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Ryan Foo: Alignment
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  2. Harvest Generation (podcast) - Harvest Generation Church | Listen Notes
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Clarance Sashi: Enduring Faith. You decide whose voice you want to be amplified. We need to move from faith being a response to what God does, to faith being a resolve in our Spirit.

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Our greatest challenge is to stay in a position of faith, and not allowing our faith to be derailed. Brenda Foo: Potential. The threshing floor can be a place in your life where the chaff of your fear is removed from the wheat of your faith. He believed and stepped into God's promise though he had not seen—the promise of God is in the unseen. Ryan Foo: Little By Little. Enjoy the journey to your breakthrough. Ryan Foo: The Thorns.

Don't let the thorns or worries of this world rob you from the abundant life God has for you. Ryan Foo: Developing Your Vision.

Harvest Generation (podcast) - Harvest Generation Church | Listen Notes

God is calling us to things beyond us—we just need to step out and not be fearful of conquering the unknown! Ryan Foo: Anointing. Anointing comes through the crushing and squeezing of our lives. It's tough, but it's in those moments that God brings the best out of us.

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God made each of us unique in our own way. Ryan Foo: Let It Go. When the storm of offences come, we need to spread our wings of forgiveness to soar above the storm.

Daniel Ho: Evangelism Jesus' Style. Evangelism is as simple as bringing Jesus into our daily conversations. Ryan Foo: Be Productive.

Welcome to Harvest Generation.

Spiders are skillful creatures—they draw out a substance from their bodies that becomes silk threads to weave their webs. Let this year be an adventure with God! Ryan Foo: Journey Of Faith. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. Though there'll be challenges in the natural, we take heart that our promise is in the supernatural! The Forum Advisory Council is composed of key leaders in the food and agriculture industries, including farmers and ranchers, CEOs, public officials, and experts from across the food value chain.

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These leaders were chosen to represent all the major stakeholders in food and agriculture systems to ensure every voice is heard in the co-creation of our future sustainable food systems. A list of advisory council members can be found here. After a welcome reception the evening of June 4th, the Forum program will begin the morning of June 5th on a grain farm in southwest Maryland, and continue for a day and a half of hands-on working sessions. Areas of exploration include:.

Integrating soil, water, and carbon management in an outcome-focused, place-based, and technologically enabled system. Empowering farmers and ranchers to serve as global stewards of our land, water, and air while strengthening their economic resilience. Exploring trends shaping the future of sustainable supply chain sourcing.

The Lord Is Good, Good, Good

Tracking the evolution of storytelling and standards for food and farming in the 21st century. Using the growing investor interest in food and ag systems to drive toward a shared positive vision. It is with great purpose that the Honor the Harvest Forum will be hosted on a family farm that exemplifies generational stewardship and sustainability.