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Oct 26, Carmen Blalock rated it it was amazing. To others it means nothing more than kinship. Who you consider your family is something totally different, everyone that you consider family is not family by blood. Those family members are those have proven to you that they are loyal to you and will have your back no matter what and that means more to you than bloodline. Katrina Sanders is a beautiful little girl who wants nothing more than to be loved by her mother like all little girls. Problem is due to circumstances beyond Katrina's control she can not attain that love that she wants and desires so much so she has to get that love from somewhere else.

Manny Taylor and his mother Joyce would show Katrina what the true meaning of family is. Manny Taylor Jr. Living with his mother after his father was taken from his life way too early has made Manny become a man early on. Doing the only thing that he knows to do to survive, Manny understands family and has his blood family plus his street family and there is nothing that he won't do to protect either of them.

Ben Holland has been living with his aunt since his parents died when he was young. When Ben becomes a teen and his aunt realizes that he is nothing more than kinship to her, Ben is forced to live on the streets and learn about life. Ben soon meets Manny and becomes fast friends and realizes that this friendship is more family that he has experienced and this is what he needs to survive. This friendship fast grows into a larger family and everyone experiences love and loyalty.

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Learning the true meaning of ride or die, this begins the Holland Family Saga. The Holland Family Saga has many characters that contribute to make this a very good book. You have drama that sends you on an emotional rollercoaster and that makes for an exciting action packed read. I believe the word Saga is fitting in this title because it means a long and complicated series of events but it comes to a head and when it does it is explosive! I have enjoyed this novel by Black and I look forward to the next book in this series.

This was an interesting book that sorta snuck up on me. First and foremost, I think that Clever Black is an excellent story teller, but I find his writing to be much to descriptive for my taste. It sort of bogged me down in the beginning and made me f This was an interesting book that sorta snuck up on me. It sort of bogged me down in the beginning and made me feel like the story was being dragged out. It read more like a movie script rather than a book. I could see it playing out as a movie, complete with the background music he was so descriptive with for every scene. I loved the characters and the background that was given for everyone.

I even loved the way the story played out in the end. It was real with real world consequences I give the book four stars because of the poor editing. Black has a better editor for the future stories. I know that some will disagree with me, but the writing style of this story reminded me of John Grisham's first book, "A Time to Kill". I thought it sort of dragged in the beginning also and it was very descriptive as well, but a great story in the end. Jan 18, Tiffany rated it really liked it.

Clever Black

I have had this book sitting on my nook for a while and I have heard so many good things about this series that I finally had to just sit down and read for myself. Ben Holland grew up in New Orleans different than other people. He was put out into the streets at a young age and had to learn how to quickly adapt to his enviornment in order to survive. When he met Manny and Oscar I have had this book sitting on my nook for a while and I have heard so many good things about this series that I finally had to just sit down and read for myself. When he met Manny and Oscar the two quickly changed Bens live and introduced him to a quick and easy way to make money which was by a life of crime.

Ben and his friends would run around New Orleans doing anything possible to make money. What started out as small time crimes quickly turned into a life of hard core violent lifestyle. They guys were deep in the drug game and quickly rose to the top because of the loyalty they had for each other and the work they were putting in on the streets.

With the police on their payroll and the crew willing to stop anyone who gets in their way Ben Holland and his crew want to go out on top. Its rare that once your in the drug business that you get out so will Ben and his crew be able to survive the streets and turn legit or will the streets take a toll on Ben and the crew? I enjoyed this novel and all the characters in it.

It took you on a journey with the characters who were all very well written about. Sometimes there was a lot of detail in the story but over than that it was a really good read. I will be continuing on with Part 2 so I can see whats going to happen next.

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A lot happened in book one that makes you want to continue to pick up the rest of the series so I will keep reading and great job Clever Black. May 15, Carla rated it it was amazing. Every now and again I come across a new author that just blows me away. It is the story of Manny and Ben aka Dirty Red.

Brought together by different circumstances, they form a crew and the rest is history. The storyline spanned the course of ten plus years. The characte Every now and again I come across a new author that just blows me away. The characters were very in depth and the storyline flowed well. The descriptions and places named did an excellent job of describing New Orleans and the culture. At times it was a little too descriptive and detailed but not to the point of it ruining the book.

May 18, Arabia rated it it was amazing. I loved this book from the beginning till the end I was hooked. I loved how this book gave you the back story to all the success It told where they came from, how they triumphed, and what was left when all the smoke cleared. From this book I felt the raw emotion from the characters I found myself laughing, crying, fighting and loving with them.

