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No more wheeling your cart up here and setting up the table and chairs. You could even have a Lazy Boy in the backroom and carry all sorts of Tarot card decks. Think about it. Ash pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. I want it. Just have the keys out here in the morning. He repeated it into the phone. All right. Have a good one. Jeez, that man had some fearsome powers. The one that broke the handcuff off Selena without a scratch or the one that allowed him to drop a couple of million dollars without blinking. He held his hand out to Selena and helped her to her feet.

The two of them had a very odd relationship. Unless it involved Simi killing and eating someone. For some reason, Ash really loved the cinema and Tabitha had been going to see movies with him for the last two years.

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His favorites were horror and action flicks. Ash brushed his hand over the dragon tattoo on his forearm. Selena stood on her tiptoes and pulled Ash down so that she could hug him. Selena pulled away. Ash pulled his glasses back down to cover his eerie, swirling silver eyes. He always saw the good in everyone. Before he could answer, a large black Harley motorcycle came roaring down St. When it reached the turn that would have taken the rider down Royal Street, the bike stopped and was shut off.

Tabitha watched as the tall, lithe rider, who was decked out all in black biker leathers, held the bike upright between his thighs with ease and pulled the helmet off. Extremely gorgeous, she was slender but muscular, with medium brown skin and a flawless complexion. She wore her jet black hair in braids that were pulled back into a ponytail.

Ash indicated Decatur Street behind him. Tabitha laughed at his reference to the night she had inadvertently met the pirate Dark-Hunter. It had been dark and Jean-Luc had grabbed her from behind in an alley while she was stalking after a group of Daimons. All she had seen was fangs and tallness, so she had struck. Ash grinned. I know what you mean. All you soul-full people look alike to us too. Tabitha shook her head at him as she continued laughing. She wrapped her arm around Selena and started toward Decatur where Selena had left her Jeep across the street. Once Tabitha was satisfied that Selena would be okay…and Bill… she headed back to the Quarter to patrol for Daimons.

It was a relatively quiet night out. Now they, like the vampires she sought, kept to the shadows where they were forgotten.

Double Dragon eBooks publishes The Valerian Chronicles by T.R. Rankin

Sighing, Tabitha headed down Royal. But at least she could see to it that some of the hungry were fed. With no real destination in mind, she wandered down the lonely streets and browsed in the jewelry shop windows. She looked ahead to see Richard Crenshaw coming toward her. He had a bad habit of coming in whenever he got off work and hitting on the strippers who ordered custom-made costumes from her. As usual, he was laughing at her. That was fine. Most people did. In fact, most people thought she was insane.

Even her own family had laughed at her for years…until her twin sister had ended up married to a Dark-Hunter and had faced a vampire who had almost killed her. She kept walking down the street, feeling extremely lonely tonight.

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How she wished she could live her life blindly, never knowing what was out here. She knew and with that knowledge came the choice of either helping people or turning her back on them. Never in her life had Tabitha been the kind of person who turned her back on someone in need. Her powers as an empath were too much for her sometimes.

She felt the pain of others just as much as she felt her own. It was what had drawn Ash to her in the beginning. At times it was all completely overwhelming. She was so bombarded by intense emotions, that it set off hers and sometimes caused her to lash out verbally just from the stress of it. So here she was, another lonely night spent walking the streets by herself as she risked her life for people who mocked her. But it was useless.

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Tears filled her eyes as she touched the jagged scar on her face that Desiderius had given her. The worst sort of psycho, Desiderius had been the Daimon out to kill her twin sister and brother-in-law. Luckily, Amanda and Kyrian had survived. It was why she fought alone now.

She would never again ask anyone to risk their life to do what she did. Turning around, she knelt down and pretended to tie the laces on her boot. Meanwhile she was well aware of the six shadows that were closing in on her…. Valerius pulled at the edge of his right leather Coach glove to straighten it as he walked down the virtually abandoned street. As always, he was impeccably dressed in a long black cashmere coat, a black turtleneck and black slacks. He was the epitome of sophistication. His family had been descended from one of the oldest and most respected noble families of Rome.

But that was the past and Valerius refused to remember it. Agrippina was the only exception to that rule. She was the only thing he ever remembered from his human life. Valerius winced and focused his thoughts on other, much less painful things. There was a crispness in the air that announced winter would be here soon. Still, the longer he was here the more his blood was thinning and the cool night air was a bit chilly to him. Valerius paused as his Dark-Hunter senses detected the presence of a Daimon.

