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Yes, they are, and this story is a glorious example of why. The social climate and promise of worse horizons kind of stomp it out of you and leave you numb or too tired. Feeling is important. Music is important. Anything that makes you remember who you are and puts air in your lungs is. Hold onto it. Sep 26, Sep 27, By Earth The Witches of Portland 1. Coyle, T. The fire in the hearts of the almost six hundred thousand people who lived in Portland.

All of their hope, creativity, and love. The coven itself is full of interesting-seeming characters especially Selene, who I see has a book later in the series , and the major themes of community and love in a vibrant city is lovely. My only qualm is Sep 25, Oct 08, Soft on Soft. Absolutely adorable and Good, and not just because I had the wonderful treat of getting to beta-read and help name!

Super sweet MCs, both of t Absolutely adorable and Good, and not just because I had the wonderful treat of getting to beta-read and help name! Super sweet MCs, both of them, and super sweet cats. The Hollow Girl. Had he simply come the day before, had he allowed me to take my due, he might have walked away with his life.

It may not have been as happy, removed from the family as he would have been, but at least there would have been other sunrises to see. Super dark, brutal, viscerally horrifying, and all about an assault survivor rising up and taking an incredibly satisfying revenge. I swear, this is horror at its best. Aug 25, Sep 03, Roller Girl Lake Lovelace Book 3.

And sometimes they believe in me back. Basically what good sports movies and books are supposed to be made of. Also, supportive friend-families are wonderful. Jul 04, Jul 07, His Cocky Valet Undue Arrogance 1. Oh wow. But then, some of the best things in life come from spite, and this is living proof. I expected the sexiness - which delivered, in spades. Sometimes sexily. Vulnerability and feeling completely safe, having permission to let go, and how good it feels, how purposeful and right, to be able to do this for someone who sorely needs it. Very recommended. May 12, Jun 25, Darkling Port Lewis Witches, 1.

But darkness festered everywhere else. It seemed shorter than a novella that you can probably get through in a couple sittings. I absolutely loved the emphasis on consent, which made already steamy scenes hotter and much more secure-feeling. May 06, May 08, Shattered Glass. The system was incidental. The blood felt incidental, too. Loved it. And also a thoughtful examination of the stranglehold a ruling class can have on those not privileged enough to live in their gilded Zones - and the sometimes unthinkable lengths to which disenfranchised people will go to improve or save their lives.

How people we think we know can surprise us, in good or horrible ways. It works. You can probably get through this in one sitting, and will probably come out the other side feeling like a little rebellion. And like you might actually have a shot. Apr 28, The Corpseriders Aegis Immemorial 0. Jones, S. Another review said the setting descriptions are so intense the woods become a character unto itself, and I definitely agree with that.

The worldbuilding is super intriguing and raises a lot of interesting questions without leaving the reader confused, and I like what we get to see of the heroine, her resourcefulness and general badassery. The Gift of Your Love. I had the enjoyable opportunity of beta-reading this, and really enjoyed both that and reading the finished product.

Kay Bashe creates an intriguing and offbeat world that I can see growing in the future, and will be sure to enjoy if it does. The Artist and the Devil. What was it they called Satan in Sunday school? The Prince of Lies? Noah imagined any lie coming out of that mouth sounding sweet, making love to his ears. I did have an idea of where it was going - recognized the symbol on the cover, and hoped, and was very happy! In a very good way. At least I thought so; so much is atmosphere and character dynamics and concepts visual, emotional, contrasting, reversing for me, and this Has It.

So very recommended. The cover has a celtic knot! Or her dad s? My heart. It needed this. Apr 03, Also, the sexy bits are super hot, just saying. Jul 02, Team Phison. But Tyson texts back a LOL, and it irons out the wrinkles in my ancient heart. Oh gosh. I have about zero spare spoons nowadays, right?

Which leads to me basically never re-reading anything. Love both of them. So much. I love older gay guys getting stories and arcs and character development. All of this is wonderful. Not teenagers. Anyway I just really really freaking loved this book so much and cannot stop Gushing so just. Read it okay, read it and Scream with me. Maybe years. Mar 31, Apr Here, it said, look at these two. Chelsea looked at Daisy.

