. Paris: Charpentier, Ses mains se Gouraud, Julie pseud. Sale Barker, etc. Either much was edited out in the translation, or the translators were very economical, because the meaty French original is nearly pp. Adventures of Poodle brought up in sheltered well-to-do circumstances, rescues baby from drowning, lost in forest, experiences slum life, involved in romantic intrigue, when restored to comfort, writes his memoires. Grimms' fairy tale, "The Pink", which "features a man who is turned into a Poodle and fed hot coals until flames come from his throat.

Ranke, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, Includes material on the "Poodle motif. Also in connection with Grimm and for your convenience, we'll list here two other German folktales with Grimms'; translations are on line at a University of Pittsburgh site: Beauty and the Beast, Folktales of Type C. On the way home without the gift he meets a Poodle who makes a bargain with the king: if the dog lets him have the leaf, in a year and a day, the king will give the dog the first thing he sees upon his return, which, of course, turns out to be his youngest daughter; after ups and downs--mostly downs--the Poodle turns into a handsome Prince.

On the way home, he finds such a twig, from which is hanging a cluster of golden nuts, but is threatened by a bear, who says he may take the twig if the bear may have the first thing he sees on his return home. Expecting that the first thing he sees will be his Poodle, as usual, he agrees; alas, the first thing he sees is his youngest daughter, and so on until the bear turns into a Prince.

ISBN: ; shelfmark: Mic. Hamerton, Philip, Chapters on Animals , 88 pp. Early reader containing story about troupe of performing French Poodles. Illustrated with engravings. Hamilton, Antoine pub. Geneva: Barde: Manget, Er war ein wahres Hundejuwel! So ehrlich und treu! Two children adopt a Poodle named Patter who knows many tricks so they put on a show; lots of dog training; lots of adventure. One of a series of Bunny Brown books written by the author of the Bobbsey Twins books. Hugo, Victor Marie, Viscount Hugo was a Poodle-owner see Companions Hugo wrote Poodle literature: "Chelles" for the full text of the poem see Chelles Michel: Ollendorff, , you'll find "Barbet" is a surname; Hugo makes a joke: "m'attaque par le jappement de ce Barbet.

Huysmans, J. Paris: G. Huysmans ; 6. James, Henry , Roderick Hudson. First published serially in the Atlantic Monthly from January and published in book form in USA in the same year. We used the Penguin edition, , pp. Roderick Hudson, a talented perhaps a genius young American sculptor studying in Rome, and his patron, Rowland Mallet, observe "a young girl, apparently of about twenty. She was tall and slender [and very beautiful] and dressed with extreme elegance; she led by a cord a large poodle of the most fantastic aspect.

He was combed and decked like a ram for sacrifice; his trunk and haunches were of the most transparent pink; his fleecy head and shoulders as white as jeweller's cotton, his tail and ears ornamented with long blue ribbons. He stepped along stiffly and solemnly beside his mistress, with an air of conscious elegance In the name of trancendent perfection who is she?

I wonder if she would sit to me? She's beauty itself--she's a revelation. I don't believe she is living--she's a phantasm, a vapour, an illusion! This large but what is meant by "large"? Christina "'can think of nothing but her poodle'" -- she is "'teaching him to talk for me It will save me a great deal of trouble. Stenterello, love, give a pretty smile and say tanti complimenti! Roderick asks to sculpt Christina's bust; she replies, "'I would rather you should make the poodle's.

After that understandable and straightforward-to-Poodle-lovers beginning of the acquaintance, it develops that Christina bewitches a James specialty Roderick, and woos him away from his faithful American fiance, Mary Garland, with whom Rowland has for two years been silently and loyally to all concerned in love. Mary and Roderick's mother come to Rome; Christina marries a very rich Italian prince according to her mother's dearest ambition and thus becomes Princess Casamassima.

Roderick's creative powers overwrought and dessicated, his character ruined, he falls off an Alp and dies; safely back in the United States, Mary retires to live with Roderick's mother, often visited by Rowland who waits year after year to declare himself. James follows Roderick Toklas] Pandora--an imprint of Harper-Collins , states p. See Companions It's possible that Toklas said this in a mischievous spirit, to sort out the ones who'd waded through Roderick James wrote, decades later: "the determinant function attributed to Christina Light, the character of well-nigh sole agent of his [Roderick's] catastrophe that this unfortunate young woman has forced upon her, fails to commend itself to our sense of truth and proportion" and her causitive effect was unbelievable to the author at the time of writing: "It didn't help, alas, it only maddened, to remember that Balzac would have known how, and would have yet asked no additional credit for it.

Mephisto turned himself into a charming Poodle in order to deceive Faust into taking him home. By contrast, both James and his hero Roderick appear to be immune to Stenterello's charms. James was not a "dog person"; in "large" Poodles were still used by market gunners in the valley of the Somme; they were typical circus dogs; they pulled milk carts in Holland. Is this a lower-class dog given as an ironic gesture by that Florentine nobleman to the beautiful daughter of an ambitious American mother?

