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He often opts to perform The Chug Test. I also ask my team members to put our potential clients up to this test. Just like the password became a filter to ensure that only the people who he liked could get into the parties, this test ensures that he only works with people who share his sense of passion and purpose. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Paper Napkin Wisdom. Subscribe To Steve's Newsletter.

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Enter your email address now so you never miss one of Steve's rants. And if you don't like them, sit down and be quiet! It was dark when they pulled up to his garage. Lights glowed from the house's windows, spilling over the white stucco.


The red-tiled roof finished the Spanish effect. Across the wide, asphalt driveway, the tasting room—same Spanish style—sat in spotlights. Harley motioned to each. Where would you rather stay? A man came to look out the window, smiling down at Harley. He was probably beginning to wonder. It's his nature. He'll probably ask you a slew of questions, trying to decide if you'd make a good mother for my babies.

He's been hinting for the last year that he doesn't have any grandchildren. Then I'll know if I should think about kids in the future.

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When they entered the front room, the dog ran in happy circles around Kathy's feet. Kathy bent to pet him. You don't look the type. He misses her. Besides, he speaks Spanish, fits the house. Harley's dad beamed with pleasure. At last.

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Her car died, and she's stranded. Are hungry, child? Harley will fix you something. Before the end of the evening, Harley learned that Kathy was an accountant who'd barely escaped her roommate's boyfriend in one piece. When she'd told her roommate what happened, the girl shrugged and said, "Then move out. That way, Bryce can move in with me. Kathy's savings were mere fumes, and there was no way to get them back. Luckily, her friend's name was the only one on the lease, since she planned to stay there, and Kathy had only meant to room with her for a year or two.

Her boyfriend was our office manager. Dating supposedly was against company policy. No one knew about them. Lesson learned. She'd trusted someone who was a scumbag and took advantage of her. Dad pinched his lips together in a tight line. We manage, but that's all. Our quarterly report's coming up. If you'd help us with it, you could stay here until your car gets fixed. Dad hadn't complained about quarterly reports before. But if this was Dad's way of offering Kathy a place to stay until she could move on, that was fine with him.

Kathy pursed her lips, thinking. I could use extra money to cover my car repairs, so the answer's yes. Harley looked at him suspiciously, but the old man could play innocent when he wanted to. Mom had been a spitfire, and his dad—a Swede—used charm and diplomacy to get his way. Harley had inherited his mom's coloring and his dad's size. And he'd been lucky enough to be loved by both of them.

She grimaced. My son can create wonders in the kitchen. Tell us what you like, and he'll fix it for you. I'm not picky. Didn't your parents spoil you? Dad's good at that, and he'll make me help. She shook her finger at him. He'd better watch himself. He found it far too easy to want to please her.

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Probably because she was a stranger and temporary. At least, that's what he told himself. A week later, supper over, the three of them were sitting on the back patio, enjoying the evening and sipping one of the new wines they were experimenting with. Chewy curled on Kathy's lap, and she randomly stroked his fur. Two of the barn cats wove around her feet. Dad was telling her the glories of Mill Pond—all of the specialty farms and tourist events—when Kathy's phone jangled.

She checked the ID and stared. Why in the world would she call me? Dad's eyes narrowed at Harley's expression. You might want to answer that. Kathy jerked, as though whip-lashed, then glared at him, and finally, grinned. When the noise stopped, she said, "I didn't send them. A friend of mine did. Wish I'd thought of it. Don't call me again. Dad frowned. A Medusae outlines on lower surface in A1 are chalked. A2 An unchalked image from dashed outline in A1, photographed under the lowest possible light angle.

B—C Medusae arrows in A1 , with characteristic central mound bordered by a moatlike structure. Note burial veneer is spalling off surface of central mound in B and margin of moatlike structure in C. Burial veneer is covered with Protichnites trackways. D Portion of upper stranding surface, which bears 62 medusae, most of which are surrounded by moatlike structures and E are mantled by small domal sand buildups.