Here it is, made for you to love. It meanders and lets readers soak in the atmosphere and slowly shifting dynamics. And I honestly love all of them. But we get hipbones, collarbones, slender waists and flat stomachs and sharp wrists and ribcages. So many bones. After a while Which we too often are. In everything. In my head anyway, they all belong to each other, counters or no.

Mar 09, May 10, Gale: A Sci-fi Novella. I've read Lyssa's other series starting with Fourth World, and my favorite part there is the worldbuilding and how well the crafted settings instill a slow-building feeling of ominous wrongness. The same thing happens here, though it's a lot more fast-building given the short-story quickness.

The intensity is the same, however, and it easily slips into one of those wonderful categories of "setting becoming character. Readers familiar with Shakespeare will be able to follow and predict, especially due to the character names, but in retellings that's half the fun. My favorite interpretation is Ari in general, particularly the whole I was wondering how that would come about, and loved the execution. That and just the concepts at work here, the reality of what Gale is, and how ancient history Like the truth. The dreamlike descriptions also help!

Sadly, I can't find my copy on any of my devices, or I totally would have done my usual favorite quote up top! It had a lot of good lines! Mar 06, Feb 07, Just Some Things. Three super-cute mini romances, all with their own charms. The first, told from the unique perspective of a remorseful high-school bully you just don Three super-cute mini romances, all with their own charms.

The first, told from the unique perspective of a remorseful high-school bully you just don't get that much connecting with the subject of her regrets in an art museum, contains some gorgeous art descriptions, and highlights just how important works of art can be to your life and growth as a person. The third was a nice interaction between two women navigating their new relationship and dynamics, and the communication just felt very healthy to me.

But the second was definitely my favorite - the entries on the lists of things the MC doesn't give a fuck about made me Actually LOL on several occasions. Seriously, this is worth the purchase for that alone. Recommended if you want three light, sweet stories with moments of emotional power, and more than a few really good laughs.

I loved the worldbuilding and all the concepts in it - harpies! The dialogue felt light and natural, and although there wasn't much in the way of detailed descriptions, I got a good sense of the world. I loved Corsine's determination to do a good thing for her girlfriend although really, some actual communication would have done well here and removed a lot of potentially nasty results, lol , and I just really enjoyed everything about Lester, honestly.

Including his cute relationships with both parents, and the hardships of molting. My only minor qualms were that it definitely As characters kept entering, I found it a little hard to follow who everybody was and what they wanted. I was supposed to come in knowing more than I did? So that, with the relatively minimal descriptions, I think, kept me from getting as immersed and invested as I wanted to. Of course, all that might be fixed by reading the actual book from which this stems The Absolutes , so I'll have to give that a try at some point!

And then maybe come back and give this another try. Dec 27, Jan 19, Open Mic Night at the End of the World. I began to wonder, how can this be fun? I could not bring myself to risk losing the joy and experiencing the fun of creating stories under the weight of obligation of contracts. So for a long while, I chose to play, write okay stories and had what I called fun. At one point we were led in a meditation exercise where the instructor told us to close our eyes and imagine one scenario.

Picture yourself in five years. Ten years. Still not published. How does that make you feel? How would I feel? Pull the knife out of my heart! That realization followed me home and settled in my brain like a parasite. So easy. So simple. And so dead-on right. The only thing, the only person stopping me from getting everything I wanted—including keeping fun as a factor—was me! Changes ensued, beginning with my critique group I have been so fortunate to have these women in my corner who began holding me accountable for my writing. No more excuses. No more playing around. If I want that book contract, if I want to make my living writing books, then I need to stick my butt in that chair apply butt glue if necessary , and write my heart out.

They hold me to my deadlines, hold my hand, read my pages over and over and over , and push me sometimes to the point of tears and want my success as much as I do. And it goes both ways. Without them, the last 2 years would have been wasted. Oh, and that book I started just before my epiphany?

And you know what? Thanks to a little help from my friends. First off, giant, giddy thanks to the Rubies for this opportunity! I am humbled and awed by the Golden Heart community. And I am thrilled and constantly amazed to be counted as part of this group. But first, a confession.

Before writing Thrown , I had read exactly two romance novels in my life. I felt embarrassed when I talked to writers who read their first romance novel to pass the time in the hospital as newborns. I felt like I had cheated somehow. In my limited experience, romance novels either: had heroines dying of some disease that, oddly enough, enhanced their beauty all that frailty and paleness ; or were thrillers starring feisty heroines, psycho killers and taciturn alpha heroes determined to protect them the heroines, not the psycho killers.