What was the Florentine nobleman doing with a large Poodle, anyway: were Poodles more common in Italy then, than now? Or, is James depending upon a fantastic American image of the Poodle see Alcott, above? Hypotheses may be derived from Balzac's mid-century references to Poodles see Balzac, above. If you are a pet-Poodle owner searching for a Grade 12 English Lit. Collection of stories, including "The Poodle of Monsieur Gaillard. This longish short story 45 pages in an English edition , was written in It's an adventure tale which takes place in , about street entertainers in a troupe consisting of an organ grinder, a young acrobat, and their white Poodle--who is stolen.

A new Russian edition was published in illustrated by Pokrovskaia; published by August, Russia. Try also: Selections Moscow: Khudozhestvennaia literatura, , "Bel'yi pudel". To do a bibliographical search, library catalogue subject is Fiction in Russian, Robinson Liverpool: E. Howell, , pp. Story about the adventures of Prince Jacinth who turns into a dog from time to time.

Leroux, Gaston Paris: L'Illustration, Might be worthwhile to get the book out of the library and check for a Poodle-character; if you do, please let us know the result of your research. Loti, Pierre pseud. Pax Poodle London, Edinburgh: W. Chambers, , pp. Manifesto published in "the French papers" by the Poodles of France and Algeria, A protest against a proposed increase in the pet tax in the city of Paris.

Authors--Azor, Trim, Rox, Diane, Bob, and Betty-- wrote: "'We have spent a lifetime in acquiring one thousand and one agreeable talents, all to the advantage of man: we turn the spit, we carry our master's dinner in little straw baskets, we guard his treasures, and we defend them better than any lock and key, including those of Mr.

Fichet [French inventor of the safe], we dive into icy rivers to rescue children who have seen fit to risk drowning on the pretext of amusement, and lastly, we play dominoes; we even dance the Polka. Signed by , petitioners, "mostly Poodles". MacNab, Sophia. Diary of Sophia MacNab, ms. Young girl's diary contains entries about small Poodles Fin and Finette, brought from Montreal to Hamilton, Ontario in Sophia's father, Sir Allan Napier MacNab was Prime Minister of the United Canadas, ; his room Dundurn Castle is now a house-museum; the diary is one of the museum's treasures.

The Surprise , Mel Bailey, ed. Malot, Hector Sans Famille The publication of this beloved book set off bibliographical fireworks. The first edition was shortly followed by a second, and a third in two hefty volumes and frequently republished , and translations into the main European languages. Illustrators include Emile Bayard As a small boy, Jean-Paul Sartre found this story enthralling when read aloud to him; and, having memorized it, taught himself to read by poring over it phrase by phrase--see Les Mots Paris: Gallimard, , p.

There are least three translations into English: No Relations p. Bentley and Son, London, ; Nobody's Boy , translated and abridged by Florence Crewe Jones, originally published in and available in in a facsimile edition p. This is the story of a small boy, Remi, a foundling who is sold for 40 francs to a vagabond musician, Vitalis, who operates a performing-dog troupe. There are three dogs in the troupe: Capi--Capitano, a white Poodle; Zerbino--a black Barbet; and Miss Dulcie--small gray female; see Gallica and from there go to Malot Sans Famille After many cliff-hanger adventures including involving the deaths of Zerbino, Dulcie and Vitalis , Remi with the faithful Capi finds his very well-off real family from whom he was abducted as a baby and the book ends happily approximately action-packed pages later.

From the perspective of the Poodle History Project, corruption begins with Florence Crewe Jones' translation: inexcusably, she translates both "caniche" and "barbet" as "spaniel"; and this erosion continues to this day: the TV series Sans Famille stars a maybe-Pyr Capi and a BC Zerbino! Maupassant, Guy de Bel-Ami Paris: Bibliopolis, ; reprod. Que ferait-il? Duroy riait d'un rire approbateur et s'extasiait: - Comme c'est charmant, comme c'est Five stories, including "Der Pudel"; stiff wraps, chromolithographed illus. Each story is illustrated, two illustrations to a page, and marvelously hand-coloured.

Table of contents

Mirabeau, Victor Riqueti , marquis de. Avignon: Murger, Henri Un monsieur, qui venait de gagner trois cents francs en dix tours de Nodier, Charles Paris: Bibliopolis, , reprod. Paris: Nillsson, Ouida, psued. Lippincott Co. Additional information casually acquired: is the 6th impression; "Moufflou", pp. Another edition: Moufflou London: T. Jack [undated] , 63 pp. Four colour plates by Cecil Aldin with additional black and white drawings in text. One of three stories is about Moufflou Poodle and a small boy.

Palissot de Montenoy, Charles. London: Paris: Laurent, Reference to the "rue barbet de Jouy" and also as follows Pierres, Haste, then, ye spirits! Shough "A dog having long shaggy hair, spec. A thick mass of hair [] Having rough thick hair. Of hair: Rough and thick, shaggy Prudhomme, Sully Lemerre, ? In verse. Reybaud, Louis publ Paris: Paulin, Dis-leur tout uniment que la petite qui fait l'amoureuse est Sand, George pseud. French novelist.

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See also Companions to genius and etc. In January, , we find two, to an elderly Poodle, Babet, pp. Sorel, Charles. Geneva: Slatkine reprints, Paris: