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Actually the opposite. I could only take in so much. Aug 12, Sara rated it really liked it. I can recommend. I enjoyed Jaynes' perspective on Moses' story. May 07, Sarah Diaz rated it really liked it. I needed every chapter of this book. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with self esteem and who they are in Christ. May 19, Michele Morin rated it it was amazing. Take Hold of the Faith You Long For addresses my objections to a bold following, my amnesia about the nature of the God who calls, and my desire to cling to the timid reluctance that characterizes the lives of most believers.

Sharon speaks from experience. God is not looking for perfection in our era either. Fill in the blank with your own. Perhaps you are carrying an identity that is freighted with failure. At the burning bush, Moses was confronted with the shame of his past and encouraged to move forward with a new God-given identity. He could choose to forgive himself and others and move on, or he could have elected to stay in bondage to the past.

Forgiveness does not absolve the offender, deny the wrong, or lessen the evil of whatever has been committed. The Greek word for forgiveness carries overtones of freedom and release, and this applies to both the offender and to the individual who was wronged. Today God is up-ending her insecurity around words in her career as a writer. May 03, A. Benson rated it it was amazing.

I was asked to be part of the launch team and I went in to it looking at it from this perspective: Can I take something away from this to strengthen my faith? The answer, in short, is a resounding yes. As I read this book, I was very introspective. I was ponderous. I was engaged. I was also terrified about what taking hold of a bold faith and setting aside excuses might do for and to my life. My terror gave way to excitement and action. I WANT a bold faith. This book gave me ideas on how to get it.

I gave the book 5 start overall because I have genuinely been changed by reading it. Let me break it down for you, though. I have several criteria I use to review books.

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How long did it take me to get into the book? I had a great group of women reading the book with me, though, and they were encouraging. I struggled some with the message, in part, because, like Moses, I want to argue with God about whether I am equipped to do what he calls me to do.

I think had I set aside a larger amount of time on the first night, getting into it might have been easier. Can I relate to one of the characters or the example stories being told? They were good tears, though, healthy and cleansing. One of the stories was about being worried about what others would think of her dancing skills and how a woman and her wheelchair-bound husband danced as if they were the only ones there.

A lame man can teach us all to dance. Can I picture the world the author is trying to get me to see? I can see that world as part of my path now. It does not glorify Him to live small. Is the book well written? Despite what she saw as her flaws, God helped her to tell her story in writing. The entire book flows well. Do I want to read the next book by this author? She offered me both biblical references and modern day stories that drew me in. There is also a bible study guide at the end for further exploration of topics.

For me, they have been life changing and I am confident they will help shape your faith positively as well. As an author, I try to give really honest book reviews. It is important. May 03, Julie D. This book is so amazing and so life changing! I cannot explain how totally different I feel about my faith and my relationship with God because of the beautiful words that Sharon shares in this book.

My book is so highlighted because each and every page has something on it that totally spoke to my heart and mind in a way that nothing else has. I've allowed so many things to hold me back - fear, comparison to others, un-forgiveness - and this book spoke on each and every one of these issues.

Barriers to Overcome

She s This book is so amazing and so life changing! She shares how we can let go of all these things that would entrap us and keep us from living a faith that is bold and sure. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book: God has given each and every one of us gifts - gifts He has purposed for us to use, invest, and multiply. And I'm not just talking about money but gifts in our inner being. He has given you talents and abilities He expects you to use to further the kingdom and minister to others.

When you dare to live bold, there will be those who will question your motives, your methods and your means to accomplish what God has called you to do. Where I felt timid to go forward before, I now feel bold. When praying for what may seem impossible, I now have the bold faith to truly believe God for that prayer.

When sitting down to write, I feel more sure about the fact that this is God's calling on my life. This book is so easy to read and I had such a hard time putting it down. It was so exciting to read something that made me feel so much surer of my calling and my faith I just wanted to keep reading. I love all the personal stories that Sharon shares from her own life. I really related to so much of what she shared and how she feels.

It was like sitting down with a good friend over coffee and having her share her heart. I will be keeping this book where I can refer to it. In fact, I plan on reading it again because it was so good and I know I'll be able to get even more from it the second time around. I recommend this book to everyone to read! It really is a must read book for everyone! May 09, Brittany rated it liked it Shelves: christian , baker-books-reviews. Life is messy.

We are far from perfect, despite our attempts to show the world otherwise. Sometimes we let our fears and insecurities get the better of us. In a world insistent on pegging labels on everyone, we might struggle with our identity. Sometimes instead of taking risks for the amazing we are content with an average life because it would be safe. These are things that show we are not trusting or living with full faith in God. In Take Hold of the Faith You Long For Sharon Jaynes seeks to guide the reader towards a stronger and more fulfilling faith, through relinquishing their insecurities and putting full trust in God, thereby becoming more fully the person God created them to be.

Jaynes takes the reader on a journey to explore their own faith and ideas of self. She strengthens the reader by using scripture to show the promises of God and our own roles in the biblical story. Personal narrative also play a big part throughout her book to help enforce ideas and perhaps get the reader thinking more. I greatly appreciated many of these stories, because they give the reader a more intimate experience, something to relate to, rather than mere guidelines.

She begins by helping us to question beliefs about ourselves. Are the adjectives we use negative? Are we letting ourselves be defined by our pasts and hurts? These are some of the questions she will raise before asking you to relinquish them. To let God work through you and to accept the forgiveness you were graciously given. The opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review. May 03, Suzi Ciliberti rated it it was amazing. And without Faith it is impossible to please Him! Hebrews a I have been a Christian for almost 54 years.

I have been a missionary for over 30 of those years. I understand the importance of faith. I understand the need for faith. I long to have a deeper faith. This book about faith has been life changing. I have read so many books about growing faith but none of them have affected me like this one,. Sharon has And without Faith it is impossible to please Him! Sharon has a gift from God that makes her writing extraordinary. The book is easy to read and the concepts, though very deep and very powerful, are simply said.

Heather Hakes

She illustrates truth with stories, true stories from her life and the lives of others who are just like us. Sharon is a Jesus girl who wanted more and she is calling out to all of us Jesus girls who want to know more that we can be more, have more, experience more of Jesus. If I was a wealthy woman, and if you know anything about missionaries you know that is one thing we are not, I would buy a copy of this book to give to every person I love.

I would buy copies and keep them on my shelf to give away on every occasion possible Like any book it can do nothing for the person who doesn't read it. But because I believe everyone will relate to what is in this book, I would buy it even for people who I know would take it thinking that they would never read it.

Because after reading this book I have the faith to believe that if I could get it to them, God will would get them into the book. And when God gets someone into this book He will use it in ways that are amazing. I know that through this book, His truth will be planted deeply into the heart of who ever reads it in ways that will change them from the inside out. If you need a Mother's Day gift, this is the perfect gift! May 03, Gini rated it it was amazing. I mean, like I even went and found her blog and everything.

But what about her latest book? It grabbed me from the start. She has hit right where I have lived too long and too frequently. She uses fresh illustrations and examples in her narratives while she gently encourages the reader to let go, move forward, and live bold. That sequence forms the basis for her encouragement and earned her another star from my point of view.

While she does use some personal stories, this is not a book on how she survived to write about it now book. Instead we get a fresh look at Moses and his letting go, moving forward, and living boldly. Many of us know his story, but the author interweaves it into her text in such a way that it is fresh.

Other Biblical characters make cameo appearances, too. She works with them in the same way with applications that are more than cardboard fixes. Probably one of the most important lines in this book. There is a study guide available at the end of the book, which has a few more lines at its finish that you will not want to miss.

That last little treat starts on page and is a great way to finish off this book. I do recommend this book to you. I found her encouragement biblically solid and applied well. This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for a review. Jun 26, Prairie Sky Book Reviews rated it it was amazing. Because the titles of each chapter are very revealing of the contents, take a look at the truths you will unwrap through the pages of this impacting book: 1. The Freedom of Forgiveness 6. When Your Rooster Crows 7.

Give Fear the Boot 8. Get Up and Get Going No, she is more like a friend walking alongside us, sharing stories and encouraging us even as she admits her own struggles. She also uses Biblical characters such as Moses, Ruth, and others to illustrate her points. I am grateful to have received a copy of this book from Baker Books Bloggers, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.

All opinions expressed are my own. May 03, Victoria Sellers rated it it was amazing. Little did I know the impact this inspiring book and its amazing author would have on me and all the women who were part of this launch. It also sheds more light on the story of Moses, who led the Israelites out of Egypt and the new life given to Paul who once persecuted and killed Christians.

Simply put, its life changing!! I know, because it changed mine. May 22, Michelle rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Christian women. Shelves: religion , christian-living , spiritual-growth , baker-books , read-in The topic is letting go of who you think you are and living boldly for the Lord.

Sharon did much research for each chapter, from some authors I am familiar with and others that are new to me. Many Christians are just happy with their status quo comfort zones.

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Sharon did an excellent job of laying out the chapters as the book seemed to flow flawlessly. I believe the author's position, in this book, is at the bottom of page This book captured and held my attention. I learned I am already a new creation, I don't have to wait to get to heaven to be a new creation. It's also something I don't have to strive for. I already am. I also learned that giving up control is not our natural bent as humans. However, when Christ makes us new He gives us the ability to give control to Him.

The author walks the reader with Moses. I honestly enjoyed Take Hold of the Faith You Long For, but my review will be mild because of two reasons that have nothing to do with the book itself: 1 - I read it on my Kindle and I am notoriously bad about reading books on my Kindle! I'm still a creature of habit as far as reading goes, and physical books get more love from me right now. I took my sweet time reading this, but what I do remember of it was lovely.

