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Only after that do lyrics even matter, and on Blood on the Tracks, anyway he is pretty fantastic at both.

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Blood on the Tracks is pleasing and complete enough to visit repeatedly, until the syllables become words, the words resolve into meanings, and all of it becomes internalized, a space accessible even without the presence of the album. Drawing from two sets of sessions and at least three configurations of not-fully-identified musicians to capture a singular batch of songs, the album is a full package of writing, performance, and atmosphere. Though he received no separate title on the album itself, it is also the first album on which Dylan himself served as sole producer, assembling musicians on his own, sometimes to confusing effect.

As a writer, Dylan had been through about three lightly overlapping phases over the previous 15 years—young and Woody , young and visionary , and young and happy , and Blood on the Tracks built on them while promising something more. Returning to active songwriting in and the road in with the Band for Planet Waves , many of his latest songs seemed to lack the all-seeing perspective of his earlier work. Dylan would say Blood on the Tracks was influenced by lecture classes he took with painter Norman Raeben in New York in early Just as much as relationships are about more than their breakups, breakup albums are about more than their relationships.

Though remaining convincingly jaunty throughout with a light melody that catches the details in forensic clarity, its drawn-out story is a chore to decipher.

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Unlike the ambient emotional narratives of the rest of the album, the linear ballad requires a full and present attention, a reminder of one of the ways that music consumption is different than reading. Personal, perhaps, the songs easily transcend their would-be biographies. One glimpse into the making of the album comes through the version that Dylan very nearly released, scrapping it at the last moment, after jackets and test pressings had already been made.

Playing an advance copy at a family gathering in Minnesota in over the holidays, Dylan—at the behest of his brother—decided he wanted a brighter sound, less of a downer. Dylan has denied this autobiographical interpretation, stating in a interview with Bill Flanagan, "A lot of people thought that album pertained to me. It didn't pertain to me I'm not going to make an album and lean on a marriage relationship. It's hard for me to relate to that.

Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

I mean Happened to me. The narrator of the song memorializes an affair of ten years ago instead of singing about Dylan's marriage. In his memoir, Chronicles, Vol. Released in early , Blood on the Tracks initially received mixed reviews from critics. The first, by Jonathan Cott, called it "Dylan's magnificent new album". The second reviewer, Jon Landau , wrote that "the record has been made with typical shoddiness.

Bob Dylan - The New York Sessions / Blood On The Tapes (Blood On The Tracks Sessions) [Edited]

Gray argued that it transformed the cultural perception of Dylan, and that he was no longer defined as "the major artist of the sixties. Instead, Dylan has legitimized his claim to a creative prowess as vital now as then—a power not bounded by the one decade he so affected. Since its initial reception, Blood on the Tracks has been viewed by critics as one of Dylan's best albums. It is his kindest album and most dismayed, and seems in hindsight to have achieved a sublime balance between the logorrhea-plagued excesses of his mids output and the self-consciously simple compositions of his post-accident years.

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In this, he began to seem prescient. A result of the acclaim surrounding Blood on the Tracks has been that when critics have praised one of Dylan's subsequent albums they have often described it as "his best since Blood on the Tracks ". Until November , only one of the five New York acetate recordings that were subsequently replaced on the official album was officially released: " You're a Big Girl Now ", released on 's Biograph. An alternate take of the song " Shelter From the Storm " is featured in the original soundtrack album for Jerry Maguire From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.