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The content uses procedural generation to offer a diversified and open ended experience. Aliens encountered have their own culture, so the player has to make decisions, risking a cultural misunderstanding. The reception to The Long Journey Home has been mixed.

A Long Journey Home contains examples of:

The studio, Daedalic, was better known for point and click adventure games, with a strong narrative. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Long Journey Home

Retrieved 16 May CBS Interactive. Retrieved June 6, Learn the laws of an often hostile universe, and make tough decisions that may change it forever. Do whatever it takes to get back to Earth. The Long Journey Home combines the endless freedom of space with a new open questing system that always leaves you in command. Deliver the stranded Glukkt to his homeworld as he asks, or to your new slaver friends? Attempt to make allies with everyone, or pin your hopes on the tougher races, and hope they never turn on you? Jump by jump, make hard decisions and live with the consequences, in a universe that is never the same twice.

Features Endless Space Explore a living, procedurally generated universe inspired by both classic and modern Science Fiction.

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Meet different aliens. Find different stories. Take different risks. Learn the secrets of the universe and with them, new possibilities. Hidden stories Raid alien tombs full of traps and treasure.

The Long Journey Home review

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