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Heather had been on the S. Roger for a year, maybe more, by the time I arrived. It became a regular thing. We are presented with a long string of facts, none of which seem arguable or debatable. Despite the seemingly subjective nature of the language, we are presented with a more objective rendering of the world than what we saw in the third-person passages. For Scanlon, both objective and subjective language fail to deliver what they initially have promised.

Yet it is the language that is appropriated, and the forms of discourse that are creatively misused, that are often the most powerful. Morning The resident from South Africa smiles, makes jokes, talks about his acne—endearing to the breakout-prone aboard the S. Liv hisses something about fresh blood. Liv takes a lot of drugs. Maybe more than anyone on the S. The detached nature of the clinical report allows the patient to communicate aspects of her experience that she was unable to in seemingly subjective first person prose.

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The reader is also shown the various hierarchies that pervade this seemingly egalitarian environment. Even more importantly, Scanlon shows us, as she has with every stylistic maneuver, every type of language, that there is no escaping oneself, however much one fixates on exteriors. This comes through most powerfully in her beautifully rendered prose vignettes that depict imaginary literary works.

Gladman elaborates,. Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge is filled with evocative passages like this one, which address questions of projection and psychic discord in a wonderfully concrete, beautifully imagistic way. In much the same way that the self is othered, and made strange, familiar pieces of language take on wildly unexpected meanings. For Gladman, the defamiliarization of language and the self are intricately linked.

Gladman writes, for instance,.

Posts Tagged ‘Dorothy a publishing project’

People kept saying other people were fleeing the city and pointed to themselves. We became third persons, but not arrogantly so. Here consciousness is exteriorized and the self made strange. In much the same way that the newspaper is rendered suddenly unfamiliar, even volatile, the self appears as inherently unstable, namely as we are unable to locate the protagonist on either side of the boundary between interior and exterior, real or imagined. All of these moments of strangeness, defamiliarization, and recognition occur within uniform, neatly formatted prose blocks.

With that in mind, Gladman offers a stunning, incisive exploration of the strangeness housed within all of us, all within the confines of a seemingly docile form. The wallcreeper transitions swiftly from sympathetic companion to a mocking, taunting presence within a house already fraught with tension. I was influenced at the outset by presses whose lists I loved and whose commitment to publishing serious, innovative, difficult, necessary, quixotic work inspired me: Dalkey, of course, New Directions, the now defunct Clear Cut, etc.

Both are novels. Both are hilarious and weird. These are all essays that energize me to think about writing and writers in new ways. I said in a different interview not long ago that I want a book that does for fiction what Maggie Nelson did for blue. Please send it! How do you cope? Do you have any opinions on this, and would you be willing to share any insights about the numbers at Dorothy?

Anxiety, Projection, & the Female Psyche: Four Recent Titles from Dorothy: A Publishing Project

As for how we manage money: my husband and I invested a chunk of our puny savings to get the press going. Since then, it has thankfully managed to keep itself afloat. We never started the press to make money, but we are certainly thankful to not be losing it. About Entropy. All Introspection. Leukaemia Travelogue July 5, Variations: Landslide June 12, Variations on a Theme: Walls June 5, The Crosswalk June 12, That is how her thoughts and words make me feel, like clouds hanging with jets, and knowing love is pure.

Dorothy, a publishing project – ENTROPY

Whether these distinctly female characters are falling in and out of uncanny intimacies, speaking from the hidden realms of the unconscious, seeking self-knowledge, or becoming visible in all their candor and strangeness, they move through a universe shaped by the gravitational pull of elusive yet resilient forces-the yin-dark energies of instinct and feeling that animate creative life. It's here that the intuitive reach of fiction meets the reader's own quest for understanding, through the subtle beauty of living the truth of one's experiences in the most attentive and unadorned way possible.

Each scene accrues a rising sense of tension as it continues, without any sort of narrative twist or jut, and no reliance on internet memes or name brands for content.

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There's not a sense of obsession with the self as much as there is a sense of the self unharbored, left living in a strangely ageless world somewhere between Emily Dickinson and David Lynch. Her characters--can I call them creatures? The haphazardness of the narratives, the hesitance of the narrator, and the refusal to do more with the material offered, coalesce into a finely composed absence, a vast negative space around a spare, almost negligible frame.

Amina's stories are quiet and vibrant, each revealing the hidden trauma of its characters or narrators so casually, it magnifies the terror. There is always something underneath the surface in her prose, that softly explodes in its own intimate magnitude, her sentences pitch-perfect crescendos.

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Shell-shocked and clothed in tatters, they slip away to a quiet place--not to escape the feeling of having survived something extraordinary but to nurture it. Perhaps that's why, in both form and content, so much here is microscopic, with a delicate sadness infusing mundane activities like bathing, spilling olive oil, and touching a wall Cain's tone--unknowing, exhibiting the most awed reverence toward the smallest details of life and thought--remains wonderfully effective throughout.

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Her characters can I call them creatures? Shell-shocked and clothed in tatters, they slip away to a quiet place not to escape the feeling of having survived something extraordinary but to nurture it. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join.