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Their attraction is hot enough to melt the snow outsid Can one night of passion between a woman and her boss lead to happily ever after? Cover, Inc. When Zane s Valentino Cassano is a man who lives in shadows, lies and secrets. Book Five in the McKingley series. When desire flows over it makes two head-strong people realise they are powerless under the onslaught of pleasure.

Leonardo Wright has been fighting his attraction to the sexy diva that gets under his ski Book Four in the McKingley series. A single night at an auction can lead to forever. Reputed to be one of Book Three in the McKingley series. After years of attraction, is it worth the risk? A confident young woman who could handle anything life threw at her, or so she believed Book two in the McKingley Series All it takes is a single glance.

Arissa Wright loved her job as an Emergency Room doctor in Chicago. She was scheduled for this overdue vacation before she began getting ready for her new job, in her homet Book one in the McKingley Series An attraction that was right from their first meeting. Savvy software designer Warwick Taylor's multi-billion dollar corporation develops cutting edge computer technology.

He had made lots of sacrifice As one of those who constitute the Ogdoad, I am respected by others and sometimes even feared. Book one in the Interludes Series Sometimes past demons need to be faced before one can embrace what the future offers, and who better to slay them than a Marine?

Book five in the Kemet Uncovered Series I am a traveller who enjoys finding new exciting places to explore. I have no real home to call my own and have never longed for a place to rest. At least until I met the woman who sets my senses on fir Book one in the In Aeternum Series A woman who is all about rules and a man who lives to break them, their scorching passion threatens all they hold dear.

Can they find a way to have it all?

I give my voice when the earth cannot. My work sent me on an intersecting course with a stubborn, arrogant, and hard-headed man named, Kenric Annson. Older than Ra himself. A component of those who constitute the Ogdoad. I am of the water, existing in a cold world. Until her. They c Slow to anger, easy to smile. Now I work with babies and the young of humans since they are innocents. It was there I met him. Destruction was my closest bedfellow until I was given to a goddess to pay my penance. Now set free I am adrift with my nomadic ways. Home for me is just A beautiful no-nonsense marine, one by-the-book ruggedly handsome homicide detective, and the case that may well give them eternal bliss or eternal rest, can they trust in each other long enough to find out which it will be?

Fallon Maddo Undeniable attraction, a one night stand, a missing sibling, and different continents to name a few, can these two overcome all the obstacles and accept the love between them? In Crete when a naval pilot and an archeologist meet, can the love they discover withstand the tests yet to be unearthed? Naval pilot Commander Dominic "Hurricane" Stark is stationed in Crete when he meets the woman he knows is his f Two headstrong, single-minded agents, one incredibly fiery passion, can they stay alive long enough to see where it leads? A stubborn Texas Marine pilot and the woman of his dreams, can they make it work the second time around?

He loves his career but s Air Force pilot, Major Erich "Daredevil" Stark runs into a woman leaving a club and is immediately attracted to her. He wants to know her better but after a brief and intense interaction she slips away. When they meet again, he longs to sta Tempest Burnell was content with her life in the Southwestern desert until the day she came face to face with her past.

Time had been wonderful to him, a tall Native American, blessing him with jet black hair, obsidian eyes, and bronzed skin covering Returns Policy. Aliyah Burke Aliyah Burke is an avid reader and is never far from pen and paper or the computer. Feature Titles Most Popular Newest.

Slow to anger, easy to smile. Now I work with babies and the young of humans since they are in Taber Taige Crenshaw I am a traveller who enjoys finding new exciting places to explore. I have no real home to call my own and have never longed for a place to rest. At least until I met the woman who sets my senses on f Scvcrin, Mdccxi.

Taken from the J? Paris Tliis Volume for the Year Tliat Lady was happily delivered of a fourth Child. Gamhlfhe perceiving that flie had a Fever, frequenC vomiting Fita. That Worm was in motion for foroe time. Though it. A more particular Defcciption of chat Wonn may be feen in the Book. Wheretq onM. Ill Q, obierveB. Does it get into the Body with the Food, or Wifethe Air? Gandalphe ii of Opioion, riiat 'tis bet-! It appears from a.