I think Sharon is a fun, engaging w I honestly enjoyed Take Hold of the Faith You Long For, but my review will be mild because of two reasons that have nothing to do with the book itself: 1 - I read it on my Kindle and I am notoriously bad about reading books on my Kindle! I think Sharon is a fun, engaging writer and I appreciated her wisdom. This had lots of scripture references which I liked, and the stories and anecdotes were good. I bet I would have remembered it more had I read it on paper. Jul 04, Veronica rated it it was amazing Shelves: supernatural , non-fiction , biblical , new-author-to-you This was a wonderful book filled with amazing insights!

I loved how she used her own personal stories and examples from the Bible, especially the life of Moses, to point out issues we all struggle with and how to overcome them. She also used a lot of Scripture verses to point out the truth we all need to hear. She talked about the difference between being set free, but not really living free. We've accepted Jesus as our Savior, but we're still letting insecurity, fear, unforgiveness, shame, disa This was a wonderful book filled with amazing insights!

We've accepted Jesus as our Savior, but we're still letting insecurity, fear, unforgiveness, shame, disappointment, comparison, etc. We're stuck instead of living the adventure. We feel we're not perfect enough or good enough to do His work, but He just wants willing people who will be obedient. This was very inspiring and really caused me to look at my faith and what might be holding me back.

I can see myself referring back to this book again for a good reminder of who I am in Christ. This book includes a study guide at the end with quite a few questions for each chapter. This was the first book I've read by Sharon Jaynes, but it won't be the last! I highly recommend it! I received this book free from Baker Books in exchange for an honest review. May 03, Anita Brands rated it it was amazing Shelves: own , nit-s-faves. In it, Sharon invites the reader to tread deeper in faith, to live boldly for Jesus and take hold His promises by letting go of the insecurities, fears, unforgiveness, comparisons and a number of other worldly things that hold His precious children back.

While not an easy ready Sharon goes deep , I definitely recommend reading this book. This book was part of a launch team package issued by the publisher. May 03, Stephanie Plair rated it it was amazing. From the moment I received the email to apply for the launch team, I knew this would be a life changing book for me. I honestly didn't know how much of an impact it would really have on me.

The process to where I truly want to be may take a while, but at least I am aware now, and I have learned from this experience. I know I have been guilty of that in the past. Forgiving him, but mainly forgiving yourself and learning and moving on IS going to make you so much healthier in the long run, therefore more loving and self confident.

No one says it is. But it is much easier than spending the better part of your future on pipe dreams, fear, pain and broken promises. Make a promise to yourself that from now on, you will treat yourself the way that you wish to be treated. You know what else, I just had another thought… Chances are that if you could confront them for closure, would they say what you want to hear? Would they take their responsibility for it all? Would they honestly and truly put your mind at ease?

I know. Been and done.

Nicholas Sparks

You know the answers already, right? And right now, it needs to be about what benefits me. Potential does not a relationship make. Armed with a bit more self-knowledge, I can carry on with my life, and I wish him the best with his. You are SO right.. Mind you he had already been seeing someone else. Like NML said they are master manipulators!

Like many other here, I really needed this today. We work together and I find it the hardest when I hear his voice down the hall. We have been avoiding running into each other, so I guess that is a blessing. ANYway, I was close … close to cracking the door today. Still, I feel that crushing sensation in my chest and my throat gets tight. I can hardly wait to find another job. The temptation of him being close is killing me.

My sister sent me this song and I am passing it along. Peace to all of you … Annie D. I need a refresher course on this after 3 months of NC and over a year of breaking up and making up. I have finally closed the door.. After five years off on and off relationship, like me not allowed on his or his sis facebook… and monthly breakups where I walk out when other women called him,or I find emails to and from other women.. I talked to him about it and he would say I was being ridiculous. Finally when he acted that way at my friends house with her friends 3 yr old.

I made him take me home.. I again saw email from him to another women, I as usual left again. His house is a hopeless mess inside and outside, he has four vehicals and they are also filled with paper and stuff never put away.. I tried to help him organize things, I even did his washing and ironing, I even changed my hair colour as he said mine didnt suit me, I dressed in skirts and lady like clothes, he dressed as he pleased..

I was just happy being with him for some reason I cant and never could explain, I fell in love with this man..

Take Hold of the Faith You Long for: Let Go, Move Forward, Live Bold by Sharon Jaynes

I finally realized what a dummy I was, and that there isnt any use trying to figure out why he is the way he is, I still love him which I know is stupid, but Im not going to do a thing about still caring for him.. Im trying really hard this time and am having no contact with him at all. This site has helped me. How are you doing with the NC? To break up properly, Thou must close the door and move forward. Just like when you wanted your relationship to work with your ex, the same rules apply to you. So what is closure? He is surplus to requirements!

Forgive you. This is how you learn to trust yourself and your interactions. Permission to close the door on your relationship and move on — Granted. Check out Commandment Thou must close the door and move forward Add to favorites Related posts:. Share this FinallyOverIt on June 9, at pm. You have no idea how much I needed this today.