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These are placed over vowels or under the letter -c- to indicate a change in pronunciation. These diacritical marks do not affect alphabetical order. Spelling Spelling rules were not fixed in earlier centuries. In French the following spelling variations are common:. This word list includes only words most commonly found in genealogical sources.

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For further help, consult a French-English dictionary. You can obtain a French-English dictionary at most public libraries and through many bookstores.

Mot à Mot Sixth Edition

These are in the European collection. French Records Extraction.

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In addition to being a glossary of names and genealogical words, this guide includes examples of French documents and instructions in reading the handwriting. To find and use specific types of French records, you will need to know some key words in French. This section gives key genealogical terms in English and the French words with the same or similar meanings.

For example, in the first column you will find the English word marriage. In the second column you will find French words with meanings such as marry, marriage, wedding, wedlock, unite, legitimate, joined, and other words used in French records to indicate marriage. This general word list includes words commonly seen in genealogical sources.

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Numbers, months, and days of the week are listed both here and in separate sections that follow this list. Words with the same spelling and meaning in English and French, such as "confirmation" or "date," are not included in this list.

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In this list, optional versions of French words or variable endings are given in parentheses. A few phrases are listed under the key word, not necessarily the first word. The test may also have been undertaken in another EEA country, provided it was within the last six month and registered in that country.

Guide to Driving in France

If the vehicle failed the test, then the validity period is two months from the date of the test. There is no requirement that the vehicle must have passed the test, or that the seller should undertake any works required to make it roadworthy, should it have failed. You are completely free to sell or buy a vehicle that has not passed the test, provided the test was undertaken within the stipulated period.

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The certificate is required by the new owner for registration of the vehicle in their name. So if you buy a vehicle with a roadworthiness certificate that is not valid, you will not be able to register it in your name. For a vehicle under 4 years old, it is possible to arrange for a 'voluntary' MOT to be undertaken, which either seller or purchaser might find useful. The test has no official status.

Mots & Gestes book by Alain Ducasse - La Manufacture à Paris

You will need to also provide copy of the police report and evidence of your address. If it was registered in another country and not yet registered in France, then the existing registration document will suffice, ideally with a certificate of conformity. The test is undertaken without dismantling any part of the vehicle, by a visual examination or a test of performance, eg braking, suspension, pollution. So during an approximately 45 minute examination ten main functions are examined: vehicle identification, lighting, braking, steering, visibility, suspension, bodywork, pollution and noise, security, and principal mechanical elements.

Some may be mentioned for information only, with no bearing on the result of the test, so the test does provide an opportunity for you vehicle to have a routine check. In order to comply with a European directive, since 20th May the checklist for the test has been increased from to Many of the checks are also be subject to more detailed examination, with points of control, against under the previous system. The test failures are also to be divided into three categories, where there were previously only two:.

Examples of such points given in the European legislation are insufficient pressure in the braking system, external damage to the brake system, brake fluid leakage, electrical wiring that may touch hot or moving parts, tire treads that do not conform, corrosion of the chassis reducing its resistance, probable dropping of bumper parts or side shields, poorly closed door or seat insecure. In the event that the examination is satisfactory you will be given a stamp with the letter 'A' which is affixed to vehicle registration document, the carte grise. Instant Testing Various games help you to repeat and master our French classes.

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