Some -Prclinitnaiy Trcatifa will beprefixcd to it. Where does the Branch of a Fig-tree take the Roots, which did only belong to the wht3e Tree? The Difoourfe of M. Gwffrefs Experiments upoa Metnlsj ;nade witb. It foUowt from my Experiments Qys M. That it is the fiunc in the Four imperfed Metals, and eren in Mercury. Vratiflavix, fumptibos CliriiUani Biftichii. THk Lives, contained in this Volume were grown ,. Opufiula yaria de Latmitate Jufifiosfultsrum Vitervm. LugJuni Batavorum, lyii. ITiai CoUeAion contains, i. De "wrbis jion fatU prebatis Latmtatis, aut non ix re- cepta pgnificatlom, ijel contra Grammaticorum regulas i Jurifienfaltk Mfurpatis.

De Sspetiti, Hfdem Ttrbh in Digefia. De EtymcUsiis Juris Civilis. They were printed at' Paris in. Publifhed at Paris in the lame Ycir. They were written by one and the laine Autltor. Tbe difierent Chandlers that have been, and are adually ulcd in Printing, arc placed in a proper Or- der with their Hiilory. He Ihews, how firveral Popes, EmpercKirs and tiirm, have encouraged Printing, and what Chaises they have been at upon that account. Article L. London : 'Printed by Geo.

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The Holy Scri- pcure. The late Mr. If the Obfervations of the Rabbins were generally as judicious as this, their Works would be more valuable tlua diey are. That is,. Every body. In the next place, the Author fhews the -Vanity pf.

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That Paflage deferves to be inferred here. Pmzonmi maintains, diat all Men living were then gathered in the Land of ShsKdr, jmd formed but one Nation, He confutes thole, who affirm the Contrary ; and makes fome other Obfcrvatioia.

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I hall obfinve that M. Interpreters don't agree about the Smfe of this Faf-i lage: And they faid. Some lay, the Inhabitants of the Land of Stmar grew fo im- piousj as to rife up agdnfi: Codi and luidenook to build ft Tower of a prodigious height Co attack him in Hearen.

Others will hare it. The ye-wifb ParaphraAs have an odd! He bdieves that Tower waa built for a prefent Ufe, and that therefore the Hebrew word Sim ought not to bcrendred Nomen, a Name, but. Sigmim, Monumentnta, hidcnm, a Sigfi, a Monument, s ilf. Tis true the word Sem is never to be found in that Senfe ; but the Author makes leveral Grammatical Obfervations to flicw chat it had like- wife that Signification, and confequencly may be fo un- derftood in the PaHage abovementioned.

Tuofe Obfer- vatioos are worth Reading: I Ihall only take notice of one. He oblcrves d at Tifiatus explains the whole PalBge in the iame Manner. R IciiiM;. Perixaniuf adds , That the Confufion of their Language was not a PuniOiment, but a Means which God made vfe of to force them to divide thcmfelves into [bvcral Bodies, and to iiihabit Several Parts of the Earth. LettREs dc M. The letters of M. Jayi the jihbot " Mongin. Tliat Authofj though a Prencbman, ufed to fay. Lrttir II. Lyons, iiS;;.

But 'tis for otherwife. What are the Works, ay he. The lat- ter, in his divine ptcamtrme, as it is called, entertains the Reader with mere Trifles and old Women's Tales, deftimte of all Learning, and rather calculated for the ignorant Vulmr, and unchall Women, than for learned and virtuous Perfons, Laftly.

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He copimunicated his f DeTign to me j and I approved it. What is true and editing, and " what I look upon as the true Mjnjcle. Six 'f pr feven thoufand People have been fecn in one Day f at that CroDt. CLL dated. No twdy diirft write oreDquirc after News. Article UII. Tables, containing an Account of the Originj and the prefent State of each particular Circle. SiiagrofhM Jtcem Crrtulomm S. Saiubomethon, which contained an Account of the antienc Theology of the tbemiiant. He oUerves, that moft Mifliottft- ries that are fent into the Levant, do more harm than Kxxl to Religion.

There is a Manuiaipt Copy of it in the Library of tbe Kiog of tnoiee. He reckons among the Hereticksi thofe. According to thwiancient Bifliop,. He mentions fdme Chtiftians. Piurum, Lugdmi The Apology of that learned Jefuit is far from being filtisfiiia:oiy : At this rate, one might juftify the moft ig- norant and the moft ftupid Writers. Thofe Truths mile in us a greater f Eufib. X, in fine. Though I have a due Efteem for the Wrirings ot.

