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Friederike Krabbe born 31 May was born in Bad Bentheim. She is the younger sister of Hanna-Elise Krabbe, another member. Friederike Krabbe studied psychology , pedagogy and sociology in Berlin from to and then went on to study medicine for a while in Heidelberg. Around this time Krabbe disappeared, and her whereabouts are still unknown today. She was especially involved in 'working circle explosives' in which she achieved limited success with Siegfried Hausner when they managed to manufacture a small amount of TNT in December in the University Institute of Physiology.

In February Roll, along with Hausner, planned to bomb the President of the Federal Republic's special train in Heidelberg station, but she arrived too late with the explosives, and the plot failed. Weissbecker was shot dead and Roll was eventually arrested. Two weeks later to sedate her when she resisted fingerprinting she was given a near-fatal dose of ether by prison doctors. In Roll was freed from prison.

She moved to Italy and became a nurse.

Lutz Taufer [9] born March had links with the SPK, and he protested against the supposed torture of political prisoners in the Federal Republic in He was subsequently imprisoned. He was released in Taufer has been living in Brazil with his sister since She was born in Nuremberg.

She was involved with the 'committees against torture' in In von Dyck, along with Siegfried Haag , was arrested on suspicion of smuggling weapons out of Switzerland and served six months in a detention centre in Cologne before being released. However, a warrant went out for her arrest in The police shot von Dyck through the back, killing her. A gun was found on her body. However, it was alleged that the police shot her after she first drew a pistol and aimed it at them.

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Ulrich Wessel 9 January — 24 April was the son of a rich Hamburg businessman. Wessel was described as a dandy, and he was a millionaire by inheritance. He died during the siege when the TNT was accidentally exploded; the force of the explosion startled him so much that he dropped a grenade he was holding and it exploded on him. He was one of the 26 members who were supposed to be released as a result of the West German embassy siege in Stockholm.

Geostrategie versus Inklusion

In the early s, the movement disbanded and many members then joined the RAF. Ingrid Siepmann born 12 June was in sentenced to 13 years in prison for robbing a bank in Hamburg on 6 August together with Ilse Stachowiak. She is believed to have been killed by an Israeli airstrike in in Lebanon. They are all suspects in the Peter Lorenz kidnapping.

Ebook Neues Risiko Terrorismus: Entgrenzung, Umgangsmöglichkeiten, Alternativen

In the car several weapons, one of which had been used in the abduction of Hanns Martin Schleyer , were found, next to fake identification documents and vehicle registration. On 13 April he was involved in a bank robbery in Munich but was arrested. In he was sentenced to a six-year imprisonment.

In October he returned undetected to Germany.

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When he was arrested on 9 June in Frankfurt am Main , Heissler was seriously injured by a shot in the head but survived. Rolf Pohle 4 January — 7 February was first arrested on 17 December when he attempted to buy thirty-two firearms in a gun shop in Neu-Ulm which the police claimed were meant for the RAF. On top of his original conviction he was given a further three years and three months. Until the outbreak of cancer, he worked as a teacher and translator. Pohle himself continued to deny any profound relations with the RAF.

He died on 7 February They were recruited by Siegfried Haag , who organised the regrouping of the RAF in the mid s together with Roland Mayer before Brigitte Mohnhaupt took over the leadership after their arrest in Siegfried Haag born March was a sympathetic lawyer for the first generation of the RAF, turned member by Haag became something of a leader amongst the second generation RAF until he was arrested together with Roland Mayer on 30 November on the Frankfurt - Kassel highway.

In February the rest of his punishment to the probation was suspended because he was seriously ill. Roland Mayer helped Siegfried Haag regroup the RAF when most of the first generation had been arrested and imprisoned. He was arrested with Haag on 30 November on the Frankfurt - Kassel highway. On 3 May , he and Verena Becker were captured in Singen. The arrest ended in a shoot out with the police and Sonnenberg was seriously injured and suffered brain damage.

In May he was released on probation. Uwe Folkerts born was arrested on 5 May together with Johannes Thimme in connection with the Siegfried Buback assassination. In late he was found guilty of lending his car to Adelheid Schulz and Sabine Schmitz and sentenced to sixteen months imprisonment.

Germany's New Africa Policy – In Need of a Departure

On 4 February she was sentenced to 15 years. In she joined the RAF and went underground. After her arrest she cooperated with the police and prosecutors [40] and on 22 June sentenced to eight and a half years in prison due to her participation in a murder attempt on Alexander Haig and the assassination of Hanns Martin Schleyer. Today she lives under a different name in Northern Germany. She escaped into East Germany to avoid arrest and lived there until her capture in She served five years in jail before going on to work as a peace activist in Kosovo.

He worked in Klaus Croissant 's office. Where his wife was an active member, he was more of a supporter of the RAF. He was arrested in together with Rosemarie Preiss on a train in Puttgarden and cooperated with the police and prosecutors. He was sentenced to three years and two months for supporting the RAF, and he was released from prison in He was said to have changed mentally after the event, and he became depressed and withdrew from the RAF. He drew his gun and a shoot-out followed that resulted in Stoll's death. She was involved in the preparation and follow-up of the kidnapping of Hanns Martin Schleyer in fall She was arrested on 14 June in Frankfurt an der Oder and later on 24 February she was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Die NATO: Was ist sie, warum gibt es sie noch immer und wie funktioniert sie? (German version)

After her arrest she cooperated with the police and prosecutors [40] and testified extensively. She was released in and today lives under a different name. On 5 September he was sentenced to 15 years in prison but released in Konieczny was released from custody two months later. Johannes Thimme — became affiliated with support scene of the RAF in and served several prison sentences. In he was killed and Claudia Wannersdorfer seriously injured when a bomb he was helping to plant at the Association for the Development of Air and Space Industries in Stuttgart exploded prematurely.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eager gives no other information but probably Friedhelm Neidhardt, Retrieved 12 February Konkret Literatur Verlag. die struktur terroristischer organisationen by christof niemann paperback

Retrieved 25 September Das Projektil sind Wir. Hamburg: Verlag Lutz Schulenburg. Der Baader-Meinhof-Komplex 1. Auflage der Neuausgabe, erweiterte und aktualisierte Ausgabe ed. Hoffmann und Campe. Archived from the original on 22 December In the literature, the hierarchical form of the "old," nationally bounded terrorism of organizations like ETA, IRA or Hamas is contrasted with the new? In fact, however, both old and new terrorism are characterized by a mixture of hierarchical and network-like organizational features.

Both old and new forms of terrorism display moreover a set of additional features that fit neither a hierarchical nor a network model, constituting a distinctive form of governance. Nevertheless, organized terrorism shares many structural features with other kinds of organizations, including economic organizations. Auf der Grundlage einer ausgedehnten Literaturrecherche werden die Organisationsformen des Terrorismus in Kategorien der Organisationssoziologie analysiert. Vielmehr weisen alle verdeckt operierenden Terrororganisationen eine Kombination von hierarchischen und netzwerktypischen Merkmalen auf.