I will say that it was a little to detailed when it came to cars and clothes the characters purchased If you have not read this book you are seriously missing out Clever Black did the damn thing in this one: Patiently waiting on part 2! May 03, Scarlet Hope rated it it was amazing. This novel was totally awesome. I loved the author's writing style as well as constant focus on morals such as loyalty, love, and friendship.

The characters seemed like they came to life on the pages of this novel. In reading this book I also noticed that he author although included a few sex scenes he kept it tasteful, nothing raunchy and I appreciated that. It was a breath of fresh air to read a story with real meaning and a different storyline that hasn't been done over and over again. I have This novel was totally awesome. I have never read any other works by Clever Back, but he has definitely gained a new fan.

I totally look forward to reading more by this author and applaud him for his excellence. Mar 02, Letitia Mask rated it it was amazing. Well written story and so much I want to say but I don't want to give too much away. She was so scandalous. I am glad that Katrina and Ben made it but sad about all the losses.

But there is always one and it cost him his life. I look forward to part 2, I would really like to know how Damenga got on to Sherman, the real weak link. Even tho Well written story and so much I want to say but I don't want to give too much away. Even though Damenga saw how the boys conducted business he still uderestimated them. Ben was smart enough to be the last one standing Very Good This is the longest book I've ever read which is surprising but I'm not complaining.

It also turned out to be one of the best stories I've ever read. I really wasn't feeling it in the beginning and thought it was too long and drawn out but I started getting into it and couldn't put it down. They were more like outlaws of the South instead of gangsters.

They had some strange characters too. The ending was worth the wait. Loved it. I will b Very Good This is the longest book I've ever read which is surprising but I'm not complaining. I will be onto part 2 shortly. Feb 16, Mary M. OMG Good! The Best! One of the best, if not The very best mafia book I've ever read. This one is a must read in spite of a few grammatical errors. This one will keep you up all night. It has everything The author took his time developing each character.

The are cold bloody murders and hoes, but they have a lot of love for each other. You'll find yourself cheering and OMG Good! You'll find yourself cheering and cry I for them.

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No Sweat May 23, Zaneta rated it really liked it. When I first begin reading this book I was about to put it down. I felt it was a little too descriptive therefore making the story long and drown out. One I got about thirty percent I was in for the long haul. The book was well worth the time I spent reading it. I truely enjoyed this book after I got beyond the descriptions. I am excited about reading the next book into the series. Great Job Clever Black.

Jun 27, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: amazon-books-read. I found the story line very intriguing. The characters in this book was very strong types that don't take no mess. As I read through this book I began to feel sorry for some of characters. The words on the pages gave great descriptions of what was happening and drew me into the story line.

Clever Black did an awesome job with this book and I can't wait to read the rest of this series. May 01, Kellee rated it did not like it Shelves: free-kindle-book , hated-it , wtf. This book was too long for my taste. I felt like I was reading an encyclopedia. The story seemed to drag on and on and there were too many characters in the book. There were so many that I felt were irrelevant and didn't need to be mentioned at all.

At no point was this book a page-turner for me.

I guess the one good thing in the book is that the main characters were well-developed. I won't be reading the sequel. Great book Wow!!!!! This one right here was very good, great story line and I fell in Love with all the characters. Manny and his mom Ms Joyce was some very original people. That's how people where back in the day. Katrina was something as well, Manny treated her just like a little sister. So many good things happen in this book, you really have to read it. You want be disappointed.

Great job Clever Black you just got another fan. Readers also enjoyed. About Clever Black. Clever Black. Books by Clever Black. Trivia About The Holland Famil No trivia or quizzes yet. When comments came in I was surprised to see how often the matter of fear or anxiety or uneasiness was mentioned—mostly the fears and anxieties of students, but occasionally it was your uneasiness that was expressed one way or the other.

You all remember it. You have probably shared it with your students. His mother had recently passed away; his father was alone, facing the economic pressures of the day. In the midst of these concerns, Gordon received a mission call to England—at the time the most expensive mission in the world, with no equalization plan as there is today.

I am still not sure why that little story, told 20 years ago, has affected me so much, but it has. I ask you to teach that nothing—not anything, not anyone, not any influence—will keep this Church from fulfilling its mission and realizing its destiny set from before the foundation of the world. Ours is that fail-safe, inexorable, indestructible dispensation of the fulness of the gospel. Our youth have no need to be afraid or tentative about themselves or about their future.

