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Thomas to blur the lines of fantasy and reality in a sensational combination of BDSM elements and a solid story resulting in a great read! I thought Kitty could make me like aliens, but not even she could do it! I am sorry my dear Kitty, as much as it pains me to say it, this was not one of my favorites. Awakening - This one doesn't not seem like my cuppa, so I didn't read or review it.

Check us out! What a wonderful way to get three of Kitty Thomas' short stories. I have heard great things about her writing, but have been somewhat reluctant to commit to one of her full length books thinking them too heavy. Well, I'm convinced to try them now - Ms. Thomas' writing is indeed wonderful, easily accessible and surprisingly she makes the first person POV work very well. I enjoyed all three stories which centered around a woman unwillingly at first finding herself in a culture very different from What a wonderful way to get three of Kitty Thomas' short stories.

I enjoyed all three stories which centered around a woman unwillingly at first finding herself in a culture very different from her own. The process of each woman finding the strength in submission and the benefits of her new culture was fascinating and, although quite short, the author effectively conveyed the struggle each woman had in coming to terms with not only their new lives, but their own previously hidden needs.

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View all 6 comments. Jul 26, Cherryreads rated it really liked it. I don't know what words to use to express how I feel about this book, but I'll try. I am a big fan of erotica. This book takes erotica to a whole new level. This is a very dark read and is not for the faint of heart. This is a book of three short stories. Some of the scenarios are mind boggling, but that is why we read these fantasies.

You will have to relax your mind and go with it. The author delves into I don't know what words to use to express how I feel about this book, but I'll try. The author delves into the relationship between a doms and unwilling at first submissives. In every scenario the woman has an almost primal reaction to submit and let herself be taken over. I would have given this book five stars, but I didn't like the cruelty of the dom in the last story. No matter how much I tried to relax my logical mind, I just can't see a woman going through all that and still love and trust the one that abused her.

That being said, I still loved the book over all. The sex scenes were smoking hot and I am a sucker for a happy ending-even if it seems unrealistic. Science and technology have regressed, books are artefacts and women are commodities once again. Under the pretence of redistributing city funds, nubile young women are put on the block and sold for a price - the lucky ones have family members and lovers who will buy them back and set them free.

But for the unlucky sold it's a life of quiet humiliation. Belle's fiery spirit attracts the wrong sort of buyer - a monster from the city outskirts, a dragon-man with red skin and orange eyes, sharp teeth and an impressive wing-span. But will this monster be Belle's end, or will he help set her free? These men are dragon-like, with wings, blue and red-tinged skin and reddened eyes. But they are also thoroughly masculine; lean and muscled to perfection. Belle cannot believe the way she wants them, and is willing to succumb to them.

Her obvious arousal in captivity perverts her conscience and she wonders if she is losing a bit of her soul and dignity, bit by bit, every time she wantonly and willingly succumbs to these brothers. I loved the world Kitty Thomas created. It's a little bit sci-fi, with a touch of historic slavery and plenty of dark erotica. It's a nice bit of fantasy to play with. And, this being a Kitty Thomas novel la ; the sex scenes are divinely delicious. This is a short story, words, but she takes the time to write languorous and decadently-detailed sex scenes that will leave readers sizzling.

I wanted more, more, more! I would love to read another novella set in this universe perhaps revisiting the monster family? Tangled in a net and exposed to the lascivious gazes of fishermen - she is at their mercy, and could end up as a delicacy on their banquet table, or subjected to their monstrous human rutting. But then the captain arrives - a dark and beautiful man called Kyros. He has been fascinated by sea nymphs, sirens and mermaids for a long time Now that Nerina is in his clutches, he intends to replace her fin with feet and introduce her to mankind's baser pleasures.

The novella is based around the idea of transformation and contradiction - mermaid to human, sea to land, innocence to guiltiness. Thomas explores these concepts through the ancient mythology of mermaids, who are in themselves a contradiction. On the one hand they are sexless - fins instead of genitalia. Yet, sea nymphs and sirens have been written as lurers of men to their watery graves. With the character of Nerina, Thomas takes the traditional mermaid legend and twists it to romance and lust. The dastardly captain, Kyros, decides to force a human metamorphosis on the sea nymph Nerina and have his carnal way with her.

