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Amazon Success story # 2: James Fend
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  2. Most salespeople today rarely ask for referrals.
  3. The 5 Principles of Successful Selling
  4. Amazon success story # 1: Marvin

At first, he had some hard times sourcing items and went store to store with the Amazon app but could not find anything to sell. As a society we love learning about success stories so that we can emulate and learn from them. The trick to his success was in his business strategy, he focused on items that:.

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The essence of this approach is to create a quick and steady revenue stream using items with a low profit margin but high volume. These lower priced items are also easier to find in general and especially in larger quantities which makes this model more sustainable. The reason for this is he believed that he was an expert grocery shopper and could find the bargains he needed for his online business. Try and look at your personal experience and think:. At this point I would highly recommend reading how we found a niche that helped us skyrocket sales on eBay.

When sourcing items at a store, many people are scared to tell employees, let alone the manager that they are selling their products on Amazon. This fear is pretty valid when it comes to large chains such as:. But when it comes to local, owner run stores you are making a mistake. Marvin decided to introduce himself to managers as an online retailer and he reaped the rewards.

Sales Excellence - How to become a Great Salesperson

Many times managers gave him wholesale prices or gave him a call when they were having clearance sales. The strategy is really simple:. All you have to do is find more items like this and you are in business.

When Amazon first came out, James Fend brushed it off as another eBay and was sure that it was impossible to make more than a few hundred dollars a month. He was not interested in a a few extra bucks in his pocket but wanted to make hard cash. He then heard a podcast of someone who was making a million dollars a month on Amazon and this really peaked his interest. James was not interested in going store to store and trying to resell those items online instead he was interested in buying items from foreign manufacturers and selling them under his own private label.

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He says that dominating a niche is as wide open as the seas and that you need to:. The Amazon sensation says talking and doing research are important to a point. After that point it is action which is required, of the 30 plus products he tried launching at first, only 6 were successful. Trial and error is key here!

Successful Selling - Chris Croft Training

At first James started selling the products he found around his house:. He went onto Aliexpress and ordered a few of each item and when they arrived he put his own labels on the products. He just barely broke even but this little experiment of his helped him gain both proof and traction for his ideas. The things he learned and thought about from this pilot included:. He then returned to Alibaba and bought units of his best selling products. Cards Against Humanity is an Amazon success story that sellers can learn a lot from. Here are some tactics they used both on Kickstarter and Amazon:.

When you want to manufacture your own products consider using Chinese manufacturers which you can find, among other place on Alibaba which creates a competitive marketplace where manufacturers are willing to compromise in order to win your business. Cards Against Humanity sold so well that Amazon thought that it was a hoax! There you have it, 3 people who were super successful with their eCommerce businesses on Amazon. What is great about these stories is that there are quite a few tips these mavericks have shared with us which are very much actionable.

Most salespeople today rarely ask for referrals.

I suggest choosing and picking the tactics which you think would be right for you and your business model and trying to introduce them incrementally. Please comment below if you know of any other phenomenal Amazon success stories, especially if they have actionable insights. Through their stories you will be able to learn: What their call to action was How they found their niche What strategies and tactics they used in order to succeed.

Amazon success story 1: Marvin. The secret is not something very unfathomable. It lies with the proper use of successful telephone sales techniques. Winning sales professionals use the telephone as a successful tool to achieve their sales goals. Selling on the telephone is a very crucial sales method that no organization or individual can afford to ignore.

The 5 Principles of Successful Selling

That's why we have a sudden increase and expansion of telephone call centers around the world. There are certain techniques that successful sales people resort to when they use the telephone for making sales calls and closing sales. We will study the simple techniques here.

Same Principles Selling over the telephone may lead to the closing of a sale or leading to an opening for a presentation and possible deal. The same principles that apply for face-to-face selling, is applicable for telephone selling. This means that you will follow the same rules like providing product information, handling objections and closing.

You will have to be cordial to the prospect, not interrupt them, and give priority to their needs. In other words your mindset should be on adding value and trying to solve the client's problem with a cost-effective solution. You may not close the sales over the phone, but you can probe the prospect with open-ended questions like: who, what, when, where and why. You may have to first make many calls to get to the decision-maker. The decision-maker must have four unique and present factors: need, desire, financial capacity and authority.

Amazon success story # 1: Marvin

Then you will have to: present the product, anticipate and handle objections, and close the sale over the telephone to that person. This can be quite difficult, but just like a face-to-face sale and if you do it right you can close a sale or at least get a solid opening for an appointment and presentation. Use the Advantages The advantage of selling over the telephone is that neither the customer nor the buyer has the possibility of getting distracted by discouraging body language.

Also sales over the telephone save a lot of time and energy by way of decreasing travel time and expenses. These advantages should be utilized to make each telephone sales call an opportunity to find out more about the client's situation and lead to a potential sale. The First Impressions First impressions are always important.

When making a cold call, responding to a lead, or following up on a business reply card you have to impress the prospect within the first one-two minutes. It is really important given the fact that people are bombarded with email, phone calls and sales solicitations daily and they love to avoid such calls. Actually reaching a prospect on the telephone is not as easy as it used to be.

If you manage to get the prospects on line you should hold their attention and help them to or service quickly by listening and mentioning the benefits to help make the clients life easier. That's possible when you speak in an unhurried voice, don't sound like just another sales rep that is looking for a quick sale, sound as if you are truly interested in the need of the prospect. When people find someone is talking about a solution to their needs they get interested. Speak in an unhurried voice.

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  5. A hurried voice will put off the prospects instantly as they wouldn't understand what you are saying and if they do, they will fathom that you are a desperate sales person. Speak in a cool, calm, and assured voice. Talk about the needs of the prospect.