In fact, armed alpha heroes kind of scare me. Kathryn pointed me toward Susan Elizabeth Phillips. No killers usually! And her books were funny. Maybe there was a market for my style of writing. Maybe I could get published. I kept reading SEP as they call her, and kept writing. I emailed it to her. She emailed back and put the picture on her website. Happy, happy me. Then I went to my first Nationals in Orlando in I met Susan Elizabeth Phillips at the literacy autographing, got a picture, and then, and then , as though predestined by the gods, I rode up with her on the escalator.

I scrabbled to think of something to say. Something brilliant that would indicate I was interested in her books and admired her talent. Something wildly insightful or hilarious that she would reference in her workshops forever. During her workshop with Jayne Anne Krentz a hoot, btw—I highly recommend it , she handed me her very own personal camera that she brought from suburban Chicago and asked me to take pictures.

This was progress. I felt certain she would ask me to dinner. But you know how those conferences are; I bet some pushy editor insisted she go to some boring publishing dinner instead. Months later, I emailed with a writing question. She replied in a month. Clearly, we were becoming friends. It was uncanny. At Nationals in New York last summer, I brought her two Teuscher champagne truffles my favorite chocolates in the entire world and got another picture with her. She kind of sort of recognized me. Or she was just being polite. But I figured I was slowly, steadily inching my way toward us spending holidays together.

Come December, I was hoping for a card from the Phillips family, but no dice. No matter. I kept up with Susan I call her Susan and her Facebook posts, commenting here and there, not wearing out my welcome, but keeping my hand in the game. And guess who emailed me back the very next day? I was so in.

No witty author is safe. You all have been warned. I am so honored to be invited to blog on the Ruby Slipper Sisterhood blog. Believe it or not, this is my first time ever blogging. I was thrilled, yet shocked to receive the Golden Heart Call back in March. I thank the RWA for sponsoring this contest and appreciate all of the time it takes to administer it. My CP gasps in horror when she gets stuck in a scene and I tell her to skip forward and write another one. Posted by Elisa Beatty Jun 25 , am in finalists , Donna Frelick , golden heart , Laurie Green , sci-fi , sci-fi romance.

Sometimes literally. What mysteries? What amazing things? What adventures? He went, not knowing if he would live, or die, or mutate into something no longer human at all. But wait…something was lacking. We craved a deeper bond for our favorite captain than a casual dalliance with a visiting scientist or green-skinned alien. And so it began…. Laurie, growing up in the isolated forests of northern Michigan, spent much of her time penning stories from her imagination.

On another planet?

Smitten, Smitten Series #1

Battling alien thread? And falling in love?

I was so there! Although that novel will never see the light of the sun, it started me on the long road of self-education to learn the craft of writing novels. Donna chose a different course in her quest. Kirk joined Robin Hood and Aragorn in my short list of all-time favorite heroes. So much so that when I started writing fiction after a long career as a journalist, I began by writing Trek fan fiction. Then you use those skills to write your own.

I loved doing that! But could that be changing? Science fiction with a romantic twist has become a staple in the motion picture industry, beginning with the prickly romance between Han and Leia in Star Wars and coming into its own with the more recent success of the interspecies-entangled Avatar. One of the biggest names in paranormal romance, Sherrilyn Kenyon, has had tremendous success by returning to what she admits is her first love. Almost half the category!

Is it a sign of shifting interests for readers? We certainly hope so. As the reign of traditional Paranormal Romance shows signs that its epoch is beginning to wane, mainstream publishers may just be seeking something new to send readers off on a different romance trajectory.

The national magazine for the American not-for-profit theatre

Posted by Elisa Beatty Jun 21 , am in finalists , golden heart , heroes , inspiration , paranormal romance , women's strength. Hello, Rubies, and thank you for developing this blog! So many captivating heroines populate our genre! Some of these she-roes overcome incredible odds in order to kick bad-guy ass, or to solve a big mystery, or to save the world.