Seize The Night

Tilting his head, he listened with his heightened hearing. But she who laughs last, laughs longest and I intend to belly roll tonight. Valerius was mesmerized by the macabre beauty of the battle. She flipped him over her shoulder and twirled in one graceful motion to stab him in the chest with a long, black dagger. She twirled as she rose up to face another one.

She tossed the dagger from one hand to the other and held it like a woman well used to defending herself from the undead. Two Daimons rushed her. She actually did a cartwheel away from them, but the other Daimon had anticipated her action. He grabbed her. Without panicking, the woman surrendered her weight by picking both of her legs up to her chest.

It brought the Daimon to his knees. The woman sprang to her feet and whirled to stab the Daimon from his back. Normally the remaining Daimons would flee. Not even the Amazons had ever produced a better fighter than the woman who confronted the Daimons.

Valerius And The Bastard Son - Volume Four Of The Valerian Chronicles

Suddenly a light appeared behind the woman. It flashed bright and swirling. A chill, cold wind swept through the courtyard before six more Daimons stepped out. Tabitha turned slowly to see the group of new Daimons. Holy shit. He moved his hand and deflected the dagger before it reached him. Then he slung his arm toward her. Something invisible and painful slashed through her chest as she went flying head over heels. Horrible memories ripped through her of the night when her friends had died. The way the Spathi Daimons had torn through them….

The tallest Daimon who stood even in height to Valerius laughed. Valerius pulled his two retractable swords from his coat and extended the blades. One of the Daimons smiled. My father always told me that all Romans die squealing like pigs.

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Valerius sidestepped and brought his sword down. The Daimon pulled a sword out of nothing and parried his attack with a skill that bespoke a man with years or training. Valerius dropped his swords and swung out with his arms, releasing the grappling hooks and cords that were attached to his wrist. The hooks went straight into the chest of the tallest Daimon and the one he was fighting. A man stood at the helm and several others lined the weather pontoon. Another figure-half the size of the helmsman-stood forward by the mast, peering ahead into the darkness.

But why Colinus is aboard now, I know not. Perhaps he brings the message we seek. The image above the flames had indeed begun to shimmer, but now, as the two observers quieted, it too settled, and zoomed in on the half-sized man by the mast, the one called Colinus. He was looking at something, his round, boyish face thrust forward, his eyes squinting. And he was obviously concerned about the bright light of the moon for he kept glancing back at it, a look of irritation crossing his face. He signaled the helmsman to alter course a bit and pointed in the direction he wanted to go. As if on cue, the image above the flames shifted, too, and followed his hand.

The image panned to a shore where, on either hand, thousands of campfires stretched away into the darkness, and as they drew closer, dark shapes along the shelving beach resolved themselves into ships. Yes, there! See that stream? And that lone stand of trees inland? Trees where we hid boat. The image showed the boat sailing along parallel to the shore now, and Colinus busily counting the ships, his face hard with alarm and concentration.

Suddenly, a shower of arrows fell about them, some thudding into the deck, some splashing along side, and one narrowly missing Colinus himself. As he fell, Colinus ran back to grab the tiller-the bar shoulder high on him which the wounded man had guided with his hip. Back on shore, a group of armed men swarmed down the beach and in moments, two ships were launched in pursuit, their oars digging the black waters into phosphorescence under the brilliant moon. Large square sails dropped from their yards and the two galleys surged ahead, froth bubbling at their bows.

Colinus watched them as he steered and ordered minor adjustments to the set of his own sail. Another flight of arrows was launched from the first ship, but it fell well short, and as Colinus left the loom of the land, the sea breeze freshened. His strange craft heeled, lifted its windward pontoon, and began to fairly fly across the waters. Quickly, the pursuing craft lost ground and soon, the second of the two turned back. But the first kept on, hoping some mischance would yet bring them up with their prey. The view pivoted to show the onrushing catamaran. Vahla screamed.

At the last instant, Colinus looked up as if he had heard her voice and their eyes locked across imaginary space. Then the pontoon hit and he was catapulted into the sea. The cloud screen went blank. Where an instant before was life and tragedy, now there was only roiling smoke. Vahla looked about wildly, the familiar surroundings registering as if she herself had just been dropped into the room.

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