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I tried everything to stop my boy from barking at other dogs, I even hired a trainer who proceeded to make matters worse so I now shy away from them too. First I want to say, I have a Pug, if you have one of these wonderful animals this may not be your go to book. As you are well away our Pugs do not have normal ears, tails and s After reading reviews and finding that a prominent trainer in my area recommended this book I ran right out and bought it from a bookstore, sorry Amazon I could not wait.

As you are well away our Pugs do not have normal ears, tails and snoots. This book tells how to read tails and what the dog is sending out to us by lowering or tucking their tails between their legs, well Pugs really only have two positions, up and curly or flaccid when sleeping or resting. Also Pugs for the most part have floppy ears and really cannot stand at attention if their life depended on it. There also is two positions, relaxed a drawn back.

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Another problem we Pug owners has is that pugs do not have snoots, just a small little thingy in the front of their face that they breath through. Lastly the eyes, pugs eyes are very large and bright and dark it is hard to see when they are dilating. So you see for me at least this book does not cut it. There is one mention of Pugs but if you sneeze you may miss it.

So if you have what is considered the average beautiful animal you may learn a lot from this book. I was almost ready to give up when I decided to explore the barking section. Lo, I found the answer to my problem of dog barking at dog. He went on to give a full explanation of the whys and wherefores of dogs barking at other dogs.

It has always amazed me how a simple problem can be considered horrendous by the lay man because we do not know what the heck we are doing, but incomes an expert and gives us a few lines in a book and the problem is solved. Sure it will take a bit longer since the habit has formed but I am confident now, more than ever, that this problem will be solved.

I have been working on my boy, his barking in the house is almost non existent thanks to some helpful books, the problem was that not one of them could help me thwart off the barking towards other dogs. Until now. I have learned that if you ignore those minor annoying barks then they will see it does not bother you so why should they do it. Believe me it works, I was used to my dog letting me know when the mail person came but now that there is no barking I have to go all the way to the end of the driveway to check my mailbox, poor me.

I now have a very calm quiet house. So as far as this book goes, he gives some wonderful insight into our loving pets but just not mine, he tells how to read our wonderful pets, just not mine, but I am not going to hold that against him. It is not his fault I have a pug. Jan 15, Sofie rated it did not like it Shelves: animals. Read something by Patricia McConnell instead of this. Coren spends far too much time arguing unconvincingly that dogs have "true language". I don't really care if they do or not, but if this is the best argument that they do, I'm going to have to side with the linguists.

He has presented no evidence that dog communication is any more complex or language-like than human body language or non-language verbalization which aren't language either. He even compared dog communication with sign langua Read something by Patricia McConnell instead of this. He even compared dog communication with sign language!!! He claims that almost all dog behavior is based on social hierarchy, without ever acknowledging the controversy.

His guide to dog language is overly simplified and makes it seem way too cut and dry than it actually is. Also no information about learning theory, which is so much more helpful in communicating to dogs. Phrase books don't work for becoming fluent in actual languages, and they give you more information than whether the speaker is being submissive or dominant. After reading pages of detailed descriptions of every communication he could think of, you'd think I would have learned something new or helpful. But no. In the last chapter he offered some practical advice about communicating to dogs, and even briefly mentioned some modern, science based training methods.

However he managed to avoid all popular terminology, and gave no sources, so it wouldn't be easy to research these methods. Kudos for explaining why training methods based on dominance are dumb, but then he recommended NILIF and capturing in the same few pages.

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Then gave some long winded advice about using aversives to prevent barking while trying to argue that it works because wolves do it. Nothing to do with avoidance. Wolves use it to communicate. Mar 10, Indy Hart rated it it was amazing. Stanley Coren thoroughly describes the many methods and messages of canine behavior; he also illustrates those behaviors both literally with visual references and anecdotally with personal stories and scientific studies.

I have casually explored canine communication for a number of years, even doing a handful of science projects on the subject as a child. Recently, I have been spending a great deal of time interacting with wolves, wolf-dogs, and dogs, so I found my underdeveloped understanding of canine communication somewhat limiting in practice.