As the Number of Herefies has been frcquattly mid- tiplted without any ReaTooj 'tis aMb very probable chat many ancient Hereticks were not fo vicious as they have been represented. Many People are ape to fency. When Michael SeTvetui was upon his Trial, the Judges were of Opinion that fo great a Hcretick had been a great Sin- ner ; and therefore they asked him, ifhether he had never comtmtted Pormcation? He anfwered. That he had never been guilty of that Sin. There is in M. That Book is wnc- tca by way of Catechifm.

IntheneXtChapter, M. He gcnorally put into the Hands of his Woric- men liie Copies he had. He printed in that manne; the firft CrwiEdirionof Pi! The firft EditioD of St. Chryfofiotneh Commentaries upon St. Cave to proves that the firll Editions of the Fathers are more faithfiiE than others, is this, vix. Simna denies, that the new Editions of the Fathers have been designedly corrupted or fupprefled by the RowAuCathoiicks on.

Venetus apwct' Juntas Tis to be obferved'that this Edition is tlie" Same with that of cheYeaE Any one would be apt to infer from that Title, that. Caw, M. He afllires us, tint the Text of St. Cbrj- fifiam. I ihall occafionally make an Oblervadon rdating to tfair Siibjed. That ibe Tidewas not " a fuffident Reafim to make me think fo : 1. That if the " EditiM's hid corrupted the Text of St. D 5 mod b, Google Art. Moft religious Communities pretend [to have a Right to reform their Writers : Nay, the Ihminieant made a Sta- tute about it.

The Edition of St. Thofe who procurca that Edition, undertook only to render St. AmSrofe more in- telligible, cfpecially" in his Quotations out of die Holy Scrroture. S ber Dg. Til well known, that tbofe of ChuiceUor Segmer, and M. Upon thele Words in St. Ibe Notes contained in this Work are good, when tbe Com- piler quotes good Authors ,- but when he gives hu own Scnfc, he ipeaks Ibmetimes very impeKiocntly.

Itat MS. Next to tbefe Words in St. Matthewi Gofpelj Ch. Dr Jnterpntatiim Ebr. The Prefeces to each Gofpel, publiflicd under the Name of St. The Greek MS. The Charaders. Words, which perfetSly apec withtlje Latin of tfie Vul-. Alanufcript are above a Thoufand Years old. BuE fo ' great an Antiquity ought not to be affribed to all the. All tM MSS. The lame may be bid of aU oAer Writings. Cyril and St.

Moravia Was formerly a large Kingdom, whicli is now reduced to a Province of that Name depending upon Bo- hemia. There was on hfs Breafl: a Had of a black Bull, wnich he held up with hjs right Hand j and he had an Ax in the left. A irately Bed lay by him. He held a. The Hiir of that Dein? Per Gerhardum Btafum, Mfd D9ff. Fags- i Par M. Moreau de Mautour. Mereau de Mautour was to. Thai DiflertaT'. The Momtmeats latdy found in the Cathedral Church of Pmr.

Tboagk his Explication appeared very Ingenious, it was not ge- Tierally approved ,'-andfome -few Days after, M. Which gives the Author occafion to tnake Two Enquiries, i. Upon die four Side? JO VIS: j. A like Figure, whofc Head is curtailed ; it can be no odiw han. PffJW; 3. An old Man with a hary and bearded Head, furniflied with two laige Horns fomewhat branched, each of which is encompafied wirh a great Ring; with this Infcription.

A young Man naked, -and reprefentcd in Proffl, having in his left Hand a kind of a Club, with which he threatcm a Serocnt that feems to rife up againft him ; with a defo- ccd mfcriptioo, of which thefe Letterj SI.. The fourth Stone, broader and. As for the Figutes of Men anncd, with Spears and Shietds, pohapa fays he they aretheWtKnnentheia- felves, who jufl: one againf : anotbor for the Dedication fi that Altar. But conpnuc6 the Author are they not rather the aottent Cvretts, whet were intrufted with the Education of Jupiter?

