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More than Deputy Dennis Watters was heading an investigation of a fraud and identity— theft crime ring that involved four African American suspects, one of whom was known to have a gun. Watters obtained search warrants for two houses in Lancaster, Go to the usage examples of Crime Ring to see it in context! Are you looking for cramp ring or prize ring? Son of a bitch. Wally hung up. Mark had arrived early. Too much money at stake to be a fraction late.

Besides, he wanted to get rid of the explosives in the back seat of the rental van. Wicked weather caused people to do stupid things with their cars. He inhaled deeply, cursed, and raked his fingers through his hair. He wanted the cash, simple as that. Dealing with explosives came naturally to him. As a young man, he worked with his dad on construction projects blasting bedrock and clearing land. His dad had been in Vietnam and had learned all there was to know about grenades, bombs, detonation devices, triggers, and explosives.

He had shared that knowledge with his son. Mark had learned to handle explosives with a finesse that could rival anyone in the world. By the time he was sixteen, he could blow up a stump and not disturb the surrounding area. By the time he was eighteen, he could set a trigger device that would set off a chain of explosions.

A Laura Kjelstad Mystery

His dad taught him how to use clocks, weights, and pressure to set off the explosives. The original homesteaders had left some old vehicles and Mark quickly learned how to blow up part of a car. Back seat — passenger side. Right front wheel. Construction companies will bid for your expertise. You can write your own ticket.

Crime Ring

There was money in working the construction trade, but Mark wanted more. He had found his niche in the illegal weapons department. He taught the crooks enough about explosives without giving them the expertise that he had. Always leave them at B level while he stayed the A plus expert.

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A vague uneasiness rested on Mark as he watched the fog devour buildings in the distance. The air was heavy and foreboding, as if seized by a giant, malignant hand. He had been given instructions: keep the van unlocked, walk toward the lighthouse until someone contacted him. Now he had to leave his phone on the seat.

He was dealing with a paranoid maniac. Wally had been very emphatic in what was expected. Mark just wished to hell the wind and rain would stop. His hand glided over his gun and the tension eased. It was always like this. Tension and thrills all rolled into one exciting, profitable life.

Wally Kaiser had appeared to be a successful businessman the first time they met, impeccably manicured beard, salon style haircut, white shirt and tie, expensive suit, and black rimmed glasses. I got your name from a contact in Paris, Wally had said to Mark. Your credentials are excellent. I know, said Mark. Maybe he was a little bit cocky, but he needed to keep Wally in the realm of the student. Never let anyone get ahead of the teacher. Give them exactly what they needed, no more. Wally was a big dealer in the criminal world, but in the world of explosives, Mark kept a step ahead of them all.

He built the triggers and detonators to order. Had to keep the field to himself. The big buyers knew that. Why take a chance, when you could hire Mark Brewster to deliver the best? The agreement was solid.

Some cash up front, explosives and detonators to be delivered in two weeks. A few lessons on the best way to blow someone up. Then the rest of the cash would be paid. No negotiations. Of course, Wally had never mentioned the word bomb or explosives while they were in the restaurant. Everything was in code and Mark knew the language.

It felt good. The fact that he had helped invent the language added to his aura in the international explosives scene. Walk in the woods — Lesson on car bombs. Window shopping - Hit the house or blow up the car? It was his code, an extensive one, and if anyone wanted to talk to him, they better learn his language. Wally had taken out a string of credit cards to pay for the lunch.

He laughed as he showed them to Mark. One was made out to George Henderson. Another one said Miles Murphy. Richard Jamison. Ralph McNulty. Mark could see ten cards. All different. Not surprising. Wally was a chameleon. Glasses, clothes, beards, were all used to mask his looks. Sometimes he walked with a cane, other times he affected a slight limp. Always different. Never really him. His white teeth gleamed and he gave Mark a thin, brutal smile. Mark let Wally believe in that myth.

Conversely, Mark could change identities quite effectively himself. Mark had felt the adrenaline flow as they negotiated the transaction. He was part of an inner circle. Someone gets blown up was not his problem. There must be a reason for every hit. Someone pissed another someone off.

The Brutal Murder of Laura Ackerson - They tried to FEED her to Alligators

Happens every day. Sometimes they get eliminated. But he did have rules.

Crime Ring definition/meaning

He never sold explosive devices to anyone that would hurt kids. Never to be used for schools or restaurants or hotels or malls. Never a hospital or nursing home. No public places, period. Always remember the rules. His specialty was in making the explosion look like an accident. Right front tire explodes as the bad guy goes around a wide curve over a ravine. House, bank, whatever.

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He could make it seem like a tragic misfortune. A pinhole in a gas line, a little bit of explosive material and the cops rule it accidental. Eliminate the mobster for a mobster. Right now his expertise was in great demand. The fact that he supplied weapons and explosives at high prices was masked by his youthful, innocent look. He loved the life of the rich and had found the way that would keep him a millionaire. He was part of an elite corps.

And he had Lisa. Just a few more big scores and they could live comfortably on legitimate businesses. Real estate was the way to go. Not selling, but buying. Making good investments on resorts and rental property. One corner of his brain always kept the thought viable, made him comfortable with the future. He grabbed the gun from the seat, threw the cell phone down, and proceeded toward the lighthouse. The pebbles underfoot were slippery with the dampness of the falling rain and spray from the lake. He lurched into a boulder along the path and paused momentarily to see if anyone was coming to meet him.

A lightning strike was dangerously close. Explosives were one thing, a bolt of electricity from on high was something else. The day had a profane feel to it. Earlier, the sky had been tinged with a deep blue, but rain and mist and cloud robbed it now of any suggestion of sunshine. Frowning, he scanned the parking area. Trusting Wally could be a big mistake, but Wally had paid him two-hundred-thousand dollars up front. That was just for the training sessions. The equipment cost more. Another hundred-fifty-thousand today. Wally was smart. Two sessions and he could wire anything to blow up. The trigger devices, remotes, and small amount of explosives that could eliminate a person or two particularly intrigued him.

He bought some broken-down cars and took them into the woods for Wally to practice on. Wally caught on fast. Wally Kaiser was also nuts. What was it the psychiatrists called people like him? Wally was the monster under the bed. A large stream for fishing brook trout ran through his property and he would camp out for a week at a time.

Large garages and junk vehicles were part of the territory of northern Minnesota logging businesses. The hunters in this area were smart and expert marksmen so he made a point of being elsewhere when hunters were around. Mark glanced at his watch, then looked out over the lake. The tempo of the rain had increased and the waves tugged dangerously at his feet. Instructions or not, he was heading back toward the safety of the grass and high ground.

Mark scanned the area; no one around to witness the transaction that was about to take place. Lightning lit up the sky as Mark paced along the soggy grass near the canal. A couple had been standing near him for a while, but the lake was showing a possessive side and they had run for shelter. It was well lit and people were staring out the window, tucked safely inside, watching the lake reclaim some land. Hell, he was a damn sitting duck out here. Besides, right now, the rain and wind were relentless. Time to go inside. He turned to check the parking lot when he saw Wally pull alongside the van.

Mark moved closer to the museum. People were looking out the window and it eased his feeling of vulnerability, but he watched Wally.