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  1. 10 Incredible Things to Do in Nantucket – New England’s Most Charming Escape!
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There are quaint tug boats, larger whale watching cruises and sleek schooners to pick from — whatever suits your fancy. A fun family friendly cruise is the sightseeing ice cream cruise, where everyone gets an ice cream cone. We booked a tug boat in late afternoon, which came with cocktails and charcuterie.

Best of all, it includes a drink choice champagne mimosas, bloody marys, Cisco Brewery beer or Fishers Island lemonade cocktails and some light bites! Supposedly the south bay between Great Point and Nantucket Harbor is a good spot! We also saw some fisherman giving it a go at Sankaty Head lighthouse. You can also rent a dedicated charter from Nantucket Harbor for big game fish, like tuna, marlin and mahi mahi.

If it happens to rain during your trip to Nantucket, a perfect indoor activity is to visit the Whaling Museum. From jars of whale oil to a 46 foot skeleton of a giant sperm whale, you never know what to expect! Fun fact : Herman Melville was a Nantucket tourist and wrote Moby Dick loosely based on his island experience. For a small island, Nantucket offers 3 beautiful lighthouses — all of which are worth a visit. They are:. Luckily, our rental house was right around the corner from Cisco Brewers so we spent a couple of hours here before the sunset.

We first tried some of the different beers on tap. One of the most popular is the Grey Lady beer with a shot of blueberry vodka. I tried the watermelon basil sangria which was delicious and not too sweet. Afterwards, we signed up for a tour!

10 Incredible Things to Do in Nantucket – New England’s Most Charming Escape!

Cisco has an onsite winery and distillery so in addition to beer they produce flavored vodkas, whiskeys and wine. Some beers are only available on the island, like Island Reserve. Cisco offers a free shuttle from town or you can bike your way over like we did! Enjoy Nantucket! Fair warning… once you arrive, you may never want to leave!

When you get back to the hotel, walk into town and enjoy a seafood dinner a little off the beaten path at Sayles , located just outside of the main part of town a walkable distance from the hotel. After dinner, head to the South Wharf for a drink at Straight Wharf or Cru , both of which draw a lively crowd, then take an evening stroll down the docks to look at the boats.

Take in the sights—windswept trees, lighthouses in the distance, stretches of pristine golf courses.

36 Hours in Nantucket, Mass.

Your first stop: Siasconset referred to as Sconset by most. Next, head down Poplis Road, past elegant homes with widow walks and lazy dirt roads that lead to the waterfront. Spend an hour or so soaking up the sun, walking the shoreline, and perhaps spotting some seals. There is a small parking lot here, but parking along the road is perfectly acceptable, too. Take the afternoon to explore the island by car or hole up on the shore.

Where to Stay in Nantucket

From fine dining options like the Boarding House in Nantucket Town to the boutiques on Main Street, all of the conventional needs of tourists are catered for as well. So, for a fusion of vacation essentials, sublime coastline and sporting activities, Nantucket is just ideal.

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For many visitors, a week in Nantucket is really just a week on the beach. Thanks to its upscale clientele, you can be sure that beaches like Surfside or the Children's Beach won't be noisy or packed with tourists, and you can always find a patch to stretch out in. Dining is another one of Nantucket's strong points.

The people who visit the island demand a high standard of cuisine, and restaurants like Corazon del Mar or Boarding House never disappoint. Places like Galley Beach also provide beautiful places to unwind after dinner with a beer or a cocktail. Nantucket has an incredibly low crime rate and few vacation destinations allow kids to play so freely without parents needing to be too concerned. There's even a special Children's Beach with play areas and waves that never swamp the little ones. Active vacationers can exhaust themselves sailing, surfing, swimming or kayaking in Nantucket.

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On dry land, there are golf courses like Miacomet, tennis clubs and even places to ride horses like Emerald Hollow Farm. The name Nantucket is synonymous with fishing, which comes as no surprise for a community that started life as a whaling port.

Nantucket - Wikipedia

Nowadays, visitors can head to businesses like Albacore Charters and take a boat out into the bay with all the bait and tackle they need to land bluefish or sea bass. Surfside Beach welcomes you to the beautiful and pristine stretches of sand and unique, thrilling adventures. Stroll along the beach during the day and let the soft sand massage your feet, and you'll hopefully get to see a few whales sitting on the beach. Build everlasting memories by collecting seashells, kiting, picnicking and creating sand castles. Explore further afield to the shifting dunes that present a perfect setting for spectacular photos or experience the ultimate thrill by surfing against the heavy and strong currents.

As the day comes to an end, treat yourself to well-deserved burgers at Brotherhood of Thieves. Built in , Brant Point Light House commands captivating views of the sea beyond. This historic lighthouse was built to guide vessels into and around the inner harbor, and is still in operation to date.

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The inside is restricted, as it's an active post used by the U. S Coast Guard, but there's still a lot to see. Get a scenic view of the town's skyline and watch as yachts and ferries sail to and fro in and around the harbor, with passengers waving cheerfully. For the daring early riser, get to to the Brant Point Lighthouse before dawn and gape at the glowing orange sun making its first appearance. Explore this savagely beautiful coastal nature preserve where deer, shorebirds, and raptors intermingle.

Located in the remote, northeastern sand spits of Nantucket, this natural reserve opens its doors to breathtaking landscapes. Walk on 16 miles of trails through the waving marsh grasses, windswept dunes, and see a local fisherman grappling with harbor seals. Discover the extensive array of coastal plants including a maritime oak forest, heather and beach plum, and a savannah of red cedar.

The Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge is open throughout the year from 5 am to 10 pm. The Whaling Museum uncovers the fascinating maritime and whaling history of Southcoast Massachusetts. Gaze at the world's biggest ship model Lagoda , five humongous whale skeletons, and the longest painting in America. The museum is a compelling destination for a vast collection of art and artifacts, and it also showcases the world's finest collection of Scrimshaw - the art of etching on whale bones and teeth.

Buy unique gifts at the museum's gift shop and, before retiring for the night, head over to the Whaler's Tavern for a sumptuous lobster roll. Take a tour with one of the guides through the vineyard, brewery, and distillery located in the fields of Cisco Brewers, located on Bartlett Farm Road. Sample various type of drinks and get an elaborate explanation about what happens in the brewery.

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Bask in the warm sunshine thereafter and sample some of the latest beer, liqueur, and delicacies, including dumplings and seafood, while enjoying the company of friendly bartenders and servers. Nantucket is a superb summer destination. Between June and early September, temperatures are usually in the high 70s or 80s with very occasional rainfall. Then again, high summer also brings the crowds and accommodation costs can go through the roof. As an alternative, try late spring late April to early June. There are also cab firms at the terminal and Hertz has an office at the airport if you need to pick up a rental vehicle.

Aside from flying, the best way to reach Nantucket Island is by ferry. Anyone driving to Nantucket will need to get to Hyannis, Massachusetts. Megabus services to Hyannis run from New York City every day and can be a very cost-effective way to travel to Nantucket, while Bonanza Buses run from regional cities like Providence or Boston.

If you are traveling to Nantucket for seclusion and relaxation, the best accommodation option will probably be a furnished cottage or cabin on the shore. However, resorts like the Cottages at Boat Basin offer a neat compromise, offering hotel amenities, like a spa and restaurant, and individual cabins.