Tis well known that the Gauk had a great Veneration for that Plant, and gathered it with great Ceremonies. Their Dreti is alTo quite diderent, very odd, and almoft ridiculous. Tbey have ftrange and ridiculous Cudotps, and are very rirant. Part of them are engaged in the Service of LjifatutMt j and thofe who have fometbing of thdi own, uroiy thcmfeives to Husbandry. Anno Mdccv.

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AmftcMam, ViiUant in the Strand. Mt- rian tnforms lit. Her Admiration increased, when he was adtrikted into the cucious Clbinetsof M. WhiUl Mrs. Tbift Work is cotainiy one of the tooftcorious Eetformanoes in 'm kind diat ever was pubUfhed. Mnuais Obfimti- oos. The Jnitkatis. Article LIX. We have many fuch Hdps. Thofe of. JnigaUty, Remedies. The fcJ- lowiiigLmcs are to be ibund attheEnd of theSook. HthereiH I am very neuch of hu Oiwi ,. That Letter is a iittle Myfterious. Da Ferrieri teHs his Frjend, that he promifed him eight Years before to trapQate into Trench a fmall LMtin Piece, entitled Cjmbahim MunJi, which he had found in an old Library of a Monaftery near the City of Daias, f another fictitious Name He adds , that -he has performed his Promife ; that he did not think fit to confine himfetf to bis Ordinal in a fer- vile manner ; that he has taken fotne Dititude in hij Tranflarion, and adapted it to the Genius of the French Lan ;uage, to render it more intelligible, and more ac- ceptable Co his Friend.

Two-Men, Bjrphanei and Citr- ialiut, ftanding by a Tavern, perceive him. Mercury, whom they pretend not to know,' comes to them, and asks them whether there is any good Wine to be had in that Tavem? They tell him. In the mean time, Byrphanes and Ctrrtalm refolve ro rob him i and fay, it will be a glorious thing for them to rob tbe God of "jlieft.

They untie his Bag, and take out an old rotten Book, and put another in its room,- which, fkys Byrfhawt, is little better than the other, there being no great diflcrcncc be- tween them. Tojuilify hjiiirelf, he adds. Thefe Words provoke them to the higtiell degree. Toil ought not to compare any Wine that grows here, with yupiter's NeSar. He pays tlie HoAefs ; and being well [dea- fcd wi:b lier, promifes her that fifty Years will beaded K herljfe,, bdides thofeappoimed by the Deftinies. What I raid you, will not happen, fince you wiU not believe it. Fruit in the Aummn.

They liave been very bufy ever linpe, in ftir- ring the Sand of the Ampithcater, in hopes of finding feme Particles of the FhiUfophers-Staite. Well, fdys MercuTy, have none of them found toy? When they had gathered new. I prcK left I never had better Sport. One pretends to ihew how thm may be found : The other anfwers, he knows it as wci and better than he.

Some affirm, that Candles ought to be ufed. Infliort, Mercury, you never faw any thing more Comical. Whereupon TVigahut invites Meniry to go to the Am- phiiheater, where he will have a great deal of Sport. My Friend, fays Cukerew, f another Philofopher , don't boaft fo' much :' The Ftilojophm-Stone is of fuch a Nature, that it lofcs its Virrae, when a Man prefumes too much Upon himfelf, after tic has found fome Particles of it.

Will not have us it quarrel about ir. Piece of the Stotu. Affront, flips into a violent Paffion i- gainfthim. Mercury and TVigabut banter the Philofophers about their vain Enquiry. I make them lie with Feffabt whereas before they dufH noflook upon them. BcGdes, I am talked of all over. Grwtf ;. H9 wonders that yvfiter does not deftroy Mankind with his Thuhder-bolt to puniflj fuch a Crime, fince their Guilt was not fo great, wheri be over-flowed the World in the time bf L. MEM O. Godsi nwfcsa. They are wdt wtineO confidering the Time when the Author lived, and incerfpetfed with leveral ingenious Satyrical Strokes.

That-Pctition is to be found , written , as 'tis faid. M- Manhaad lays 'tis a groundleis Suspicion, and alledges feveral Reafona to juftiFy the Au- thor: He maintains that it cannot be proved from'hji Book, that he was an impious Man. The Author of ibe Advenifcmcnt prefixed to the new. And then bematefllbe fellDVt8g.

