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I only do it about fifteen minutes at a time, sometimes, not even that. The goal is to do something and move. This is the mini-synopsis -Waking up from an eight-month coma, Jackie cannot remember anything about her life suffering from Retrograde amnesia. David, her husband, convinces her to seek the help of a hypnotherapist only to remember her past lives. Her journey is a mental time travel across the ages with a psychological twist. Based on a real-life story. A must read novel. I am also writing at the same time my next novel A.

I took her scientific discovery to the science fiction level after I had a dream about it. Think about this book in terms of the movie The Shape of Water. This book will launch in June Here is the short synopsis about it — Meet Dr. Sandra Eve Bradford, an astrobiological researcher in charge of the A. Extraction Team who discovered a microbe which thrives off of arsenic on the bottom of Mono Lake in California.

General Anbar, Chief in Charge of the U.

National Defense, orders his team to confiscate the samples and her research. Bradford enlists her fellow researchers, Dr. Greg Peterson, and her undergraduate assistant, Jessica Parker, to retrieve a new sample set of a series of events and consequences. In a government research facility, the microbe transformed into something alien.

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Once it becomes apparent to General Anbar, the life form presents a national security risk, her orders his to kidnap Dr. Bradford and holds her captive in an underground facility to continue her research. The life form over a seven-day stretch morphs into a human lifeform aging every moment toward death. What is love? What is hate? And, is there a God? This a story of possibilities and raises the questions-Are we alone in the universe? What else could be out there? I also just finished writing How to Launch and Market a Book.

I had a great deal of authors, including those who belong to Absolute Author how I launch my novels as the 1 New Release on Amazon.

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So, I wrote it in a book. This book is now available for pre-orders on Amazon. About eight years ago, I wrote a short film which was produced. I had no idea at the time that people would become fans, but they did. Before I knew it, people were begging me to write the screenplay. So, I did. I wrote The Keystroke Killer, pilot screenplay, with the expectations of getting it produced. I had a serious setback with my health and basically shelved the idea. Then, during my recovery, I just started writing and before I knew it, I had sixty-seven episodes written for television.

I got a bite on it, got funding, then disaster, my funder died of a heart attack. So, I was back at square one. Then, I was encouraged to turn the screenplays into a novel series. The entire inspiration for the book came as a result of that short film. I wrote my first book when I was in seventh grade with my best friend. After that, I just kept writing. I love being able to travel and go to places anywhere in the world my mind takes me.

I am not bound to the here and now, rather I can time travel and go to outer space. The hardest part for me was two-fold: adapting from screenwriting and editing the final version. But, learning how to write like a novelist is like comparing apples to oranges. Although you can each both pieces of fruit, they are nothing alike. It took me awhile to get into learning how to write like a novelist, but I took classes and read just about everything I could.

It only took me two months to write KSK, but it took ten months of editing. I think the time was well worth it. Entertainment value and a desire to want more. For example, the darkness of the scenes dealing with the serial killer are dark. I wanted it real. In order to do that, I interviewed four serial killers on death row and six survivors from serial killers. It was difficult to hear and listen, but it needed to be right. So, if people get anything out of this besides the entertainment value, I would hope it would be to step in and help if someone is getting kidnapped or if you suspect someone is involved in sex trafficking.

Both of these subjects are hard to take; but are realities. But, if you love psychological thrillers, mystery and crime or novels on serial killers, then this one is for you. With that said, it is for mature audiences only. It is not recommended for teens or below. Yes I do.

Linda Gromko MD – QA Medical & Transformative Aesthetics

Readers may watch them here just click on the title of your choice. Are you traditionally published or a self-published author and why did you choose? I would say I am a hybrid author. My first books were traditionally published, but all of my novels will be self-published. I chose to self-publish because basically after twenty years of writing, I had a great grip. However, I still invested in a professional editor, professional cover creator and professional marketers.

Tell me how writing The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence the novel was different from writing one of your screenplays? Let me begin by saying it is like taking a bite of watermelon and expecting it to taste like an orange. The two styles of writing are not the same. In fact, I had a huge learning curve in the transference. For instance, in a screenplay I could simply write — INT.

Then maybe a couple of scene descriptions.

John C. McGinley: Dr. Perry Cox

A huge difference. The same thing with dialogue. In a screenplay, I just left the dialogue alone and let the actors and director interpret it. In the novel, I got to express every thump of their heart, the tension in their body, facial expressions. I had to learn to do this by taking courses, studying, joining groups etc. But, in the end, I am very happy with the results of my new book. It was honestly the most challenging experience in writing that I have ever had which means a lot since I have published dozens of nonfiction books.

Waking up from an eight month coma, Jackie cannot remember anything about her life suffering from Retrograde amnesia. I want to hear more on Never Stop Running. How did you decide to write this and how much of it is true? She shared with me the tapes or her sessions with a renowned hypnotherapist and simply put, they were remarkable. I did some fact checking on the stories she recalled, and they were accurate.

I mean things that there was no way she could have known. This answer is tricky because I honestly have to say not everyone should read The Keystroke Killer.

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It is really dark, deep and twisted; whereas Never Stop Running is intriguing and examines reincarnation. Because I wanted to make sure I balanced the concept of reincarnation factually as did Jackie, my main character when she was on her discovery path. I also interviewed several people who experienced past lives in their regression sessions.

It was an amazing experience. Now, on the other end of the spectrum, for KSK, I interviewed scientists and physicists including the great Stephen Hawking who spoke his head off to me on his M-Theory and his theory of the universe having multiple dimensions. I wanted that part of KSK correct. I also interviewed three serial killers on death row, six sex trafficking victims and victims of a serial killer who escaped. I needed to get that right too. So, my target audiences are different for the two books. Popular Features.

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New Releases. Linda Gromko, who finds herself in a midlife romance, only to discover that her future holds joyful new beginnings, but also the pain and heartache of letting go. Gromko's new book revisits the early days and challenges of her burgeoning relationship with her future husband, Steve Williams, a self-made business executive and consummate networker living comfortably with his feisty nine-year-old daughter, Brita.

As Complications chronicled, their obstacles included a whirlwind of family dynamics, the relative remoteness of Bainbridge Island to Seattle, and, most significantly, Steve's failing health due to adult onset diabetes, high blood pressure, and the attendant reality of end stage kidney failure. The ensuing story-painful at times, but always heartfelt and grounded in humor-takes unimaginable turns of good fortune, beleaguered frustration, and resilient perseverance, revealing the contemporary medical profession at its best and worst.

Written from both a doctor's professional perspective and a caregiver's personal point of view, Let Me Go When the Banter Stops presents a firsthand testament to overcoming adversity and meeting new challenges. In the tumultuous course of Steve's medical issues and the family's personal trials, they face kidney dialysis and organ transplant, cardiac complications and setbacks, and surgery after surgery. As the story unfolds, Steve's treatment ultimately takes Linda back to the same university medical center where she trained as a nurse and as a physician, teaching her more than she ever thought she would need to know about kidney disease and its management.

She also gains insight into the different "types" of health care providers - providing her a greater understanding of her own struggles with the health care system. Throughout its pages, Let Me Go When the Banter Stops remains at its heart the story of a scrappy little family making its way through medical uncertainties and life's unforeseen turns.

Linda Gromko MD

This poignant memoir plumbs the depths of sadness and grief, yet ultimately resonates triumphant, as Dr. Gromko and her new daughter Brita discover a shared courage to prevail after a devastating loss. Let Me Go When the Banter Stops is a powerful story of the unthinkable realities of disease and the unfathomable capacity of human endurance, bearing witness to the sustaining lessons that love reveals in the most unexpected of ways.

Her experience in health care dates back to her experience as a fourteen-year-old volunteer candy striper at Virginia Mason Hospital. Graduating in and completing her family practice residency at UW in , Dr. Gromko worked in women's clinics and as an ER physician before founding her own practice. Now over two decades old, the practice employs two first-rate nurse practitioners who, with Dr. Gromko, serve a wide range of individuals, including Seattle's transgendered community.