Kitty Thomas has done it again. She takes what would otherwise be an uncomfortable and squirm-inducing idea and crafts it into a beautiful tale of human dynamics and lust, exploring the many facets of want and craving. Caught stealing bread from within the palace walls, punishment should be swift and merciless, an eye for an eye. Abigail's punishment should be especially severe, since she is part-gypsy. But King Niall has intervened, desperate to show his people he's not the tyrant his father was. But Niall has big plans for Abigail.

Because he's not sparing her life for nothing; he intends to make her his slave - the first and quite possibly only woman in his harem. With Abigail by his side, Niall intends to mend the discrimination against gypsies and set the kingdom of Himeros on a new, peaceful, course. The Himeros elite expect Niall to treat Abigail and the other gypsies the same way as his father, the former King, did.

But although Niall is an expert warrior, he has no wish for such unnecessary cruelty in his kingdom. Through Abigail he has found a way to mend the wrongs of the past, and set his kingdom on a peaceful path. But Niall gets more than he bargained for when he starts to feel for Abigail as more than a political ploy. Beautiful, as always. I've been trawling Smashwords for a story that could scratch my non-con itch, and finally decided to purchase this collection by Kitty Thomas because 1 I thought that Comfort Food was one of the best erotic stories I've read and 2 it was cheaper to get a collection from Amazon Kindle than the individual stories - from Smashwords.

Unfortunately, this was completely not what I was looking for. Perhaps 2 stars Submissive Fairy Tales is a collection of previously published novellas by Kitty Thomas. Perhaps it is unfair to be unhappy with a book that turned out to be contrary to my expectations, but I had other problems with the stories that were did not have to do with disappointed expectations so my rating which is higher than my emotional reaction towards the book would suppose stays.

सबसे बड़ा पेटू - Hindi Kahaniya - Moral Stories For Kids – Fairy Tales in Hindi – SSOFTOONS

Fairy tales, fantasy, or alternative whatever, I ended up coining the term "fake fantasy" as I read through each of the three stories. Not by world-building, speech, mannerisms, and thought processes was I convinced that I was reading any of the above. It read like contemporary with a veneer of fantasy, and it sorely disappointed me. If an author wanted to write one of the above, why not make it an immersive experience for the reader?

Instead, it felt half-hearted as if the sole intent of the story was to get the reader off on the sex and other erotic scenes. The stories were not non-consensual but more like dubious consent. Yes, I should probably have read the warnings on the blurbs. Actually, I had but I had also hoped that it would still have other elements of what I was looking for like alien sex?

I don't read much of that and wanted to try some more. It was not something I would call alien sex.

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For those who need a HEA, whether it makes sense or not, these stories should fit the bill. I got so sick of the dubious-consent-with-a-kindly-but-stern-master leading to HEA, and the last story was the absolute worst of the bunch. All of these relationships were Stockholm Syndrome ones but unlike in Comfort Food which made that distinction clear, none of these stories did.

It's like they were screaming, "It's love!

Erza submissive | Fairy Tail | Fairy tail, Fairy, Erza scarlet

It's love! They do love each other! Individual short reviews of the stories: "The Auction" - Ohh, such promise. Alien sex, the blurb warning said. A spirited girl. A society where brothers share their mates with each other. There's no alien here. It's basically a dragon shape-shifter, and the sex is with the human self. Said spirited girl quickly succumbs to her vagina and relishes being the property of the so-called monster.

I thought that the punishment was silly. The reasons for why the dragon shape-shifter needed a human mate seemed inconsistent. Forced seduction! Despite the author's attempts to make her sound like a mermaid, her thought processes and speech sounded human. It was odd what things she knew as a mermaid about human things and what things she didn't.

Her comparisons were more in line with human thought. I also thought it was awfully convenient that Kyros managed to capture a mermaid who just had to have a masochistic streak in her. Too predictable. I could barely stomach reading this - at least the first half. We have a King who doesn't want to be called "Your Majesty" by his guards in his own home: The guard genuflected and began to explain himself.

Being awakened in the middle of the night by a screaming peasant was hardly a formal occasion. I told you to make sure everyone had plenty of food to get them through the feast and festival this weekend. Would you not agree? The money was missing from the treasury, so it had been taken. Niall crossed his arms over his chest. I gave you an order to take money and feed the hungry; in direct violation of that order you go shopping.