Barbajis fane vill thiDk. HowjEver, it will do no manner of Harm : "Tis but an indiffirrat Pet- fbnnancci like all- other Books publiflied with the fkbaie latent. I fliali conclude with a curious Obfervatiori 6t". That Btak tonffii tf IV Diaiogna,. But 'tis a lalfc Referfflice : There istio fuch thing theiej nor in the fubfequeni Columns. Which plainly appears from rhcfe Words in the Index : jitbei flttrimi enumerantur. Article LXI. T3amel ftanos by him. The Siir- prifc of the People is lively expreHed. It is a fmall Bnifli of Hair, like thofe that aie hade ufe of to clean Bottles.

He lets down that Bruili into the Stbmach. Vol m. E IXQ. That Piece wis written by M. Bautklat's DilTertaiion is written very meuodically, and divided into feveral Articles, with a fhott Suounary pre- fixed to each of them. We Jhall nett repeat what concerns the Defcription of the Stones, nor the Manner how they were fbuoa. What M. Bayjelot judges by the terminated Figure of tbofe Stones, by their Infcriptions, and the Bas-RclicEi wirii which they are adorned, that they were fo many Altars of the Idolatrous Gauls, and that they are almoft of the fame Age.

He applies himfelf particularly to deforibe one of thole Stones, the Infcription whereof, which wholly Cakes. The Author enlarges up- on thofe Prooft, which feeai to give his Syftem all the Probability that' can be deiired in Thmgs of this Na- ture. As for thofe who ereded that Altar, and who call tbemfeives Noxf. BttuJeht owns that they appear to him vety obfcure ; neverthclefs, he dif- , plays upon this Head totoe Celtfek Erudition oa: of Fa- ther Maunoir, Fathct- Texrin, and fome others.

I knoWnothing in Mythology, that can " heip us to e:cplain it. In Two Volumes. Amftcrdam, Vol, ll. But thele'TaUiE being cither ob- fcene. A Work of that Nature defcrves in my ppi- nipn to be placed among the worft fort of Books. Roma: idfuetunt, AC Typis aliquid cvulgarunt. Alberti Fabricii D. By Leo Allatius. Article LXV. It does alfo eafe the other Indifpofitions, for which the In- fiifen. Decodion, or Extrad of Fumitary are generally uTedi TliisSalt, and that of ail other Plants, ought to be pre- ferred to minoal or metallick Salts.

The Spiritof Salt, for Inftance, and the Spirit of Vitriol aje cQmmonly pre- fctibed for the lame Diftcmpers wherein Fumitory is ufed : Which is a very dangerous Pradice, fince it fre- quently falls out that thofe Particles of Salt or Vitriol be- ing reunited in the Ahdevten, or in the Inteftines, efped- ally in the Coecam, form a Stone of Salt or Vitriol ; as tl happened to a Peiibn about thirteen or fourteen Months fihce, who being uoubled with a Heat in the Entrails, took Art.

Colour, and Tafle. Which fliews how warily one ought to ufe fome Remedies that are very much in Vogue j and that Phyiidins can never be too cuidotii ip prefcribing the Ufe of Saks. Article LXVI. MuUerus, and M. The lat- ter was very wdl sJdffed in Natural HSflbry. AbfUZfUut in order to promote the Eno?

The Readers wHI not be difpleafed to find here tx. Account of tkac Wbrfc- and of the Author. It was dica that Father Dok compofed his Di5ionary. One may very Well wonder, that Fatfter Diax. That Father Diax. Fadtf P.. Nicolas and the horned Figure, a Bird tlvuilinf; his Bill into St. The following 'Quatrain of. He ffiews that fom4 Pre- diiftions have proved true by C!

Pa- racelfus comes in his way : M. Buflt't , Hijlerical imd Cri:ictil DiSienmrf. Which has occafioned maay Re- flexions. The tX Voktme, Paris. Parts of the World. According to their Do ftine, this God crated three other Gods i viz. Some Gods of the fecond Order, who were not originally imnfiortal, iiad recourfe to that Fruit, in order to acquire Immorta- lity ; and deceived the Vigilance of Chnin, a fiuDOUS Serpent which kept the Tree, Cheim being vexed at it, vomited a Poifon which was to deftroy all Mankind.