Coren's book has given me the opportunity to strengthen my relationships with the animals I regularly interact with and has allowed me to efficiently communicate with new animals I meet. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning how to communicate and understand our canine companions.

I'm not nearly fluent in this new "language", but I feel like my vocabulary has been strengthen by this is an invaluable resource. As the author says in the book's preface: Understanding how dogs communicate allows a much greater ability to know what they are feeling, what they are thinking, and what their intentions are.

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It also provides more ways to tell them what you want them to do and to control their behavior. I loved it! How to Speak Dog decodes how animals use language to communicate with each other, and how dogs communicate with their bodies, ears, eyes, tails, and faces. Coren incorporates sociology and psychology to understand the behaviors of animals, and he discusses many interesting behavioral studies. For example, studies on chimpanzees learning sign language and the rates of language development among children. Beyond the scientific discussion, Coren also helps the reader decode what the dog is trying to say.

He gives descriptions of common body part positions and what they mean. For instance, a growl with the back teeth shown is a sign of a frightful dog that may attack while a growl not showing the back teeth is a more dominant aggressive dog. Both, of course, should be avoided but fearful dogs are more likely to strike out.

I really enjoyed his chapter on dog and cat communication and why dogs and cats do not always get along. Cats wag their tails as a warning sign e. Overall, How to Speak Dog is a great book on understanding your dog and how to use that understanding to better communicate and train your dog. I highly recommend it for anyone who owns a dog or just loves them. Feb 12, Laurie rated it really liked it.

It was very informative. With five dogs of various breeds, it's important to have an understanding of body language. I was able to put the new information into practice, and have reread it several times to refresh my understanding. Sep 01, Al Maki rated it really liked it Shelves: animals. Coren is the man who wore a cone on his face to see if his dog could better understand what he was looking at - it did. He's also an academic and reviews research on what's known about dog communication in a manner both comprehensive and easy to follow. It's an introduction to the signals dogs put out to express their state: barks, body positions, tails, eye shapes, smells and more.

It does not try to teach how to get a dog to do what you want. Nor does it make assumptions about the mentality of Coren is the man who wore a cone on his face to see if his dog could better understand what he was looking at - it did. Nor does it make assumptions about the mentality of dogs, although the account of Thomas Mann's daughter who taught a dog to type does hint at some constraints of the dog brain. As well as finding it fascinating, I think it's the most useful book I've read so far about dogs. I learned that there were movements I made that made assertions about our dog's status that I wasn't aware of and didn't want to make, so I stopped them.

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I learned how to get our dog to stop barking, a useful trick when a stranger comes in to fix the furnace, for example. I put my hand on her muzzle and growl softly and she seems to know exactly what I want her to do. Feb 16, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: animals. This book was really interesting to read. It really gives you insight into human and dog interaction. It covers all sorts of topics, from sent marking i really enjoyed that chapter to teaching children how to approach dogs, to even how cats and dogs interact.

I found myself laughing out loud at some of the authors stories and examples. The one negative I found in this book was that sometimes he was too lengthy in talking on a subject. I found myself thinking "get to the point". That is why I g This book was really interesting to read. That is why I give it 4 not 5 stars. Please note this is not a training book - it doesn't tell you exactly how to teach a trick. It will give you ideas to use and help you understand why your dog acts the way it does. Dogs like humans are all individuals and sometimes they are hard to understand, this book helps.

Very disappointing. Don't read this book if you are expecting to find out what the latest scientific evidence is on dog communications. The very concept of dog language is weak and seems to hinge in the author's wish for it to be true. On page 19 he states "evolution was heading toward the appearance of human-level linguistic abilities".

I've read The fog and The rats and was expecting something horrific. Animal abuse is something I can't read about at all! But I bit the bullet and I'm so glad I did. This book is nothing like James Herbets normal style. This book is absolutely wonderful! In this tale we meet fluke! Fluke is a tiny puppy fresh into the world, but he's not l Fluke.. Fluke is a tiny puppy fresh into the world, but he's not like an ordinary puppy he's different. We then follow Fluke on his vast adventures and find out just what fluke is and why he was a puppy, and along the way we meet some really amazing characters as well as some really nutty ones too.

