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At first used strictly for abrupt withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, it soon was transferred to quitting any habit or activity. The republic of Turkey look north of Egypt, east of Greece isn't exactly a breeding ground for the bird that Americans associate with Thanksgiving.

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In fact, the turkey is native to North America Additionally, you will still be able to take out your battery to restart your device in case of emergencies. Reviews Review Policy.

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See more. ZenScreen - Track and limit screen time. When somebody quits something without weaning themselves off of it.

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Could be anything E. G: smoking, jacking off, television. Originates from when a smack or any opiate for that matter, medical or not addict stops taking drugs completely. The effects are feeling "cold" from the inside no matter what temperature it is or how many blankets you are using. The turkey part comes from the same origin and when your skin goes goosepimply I speak from personal experience.

Cold Turkey

Johnny went cold turkey last week. He's been wrapped up in bed ever since, but still feels freezing cold. Joe used to smoke, but he quit cold turkey and hasn't gone back to it since.

He is living proof that going cold turkey can be successful, especially if you don't do your bad habit very often. He only smoked his cloves times a week. July 8 Hook up with Tendoroni Titty Tuesday