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How to look for bartending jobs in the Caribbean
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With the carefully laid out steps in this book, six months to a year from now, you too could be calling a tropical paradise like Jamaica home. This can be your daily existence. Now, while I did work — a lot! That being said, the info in this book is pertinent to making the move to Jamaica — the country — as the rules regarding work visas, etc. I've been making money writing for clients and from my own info products since You can too. Learn more. There is only a couple of small deductions that have to do with health insurance. Even those deductions you can get them back as soon as you leave the Island, which means you get back the totality of your income.

And this is an awesome feeling, to be paid tax free. We did a video describing our experience moving to the Cayman Islands to try to win a tourism competition. We did not win but the video shows accurately what happened.

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Check it out:. As soon as you get a place to work the clock stops ticking. Remember I told you to bring a police record report? We had to wait for ours being sent from UK which took weeks. Bring what they require already with you to speed up the process. From entering the country until you have the permit approved can take up to 8 weeks. This means your 30 days Visa waiver will expire and your permit is not approved yet, you need to temporary leave the country.

After almost 5 weeks in Cuba, our paperwork was ready and we could enter the country getting the work permit stamp on our passport. This is when you look at your passport and you feel ecstatic because you can now live in paradise at least for a year, if you are not fired before of course. And after that year, you can extend your work permit , as long as your employer decides to do so. In case you want to change job it is possible, but not easy so think carefully about your decision. To a certain degree you are in the hands of your employer , as the work permit that he controls is your only legal support, but this does not mean you have no other alternatives.

On the contrary, Cayman Islands jobs market is quite dynamic, so it is possible and not that uncommon to change employment. So, if for any reason you are really unhappy with your job, then consider other options cause the hardest part is already done, you have a foothold on the island already. For us, everything went flawless, and we really enjoyed our life on the Caribbean. We often think about going back, but our life today is on a different stage, now we travel with a purpose of growth, for that we need new places, new stimulus.

After returning to the Islands and have your work permit stamped on your passport you are ready to settle in. Start looking for a place to stay as soon as you get a yes for a job, which means even before you leave the island to come back later on with your stamped passport. Especially when costs per night in any hotel are so expensive that you really need to rent a place to live as soon as you get back with your work permit.

Try to look for one close to your work so you may walk there instead of being dependent on a bike or car like we did. Luckily, because it is a small country and island, information is very much concentrated and Ecaytrade is the place to go where you find everything you will need. Ecaytrade is your main tool if you want to be as sustainable as possible and try to buy second-hand products, and of course, sell your unused items too.

Also look for local Facebook groups with garage sales. You will find amazing opportunities, even better that Ecaytrade. Another practical advice is about banking, even though the Cayman Islands are famous for the offshore banking , their retail local banking system is somehow behind what one would expect.

We choose to use Butterfield Bank Cayman , and we had no problems whatsoever with them. But we were surprised how difficult it was to transfer money between local banks. So choose wisely and have in consideration the bank your employer uses , otherwise, you may have some headaches moving the money around. Yes, to transfer money between banks sometimes you have to do it manually, crazy I know.

For all this practical advice the best resource is Cayman Resident , we used it extensively when we moved to the Cayman Islands.

How To Move To Paradise With Nothing And Still Thrive | HuffPost Life

Exotic is synonymous of Tropical, and even though the word was coined in the middle of the 19th Century to describe the Middle East travels, it has now expanded to other tropical destinations where today also reflects the dream of a Caribbean life. The Cayman Islands represents for us the quintessential modern tropical life on an Island. Or you can immerse yourself in the local Caribbean culture and have a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

We were surrounded by water and beach life , and the weather was so consistently pleasant and sunny that it felt heaven would struggle to compete. The Cayman Islands are so developed and populated by so many expats that it has created a bubble that floats above that native lifestyle. By living there for a longer period, and making an effort to explore you will discover the real tropical way of living.

The Cayman Islands are one of the safest countries in the world, it breathes a healthy lifestyle and has the best weather conditions we have ever experienced. Literally, one-third of the population is foreigner, and from that third half is from neighbouring Jamaica and the other half is mainly American, British and Canadian. Nonetheless, there are almost nationalities living on the Islands so we always felt we were living in a very cosmopolitan place, of only 60 thousand people.

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Yes, only 60 thousand people , not even enough to fill a proper football stadium, which did create a good sense of community, although sometimes you felt the need to travel just to refresh your mind. And traveling is quite affordable if you go to Miami or some of the closer countries. And what kind of activities were available on an Island as flat as a pancake? Beach and water-related of course. We did our diving certification and we dove almost every week, which was just amazing.

The clean and warm waters and absence of dangerous animals made the experience so accessible and enjoyable that even today we miss the Island just because of that. But there are many other sports available, I joined a local soccer team, played tennis regularly and almost joined a couple of marathons. Sara did yoga, photography field activities and even had time for some volunteer work with Red Cross.

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The most striking difference from the life we had until that point was the pace of everything , Caribbean speed means one should not worry too much, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Want to find about other kind of jobs or work oppurtunities to travel the world? Head to our working nomads resource page. Our Society is becoming Nomad again.

Work and live in a Paradise of a car free island Morro De São Paulo

Learn here how to become a World Citizen and live borderless. With more power, comes more responsibility. Learn here how to travel with a Zero Waste lifestyle. If you loose your Health focus, traveling will take you down. Learn here how to optimize your Health. Caribbean island jobs in 2 months.