Serial slabbing, X-radiography, and petrography of domal rupted or uparching laminae; York et al. This represents approximately half of the visible fossils. Perimeter length was measured by orienting a string around the margin of medusae impressions; in distorted circuloid shapes like medusae, this is the best metric for deriving the true bell circumference and diameter.

Minimum Touching or Maximum Length of Length of diameter Shape in overlapping length of Width of inner outer calculated plan view another Moat Stranding central central mound perimeter perimeter from Height at C, circular; medusa present? The presence of breached ripples further implies that the extent of microbial influence in these settings may be underestimated, largely because it is difficult to identify microbial signals in quartz arenites unless microbial communities build structures that have synoptic relief, cap primary structures of sig- nificant relief, or are visible in erosion-resistant zones e.

Tidally influenced and emergent Potsdam Sandstone facies are character- ized by microbial binding similar to that of other Laurentian Late Cambrian sandstones and older Ediacara fossil-bearing strata elsewhere. These Potsdam settings are characterized by a depauperate assemblage of mobile epifaunal animals, rare shallow infaunal animals, as well as a suite of allochthonous mobile pelagic animals. These include forms that are biomineralized e. Soft-bodied fossils and traces made by soft-bodied metazoans are absent from lithologically identical, unbioturbated subtidal facies of the Potsdam in the region.

Their absence may signal a larger-scale temporal and paleoenvironmental restriction FIGURE 8—Histogram of size distribution A and preservational quality B of a of soft-bodied preservation in sandstones. The Elk Mound data subset was randomly selected among the thousands of medusae measured as part of The preservation of soft-bodied fossils in sandstone Konservat- another study Hagadorn et al. Gehling, personal com- munication, , and is unknown in post-Cambrian time.

This style of preservation in the Neoproterozoic is in deep subtidal, shallow subtidal, and Hagadorn, in press. Sand-shadow structures, another type of evi- and intertidal environments see reviews in Crimes and Fedonkin, ; dence for synoptic relief, are found at several localities in the Ausable Narbonne, , whereas earlier it only has been documented in inter- region Fig. Thousands of these tiny parallel drumlinlike features oc- tidal environments in the Cambrian Jensen et al. Gehling, personal communication, In well-preserved, on the leeward margins of domal sand buildups. Such features are com- well-exposed, unbioturbated Laurentian epicratonic subtidal environ- mon in tidally dominated strata of the Elk Mound Group in Wisconsin, ments, Cambrian soft-bodied preservation is strikingly absent, but it is the Gunter Sandstone of Missouri York et al.

Together, these observations , the Potsdam-synonymous Nepean Formation of Ontario Hilowle suggest a pattern: soft-bodied preservation in sandstones becomes in- et al. Lei et al. Domal sand buildups in the Au- In the Neoproterozoic, soft-bodied preservation in sandstones is closely sable region often co-occur with Protichnites or medusae; such fossils associated with, and often mediated by, microbial biofilms or mats Gehl- are common in facies of coeval strata interpreted as tidal flats Hagadorn ing, ; Steiner and Reitner, Cambrian soft-bodied occurrences et al.

Presence of these structures ples are found in the Ausable section Fig. Although they are overlain implies that low-energy, bioturbation-poor regimes are capable of pre- serving soft-bodied carcasses and impressions or that microbial processes by a secondary set of differently oriented oscillation ripples, the unusual actively mediated soft-tissue preservation through carcass sealing sensu morphology of their scoured crests suggests that the ripples may have Gehling, The temporal and environmental distribution of microbial been bound by a biofilm.

These ripple crests are unlike normal flat-topped structures in sandstones speaks to this issue: the microbial structure record ripples. Their crests bear concave scour pits, which breach the crest of mimics that of the soft-bodied fossil record. Microbial structures are com- the ripples and leave behind protruding sides of the former ripple. This mon and environmentally widespread in the Proterozoic, with abundant geometry suggests that the sides of the ripples were more resistant to Neoproterozoic occurrences see the reviews in Seilacher and Pfluger, erosion than the exposed core of the ripple.