Perhaps we should chop off your hand. It seems appropriate considering the weight of your crime compared to hers. I was also unable to believe that this not-a-virgin, poverty-class, half-gypsy had culturally induced modesty and sexual inhibitions while the upper class, rich white folks were sexually uninhibited and liberated.

It took this blond god of a king, who may just have a hint of madness in him, to relieve her of her unwanted inhibitions. The fact that he put her through hell because of an unwarranted suspicion meant nothing to her because, you see, for some reason, she loves him. At least the erotic scenes in this story were pretty hot. I would rate the overall collection 1. Submissive Fairy Tales by Kitty Thomas My rating: 5 of 5 stars awesome read I truly enjoyed this book thank you so much for the entertainment. View all my reviews. I find the erotica genre fascinating as a sort of taboo area in literary studies.

This is of course what the title suggests, but nonetheless disappointing. Might try and read another of the stories to give Kitty a fair chance, but so much else to read of a better quality. Oct 06, Michaela L. Thomas' writing is luscious, elegant, and incredibly erotic. She has a magic with words and story-telling that brings to life each story and character she approached, and this collection of three novellas was no different.

For readers who like erotic writing or naughty fairy tales, you can't go wrong with this collection. Jul 09, Jan rated it it was amazing. This collection of short stories is an ideal way to introduce yourself to Kitty Thomas stories. Darkly erotic with BDSM. If you are looking for something to sink your teeth in to you cannot go wrong with this compilation. I love the way Kitty weaves psychology into the literary. Jan 22, Ingrid Spera rated it did not like it. Couldn't even finish. Mar 15, Cait S rated it did not like it. Just not my bag. The subject matter was fine but the writing was subpar at best.

Sep 26, Samantha rated it liked it Shelves: novella. This was a set of three short stories. The writing was good, but the stories ended a bit abruptly and after reading three of them together, they seemed very similar. Jan 07, La Petite Mort rated it really liked it. In this novella, legend says that if you can capture a mermaid and seduce her into the world of sexual pleasure, then her fin will be replaced with legs and she will be yours forever.

Forced into a life of thievery to feed herself and her family, Abigail makes the desperate mistake of trying to steal from the King. Entranced by her beauty, the King takes her into his harem instead of maiming her for stealing. As his slave she is at the whim of the King to be used for his pleasure and the debauchery of the hedonistic court. The only complaint this reader has is that each novella was too short.

Kitty Thomas wove such intriguing settings that this reader was completely absorbed. Each novel ends abruptly, almost as if the author was trying to quickly wrap things up. Each of these unique stories is laden with eroticism. The title explains the underlying theme of submission in the book. There are elements of all types in this book, BDSM, exhibitionism, group play, etc.

All three women find themselves in positions where they have to submit to the will of a strange man. Helpless to the ministrations of the men mastering their bodies, each woman has to accept and embrace the dark yearnings inside.

Table of Contents

The sleeping maidens, particularly those imprisoned in the glass coffins, are reduced to aesthetical objects. Consequently, fairy stories do not incite their heroines to act self-determined. The only thing they have to do is to look beautiful and act friendly, for an attractive outer appearance regularly is connected to personal qualities as kindness and helpfulness.

The young woman is silenced by an evil black magician and imprisoned in a coffin made of glass because she rejected his proposal. In the following abbreviated DNE.

Plymouth: North Cote House, Jack Zipes New York: Methuen, Women Writers Explore their favorite Fairy Tale, ed. F U Florian Unzicker Author. Add to cart. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2.

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The Sleeping Maiden 3. The Fairy Tale Wedding 4. The Three Siblings and the Quest 5. Conclusion Bibliography 1. Introduction The British female author A. The plots, and in particular the endings, convey patterns of behaviour and reward, thus the reprensentation of helpless and submissive heroines serves to educate girls and young women to traditional roles: [8] Millions of women must surely have formed their psycho-sexual self- concepts, and their ideas of what they could or could not accomplish, what sort of behaviour would be rewarded, and of the nature of the reward itself, in part from their favorite fairy tales.

Byatt, Fairy Stories. Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook.