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Elite European migrants in the British Empire
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As a Leverhulme research fellow, she is currently conducting primary research on Dalit Punjabi identity and experience. He is the author of many articles and books, including Storie arabe di Greci e di Romani [Arab histories of Greeks and Romans] In He has participated in a wide range of International Labor Organization conferences, symposia, and seminars and has authored and coauthored several articles and research papers on employment issues in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Belinda Dodson is Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Western Ontario, specializing in international development, and concentrating on southern Africa. Hers research focuses on gender dimensions of cross-border migration, xenophobia in South Africa, and urban food security. Goebel and T. Her research on Creole societies in the Caribbean and West Africa concentrates on transnational livelihoods, with regard to stratified reproduction, transnational care relations, and the moral economies of belonging in transnational social fields.

She developed a particular interest in the state practice of deportation and the impact of involuntary immobility on social relations in sending countries. He has held teaching and research appointments at the universities of Harvard, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and the Smithsonian Institution. Specializing in historical sociology, his research topics are: exile politics, transnationalism, history and sociology of concepts, epistemology of history and sociology.

She researches economic history and the history of economic thought, and has published works on the relationship between Indians and Spaniards in colonial California. Her research focuses on colonial legacies, national discourses, in particular the Algerian war, and discourses on taste and foodways. He has undertaken extensive linguistic, anthropological, and historical fieldwork in Africa and written about the interfaces between archaeological and linguistic reconstructions of the past.

His research focuses on critical theory, poverty, social inequality, and the sociology of knowledge. He is member of the Academia Europaea and of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and specializes in the field of demography, urban geography and spatial planning. Examples from New York, St. Ein Reader [Migration and integration studies: multidisciplinary perspectives. A reader] ed. She is currently researching the history of archaeology and war on the northwest frontier of British India, on the borderlands with Afghanistan.

Her research is concerned with the representation of migrant experience in public space, and with the dynamics of remembering and forgetting in migrant narratives. She also writes about the public value of the arts, and the role of cultural institutions in supporting inclusive democratic citizenship. He has published various scientific articles on maritime business networks behind transatlantic mass migration movements. As a freelance researcher he also translated this topic within museum walls for the Red Star Line Migration Museum, Antwerp.

Her work focuses on the integration of second-generation migrants, particularly migration regimes and societal integration in Germany. She is the author of Migrationsland [Migrations in ] Her research focuses on internal migration in Britain, particularly on differences between ethnic or immigrant-origin groups and, more generally, on ethnic integration and equality.

Challenging Myths of Race and Migration He is a leading authority on Indonesia, labor markets, and economic development and has published numerous reports for leading national and international multilateral organizations on labor in the Indonesian economy. He is a historian of comparative religion specializing in the Iranian world. He has carried out extensive field work in the Arctic and sub-Arctic, principally in Greenland but also in Canada, Alaska, and Siberia, and is the author of a number of books concerning the Eskimo-Aleut and Chukotko-Kamchatkan languages, including the synthetic Language Relations across Bering Strait Her research focuses on political, social, and cultural British, German, and American history of the 19th and 20th century.

She is author of Friedrich Hecker. Refugees in Mid-Victorian England She is the editor of Womenvision: Women and the Moving Image in Australia , coauthor with Mark Poole of Shining a Light: 50 Years of the Australian Film Institute , and producer of Birth of a Film Festival , a film about the first Melbourne International Film Festival, and she has published widely in the fields of gender and Australian film in local and international journals.

During over 20 field seasons in the Canadian Arctic, he has studied every era of human settlement from early Paleoeskimo to historic Inuit, focusing on social organization, intersocietal interaction, and economic systems. Dorian Q. His doctoral thesis at Cambridge University was on the origins of agriculture in South India.

He has carried out archaeological work in several parts of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, and worked on archaeobotany and plant domestication studies in China, Sudan, West Africa, and the Near East. Her research focuses on migration from Latin America to the United States. She began studying disaster-driven migration after experiencing Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in while on the faculty at Tulane University. Her publications include coauthored with James R. Donna Gabaccia is the Rudolph J. She is the author of many books and articles on immigrant life in the United States and Italian migration worldwide, including Foreign Relations: Global Perspectives on American Immigration Her research focuses on the intersections of forced migrations and various development narratives.

She is the author of number of articles and book chapters on migrations, the impacts of neoliberal reforms, ethnographic method, childhood and schooling, and gender relations in Asia. Emily Garr is manager of research at the Fund for Our Economic Future, with a focus on the competitiveness of metropolitan regions. Prior to joining the Fund, she was a senior research assistant at the Brookings Institution and the Economic Policy Institute.

In , she completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Mexico, where she profiled Mexico City's diversifying service sector. Edward George is an independent scholar, and principal, withAnna Piva , of Flow Motion, a London-based duo comprising artists, electronic musicians, and filmmakers. Their resulting multimedia art project Promised Lands explores the trope of the promised land in historical and contemporary accounts of migration, through music, images and texts. Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan is an economist with extensive private and public sector experience in strategic economic research, public policy, and corporate finance, including financial consulting.

He also teaches a range of financial economics and economic development topics at Columbia University and New York University, and has taught in the graduate programs at the New School and MBA concentrations at St. John's University and Long Island University. She was a member of the Canadian Election Study from to and has published extensively on voting behavior and political engagement.

He has researched and written about migrant integration, popular music, participatory and collaborative art, and Jewish migrant history. Gregory P. He has broad research interests including the archaeology of warfare, Egyptology and the Ancient Near East. Her interests include immigrant, citizenship, and gender. Her work has appeared in the scholarly journals Ethnic and Racial Studies , International Migration Review , and Sociological Perspectives , among others.

She is currently working on a book on the dynamics of caregiving in Dominican immigrant families. Her research interests include contemporary migration to and from Ireland, and she has just completed a two-year study of recent migrants to Ireland. Jennifer E. Her research focuses on the importance of migration in the family life course. His research focuses on late Rome, barbarian kingdoms, early Middle Ages, and historical atlases.

He is a specialist in the sociology of migration and ethnicity. His main interests are the Lusophone migrants, with particular interest in the Cape Verde Islands. Roberto G. His scholarly interests include international migration, immigrant incorporation, the transition to adulthood of vulnerable populations, urban poverty, and youth civic involvement. His research focuses on the ways in which legal and educational institutions shape the everyday experiences of poor, minority, and immigrant youth along the life course and the important ways in which they respond.

He is currently working on a book manuscript based on a study of undocumented young adult migrants in Los Angeles. Boris B. Her research focuses on Latin American migration and global restructuring. Her publications include From Columbus to ConAgra: The Globalization of Agriculture and Food coeditor and journal articles and reports on Latino population growth in the Midwest and their role in local labor markets. She is currently working on a project on Venezuelan migration to the United States. His research has examined topics related to immigration, refugee studies, internal migration, and infant mortality.

Elzbieta M. Gozdziak is Director of Research at the Institute for the Study of International Migration and editor of International Migration , a scholarly journal devoted to research and policy analysis of contemporary international migration. Her research interests include international and forced migration, immigrant integration, human trafficking, child labor, violence against women, religion and spirituality, and medical and applied anthropology.

Douglas H. Elizabeth M. Grieco is chief of the Foreign-Born Population Branch at the US Census Bureau, and the author of numerous publications on the characteristics of the foreign born, migration data, remittance behavior, the second generation, and race. He has studied the connection between migration and technology transfer from an historical perspective. Colin Groves is a mammalian taxonomist, with special interest in primates. His Primate Taxonomy is regarded as the definitive textbook in that field, and he has revisited the field with Ungulate Taxonomy with the late Peter Grubb, He has also applied his expertise to palaeoanthropology in Bones, Stones and Molecules with David Cameron, Erich S.

He is on the editorial board of the Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography and the international advisory board of the Geopolitics journal and Geography Compass. He is author, coauthor, and editor of several books and numerous journal articles on migration and geography in Southeast Asia and beyond, including coauthor with P. Rigg et al. Douglas T. His research focuses on the links between the social, historical and economic forces shaping international migration and internal migration in the United States. He is currently carrying out research on the internal migration and dispersion of immigrants to new US destinations and the determinants of changing living arrangements of ethnic elders.

Brian D. Gushulak has worked in academic environments, health services, governmental, and non-governmental sectors with the goal of introducing the policy and programmatic consequences and impacts of population mobility into health consideration and planning. With his colleague Douglas W.

MacPherson he has published extensively on the subject, including Migration, Medicine and Health: Principles and Practice Per Gustafson is a senior researcher at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University Sweden , focusing on international retirement migration, dual citizenship, transnationalism, and, more recently, international business travel.

His research is in the area of housing, migration, and immigration.

Her current research project is on biographical narratives of refugee women in London between discursive regulation and individual practices. She has authored and coauthored numerous works on gender, labor, citizenship, and migration. Keith Halfacree is a senior lecturer in human geography at Swansea University. Thomas D. His interests include indigenous peoples, ethnicity, and comparative frontiers. Kuecker, His main research areas are interdisciplinary history and archaeology from the Migration Period to the High Middle Ages and political and economic history of East Central Europe in the Middle Ages.

He specializes in labor economics, and has published a very large number of books, journal articles, and book contributions in Dutch. He co-founded the journal Labour Economics and was a member of several Dutch government advisory committees, including the Council of Economic Advisors. Her research centers on Neanderthal evolution and paleobiology, modern human origins, and the relationship of skeletal morphology to population history and the environment, with a methodological focus on geometric morphometrics and virtual anthropology.

Anna Hayes is a lecturer in international relations at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. His research interests include migration, industrial agglomeration and multinational corporations. Michael Heckenberger is an associate professor in anthropology at the University of Florida and has conducted fieldwork in Brazil, Guyana, Tobago, and Suriname. Eva-Lotta E. Her recent publications include Conflict, Violence and Displacement in Indonesia ed. His specialism is in the indigenous languages of the Andes, particularly the divergence history of the Quechua and Aymara families, with a focus on language pre history, and he works closely with archaeologists, geneticists, and historians in order to contribute towards a more coherent, cross-disciplinary vision of the human past.

He began studying Southeast Asian refugees in In addition to three books on refugees, he has published articles on this topic in the Harvard International Review , Social Psychology Quarterly , and other professional journals. He is the editor of the journal Polar Geography. He has written extensively on migration, population change, and regional development. Dagmar Hellmann-Rajanayagam is a specialist in Tamil philology and religious studies.

Her research focus is on cultural nationalism in South Asia, minorities and conflict in South and Southeast Asia, and history and identity in South and Southeast Asia. She is author of three books, and has contributed to research volumes and numerous articles and reviews in German and English journals. Timothy J. He has written or edited five books on various aspects of Mexican history, of which the most recent is Beyond Borders: A History of Mexican Migration to the United States Her research interests focus on feminism, gender studies, and globalization and international migration.

Her most recent book focuses on the relations arising from globalization and transnational care networks. Here she develops methods for quantitative evaluation of large mammal assemblages in conjunction with hominin paleoecology and dispersal. She focuses in her work on hominin-bearing faunas in Indonesia, Tanzania, and South Africa and contributes to the reconstruction of hominin distribution patterns in the Quaternary.

She is team leader for anthropological genetics. Her research interests include the study of evolutionary forces that shape human genetic diversity, including natural selection, past demography, and social behaviors. Her two main geographical areas of research are Central Africa and Central Asia where hunter-gatherers coexist with farmers.

His work focuses on film studies and French studies, especially contemporary French cinema, postcolonial cultures in France, diasporic cinemas and digital media, questions of national and transnational cinema, and theory-based film practice. Leahy and Mathieu Kassovitz among numerous scholarly journal articles and book chapters. Higham is research professor in the Department of Anthropology, University of Otago, honorary fellow of St.

He has excavated in Thailand for the past 40 years. His publications include many site reports and summaries of the prehistoric period in Southeast Asia, and Encylopaedia of Ancient Asian Civilizations He has brought the early cultures of China and Southeast Asia to a wide audience through several television documentary programmes. Jane H. Her current work focuses on the prehistory of the Uto-Aztecan family, including especially the U-A presence in Mesoamerica, the Southwest, and California. Her research focuses on the archaeology of burial, identification of ethnicity, religious belief, and migration in the archaeological record, and the relationship between history and archaeology, especially near the North Sea in early medieval Europe.

His areas of interest are North American social history and historiography, Atlantic economies, global migrations, borderland issues, and sociology of migrant acculturation. He works on the legal and business history of American capitalism, with a particular focus on workplace health and safety. He is especially interested in the possibilities for the mutual enrichment of historical inquiry and theory via the renewal of a broad marxist tradition of doing history. He has published mainly on social cohesion, social capital, and ethnic diversity. His work focuses on the the changing forces and motivations that drive emigration, its social consequences and reconstitution of the ethnic composition of the process.

He has published numerous articles on ethnic migration in Central and Eastern Europe and on Romanian outmigration. Feng Hou is a senior researcher with Statistics Canada and adjunct professor at the University of Victoria. His research focuses on socioeconomic integration of immigrants and the second generation, dynamics of social diversity, neighbourhood and community contextual effects. He has published over 50 journal articles and book chapters.

Heather A. Howard teaches anthropology at Michigan State University and holds a research appointment with the Center for Aboriginal Initiatives at the University of Toronto. Since , she has studied political, social, and cultural factors that frame immigrant healthcare practices in France and UK. Mark J. Hudson is a professor in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of West Kyushu, Japan, where he teaches anthropology and environmental humanities.

His current research focuses on resilience and environmental change in the Japanese Islands. He is a specialist in urban and population geography, social geography, and demographic trends, focusing on population mobility and Southeast Asian development and examining the implications of international migration on changing patterns of social and economic change.

Her research focuses on immigration, community economic development, and urban planning. She has researched and published papers on the socioeconomic processes and outcomes of immigrant incorporation in urban labor markets, related issues of immigrant settlement and neighborhood change, and the consequences for urban inequality, race and ethnic relations, political representation, and community definition and development. Her research interests are in the Neolithic transition in southern China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and western Oceania.

He researches irregular migration among Nigerian youths. She has written widely on human mobility, identity, and constructions of place in ancient history, focusing on Italy and the Mediterranean. Natasha N. Iskander is Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Wagner School of Public Service, New York University, where she conducts research on labor migration and its relationship to economic development, and on processes of institutional innovation and organizational learning.

Among his recent publications are with A. Vishnevsli and S. He has also published works on military reform under Peter the Great and popular television in the Soviet Union. Warren C. His research interests are in health and medical geography, studying the socioeconomic and environmental factors influencing human health.

He spent 28 years with the department of demography at Australian National University before moving to Singapore. His interests broadly cover population and development issues. He has made substantive contributions to the World Economic and Social Survey on areas associated with international migration, aging, finance, economic insecurity, climate change, international aid, and the green economy. His interests include: the impact of urbanization and migration on migrant fertility; the emergence of lowest-low fertility in Asia and southern Europe; the role of immigration on population aging and depopulation in Korea; projections for special population, such as new town in-migrants and veteran pensioners; and the use of administrative registers in future population and housing censuses.

His main research areas are labor economics, international economics, causes and consequences of labor migration with special attention paid to analysis of migration processes in CEE countries , highly skilled mobility, and migration policy. He has published extensively on labor and population economics, ethnicity, and migration. From to she carried out ethnographic research among South Korean students engaged in early study abroad in Singapore and their accompanying parents.

Her research interests include language and culture, education and migration, transnational families and gender, and the affective dimensions of transnational migration. His research interests include analysis of stone tools, world-systems theory, and the economics of ancient agricultural systems. He has directed projects in Cyprus, Greece, and the US. He is associate director of the Athienou Archaeological Project in Cyprus, editorial board member of Ethnoarchaeology, and first vice-president of the Central States Anthropological Society.

His publications include six books and 60 articles. His research interests have focused on rural transformation and development, in particular family farming and rural employment; and international migration to Greece, especially migration to rural regions. His most recent publication with Apostolis G.

Her research centers on Southeast Asian economic and social history; labour history; and international labour migration in Asia. His recent teaching and research interests focus on the causes, processes and consequences of international people movements, especially as they affect the Asia-Pacific region. William F. Drew Keeling is a part-time instructor in the history department of the University of Zurich, teaching courses in the modern economic, political and environmental history of North America and Europe. Adriana Kemp is a sociologist at Tel Aviv University.

She also contributes to scholarly publications, including Projecting Migration: Transcultural Documentary Practice Donald M. Kerwin is the vice-president for programs at the Migration Policy Institute, a leading think-tank on global migration issues, and an associate fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center. He has written extensively on US immigration policy, national security, and migrant rights issues. His publications include The Migration of Knowledge Workers Her work focuses on the intersection of the criminalization of immigrants, militarization of the USA—Mexico border, and analysis of the news media in uncovering the ideological constructions of whiteness and the meaning of the nation.

His fields of research are the history of scholars and knowledge, of diplomacy and international relations, and of the origins of international law in the Middle Ages. He has publilshed several books on ethnic identity and demographic changes in contemporary Estonia and the formation of European identity, including with M. Murat G. Kirdar is an assistant professor at the economics department of the Middle East Technical University.

State Failure, Polarisation, and Minority Engagement in Germany’s Refugee Crisis | SpringerLink

He has written widely on the impact of communications technology on the construction and practice of identity, electronic communities, and the influence of new media on narrative conventions. Toomas Kivisild is a lecturer in human evolutionary genetics at the University of Cambridge.

His past research has been on genetic diversity and population structure of human populations across the world with a particular focus on South Asian populations, including mutation rates and the effect of selection on human mitochondrial DNA diversity. His current research focuses on the understanding of the genetic basis of human environmental adaptations and their evolution.

Are John Knudsen is a senior researcher at the Chr. His research interests include forced migration, post-civil war violence and peace building in the Middle East. Peter H. Malone International Leadership Award. Daniel G. His research concerns the medieval Arab-Islamic documentation of Western Europe. His research focuses on national minorities in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe.

He has presented research on 19th and 20th century European nationalism, ethnicity, and migration in Europe at numerous international conferences. Ellen Percy Kraly is William R. Kenan, Jr. Her areas of specialization include demography and population geography, international migration and refugees, ethnic and racial studies, medical geography, environmental issues, and social research methods, focusing on international migration, population and the environment, population and immigration policy, ethnic and racial stratification, measurement issues and statistical systems. She is author of numerous works on population, environment, and migration.

His main research interests include migration, industrial relations, comparative political economy, and European societies. Mary M. Kritz works is a senior research associate in the Department of Development Sociology, Cornell University. She has written extensively on international migration issues including US immigrant settlement and shifts to new destinations, international student mobility and higher education, international migration governance, and nativity origin differences in settlement and integration processes in host countries.

She is coeditor with B. Zur Nieden et al. His main fields of research are pre- and early Ottoman Turkey, history of mentalities and hagiology. Anatolian sources on Muslims, Christians and Turks 13th—15th centuries ]. His expertise is social demography, with an emphasis on migration, urbanization and spatial inequalities. His research focuses on population dynamics and social change in rural areas, as well as on the social and demographic transformation of post-socialist Eastern Europe.

Christiane Kuptsch works as senior specialist in migration policy at the International Labor Office. Among other things, she has edited books on migrant recruitment agents, the increasing competition for global talent, and the internationalization of labor markets; she is coauthor with Philip Martin and Manola Abella of Managing Labor Migration in the Twenty-First Century Her PhD dissertation analyzed labor migration patterns from EU-8 and examined how economic restructuring and changes in welfare systems affected migration.

She has also published on the topics of political economy of transition and diversities of capitalism. Yaroslav V. His m ajor publications include with M. Nelson et al. He is best known for his work on Chinese Americans and modern Chinese politics. His scholarship is informed by vigorous public activism and the belief in advancing social causes through a combination of media and academia. She is currently writing a book on migration from the former Dutch colonies to the Netherlands, — His research interests focus on: the migration-development nexus, transnational migrant organizations, Dominican hometown associations, and state-society relationships.

His academic interests include social capital, ethnic minorities and the labour market, inequality and social participation, attitudes towards immigration, and ethnic diversity in neighbourhoods. Loren B. With a background in political science and development studies, his work focuses on human mobility, development, and sovereignty.

He is editor of Exorcising the Demons Within and author of The Humanitarian Hangover , together with over 30 peer-reviewed articles and chapters. Randy J. His work mainly revolves around the recording and analysis including historical comparative studies of Sino-Tibetan languages. He has also developed certain answers to more general theoretical questions, such as the nature of language and its function in communication.

Her main areas of expertise are nationalism, national identities, political philosophy, and the intellectual trends and geopolitical conceptions of the Russian and Central Asian elites. Steven A. He also has an interest in warfare in the past, resulting in Prehistoric Warfare in the American Southwest and Constant Battles His research focuses on citizenship with reference to transnationalism, ethnicity, and nationalism, and the sovereignty and governmentality of nation-states. She has published many papers on migration and transnational communities, gender, and work.

Her research interests include race and ethnicity, international migration, and education, focusing on contextual factors affecting the second generation, such as the co-ethnic community and national origin group characteristics. Her current research examines the effects of community characteristics on second generation educational attainment in North America and Western Europe. Johanna Leinonen holds a Ph.

Degree in History from the University of Minnesota. Her post-doctoral project focuses on public discussions surrounding international marriages, migration, and national identity in Finland from the s to the present. Michele LeVoy is Director of the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants , a NGO based in Brussels which promotes basic human rights for undocumented migrants and represents the concerns of more than individual and organizational members throughout Europe and beyond who offer direct services to undocumented migrants at the local level. John Lie is C. He has published extensively on Roman economic history, the history of Roman associations and Roman demography.

Aik Hoe Lim is counsellor in the Trade in Services Division for the World Trade Organization, Geneva, with primary responsibilities for negotiations on domestic regulation disciplines and trade in education services. Eric H. She also teaches and conducts research in the field of international migration. Randy K. Lippert is an associate professor at the University of Windsor, Canada. He is currently co-editing an international collection on sanctuary practices. His major research interests include Chinese migration, US—China relations, Asian American history, race and ethnicity, migration laws and citizenship, and comparative and global migrations.

Her research examines the social, economic, and political life of contemporary immigrants in Japan and other Asia Pacific regions. Her research and many books and articles focus on native peoples throughout the Americas with an emphasis on rural to urban migration. Craig A. Tillmann Lohse teaches medieval history at Humboldt University, Berlin. Eine diachronisch vergleichende Geschichte des weltlichen Kollegiatstifts St. Jude in Goslar] James Loucky has been involved with Maya communities since the s. Von Gesellschaften ohne Staat zu verstaatlichten Gesellschaften, 9.

Jahrhundert [Foreigners in Eastern Europe. From societies without state to state-owned societies, 9th—11th centuries] Hutchinson , Mark and Wolffe, Joh. Jackson , Ashley, ed. Jenkins , Jennifer M. McGetchin , Peter J. Kade-Luthra , Veena, ed. Kamphoefner , Walter D. Keil , Hartmut and Jentz, John B. Mathew, ed. Kenny , Judith T. Kerr , Ian J. Knodel , John E. Kordan , Bohdan S. Korschorke , Klaus, eds. Kurup , Kuttamath K. Leifer , Walter , Bombay and the Germans Bombay , Jahrhundert Halle , Lucassen , Jan and Leo, ed.

Luebke , Frederick C. MacKenzie , John M. Macraild , Donald and Delaney, Enda, ed. Magee , Gary B. Mammen , E. Manktelow , Emily J. Marchand , Suzanne L. Marshall , P. Mathew , K. May , Andrew J. Metcalf , Thomas R. Midgely , Clare, ed. Mode , Heinz and Peuke, Hans-Joachim, ed. Mohanavelu , C. Mosse , Werner E. Mukherjee, R. Naranch , Bradley B. Negi , S. Newton , Ronald C. Omissi , David, ed. Panayi , Panikos, ed. Pati , Biswamoy, ed. Pennington , Brian K. Penny, H. Phillips , Howard and Killingray, David, ed. Poffenberger , Mark and McGean, Betsy, ed. Porter , Andrew , Religion Versus Empire?

Potter , Simon J. Powell , Avril A. Procida , Mary A. Proctor , Tammy M. Racine , Karen and Mamigonian, Beatriz G. Rawat , Ajay S. Rawat , ed. Roy , Kaushik, ed. Russ , Charles V. Russ , ed. Said , Edward , Orientalism London , reprint. Jahrhundert Berlin , Schlatter , Wilhelm and Witschi, Herman. Sebastian , J. Sedlar , Jean W. Sharkey , Heather, ed. Shiri , Godwin, ed. Singh , Gurharpal and Tatla, Darshan Sing. Sobhanan , B. Stricker , Gerd, ed. Tamcke , Martin and Jathanna, Gladson, ed. Triebel , Christian, ed. Upadhyaya , Uliyar P. Urry , John and Elliot, Anthon. Urry , John and Grieco, Margare.

Vertovec , Steven , Transnationalism Abingdon , Ward , Kevin and Stanley, Brian, ed. Wendt , Reinhardt, ed. Wilcox , Walter F. Wilson , Henry S. Youngs , Tim, ed. Jones , M. Mather , B. Basel Mission Archive , www. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography , R. The Washington summit was useful to Lyndon B. Johnson mainly because it allowed him to impress upon the British the need for them to retain their traditional 'great power' role and also to allow him to bring the multilateral force MLF to a conclusion.

Harold Wilson accepted the American view that Britain should preserve its current position in defence, telling the Cabinet on 11 December that 'the most encouraging fact about the conference was America's emphasis on Britain's world wide role'. Johnson not only wanted Wilson to maintain Britain's defence commitments, but to extend them into South Vietnam. After Wilson's visit to Washington, most observers, including the President, anticipated that he would face a serious challenge in explaining what he had agreed to in Washington to the House of Commons in the foreign affairs debate scheduled for December.

Johnson relationship traversed the spectrum from discord to cordiality. Discord erupted over the Vietnam War when Wilson telephoned Washington in the early hours of 11 February to suggest to Johnson an urgent visit to the White House. Wilson agreed to the US initiative, even though the visit might have caused a political storm in Britain had it become public knowledge - it would appear that the United States was dictating British economic measures. Wilson noted that unlike the December summit and the telephone conversation in February, Johnson did not make 'any suggestion of our committing troops to Vietnam nor even any reference to police, medical teams, or teams to handle the flow of refugees'.

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The menu includes a European breakfast served from 8am to am, with choices such as seasonal fruits, homemade granola, greek yogurt, eggs, whole wheat pancakes, and home fries. For lunch, Zocalo offers paninis, sandwiches, salads, soups, and baked potatoes. In early May, Hopkins plans on being able to serve beer and wine and is also planning on having steak and fish dinners grilled outside on the new outdoor grill.

And, of course, to bring it all together, Hopkins plans to have live music weekly. Zocalo Cafe is located at Pecan St. The phone number is Mi, Diesmal bringt er selbst einen Gast mit, den Songwriter Sr. Freitag, 8. Jeder machte sein eigenes Ding. Vor allem Rich Hopkins mit seinen Luminarios erspielte sich in den letzten Jahren bei uns in Europa, vor allem in Deutschland, einen exzellenten Namen.

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Wir sind uns jedoch sehr sicher, Dich schon bald wiederzusehen! Auf ihrem 2. Welcome to Zocalo! Zocalo hopes to provide a daily changing menu using pure, wholesome ingredients and local growers when available, keeping the food fresh, interesting and as low glycemic as possible. We also think Zocalo has the best tasting water in Blanco. Taste for yourself and take some home with you!

Its Ken's Andree's last gig in town before he splits for Austin. Tammy West is on first and The Tangelos are closing. See you there! We'll even play a Waylon song since its Rodeo! He left Club Congress here after the last 5 years there Bruce Halper dieses Mal nicht an den Drums bei den Luminarios Come support your loco musicians. It seems like this move was motivated by love, family and financial security.

I love Ken and will miss him dearly. We have fought and loved and traveled the world making great music. Ken has been, consistently, my most loyal band mate for the last 12 years since he joined the Sand Rubies on our first tour of Europe in He understands what my music needs cuz he is a part of the music.

This is not goodbye though. I expect to keep on playing with him in Texas and wherever. Good luck, bro! L isa and I have also been really busy opening up a European style cafe in Blanco, Texas. Our web site is: www. Even though this is a dream come true for me, I have had lots of business, decorative and recipe advice from Lisa for which I am grateful.

This eclectic cafe is based on all the great places I have eaten at around the world, especially all the great breakfast cafes we have experienced in Germany. We are open for breakfast and lunch Wed-Sunday. I plan on building a German-style beer garden in the back of the cafe so we can grill steaks and bratwursts and serve cold beer on those warm Texas nights. We serve only the best coffee, desserts, and food. We also have a back porch for live music that will be starting up later this spring.

What else? Release date is scheduled for May, I have started writing for a new album. I am getting back to my rock roots on this album. I promise you all that. This album is going to be loud and full of fuzzy, dirty and distorted lead guitar solos! Bye, bye Kennie! Man sieht sich Es gibt Stunden im irdischen Leben, die fallen einem wirklich nicht ganz leicht. So auch am heutigen Nachmittag zwischen 15 und 16 Uhr. Eigentlich fehlen uns die richtigen Worte angesichts der unendlichen Trauer! Deshalb, lieber Gert, nur noch so viel: Wir werden Dich vermissen! Jedoch - wir sehen uns - irgendwann im Rockolymp!

Bereits am Es bedeutet uns wirklich viel, zu wissen, dass ihr ihn in guter Erinnerung behalten werdet! The people love the food. Lisa has done allot to help with decor and cake recipes. We have all done allot to make it beautiful. I plan on building a German style beer garten this spring to make it cozy for the folks! He has been my right hand man for a long time. We have been recording allot lately. He and I are even writing a song together which is really gonna be good! Bereits 7!!! Songs resultieren daraus. I am also going to be playing March 5 with Duane Hollis ex?

So i will see how the old Greyhound Soul rythm section is!? It's been fun so far Duane has quit Greyhound Soul - he said. I have 7 songs recorded in various stages so far. Sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen!!! Dave has canceled the last 3 shows we have booked. Edgar Heckmann helped me get the gig which was really cool.

Gut, all das zu wissen! Danke, RICH! Und das ohne uns ;-. Wir trauern um einen uns sehr nah stehenden und guten Freund, ausgewiesenen Fan und Kenner guten Musikgeschmacks, treuen Konzertbesucher, Musiksammler per excellance und einen ganz tollen Menschen. Marion und ich werden Gert am Samstag auf seinem Weg auf die andere Seite begleiten.

Wir leiten es gern an die Hinterbliebenen weiter. Please pass on my sympathy to his wife Brigit and family. Of coarse I remember him even though I did not speak to him very much. His face said it all I am honored by his support. If there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to ask me. Wir wissen nicht was wir sagen sollen-uns fehlt die Sprache. Es tut sehr weh dieser Verlust. Ecki und ich wir haben uns schon gewundert, dass er nicht in Erfurt bei Miller Anderson war! P Gert!!!!!!!! Wir haben uns immer darauf gefreut, Gert bei Konzerten zu treffen und zuletzt an Holger's Geburtstag.

We miss you :- ".

Ingrid kondoliert mit "R. Peace to you and your family. Wer dieses Highlight trotzdem verpasst haben sollte, dem bieten wir eine Kopie unseres dieses Mal Mitschnittes an Oktober Nur fast komplett deshalb, weil der Gig an dem damaligen Abend insgesamt 92 Minuten dauerte. Das war die damalige komplette Setlist:. He is working out the details. Eigentlich unbezahlbare Momente gemastert im B-Village-Studio! Lasst uns also noch ein wenig Zeit. God willing. Lisa and I worked very hard this weekend up in Blanco. I pray that this vison of mine will be recieved and loved by the Texans! I feel very positive about everything.

Lots of work and many hours are being put into this project but it is coming along nicely and my cheesecake recipe will be on the menu! I think Rich is pleased. He is letting me be creative with recipes and painting and decorating and he is handling all of the business side and having the final say on everything which is great! Started recording again and writing. I will make another fucking great rock album! Konstanz zahlt sich halt aus!

Alter Wein Ihr wisst schon! Maybe a historic performance! Hinweis: vor dem Aktivieren des Videos bitte unseren Musikplayer obenstehend abschalten!

The Development of the Berlin Republic

Auf ewige Freundschaft! Im Namen aller Deiner Fans und Freunde. All your fans and friends from Germany and whole Europe congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts. It is nice to know you, to admire and to love your music. To an eternal friendship! We wish you health, joy, passion, fun and peace. We are often in thought by you and we thank you for this many wonderful moments which soooooo enrich our life! Enjoy your birthday with Lisa, Bailey and your friends! In the name of all your fans and friends. Hier das bisher offiziell Bekannte von DPA 9. Die Polizei sucht nach einem Komplizen.

Zustand ist weiter kritisch: Giffords ist weiter in kritischem Zustand. Der Fernsehsender CNN berichtete, sie sei operiert worden. Der gesamte US-Staat sei traurig. Zuvor hatte die Demokratin Mandate in Arizona inne. The identity of the 9-year-old tragically killed in this morning's deadly rampage is Christina Taylor Greene. Family says she was vibrant, excited about life, and she was the "best daughter in the world. Greene attended Mesa Verde Elementary School. She was the only girl on the CDO baseball team - she loved the sport, as well as horseback riding and swimming.

The Pima County Sheriff's Office has released the identities of the six people killed in this morning's tragic shooting. Church of Christ. The suspect is being interviewed at PCSO headquarters currently, and will be transported to jail later this evening, deputies say. Macht endlich Schluss mit diesem Waffenwahnsinn!!! David Slutes via Facebook: "My sincere apologies to you folks who came out to our show tonight in Tempe.

The days events were just too insurmountable. We will make it up to you The map that was criticized as an incitement to violence? Und die spielen an den beiden kommenden Wochenenden. Allerdings leider nicht in unseren Breiten.

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Thanks again to all my friends and fans in Germany.. As we all know, change is something we can either go with the flow or fight so let's go with the flow! I am in the slow process of moving out to Texas to live in Blanco and open up a european style cafe. The name is being decieded at this moment so excuse me for the wait!

Right now I am here in Tucson watching my lovely daughter blossom into a young adult. Soon Bailey will be on her way to graduating from high school here in Tucson this May and is applying for some colleges back east and in Colorado. When she gets herself situated in her next big move, then I will be moving out to Texas to check things out. Baby steps! I plan on making a new album this year but again expect some changes in my music and the people I will play with.

It is inevitable and healthy. The future is truly in God's hands so I am praying allot and know that God laughs at plans. Have a great holiday season and know that I love you all in my special way! Danke nochmals zu all meinen Freunden und Fans in Deutschland Ich bin gesegnet! Da der Name ist in diesem Moment noch nicht entschieden ist, bitte ich um Entschuldigung wegen der Wartezeit!

Das Baby entwickelt sich! Es ist unvermeidlich und heilend. Kommt danach gut in das besagte Jahr hinein. Und jetzt gibt es sogar ein neues Album von ihm, mit dem wohl die wenigsten gerechnet haben, auch wenn er mal eine Platte namens "All That May Do My Rhyme" aufgenommen hatte. Es dauerte auch nicht lange und Jon machte einen ersten "Inspektionsrundgang" durch den Club. Wohlwissend, dass neben mir auch noch Julia Vetter von der Band "Fan The Fire" unter den Besuchern weilen wird, entdeckte er uns auch gleich.

Jon weihte mich auch gleich ein, dass Roky maximal Minuten spielen wird. Was er allerdings mit seiner Band in den vorausgesagten 75 Minuten bot, war schlichtweg berauschend - psychedelic eben! Er ist der eigentliche Bandleader! Dann ist Schluss, auch wenn es die Fangemeinde nicht so recht wahrhaben will. Roky gab sich lieber dem Schlaf der Gerechten hin!

Julia und ich tingeln mit Jon noch 'ne ganze Weile durch den Club, bevor es an das erneute Abschiednehmen geht. Ist schon ein toller Typ, dieser Jon Sanchez! Februar ab 1. Man kann also Jon Sanchez nach dem 7. Bereits jetzt schon kann man auf der Seite des Rockpalast Roky im Interview erleben. Mehr Fotos von mir gib es hier! We'll see! Zum einen gibt es die 45 Minuten, die 3Sat am 7. Dezember sendete. Klar erkennbar, dass da noch die ersten 8 Songs des Sets fehlen s. News vom Februar 0. Wer also Interesse an einer Kopie hat, der schreibe uns kurz eine Mail bitte Postanschrift nicht vergessen.

House of Mercy radio December 4th Tourmanagment : Go Ahead Tours Hanstorf. Bruce Halper via Facebook: " Thanks for coming to the Casa Maria benefit last night and supporting people in need and bringing food and love! Thanks to the musicians who participated, too!

God Sham God.. Well, how was the tour to Germany and beyond? The 17 hour trip home from Frankfurt to Houston to Tuscon was painfull but hey, i am home and it's sunny outside! Also playing a bit lower volume by turing my amp around and now blowing everyone away.. I did apologise.. I think so but we have no shows right now. I think pretty good.. I like playing the smaller towns.. Berlin is the exception.. Plus we are playing dec. The Hut cuz of Finnie one of 3 owners who is the coolest guy around..

I like playing free shows at Gudalupe's Casa Maria.. Will you make another Luminarios album? And what do the people expect from you musically and are you delivering this? First off, me and Pres. Edgar Heckann from Blue Rose get along really well.. He and I have a good relationship. No contracts..

We are family really. I think Edgar wants me to record a heavier record next time and I am going to deliver just that. In the last 3 years since i have been dating Lisa Novak and writing and singing with her, I have been allot more conscious about singing and learning to write different kind of songs and i think we have done that Lisa is a great singer who does the majority of harmonizing with me now.

I am very proud of our singing together plus Ken's harmonies really make the band sound different and special.. Singing this well was never a priority before in the Luminarios especially during the Mike Davis era when were very loud. As far as what the fans want.. I know a few people miss the old days of being really loud but that is life.

I am almost 53 and my musical priorities have changed but I will return with another blistering rock album.. I love him.. In the 15 years of touring Germany, have you become more succesful? No, not really. Like all business' there have been ups and downs and I think I have held steady with the German fans. I feel like I have weathered some tough times. What makes your relationship between the German fans and you so special? They accept me for who I am and they like my songs and guitar playing. In my music, i share my soul with them and they seem to enjoy my spirit.

I am deeply honored to my fans. I made it home safely tonight. Rich and I talked about how sweet the birthday party and being at your home was on Sunday. Thank you for everything you do! Jon is still somewhere in Europe! It is hard to believe we were all together for breakfast and now 12 hours later back in Houston We will miss you and Marion and everyone's love! George schreibt via Facebook kurz und knapp: " I feel the same way about you and Marion as you guys feel for us Lisa too!

We love you and honored to be a part of your lives too. Your birthday s were amazing and I hope to remember it forever. Tell frau marion to start making some more potato salad! We love you and will miss you dearly. I recieved some invites and I think for May might be the time before European world cup. After 15 hours of travel. It was a great moment. I had fun hanging out with you and your family too. Stay in touch! Thanks for a great time and the potato salad! We miss you guys already! I was glad to get to share your special birthday with you!

It was a great tour Thanks to everyone who sent me photos from the shows! Jon und seine Freundin Claire sind inzwischen nach Holland weitergereist und werden gemeinsam mit ihrer Band namens "Paraguay" welch interessante Namensparallele 5 Konzerte bei unseren Nachbarn bestreiten. Rich Hopkins im "N.

Blues" aus dem Album 'Ka-Ju-Tah'. Mag sein, dass der eine oder andere es als cool empfindet, seinem Hero so nah zu sein. Und insbesondere Ken merkt man das auch da oder dort an. Jon seine Freundin Claire weilt ab heute an seiner Seite; warum? Geburtstag begeht. Ja, lieber Dirck! Nobody is perfect!

Auch Du nicht! Eigentlich 'ne Zumutung! Die zweite Zugabe war gesichert! Wenn man allerdings nicht seperieren kann, wo man denn was gelesen hat, dann wird's schwierig! Eine Schande!!! Playtime: Min. Ok, damit mussten und konnten letztlich alle gut leben. Dem war letztlich auch so s. Und das ist auf geniale Art und Weise voll gelungen!

Alle sind auf wunderbare Weise ausgezeichnet drauf, ausgeglichen und vor Spielfreude strotzend. Da jedoch hatte er schlechte Karten und die Rechnung ohne das -trotz mangelnder Masse- fantastische Publikum gemacht. Dieser letzte Song ist so genial und auf Initiative von Thomas L. Und schlug selbst den Song vor.

Den die Band dann im Tourbus!!! Auch Lisa selbst!!! Sie schlug z.

General Editor

Blues" vor. Many many other Tourimpressions here! Denn es kommt nicht so oft vor, dass uns eine lokale Zeitung ohne Aufforderung direkt Fotos von einem Gig schickt. Tausend Dank an Christoph! Rich Hopkins brachte den "Briloner Rockpalast" zum Beben. Eine wahre Sensation erlebten am Mittwoch, Jegliche andere Nutzung ist kostenpflichtig. Was letzteres betrifft, so kann man da schon Zweifel hegen.

Ja, der Reihe nach. Auch Thomas wirkte locker und entspannt. Laut Chef Gisbert Kemmerling, der gestand, voll auf diese Mucke zu stehen, waren sogar 90 Besucher in der kleinen Kneipe. Und auch sonst war immer Grinsen, Experimentieren bei diversen breaks usw. Was soll man da noch sagen? Die Band on Tour! Das ist ja ein sehr interessantes Kennzeichen L-HS Wer kann helfen??? Und dem ist letztlich auch so!

Toll instrumentiert vor allem der straighte Basston, der den Song praktisch wie ein roter Faden durchzieht, wird von Ken genial umgesetzt , brilliant gespielt. Klitzekleine bandinterne Tensions sind on Stage sowieso weggeblasen. Alle Achtung! So dass selbiges mehrfach nachjustiert werden musste. One of my favorite cities. Cool guy. Thank you Ina and Julia.

I just had some Vietnamese food and medicine from Marion and am feeling better. Too bad the pic didn't come out, Holger. Lots of tattoos! Thanks for trying. Thanks for bringing all the medication. I appreciate it very much and it's helping. You are a great friend!

Hier die Playlist der Sendung:. To short - but great. Gisela: 6 von 6 Points. Wenzel: 4,5 von 6 Points. Damit war es knapp und keine weitere Zugabe mehr zu erwirken. Aber ein sehr guter Auftritt, von mir und Christine mit 5 einhalb bewertet. Ein unbekanntes girlie nicht 5 oder 6 wie in der Bluesgarage tanzte sogar ganz selbstvergessen bei den Zugaben. Er improvisierte an der red guitar meisterhaft mit ganz neuen Varianten.

Sehr lobenswert!! Die gut 70 Besucher in unserem kleinen Neuenkirchen waren begeistert. Support macht Folksinger Hucky Peters aus Bremen! Infos u. Tickets: Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns!!! Playtime: 95 Min. Dabei fing gestern doch alles bestens an. Birthday zu gratulieren. Trotzdem war innerhalb des Bandtrosses nicht alles so "clean" wie zu Beginn der Tour. Beide ziemlich heftig! Und die schien wirklich nicht ohne zu sein. Nein, nein!