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While those stories are rooted in an historical context, they bring attention to issues of positionality re. But I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on a copy from the library. The Chosen by Ricardo Pinto. Pinto touches on ancient world sensibilities, but really the setting is one-of-a-kind. In spite of his privileged status, he makes for a compelling lead—sensitive yet unafraid to stand up for himself, and an attempted assassination of his father propels him on a journey of increasing danger and isolation.

Along the way, an encounter with a mysterious boy in a pitch dark, forbidden library leads to a tender, triumphant, and high stakes love story. This one hits all the marks for me. Rationale for inclusion: Multi-awards: Lambda Literary Foundation winner , Gaylactic Spectrum finalist ; OwnVoices : author is an openly gay man and the main characters are gay see: reference.

He is also extremely meticulous. Jessex is kind and gentle and fights the battles that he must through a complex command of magic involving sacred songs and the manipulation of time and space. The book is at least equally a love story Jessex and the titular Kirith Kirin and a coming-of-age adventure.

I thought the romantic storyline was sweet, surprising and accessible. Here, Clegg takes a despised character from a beloved canon, and tells his story in an inexorably sympathetic way. I think of it as a particularly noteworthy achievement in that traditional Arthurian legend is so stridently heterocentric. Evil, fey Mordred has been the inspiration for countless tales of queer villains, the archetypical foil to the righteous, sword-wielding, damsel-in-distress loving hero, repeated ad finitum in SFF.

It is a poignant story of a boy alienated from the human world because of his strange magical abilities and alienated from his own magical kin because of his queerness. And he has an affair with Lancelot. Read this book now! Rationale for inclusion: Gaylactic Spectrum award ; Fan favorite see: Listopia.

My quickie review: An immensely dark tale premised on the existence of an ancient demon race whose descendants are persecuted and exploited by an authoritarian, religious fanatic regime. Rationale for inclusion: Multi-awards: Lambda Literary Foundation Award winner , Gaylactic Spectrum finalist , Inky Awards finalist ; Groundbreaking portrayal of gay superhero in teen literature; Ownvoices : author deceased was a gay man and the main character is a gay youth see: reference.

What drew me to read Hero was the story behind the story.

The book is lovely. Closeted teen Thom Creed is trying to stay below the radar in a homophobic, working class town, and living with a gruff, single dad who was disabled by an accident. Themes: Sword and sorcery, slavery, persecution including persecution of gays , gay relationships. The two must navigate a corrupt, war-torn world, which may be further unraveling by the return of an ancient race of magical demons. The writing is terrific, and the constant sense of danger makes the book a page-turner.

He uncovers a legend about an ancient race of men who hid below the earth. And traveling to an underground world, he learns about matters even more urgent than the missing boys. The world aboveground is changing, and he will have to clear a path for the kingdom's survival. The City of Seven Gods. Second Chance at Love. Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks. Cole is running out of luck, excuses, and places to hide. Time for a new exit plan. The Iron Phoenix.

The Storm's Quarry Series Book 1. Dark Rites. Immortal Testimony Novels Book Three. The actors in the production of Weinstein's Wonderacts have a secret: they aren't just performers, they're members of a Circle, a coven dedicated to enlightenment through magic. To enhance their power, they have their eye on the new girl in the cast, Margarite, a natural witch. But the coven's leader, Vincent, isn't satisfied. He's hungry for more, to become a Complete Man. He turns to a mysterious wanderer for counsel, but could the teacher's intentions and rituals be malevolent?

Being the only one with true gifts, it's up to Margarite to save her friends from enacting these dark rites. Night Creatures. Immortal Testimony Novels Book Two. It's , and Bryant thinks his move to New York will be the beginning of a new life. Mrs Lewis was not amongst the fortunate and said, 'For God's sake don't bother me! Just let me die quietly. In another cabin Mrs Linda Rogo was abusing her husband, between bouts of being sick, with every obscenity of an experienced vocabulary.

Mrs Rogo was an ex-Hollywood starlet and briefly a Broadway actress, convinced that she had lowered herself and sacrificed her career when she married Mike Rogo, plain-clothes detective of the Broadway Strong Arm squad. Between calling him every gutter name she could muster, she developed the theme that he had made her come upon this voyage of which she had hated every minute and now had not even the grace to be ill.

Mike Rogo, unable to placate his wife, eventually fled the cabin followed by her curses. Dr Frank Scott — the Doctor was not an M.

Historical Gay Romance Novels

The two men had been drawn together during the cruise by common interest in football and athletics. The Reverend Doctor Scott no more than five years ago had been Frank 'Buzz' Scott, Princeton's All-America full back, all-around athlete, two-time Olympic decathlon champion and mountain climber. Richard Shelby, Scott's senior by some twenty years, travelling with his family, Vice-President of Cranborne Motors of Detroit, in charge of commercial vehicle design, had been a useful end at Michigan in his day.

Mrs Timker, director of the Gresham Girls, the dancing troupe connected with the floating cabaret which had been entertaining thrice weekly throughout the voyage, though considering herself in the last throes, still had the strength to send around a message to the members of her company, 'No show tonight.