I was expecting a heart breaking Watership down kind of vibe from this book and I wasn't looking forward to it. But instead it was an Inspiring and warming read. There's a big theme in this book and it's about life. As for a favourite character in this book it had to be Rumbo after Fluke of course. Dec 19, Shirley Revill rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction , old-books-are-sometimes-the-best. In my opinion this book is the best of the many books that was written by James Herbert. Very easy to read but hard to put down. Highly recommended.

Ten stars. What happens when Siobhan finds a James Herbert book going cheap? She buys it, of course. Well, technically, she has a little squeal in the store. She gets a little bit too excited. She searches for some more books so that she can get the offer. She holds the book close to her chest. Then, she buys it with a wide smile on her face. In case you cannot tell, I rather enjoy a good James Herbert read. I needed a new read and I found Ash sitting in a bookstore. My mother said she enjoyed his work, and that it was worth a try.

Thus, I nabbed it. I was unaware that it was the third book in the David Ash series, but such a thing did not stop me. I devoured the book. Then, upon finding out it was the third in the series, I went ahead and got my hands on the two prior books. Those books were also devoured and my status as a Herbert fan was cemented. It was a long time before I picked up another Herbert book, as my mother could not find all her old copies. Being a lover of the horror books that existed in the seventies and eighties, my mother hand plenty of good reads stashed throughout the house.

It was merely a case of finding them. When they were finally found, a lot of her books were missing. Such a thing saddens me, especially with how we found so few Herbert book. Ergo, I grabbed Fluke upon seeing it going cheap. I had to have it. It was one of the Herbert books my mother thoroughly enjoyed.

Faber a former professor of which subject?

Is Fluke a man turned dog or a dog who thinks he is a man? You do not know what to believe. If it is the former, what cause this change? Being a Herbert book, my first thought was magic — yet there are other possibilities. We have countless supernatural possibilities all the way through to the possibility of reincarnation. What, exactly, is to blame? Of course, Herbert is not going to give us the answer until the end of the book. We need to work for that. We need to read about the life of the dog before we can understand the why of the situation.

It really was interesting to read a book written from a non-human perspective. It is so much fun, so unique. Even though the main character is a dog, you connect with him. You understand him. You understand what he is going through. You cannot help but want the best for him as he searches for his answers. I understand why this was, yet I grew tired of reading the same information written in different ways. Due to this, I found my eyes misting over somewhat when Fluke once again went on a hunger rampage. I knew what would happen — it was just a build up to the main event that followed the full stomach.

Despite my annoyance at the constant food related segments, I adored the overall story.

The Misadventures of Millie by Rebecca Heishman

Throughout we have the mystery of what is going on. The ending was wonderful, and I really should have seen the revelation before it was given. I honestly had expected it to play out in a completely different way. Overall, it was a wonderful short read. Had I not been so displeased by the stomach focus, it would have been a full four star rating.

Nevertheless, it is a must for any Herbert fan. Oct 01, Clare rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.


This is the story of a dog named Fluke who, since being a very young pup, believes he was once a man. We follow his story - which is told in the first person or rather dog - from being in a litter of pups, through his boisterous time of adolescence whilst living on the streets, to becoming an adult and his quest to find out the truth about his past. To say I was hooked by the reading the first page is an understatement - I read the first page twice to appreciate the utterly captivating writing This is the story of a dog named Fluke who, since being a very young pup, believes he was once a man.

To say I was hooked by the reading the first page is an understatement - I read the first page twice to appreciate the utterly captivating writing style. I believed this was written by a dog. This is such an enchanting story and up there as one of the best books I have ever read. I think the last book that had me blubbing was Charlotte's Web when I was about 9 years old.