Chen, , Potsdam Sandstone ripples may have been coated by a Could the onset of bioturbation account for these patterns? Studies of biofilm that made the surface more resistant to erosion than the ripple ichnofabrics across this transition Bjerstedt and Erickson, ; Droser, cores.

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The crests, however, were not as resistant as mat-bound palimpsest ; Droser et al. Once the crests were breached by a scouring event, grains below vertical mixing of heterolithic siliciclastic facies occurs in post-Cambrian the surface and within the ripple core could be more easily entrained than time. This implies that metazoans are not disrupting bedding planes those on the unbreached surface of the ripple margin.

Bed surfaces viewed in low-angle light; knife is 8. A Sand shadow structures, also known as inverted flutes, are found as weakly aligned rows A1 or more randomly distributed A2 concentrations on bed surfaces. They are thought to form through sediment accumulation in the lee of domal sand buildups. B Small domal sand buildups scattered across an oscillation rippled bed surface. Ausable domal sand buildups are not radially clustered sensu York et al. Several generations of domal sand buildups may be present on some surfaces e.

Bedding-plane bioturbation studies, Similarly, there has not yet been a study of bioturbation that takes into however, have not yet been conducted on such texturally and composi- account horizontal bioturbation in Cambrian—Ordovician epicratonic mar- tionally homogeneous sandstones as the Neoproterozoic—Cambrian epi- ginal marine and continental strata.

Ichnodiversity may be a good prelim- cratonic sheet sandstones of Laurentia and South Australia, where most inary proxy for the disruptive effects of horizontal bioturbation in such bioturbation is horizontal and difficult to recognize in vertical section. A Oscillation ripples overlain by a second generation of oscillation ripples arrowed reworked the first set.

Close-up of ripple crests A1 indicates their tops were scoured and grains from the ripple core were entrained during reworking. Entrainment of grains from the ripple core resulted in raised ripple margins arrowed in A1. B Breached ripple surface, illustrating resistant ripple margins. C Breached ripple surface where horizontally oriented trace-making animals disrupted the rippled surface; arrowed Planolites in C1. D Incipient ripple breaching, where ripple apexes start to become breached arrowheads.

Note absence of breaching of adjacent portion of ripple crest. Marginal-marine ichnofossil diversity increases in the Ordovician, and bation indices are also likely to be low in these settings. This phenomenon is difficult to explain without understand- Society of America Bulletin, v. Chiarenzelli, B. Dalrymple, A. Donaldson, M. Erickson, D.

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  • Franzi, P. Groulx, E. Landing, R. MacNaughton, and B. DOTT, R. Hand for insights on primary structures; J. Gehling and of Geology, v. Boiardi, J. Bernstein, P. Getty, C.

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    Hoxie, A. Morales, K. Rad- Upper Cambrian Mt. Tarhan, E.

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    Temeles and A. Chasm , M. Breton Carrieres Ducharme and B.

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    Thanks to the ichnofabric: Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v. We thank J. Dott, Jr. Guidebook, Plattsburgh, New York, p. Science, v. Chart Series, no. Vermont, Quadrangles: Map and Chart Series, no. John D. McAra Limited, Calgary, 83 p. LEI, M. Quebec, and Ontario: Unpublished Ph. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. Palaeoecological insights from the Upper Cam- sedimentary structures common in subtidal siliciclastic settings at the Proterozoic— brian of central Wisconsin: Canadian Paleontology Conference, Proceedings, Geo- Phanerozoic transition: Geology, v.

    New Hampshire, p. America Abstracts with Programs, Northeastern Section, v. KAMO, S. Bulletin, v. Journal, v. Oxford, UK, p. Catuneanu, O. Geological Survey, Bul- p. Society of London, ser. WOLF, R. Geological Association, Canton, New York, p. Theresa Formation, southwestern St.