The Poseidon Adventure by Paul Gallico | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

I can wash my hair. At eleven-thirty the only three passengers visible in the smoke- room were an English alcoholic called Tony Bates, his girl friend Pamela Reid and Hubie Muller, a lone American from San Francisco. The Englishman, who had been nicknamed The Beamer, and Pamela had their legs coiled around bar stools which had been firmly screwed to the floor, while the batman served them their double martinis in deep whisky tumblers to keep them from slopping over as the ship canted.

Neither of them were suffering from hangovers or mal de mer, as they were both amiably and hazily drunk and had been since the night before and on through the morning, not having been to bed at all. Muller, a wealthy bachelor of no occupation, in his early forties, man about Europe and darling of every Mama with an eligible daughter on two continents, had wedged himself, feet up, into one of the leather corners of the smoke-room with a book and a half bottle of champagne.

He was not ill but the book was bad, the champagne would not stay in the glass, the cruise had not been particularly successful for him and he was bored stiff. The ceaseless swooning of the ship he took as a personal affront. In his cabin Mr Rosen, a retired delicatessen owner, queried his wife, 'Are you all right, Mamma? You feeling all right? Mr Rosen, who in his striped pyjamas and hair mussed managed to look like a small, plump child, said, 'I hear everybody is pretty sick. She was a fat woman whose bulk almost filled her bed and she had so managed to plug the remaining space with pillows and a suitcase that she was fairly well immobilized against the motion.

Down in the ladies' hairdressing saloon on 'D' deck the hairdresser struggled to work on a blonde, shoulder-length wig that had been sent down to her by Mrs Gleeson of cabin M. Marie, the hairdresser, was wondering when and where Mrs Gleeson was going to wear it if this kept up.

Of Poseidon

In cabin M. Another widow, Mrs Reid, was not only desperately sick but suffering mental anguish as well over the disastrous turn the voyage had taken for her. In part its purpose had been in the hopes of finding a husband for her rather dowdy daughter. Pamela had had the bad taste to become appallingly infatuated with the most unsuitable man on the ship and with whom she was now no doubt drinking at one of the too many available bars. Completely unaffected by the nauseating motion was Miss Mary Kinsale, spinster, head book-keeper of the branch of Browne's Bank in Camberley, near London, a reticent, tidy little woman whose outstanding feature was a huge length of glossy brown hair which she wore drawn tightly back from her face and coiled into a tremendous bun at the back of her head and descending to the nape of her neck.

She had a small prim mouth but her eyes were alert and ingenuously interested. An attempt at having breakfast served to her in bed had been unsuccessful since the movement of the vessel had made it necessary to suspend all tray service and she was hungry. She had picked up her telephone, asked for the dining-room and inquired, 'Will there be any lunch today? The voice at the other end also apologized, 'No, no, madam, not at all. It's just that we hadn't been expecting many. We'll be only too delighted to have someone to serve. But I'm afraid it will be only cold food.

We shan't be cooking in the kitchens. Anything will do. When at one o'clock in the afternoon the dining-room page, whose duty it was to signal that they were open for business, came staggering along the slanting corridors striking 'Bim, bom, bum, bim' on his portable xylophone gong, the sound hitherto only too welcome to the ears of the for ever hungry, he collected this time only a meagre pied-piped train of followers. They came from their various quarters on Main and 'A' decks, lurching, slipping, sliding, clinging on to the guide-ropes that had been put up, shouting warnings to one another, negotiating the stairs a step at a time since the lifts were not running.

It was actually dangerous going but these people of lusty constitutions and unaffected semicircular canals of the inner ear were seized by a certain camaraderie of hazard and the novelty of the careening platform beneath their feet which caused them either at one moment a laborious uphill climb and at the next to be launched like something out of a catapult. Thus half a hundred or so hardy souls gathered in the dining-saloon below on 'R' for Restaurant Deck.

The Shelby family: Richard, Jane his wife, Susan their seventeen-year-old daughter and Robin aged ten, made their slightly raucous way inching down the grand staircase. The Rosens had a table for two on the extreme port side of the dining-saloon by one of the big square, brass-bound windows giving out on to the sea that slid by no more than a few yards below.

Next to them Hubie Muller occupied another table for two by himself. He also had had a standing reservation for a t? An inveterate traveller he had made half a dozen crossings New York—Cherbourg, Southampton—New York in the days when the Poseidon had been the Atlantis and he knew all the ropes. The hoped-for situation however had never developed. All the tables along the windows were twosomes but the others seated up to eight diners to promote get-togetherness.

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Close by the Rosens and near one of the entrances to the serving pantries, from which the stewards emerged with their heaped-up trays was the one named the grab-bag table by Susan Shelby for its mixture of persons. Miss Kinsale and James Martin the Evanston haberdasher, were already there when Mike Rogo arrived alone to receive his induction speech from Manny who added, 'Where's Linda?

She quittin' on us? As the Shelby family staggered to the adjoining table, the ship heeled over again, catching young Robin Shelby without a handhold and yelling, 'Yay-yay-yay-yay-yay! Robin was a sturdy boy who was going to be as athletic as his father.


But Mike Rogo picked him up off the floor as though he had been an infant and set him on his feet with, 'You could'a hurt yourself, sonny. You better hold on to somethin'. Martin asked of the steward Peters, 'Say, what's going on here, anyway? We're in a calm sea and the old tub is falling all over herself.

Peters said, 'I can't exactly say, sir.