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Its central thesis, that history is and should remain literature, conveying meaning like great novels more through insight and understanding than by factual narration, is surely worth pondering.

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It teaches us how to respect our disciplines. While the topics have been addressed in the past, the fertility of his mind keeps them fresh and relevant. Skip to main content. Description Reviews. Its eloquent advocacy reminds readers of the nature and priorities of the best historical writing, even as it elucidates the undeniable perils of the present decline. Payne, Historically Speaking. This is what gives all of [Lukacs's] works their long-term value.

Lukacs is one of the more incisive historians of the twentieth century. Also of Interest More from this Author.

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To answer questions such as these, Ernst Breisach provides the first comprehensive overview of postmodernism and its complex relationship to history and historiography. Placing postmodern theories in their intellectual and historical contexts, he shows how they are part of broad developments in Western culture. Breisach sees postmodernism as neither just a fad nor a universal remedy. In clear and concise language, he presents and critically evaluates the major views on history held by influential postmodernists, such as Derrida, Foucault, Lyotard, and the new narrativists.

Along the way, he introduces to the reader major debates among historians over postmodern theories of evidence, objectivity, meaning and order, truth, and the usefulness of history.

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He also discusses new types of history that have emerged as a consequence of postmodernism, including cultural history, microhistory, and new historicism. For anyone concerned with the postmodern challenge to history, both advocates and critics alike, On the Future of History will be a welcome guide. Table of Contents. A Look at Terms and Issues 2. An Adversarial Image of Modernity 3.

On the Future of History: The Postmodernist Challenge and Its Aftermath, Breisach

The Postmodern Moment 4. At the Core of the Postmodernist Challenge to History 5. Views with Postmodernist Affinities