It were needlefs to hew, that thofe Fables are difguifed Truths. The Sacri- fice, called Ekiam, has fomething more fingular in it. Other Religious Practices obferved by them, do fufficiently fliew, that they knew formerly our Saviour and his Rrfigion. They afaibe to the Water of fome Ri- vers the Virtue of taking away Sin.

They call Frajadam f Eucharift the Rice that is diftributed and eaten in their Temples. One of their Maxims is, that whoever con- fefles his Sbs, fhallobtainForgiveneG; and they doaiftu- allyconfefs. The Second Letter was alfo written by Father Bouebet. TheProofofthofetwoPropofitions being chiefly ground- ed upon Fadts, it will be fufficient to mention fome, whereby one may judge ot the reft. After '' be had conjured the DeviL lie fo well dcfcribed the '. But ivhen any QirifHan happens to bq in thofe tumultuous AlU'mblies, where the Devil fpeals through their Mouth, he is wholly filent, and noPrayets, Conjurations, or repeated Sacrifices can make him utter a Word.

The two following Letters were written by Fadier Martin to Father di yilletie, to whom he gives an Ac- f! The Brame reftifed his Oficrs ; which made die " Miffionaries afraid of his Ignorance, and the Coniequen- ces of his Rafhnefi. He menti- '. There' is in tlie Second Letter of Fatlier Martin, ave-. The iicfc " Perfon will quickly fed the Heat of it : Remove it " immediately ; A fuddcn Revolution that will happen " in the Abdomen, will Oiordy take away the Pain ". This Remedy was comnmnicated to Father laartin, by Dr.

The Contempt which the Chinefi exprdsftM- all other. Nations : they cannot bdieve that any thing that does not belong to Chiua, deferves any Attention. Polygamy, Avarice,. UJiiry, and many other Vices from which the Cbhisfi can. They are. They muft begin with the Husband, " that he may inib-ua; his Wife, or allow a pious Wo- " than to come into her Apanment, and explain to her " the Myfteues of Religion. Sei in die. Which they eaftly know " by feeling die Pulfe. For the ". A Giddinds, proceeding from a Cold and " thick Kood, is cured by drinking fome Wine, in which " fome Grains of Incenfe have been laid.

Article LXIX. Novum Testamentum. Poft priores Stcph. Canpncs cxaminat.. Amftcls- dami ex OiHcina Wctftcniana. Mill, and the va- riotts Ab. Amfter- dam, printed fir Henry Wctftcirj, , in 8V0. Soldby P. Dunoycr in the Strand. I prtv. To make the tjfe of thefe Rules plain and eafy. Mill, iti coUeflbg above Thirty thoufand various Readings upon the New Teftament; and is fully perfuaded that the Doi3or did it with a good Intention.

Sociniavi, and Athtipi wodd be ape to maiic an ill Ufe of ic. He adds that the large Prolegomena of. Mill are ftill more dangerous. Article LXX. ThcoL D. Anno Mdccxi. Hamburg, lyxt. Afterwards be pro- ceeds to M. Whether it would bring down the Wee of Com? Fahicius proceetis to yatMhchu! Article LXXI. The Audior confutes the Opinion that is now gene- rally received, vix,. ValUfnieri undertakes to fliew the Impoffi- , faitity of that Syflem by three Reafons , among others. From whence tiT. Tbai Pkeedi tfe- dicaced to Dr. Chrifiiam BhrnH, S.

Y - ArTH D Article LXXH. Mdcc xi. In Three Volumes. Paris 1. VohL Pagg.. C of Poetry. The Ddign of an Epidtfok ikybihs i3. Plato himfelf owns that he plainly difcoveia whatdifferetKe thereisbetweeojufticeandlnjuftice. Tie Lard-mU fight frr you; the Lord fightt jar them. Sat finds in the Scripture fomething fikcthfe two Casks of Homer. It is with the Heroes.

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Hnaer is So greu and fo fiiblime. Madam Dadtr not contemed with thefe Obfevationi upon Homer's Diftion. Another Beauty obfcrvablc in Homer's Diftion is this : By mixing harih, rough and common Words, with thofe thai are moft polite and fmooth, bemakes a Sortof CotnpofidoD which partakes of Gravity and Gracefiil- hels ; and by that means he admirably mises Art and Nor ture together.