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Martin, R. Carmen Christi. Philippians In recent interpretation and in the setting of early Christian worship Eerdmans 2. White, R. Christian Initiation in Spain c. Reconstructing Early Christian Worship. SPCK Quigley and Joseph T. Liturgical Practice in the Fathers. The Early Church. Historical and Theological Studies edited by A. Higgins SCM xii pp Cloth vg. The Hope of the Early Church. We Give You Thanks and Praise. Prex Eucharistica University of Friebourg. Kelly, J. Early Christian Creeds Longmans 1e.

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Silence, Prayer, Poustinia: Christ the Bridegroom Monastery (2017)

The Crisis of the Reformation Bles C W Dugmore. Politics amd Religion in Early Modern England. Routledge Woolf, B. Canterbury pp Paperback. Leather spine and corners. Benson, A. William Laud. Sometime Archbishop of Canterbury ; A Study. Kegan, Paul Trench xiv, pp Cloth vg.

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  6. St Deniols plate tape on spine. James Miller 3 ed. Prelims browned Brett, T. Fair Bright W Ancient Collects and other prayers selected for devotional use from various rituals with An Appendix on the Collects in the Prayer-Book Parker 2nd ed enlarged xvi, pp Cloth wear to top and bottom of spine, corners bumped. Foreword by Pagtrick Collinson Browning, W. Essays by Catholics and Evangelicals Peter Smith. Printed separately. Buchanan C Ed. Bulley, F. To which are added those in the Scotch Prayer Book of With An Appendix illustrative of the Variations.

    Paper Covers fair Cairncross, H. Ritual Notes. Western Use W Knott 8. Joseph Lyne alias Fr Ignatius O. Campling C Ed. The Fourth Lesson in the Daily Office.. Book One with a forward by R. Caraman, P. From the Year vol 1 OUP new ed xxiv. Cardwell E ed. From the Year Carlton, C. Duncan-Jones of Chichester Mowbrays pp vg. The Spirit of the Oxford Movement. Tractarian Essays. The Pillars of Priestcraft Shaken. Cape pp 10 plates, 5 figs. SPCK ? John Parker lxv, pp Cloth. Spotting on prelims edgs of sp. Couratin, A. Hunt Cruickshank, E. H G Moule.

    Longmans xxxix, pp Cloth vg.. Dimock, N. The Christian Year. Phillips] Bles pp Cloth vg d. The Work of Thomas Cranmer.

    20th-century Christian nuns

    Being a Statement of the history and practice of the custom in Scotland submitted to Their Graces the 49 Archbishops of Canferbury and York on behalf nof certain English clergy 17 July England Under the Tudors. Episcopacy and Reunion. Late Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway. A Memoir by Various Authors. Joseph Masters 48pp [ unbound] g Frere, W. The 3rd ed. Gillett, C. Walter Frere, Scholar, Monk and Bishop. The Body of Christ. The Book of Common Prayer — British Library Publishing paper. SPCK pp. Private Printing. A Bibliography for Anglo-Catholics.

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    Benedicta Ward

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