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Glad you found this interesting mylindaelliott. I think it important to share our culture and traditions. Thanks for reading MsDora, yes I agree that it may have been better a few generations back. It has become quite a ball of debauchery now, but still serves a purpose. We want to be seen as more cultured now then in the past when we were viewed as uncouth colonials. It is a part of life here however so can't be ignored.

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How interesting I'm not sure by your description they have changed for the better but it's an interesting activity with a lot of history. I was disappointed at the thought of a "ball" turning into such a mess. I guess I would prefer it the way it would have been a few generations back. Having said that, I appreciate the information on this part of the Aussie culture. Thank you.

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Thanks for reading Devika. Yes each culture does have it's own unique traditions. Maybe us Aussies have kept this to ourselves so we don't come across to others as uncurl turned and uncouth I am a little surprised so few people from outside our country have heard of this popular and long running Aussie tradition.

Hello Faith, good to see you at the ball Glad you enjoy reding about this wild Aussie tradition. Yes, it sounds like Hank Williams Jr's outdoors concert may have been a little similar. Thanks for the vote up too. This is a very interesting hub, Jodah. I loved it. Thank you for increasing my knowledge! Wow, that is certainly unlike any Ball I have ever heard of before! It reminds me of here in the deep south back when Hank Williams, Jr. I love reading about other cultures and what they do for fun. I was confused at first in wondering how do they get so muddy at a Ball, then I kept reading hee hee.

Shauna, thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed this. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to attend. When I was single I was working in the city, and moved to the country later on. It is something I would have liked to experience at least once in my life. John, this sounds like a blast. Here in Florida we have Bike Week every year.

When the campgrounds fill up, the partying starts and goes on all week. Of course, it's not restricted to singles, but it's a blast. At least it used to be. It's been many years since I've been but I would imagine not much has changed. Hi Ruby, thanks for reading. It's good to provide some new information to people outside my country. Some of the cattle stations in Central and Northern Australia are hundreds of thousands of acres and so widely so widely spread out that it neighbours can be hours away.

This is all brand new to me. What a hoot! Like i always say, " Different strokes for different folks. Fun hub, fun poetry.. Enjoyed reading Thanks for reading MizBejabbers, yes it is funny how traditions evolve. For the sake of the outback youth I hope they continue in some form despite the problems with liability insurance etc. Hey Rachael, so glad this hub made your day. Hub Pages is a good way to learn things about other cultures and traditions. Thanks for the interesting comment, vote up and share.

The Ozzies certainly know how to enjoy themselves! I like the fact that there are hardly any drugs, though I found that surprising. Also the music sounds good; I love good old-fashioned country. No one we know over there has ever mentioned them, maybe for obvious reasons! Sounds like a lot of fun. It reminds me of the times me and my girlfriends would go to Vegas and we would always say before leaving " What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Sounds like our Woodstock of the s minus the drugs. But along with the evolution comes government intervention. I liked your poem, too. It expressed your article quiet well.

I love hubs like this! It is a chance for readers to learn more about the cultures and celebrated events in different countries and this hub was just what I was looking for today. I loved this. Your explanatory preamble set your poem up just right and your pictures brought your words to life. Source: stopthesethings. Thank you so much for this delightful article. Haha Bill, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't survive one either Thanks for being the first to read this.

As we would say in the States, I'll be that is a wild-ass affair. I might not survive it. LOL Thanks for an enjoyable read, John, and enjoy your weekend. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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The Dress Code The dress code is somewhat unorthodox. Stockmen don suits, and jillaroos gowns Flocking into the nearest towns. In tray-back trucks and farmer's utes, Wearing Akubra hats and cowboy boots. Young men and women from near and far Gather at the makeshift bar, Bachelors and spinsters all Hear the outback mating call. Bundy rum and ice cold beer, Country music for the ear.

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Trestle tables piled with food, Pick-up lines both suave and crude. Only plastic cups allowed, No glasses with a drunken crowd. Guys take turns on the 'bucking bull' To see how many girls they pull. Mating males will seek to fight Like moths attracted to the light. Suits are ruined and dresses rip, Some boys throw up, and drunk girls strip. Food dye is thrown around the crowd, Singing, laughing, shouting loud.

People wrestle in the dirt, Others fondle, kiss and flirt. Some pass out, can't stay the course. It's all for fun, there is no force. Besides it isn't every day That outback singles get to play. This Aussie icon's under fire, Insurance costs are getting higher. Will many future balls be held? Only demand and time will tell. Over the next few years, the RFDS began to expand across the country. I love this poem by David Campbell. Rebecca, so do I. Maybe I'll meet you there Should be a wild time. I hope to experience one in my next life I really enjoyed reading this hub. Well done, Jodah. Enjoyable read and thanks for sharing!

A different tradition and each culture has its own special moments. Thank you for sharing about this Australian tradition. Up and more and away Have a great weekend. I love this hub. Have you ever been to one? Hi Ann, glad I was able to enlighten you on something new that you weren't aware of. Yes Dana, exactly. You only live once.

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Bet you had fun in Vegas. Me too Eric, though I would have liked to have attended just one of these events. Fascinating reading here, John. Thanks for sharing all that info. Stories like this make me happy I am older and yet sad too! Sign In Join.

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In fact, Nick and Bec were the town's teen-dream couple, until Bec made a break for it and shook the small-town dust off her heels for the big-city lights. Now she's back - but Nick doesn't have romantic feelings for her any more Sweet, idealistic Hailey is caught between her old friends, but has too many problems of her own to be able to worry about theirs. Devastated at the loss of her parents, who died in a crash a year earlier, she's too wrapped up in her own thoughts to even think about leaving town or finding love.

It will take a devastating bush-fire, a black-tie ball under the stars, and a road-trip to help all three friends work out who and what they want - and what they need. After studying Journalism and Politics at Queensland University, she went on to forge a path in television journalism, which has taken her around the world, living and working in Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK. Rating details.