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“Through The Valley”

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Terr cannot forget how Dhar sabotaged his ship, causing it to crash in the Sierras where American forces hunted him down, seeking the secrets his ship contained. Deep in the Saffal desert, Terr confronts Dhar, ready to unleash the lightnings that would destroy his brother. The Serrll Scout Fleet fails to destroy the damaged Kran warship and the pursuing Orieli ship finds itself in a meeting engagement.

Orson Scott Card bibliography - Wikipedia

They must remove this threat before destruction is unleashed on other Serrll worlds. Before conversation can ensue, another form of belief emerges in Silicon Valley. Metronomes begin to sound around him — one next to his computer, another down the hall, sending him on a wild chase through his office building. As the newly formed Technical Boy reaches out to stop the metronome and greet his first follower and friend, the scene transitions back to the graveyard outside of the funeral parlor, where Laura is trying and failing to make amends with her former husband, until Shadow reveals what happened to Sweeney.

Struggling to come to terms with the accident, Laura is quick to offer comfort and support. Even if Shadow does not believe in her, she will always have his back, but she begs him to question his allegiances. Unable to believe in Laura, Shadow rejects her comfort, demanding that she no longer call him Puppy. Although visibly upset though unable to cry in her current half-dead state , she vows to kill Wednesday before striding off, leaving Shadow alone with his thoughts once more. The newly reincarnated technical boy is cold, distant, calculating, informing the man that he is nothing more than a clogged jumble of veins and meat.

Gods are made in the image of humans, complete with every flaw they possess. Out in the real world, a news broadcast reveals that national security has become an issue — banks have been shut down out of corruption and riots have begun to form on city streets, which we witness first hand as Salim hurries back to the funeral parlor. As Salim runs through the funeral home searching for someone to talk to, Laura and Shadow both come into focus temporarily, both mourning for Sweeney in their own way. Having found Ibis and a television, Salim turns it on to bring the focus of the episode back to Shadow and Wednesday, who are being framed by New Media for massacre in Indiana.

With Wednesday long gone, Shadow is left to sort this out for himself as New Media continues to use her power and influence to destroy his reputation. Quick to make a run for it, Shadow goes to grab his belongings only to be stopped briefly by Bilquis, who claims to have great interest in his survival, as their fortunes are linked to one another. Cornered, Salim accepts his fate, embracing the Jinn, claiming that he taught him how to love.

By the power of God the dry bones were brought again together, and linked, and shaped, and covered over again with a living flesh, and the breath of life came back into the bodies. And they stood up again, in full strength, "an exceedingly great congregation. The explanation of this vision goes along with the vision itself.

Those bones were the house of Israel, the chosen People of God.

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She was dead, by her sins and apostasy, and has fallen into the ditch which she made herself, was defeated and rejected, lost her glory, and freedom, and strength. Israel, the People of Divine Love and adoption, the obstinate, rebellious and stiffnecked people, and yet still the Chosen People. And God brings her out of the valley of the shadow of death back to the green pastures, out of the snare of death, of many waters, of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay.

The prophecy has been accomplished. The promised deliverance came one day.


He was "a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of Thy people Israel. And then something incredible and paradoxical happened. He was not recognized or "received" by His people, was rejected and reviled, was condemned and put to death, as a false prophet, even as a liar or "deceiver. Instead of a mighty earthly Prince expected by the Jews, Jesus of Nazareth came, "meek and lowly in heart.

And not to dominate, but to serve all those "that labor and are heavy laden," and to give them rest.

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Instead of a charter of political freedom and independence, He brought to His people, and to all men indeed, a charter of Salvation, the Gospel of Eternal Life. Instead of political liberation He brought freedom from sin and death, the forgiveness of sins and Life Everlasting.

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He came unto His own and was not "received. Once more God has acted. Once more Life came out of the grave. Christ is risen, He came forth out of His grave, as a Bridegroom out of his chamber. And with Him the whole human race, all men indeed, was raised. He is the first fruits of them that slept, and all are to follow Him in their own order I Cor. The prophecy of Ezekiel is read in the Orthodox Church at Matins on Great Saturday, at that glorious office at which believers are invited to keep a watch at the grave of the Lord, at that Sacred and Holy Grave out of which Life sprung abundantly for all creation.

In the beautiful hymns and anthems, appointed for the day, the "encomia"—one of the most precious creations of devotional poetry—this tremendous mystery is depicted and adored: Life laid down in the grave, Life shining forth out of the grave. The faithful are called to contemplate and to adore this mystery of the Life-bearing and Life-bringing tomb. And yet, the old prophecy is still a prophecy, or rather both a prophecy and a witness.

Life came forth from the grave, but the fulness of life is still to come. The human race, even the redeemed, even the Church itself, are still in the valley of the shadow of death. The house of the New Israel of God is again very much like dry bones. There is so little true life in all of us.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

The historical path of man is still tragic and insecure. All of us have been, in recent years, driven back into the valley of death. Every one, who had to walk on the ruins of once flourishing cities, realizes the terrible power of death and destruction. Man is still spreading death and desolation. One may expect even worse things to come.

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For the root of death is sin. No wonder that there is, in many and diverse quarters, a growing understanding of the seriousness of sin. The old saying of St. Augustine finds anew echoes in the human soul: Nondum considerasti quanti ponderis sit peccatum , "you never understand of what weight is sin. Christ is risen indeed.

The gift of life, of the true life, has been given to men, and is being given to them constantly, and abundantly, and increasingly. It is given, but not always readily "received. Otherwise one would quench the Spirit. God knocks perpetually at the gate of human hearts, but it is man himself who can unlock them. God never breaks in by violence. He respects, in the phrase of St.