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Me, too, girls. Me, too…. Each of these heroines is very different from the next, but they all inspire me with their ability to bounce back from adversity and internalize difficult lessons for future growth. A few weeks ago, I felt a bit defeated by some hardship in my world, and I rattled off a Yahoo post to my fellow GH finalists about the general rotten-ness of life as I knew it. Immediately afterward, I was embarrassed. I, a card-carrying Do It Yourselfer to Ridiculous Degree, had aired the dirty laundry in a public forum.

I had, in essence, asked for help. But you know what? And those stories, like our GH-finalist manuscripts, brimmed with love and loss and the quiet-yet-indomitable strength of women. These fabulous people who make up the list of GH finalists shared their collective experience and spurred me to open myself to greater possibility.

Their stories reminded me of the power inherent in building something strong and good, even if it occurs via inch-high accomplishments. Ultimately, they reminded me that we are all she-roes in our own right. I am looking forward to cheering for everyone in Anaheim. The connection fostered through our common bond- the Golden Heart — creates wonderful friendships. Better yet, how about we keep it safe and chat about friendship…. Our GH bond creates a friendship that continues when we go on to join The Golden Network, a chapter established to support all Golden Heart finalists.

The individual GH Loops started several years after the chapter as a way to instantly connect all the current GH Finalists. The Rubies are a shining example of what TGN hoped to become and I think we can get back to those roots. There is a wealth of talented writers within TGN, published and unpublished. I could just hear our group gaining the reputation for creating war…ah…passionate debate.

The passionate expressions from the industry members were heartfelt and wonderful to see. It means they love their work and we provide the content to keep them happy.

This year in Anaheim, TGN has a panel of industry professionals ready to answer your questions. What would you ask them? What do you want to know? And has the GH helped you find a few new friends? Posted by Anne Marie Becker Jun 11 , am in finalists , golden heart finalists , Alison Delaine , golden heart , historical romance. One common denominator marks all of these episodes: I stopped doing what I could do and instead put my hope in what someone else might be able to do for me. Ever been there? In fact, I bet you can think of someone right now who has your hopes pinned all over them.

Is it an agent? An editor? Now, sometimes we do need other people. Disclaimer: This post is not about self-publishing. A busy author may not have time to keep up with promotions, correspondence, and social media. To whom? When I write, I feel like I am moving forward. When I write, I feel like my destiny is in my hands. The act of writing improves your craft, gets the ideas flowing, and gives you some mud to fling against the wall.

You have control over when, if, and how much you write.

No agent, editor, or one-star critic on earth can stop you. Yes, there are. What are they? As a writer, there is always something to do. Make a list of agents to query. Actually send the queries. Enter a contest. Study a book about craft. Put a new technique into practice. Jot down a new story idea.

Set a goal for this week, this month, this year—or even just for today. Make a small change to your writing schedule. Try a new motivational technique and see if it works. Committing to an action and following through always gives me a sense of forward momentum—probably because when I take action, I am moving forward. All rights reserved. Site designed and maintained by. When no one was looking, Jamie snatched it off the nightstand, and the rest is history.

Life got in the way as it often does she actually got a job! But she never forgot about it. In , she finally got serious about completing it and has been happily writing since then. Besides reading romance, especially the contemporary kind, she loves, loves sports, Walt Disney World, shopping and pop culture. Ask Jamie. She loves to tweet so look her up at www. Take it away, Jamie! By far the best part was getting to know my fellow finalists, the Firebirds. Another attendee leaned over and said congratulations.

I stared at her, totally confused, for a few seconds. Why was she congratulating me? Had I won a door prize I knew nothing about? Then it dawned on me. You talk so big on Twitter. Who me, nervous? Yep, I was fine — until I stepped into the ballroom Saturday afternoon for the rehearsal. The stage was all set up and the lights were dimmed low. Then they made us practice walking across the stage and saying our names into the microphone. She got turned around as we exited. My response: Follow the crowd. I was an expert, you see.

9 Best Jill images in | Author, Baby books, Book publishing companies

I knew what I was doing. So we followed the crowd. Right into Downtown Disney with nary a bus stop in sight. As I was wandering around the store, I noticed a guy standing in the checkout line. He looked familiar and I immediately started racking my brain trying to remember which TV show he was on. Then, it hit me.

sexy romance with intensity

I thought anyway. What the frickety frack?! You were no use to me, Dawn.