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He also learns what April expects of him. Meanwhile, Uhura has the conn, and is notified of an unidentified incoming vessel. The ship's pilot is a businesswoman making a delivery to Phaedus.

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness

She claims to be working for April. Her name is Mudd.

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Variants will include a photo cover and a unique CGC-graded cover, limited to copies. They are interrupted by the arrival of Uhura and Mudd in a shuttle.

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Kirk ignores April's advice. Spock finds Sulu and Hendorff but they get pinned down by enemy fire. Kirk and Uhura arrive in the shuttle just in time. Reconvening aboard the Enterprise with April and Mudd in tow, Kirk tries to make sense of the situation. Spock determines that the Klingons have been supplying April's opposition and Kirk is appalled to learn that April might ignite an interstellar war.

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April is unrepentant. Using one of his old security codes, he takes command of the Enterprise, with Mudd hoping for an even bigger payday. Captain Kirk and his crew will face an all-new adversary that threatens the future of the entire Federation.

Countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness #9: Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

Captain Kirk and his crew will face an all-new adversary that threatens the future of the entire Federation. The penultimate issue of this intergalactic tale of genocide, betrayal, love, logic and war is here. And from the first page to the final panel this creative team unleashes a versatile barrage of goodies that are sure to sate even the most hardcore fans. The script by Mike Johnson goes right into the thick of it, as the author embraces the established story points in a way that slowly but surely marches this series toward its inevitable climax.

In short I have very little to complain about here, save for a few select scenes that felt somewhat unnecessary.

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David Messina handles the art and the seasoned talent does an expert job illustrating the storied franchise. If like me, a fresh encounter with the crew of the Enterprise is always welcome. To Orci, Johnson and Messina: mission accomplished. Lynn Shelton's lo-fi Southern satire Sword of Trust yokes historical artifacts, the quest for meaning, Civil War Truthers, and the devastation of addiction to a pleasingly ramshackle comic quest.


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Countdown to Darkness

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