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We hope you find great help within this virtual book taking you on an adventure through learning the amazing alphabet! Z Welcome! Please listen and watch our Voki to find out what is in our userguide! Target Audience: This Ebook is geared towards kindergarten students who are learning to identify lower and uppercase letters of the alphabet.

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With this knowledge, the students will be able to understand the proper use of each letter. Please click the image to watch our screencast!

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One way is uppercase, and the other is lowercase! Lowercase and Uppercase Letters. Uppercase vs. Lowercase letters Please read and check out the notes for additional information! As the book's subtitle, An NHL Alumni Alphabet , indicates, the volume's primary focus is historical, especially regarding those who have, at one time, played in the National Hockey League. Shea's hockey knowledge really comes through in the book's text.

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Appropriately, the word associated with the first letter of the alphabet is "alumni," and Shea provides readers with a history of the NHL Alumni Association. Trivia fans will be engaged by some of the tidbits that Shea incorporates, such as the fact contained in Rr "Retired" that, "When the Minnesota Wild joined the NHL in , they retired the number 1 as a tribute to their fans!

Shea occasionally includes quotes from some past NHL greats. A professional illustrator for the past three decades, Ken Dewar, the illustrator for H is for Hockey , is now an instructor at his alma mater, the Alberta College of Art and Design. His realistic style is most appropriate for the content, at times portrait-like and in other instances action-filled.

One small design weakness is that Dewar often uses real former NHLers in his illustrations, but they are not identified either in the text or by some type of note.

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For instance, on the Aa page, Guy Lafleur, in an NHL Alumni jersey, is portrayed dropping the puck at a face-off between two youngsters while two of the six Sutter brothers represent Bb "Brothers. Likely because of NHL copyright restrictions, Dewar's "real" players wear appropriately numbered jerseys in NHL team colours but without any identifying team logos.

Given that no woman has ever played for an NHL team during the regular season, H is for Hockey is a bit light in female content. Dewar, however, does find ways via his illustrations to connect girls to the book's subject matter. For example, in Dd "Draft," while Shea's text initially addresses the NHL draft, he then goes on to describe the more informal ways that children use to pick teams for fun games, Dewar's accompanying illustration portrays a multicultural, mixed gender group of children choosing up teams.

As is the case with some other alphabet books from Sleeping Bear Press, identifying an audience for H is for Hockey is a challenge. An alphabet book in picture book format suggests that the book should likely be shelved in the children's section of libraries. And, while the book's hockey content might seem to support that shelving decision, the work's historical focus, however, likely restricts its juvenile audience to just the most ardent of young hockey fans.

Older teens and adults who have more seriously followed the game of hockey will likely relate more strongly to the contents of H is for Hockey. To comment on this title or this review, send mail to cm umanitoba.