By the end of Fluke, I was crying my eyes out. Beautifully written and a must for animal loving readers who also have a penchant for the supernatural and paranormal genres. I can't recommend this book enough. Dec 22, Nik Morton rated it really liked it. This fourth novel was a brave departure for James Herbert at the time, as he was making a name as a 'horror writer'. But this is a fantasy in which he seamlessly steps into the paws of Fluke, the puppy that grows into a dog I tried to think of my previous life, but when I concentrated, the mental pictures slid away. How had I become a dog?

Excellent writing, too: 'I was free and the freedom lent vigour to my young limbs. I fled and wasn't pursued; nothing on this earth could have caught me anyway. The taste of life was in me and questions pounded my brain. The ending is truly affecting. Oct 16, Nourhan rated it it was amazing. It made me cry sometimes. It had risen my sympathy toward that poor dog. It talks about a dog who thinks that he was a man or a human being someday.

Until one day he met a pretty young girl whom he recognized as his own daughter. He kept on barking at her trying to tell her that he's his father but she couldnt understand. She showed her sympathy and felt an attraction toward that poor dog. Then he met her mom which he recognized as his wife. He followed them to home. Trying to convince them that he used to be human and he was the one who died years ago! The story itself is about dogs life how they cooperate with its own small environment. Also it arises the idea os reincarnation.

Sep 10, Emma Webb rated it it was amazing. I thought this story was absolutely wonderful. I only read it because my fiance recommended it to me, thinking I'd enjoy it. He was right! From the off, Herbert had me hooked. It's quite a compelling story and as it's not that long, it's really easy to read.

I'm not usually a big fan of stream-of-consciousness writing, and though this is only very loosely SOC, Herbet weaves the story together so well that I didn't really notice. This is the first Herbert story I read, I'm pretty sure 'The Rats' is next on my list, as I've heard from a few people that they are good stories. And I do love a good story! Sep 08, Jason rated it really liked it. One of James Herberts better stories, in this book he isn't just trying to gross you out or scare the pants of you, the plot is a bit more serious.

Fluke is a dog, he realises from a young age that he isn't normal, he then goes on an adventure to discover the truth about himself. Things do feel a bit disneyish at times, not too much in this to shock you. In my opinion Dog! Jan 25, James Burton rated it it was amazing. I have read this book many times and own my original copy from I have always admired this book, I love the way that you sit back and see life through the eyes of the dog, the colors, the ghosts and many other smells and intuition..

This book made me laugh and cry and still does today. Its an easy read and I always find that if I have another chance, maybe a dog would not be a bad place to start. This is a great read for everyone, oh and if you think its like the movie, its not, this is I have read this book many times and own my original copy from This is a great read for everyone, oh and if you think its like the movie, its not, this is times better than hollywood Jul 22, Bill Mclean rated it it was amazing.

While very different to what I expected after reading other novels by James Herbert, I found this to be a very unique and intriguing writing style. The story is well put together, and while I thought in the first few chapters I may not find this story through the eyes of a dog too interesting, the ensuing 3 chapters hooked me in. I could not put this book down until it's unexpected ending. Oct 03, J. A wonderful story told from a dog's perspective. Understanding the rules View Product.

Bond Of Brotherhood. Blake Brown eased his car out of the parking lot and onto the highway. Unseen, the idling evil slowly left its resting place to follow discreetly behind him. Blake rounded corners and went through lights and the black, metallic beast Jesus And The Samurai.

Known as the Shining Religion Known as the Shining Religion or the Luminous Teaching, it drew adherents from Buddhism and Hinduism who were seeking a faith that taught the possibility of achieving a society founded Loose Cannons. A tragic-comedy of denials and today's desensitized young adults. Secrets of abuse and violence surround Secrets of abuse and violence surround four somethings in this bleak and shocking tragic-comedy.

It is dialogue, outspoken and disturbing; it is action and message, brutal. My Dog is the Best Kids Rock! A children's chapter book with 60 pages, 11 short chapters, and 11 illustrations. For boys For boys and girls aged who love dogs, this fun-loving story will amuse and enlighten young readers. Alex Cooper has the best birthday of his life