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Proper mechanics matter more than power
  1. 6 Steps to a More Powerful Soccer Shot | ACTIVEkids
  2. How to Kick a Soccer Ball
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  5. How to Shoot a Soccer Ball With Power and Accuracy

So for this you want to connect with the inside of the foot, where your toe will be pointed more up than down.

6 Steps to a More Powerful Soccer Shot | ACTIVEkids

Just below the top shoelace hole is a bone on your foot that feels like the edge of a marble. If you connect under that then the ball hits the muscle of your foot, which means you will lose the crisp pop you want. Make sure you keep the inside of your foot following through towards the target , even after you connect. Besides the push pass, this is what coaches want you to learn first. The thing is, some players I believe naturally learn or do better bending the ball with the inside of the foot.

How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Depending on the situation in a game there is usually 1 or 2 better ways to kick the ball. Being stationary compared to dribbling or running with the ball is different. When striking with the top of the foot [laces] you want the ball to go straight towards where you hips and shoulders are facing. Also you need to have both knees bent at little.

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The more you have your plant leg bent, the more you can get under the ball to it up high. Striking with the laces is 1 main skill you really want to get right! Check this video below and notice how my student [Brett] gets both feet off the ground. Also notice how the player lands on his kicking foot. This is not the only way to hit it with the laces, but it is a good one I recommend. After you strike through make sure your hips and shoulders stay at the target. Imagine you built a robot that you have worked so hard for.

Where Are the Most Shots Made?

All the gears turn how they are supposed to and everything is just the perfect size. You have to go back and fix things so they work again. This is how kicking a soccer ball is when you are growing. Every year kids across the world are having to relearn how to kick the ball. Bending the ball can get just as much power as striking with the laces. My youth coach [Alvin Alexander] introduced it to me at team practice and I took advantage working on it in my backyard.

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You have to work with the ball on your own! If hitting a dead ball [freekick] do this. As you go to strike the ball your toes are down, but as you strike through bring your toes up. This is totally different and weird for the muscles , because the toes are used to staying up the whole time with the push pass or staying down with the laces. Your toe can stay down the whole time while striking or it can come up.

If you want power keep your toe down, but if you want some extra spin and less power let the toe go up. Brazilian legend, Roberto Carlos who would bend free kicks with the outside of the laces. A game Brazil vs Italy is when he scored it and it will forever go down as the greatest free-kick in my opinion.

How to Shoot a Soccer Ball With Power and Accuracy

The best part was the ball was traveling towards a ball boy on the side of the goal, right before it bent in the goal. One of the hardest skills in soccer is by far the chip! The ones that can do it, will admit that chipping with their weaker foot is so difficult. All these different techniques to learn and teach makes it very hard for a coach to teach a full team. This is the reason you need to get private or small group training. By far one of the best techniques you can learn is how to get both feet off the ground.

I have heard coaches in clinics or practices tell players they have to get both feet off the ground. The main time you want to get both feet off the ground is when you are dribbling or running forward. Your momentum will carry you as you strike it, which will allow more body weight. This means you get more power. Bending with the outside of the foot would allow you to do this, but again only in certain situation. The reason getting both feet off the ground when you kick is simply to give you more power. If you put your place foot even with the ball, the ball will roll before you shoot.

As a result, your place foot will end up behind the ball. Whenever I watch players attempt to shoot while running, I often see one of the following problems:. One thing is common with both these mistakes — the player reduces speed and potential momentum. What should take a few seconds can take 5 or 6. These extra seconds help defenders and goalies block the shot.

Set aside time to focus to practice shooting while running. Focus on your stride when you practice. I might have to try this and see if it makes a difference in my games. Thanks for sharing! Do you want to blast the ball into the net? Whether you kick the ball on the ground or in the air depends on the situation.

However, you will be more effective when you kick the ball low or on the ground. Think about it like this. Trust me.

HOW TO GET A HARDER SHOT - learn to shoot harder in football

You will score more goals when you kick the ball low. Distance and accuracy The closer you get to the goal, the less powerful your shot needs to be to score. When you are far away from the goal use a standard soccer shot. The Goalkeeper If the goalie is favoring one side rather than standing in the middle shoot towards the other side.

Chip the ball over the goalkeeper if he is a decent distance ahead of the goal. For example, You may have a good opportunity to shoot but passing is an even better option. Avoid this by putting your place foot ahead of the ball.

Smaller Hop When you run and shoot, you take a big hop naturally. Hopping too high will reduce your momentum. Your stride when shooting should be the same as when you jog or sprint normally. Start with a slow stride to learn the skill then increase your speed as you improve.