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Its mission is to preserve the teachings of J. Krishnamurti as they were written and spoken, without distortion or interpretation. Access to these is by appointment only. Currently, many original materials from the early years are quickly deteriorating, and the K Foundations are rushing to digitize their archival holdings in order to preserve them in a usable form. The digitization project is enormous in scope, comprising text, audio, video, and photos. The videos are digitized and stored in high-quality, uncompressed format.

Audio and video are prepared for online streaming as downloadable mp3s or QuickTime video. Text is downloadable, and the entire library is searchable by key word, topic or chronology. The importance of the Krishnamurti Archives cannot be overestimated. Not only does it preserve all original materials in a climate controlled vault, but it houses the digital archive for all four of the Krishnamurti foundations U.

Once digitization of all known materials is complete, the digital archive will be duplicated for safety, and housed in the U. From the time of their first meeting in , there was a very close and interdependent even co-dependent relationship between Annie Besant and C. To understand either Leadbeater or Besant in their Theosophical careers requires and understanding of them both. Introductory Essay: Why a Shrine?

A list of books, articles, and internet resources that have contributed to The Annie Besant Shrine. Early Works. Translations From French and German. India Books Written to revive Indian cultural and spiritual traditions, examine political and social questions, and campaign for Indian self-government. The Birth of New India Contributions Individual essays, articles, and lectures contributed to larger works; and forewords, introductions, and notes provided for the works of others. Essays and Addresses Adyar Popular Lectures Pamphlet Series First publication for a number of individual lectures and two lecture series simultaneously published in pamphlet and book form See Other Theosophical Lecture Series ; several reprints of articles and lectures that appeared previously in The Adyar Bulletin.

Adyar Library Pamphlet Series Reprints, mostly drawn from the three previous categories, with some articles from theosophical journals. Miscellaneous Theosophical Pamphlet Series s. First publication for several lectures; some reprints of articles and lectures that appeared in various theosophical journals, as well as one previously published pamphlet.

Periodicals Edited by Annie Besant Listed by date of founding or first involvement. Selected Articles from Lucifer Published monthly from London. Source of a number of pamphlets listed previously and serializations of several major theosophical books. Selected Articles from The Theosophical Review Formerly Lucifer. Selected Articles from The Theosophist Published monthly from Adyar, Madras now Chennai , India.

Source of a number of pamphlets listed previously; and, after Besant assumes editorship in , serializations of several major theosophical books; as well as several posthumously published articles. This listing ends with the Besant Centenary issue of October Selected Articles from The Adyar Bulletin Published monthly from Adyar for countries unrepresented by national or regional sections in the TS.

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Selected Articles from The Link Includes one posthumously published pamphlet. Biographical Publications From Theosophical Siftings vol. From Theosophical Review November From Theosophical Review September-October Previously appeared in as Benares Pamphlet Series, nos. Lecture of May 4, Myddleton Hall, Islington. From Adyar Bulletin February Lecture of June 6, , Glasgow. From Adyar Bulletin December , February Lecture of March 17, Theosophical Conference, Chittoor. From Adyar Bulletin April-May, Lecture of June 14, Stockholm. From Theosophist October Lecture: Madras.

From Adyar Bulletin May-June An Explanation Addressed to the Bishop of London [who had declared that Theosophy and Christianity were incompatible]. From Adyar Bulletin October-November Lecture of Australia. Lecture of March St. From Theosophist January-February From Theosophist March From Theosophist December From Lucifer November-December Lecture: Palace Hall of H. Lecture of May Hampstead Lodge, London. A free sample copy of our bilingual magazine can be sent to you.

This offer is only good for a mailing to a Canadian address. You have to supply a mailing address. If you are a resident of Canada send a note to enquirers theosophical. For membership outside of Canada send a message to the International Secretary in Adyar, India theossoc satyam. For a problem viewing one of our documents - or to report an error in a document - send a note to the webmaster at webmaster theosophical. Annie Besant. Emotion, Intellect and Spirituality. The Attitude of the Enquirer.

The Religion of Theosophy. Bhagavan Das.

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Proofs of the Existence of the Soul. The Emergence of a World-Religion. Castes in India. Damodar K. The Meaning and Method of Spiritual Life. On the Idyll of the White Lotus. Subba Row Rao. The Power and Use of Thought. The Value of Devotion. What Theosophy does for us. Elementary Lessons on Karma. The Fundamental Idea of Theosophy. The Life of Buddha and its Lesson. Education in the Light of Theosophy. On the Bhagavad-Gita. The Future Socialism. The Law of Cause and Effect. Aspects of the Christ.

The Spirit of Zoroastrianism. The Brotherhood of Religions. Some difficulties of the Inner Life.

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The Vision of the Spirit. Vegetarianism in the Light of Theosophy. Correspondences between the Planes.

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Weller Van Hook. The Influence of the East on Religion. Hebert Newton. Communication between Different Worlds. The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Subba Rao. Theosophy and Its Evidences. Vegetarianism and Occultism.


England and India. Gyanendra Nath Chakravarti. Investigations into the Superphysical. Theosophy and Christianity. The Religion of Goethe. Otto Schrader. The Smaller Buddhist Catechism. The Inner Purpose of the Theosophical Society. Indian Students and Politics.

George S. Spiritual Life for the Man of the World. On Moods. Spirituality and Psychism. Gyanendranath N. Art as a Factor in the Soul's Evolution. The Age of Shri Sankaracharya. Pandit N. Culture of Concentration. William Quan Judge. East and West and the Destinies of Nations. An Epitome of Aryan Morals. Modern Science and the Higher Self.

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The Age of Patanjali. Places of Pilgrimage in India.

Subba Rao [Row]. The Bhagavad-Gita. Asceticism - A world of Friendly Counsel. Gautama the Buddha. The Superphysics of the Great War. Evidences for Truth. Sadashiva Iyer. Beauty in the Light of Theosophy.