What they do need to do is believe and to rise up to make the most of the remarkable day in which we live. Unlike every other era before us, this dispensation will not experience an institutional apostasy; it will not see a loss of priesthood keys; it will not suffer a cessation of revelation from the voice of Almighty God. Individuals will apostatize, they may turn a deaf ear to heaven, but never again will the dispensation collectively do so. What a secure thought that is! What a day in which to live! What a way to cut through fear or faintheartedness.

I love that declaration, known to every CES teacher in the audience. You have probably quoted it to your own students.

Clever Black

I hope so. So much rests on our shoulders, but it will be a glorious and successful experience. If any of your students are unsettled, or if you are unsettled, reassure one and all that the victory in this final contest has already been declared. The victory is already in the record books—these books, the scriptures! We know for certain that if and when everything else in the latter days is down or dying; if governments, economies, industries, and institutions crumble; if societies and cultures become a quagmire of chaos and insecurity, nevertheless, through it all the gospel of Jesus Christ and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that bears that gospel to the world will stand triumphant.

Nothing is more certain in this world. Nothing is more sure. Nothing could be more of an antidote to anxiety. As the Prophet Joseph declared, and as a generation of missionaries quote with fervor: The truth of God will sweep every country and sound in every ear. No unhallowed hand can stop it from progressing. As a preface to the revelations of our day, the Lord said unequivocally:. And if there are some bumps along the way while waiting to see every promise kept and every prophecy fulfilled, so be it.

Snow penned:. Go forward, be faithful, the promise is sure. That spirit cuts through confusion like the two-edged sword the truth of the Lord always is. So, what do we owe our students in this? So put a smile on your face, and cherish every day of your life! Consider this from that young, fearful missionary, now speaking from the vantage point of many, many more years of experience:. Jesus is our leader, our strength, and our king.

Ours is a mission of faith. To my brethren and sisters everywhere, I call upon you to reaffirm your faith, to move this work forward across the world. You can make it stronger by the manner in which you live.

Let the gospel be your sword and your shield. Each of us is a part of the greatest cause on earth. Let me list some specific things that I think you should teach your students to be glad about and over which they should cease being fearful. I note, for example, getting married, having families, and welcoming children into the world. We in the presiding councils of the Church hear far too often—and perhaps you do as well—that many of our youth and young adults are terrified to get married. In less severe, more common cases, they are fearful that the world will just get more difficult, that jobs will be too hard to find, and that one should be out of school, out of debt, have a career, and own a home before considering marriage.

Good grief! Now that may not be the ideal way to start a marriage, but what a marriage it has been and what we would have missed if we had waited even one day longer than we did once we knew that that marriage was right. Sure, there was sacrifice; certainly there were restless days and weeks and months; certainly there was some burning of the midnight oil. Faust would later tell me over and over and over that I and no one else should ever do.

What if we had delayed inordinately? What would we have missed? And we wanted children as soon as we could get them, which in our case did not turn out to be as easy as we thought. It took us three years to have our first child, another three to get a second, and four to get a third.

And then that was it. A full-term miscarriage for a fourth closed that door to us forever, so we have rejoiced in the three children we have been able to raise. But what would our lives have been like if we had waited or delayed or worried unduly about the economics of it all? Which of our children would we give back? With what memories or love or lessons with each of them would we ever part? I shudder to think of it. Brethren and sisters, I think we have to start earlier to teach our students the place of marriage and family in the great plan of happiness.

Waiting until they are of marriageable age puts us way behind the curve. For example, it is alarming to us that in the last 50 years the natural median age for men to marry has risen from age 22 to age 28! Add to this such diverse influences on the young as the increased availability of birth control, the morally destructive rise of pornography , an increased disaffiliation with institutional religion, the pervasive quest for material goods generally, the rise of postmodern thought with its skepticism and subjectivity and you see the context for anxiety and fear that a rising generation can feel.

With these kinds of winds blowing in their lives, they can be damaged almost before mature, married life has begun. Furthermore, so many young people I talk to fear that if they do marry they will be just another divorce statistic; they will be another individual who dove foolishly into marriage only to find there was no water in that pool.

Couple that leeriness about the success of marriage with the tawdry, foul, often devilish mocking of chastity and fidelity and family life so regularly portrayed in movies and on television and you see the problem. We have our work cut out for us to preserve and perpetuate both the holiness and the happiness of marriage. You can begin by showing the blessing, the reward, and the reality of a happy marriage in your own lives.

But, as always, your first and most penetrating lessons to your students will be the lessons of your own life. You show them in word and deed that your marriage and your family mean everything to you because they should—they must. Lucifer will make that harder and harder to do even as it becomes more and more important to do. A number of you commented about other troubling contemporary issues—issues that bring other kinds of fear, challenging the belief of our youth in sometimes aggressive ways.

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