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  2. ALWAYS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Although the affix is basically a prefix, it is not always left-aligned. There are always 12 current return posts, but different nozzles have different bolt circle diameters for the posts. Attitudes toward the latter are not always positive. Although rural speech is stigmatized, it is not obvious that people who always live in a rural environment ever wish to speak like urbanites.

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Accordingly, the book's claims are not always supported by strong evidence. As is well-known, mental states do not always behave this way. Still, final say always lies with the law-making legislature.

When we see precedents as examples, we are free to note that scopes are not always specifiable in advance. In most cases, but not always , the eldest son seems to have been the preferred heir. I have always used these terms interchangeably. Improvements made on the land or buildings always reverted to the mill without any compensation to the colono, regardless of who had paid for them. As a rational agent, of course, one always has a reason to act on the strength of some reason.

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ALWAYS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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This toolkit is for any organisation wanting to implement an Always Event using the Always Event methodology. A short 5 minute film has been produced which shows clips of interviews with both staff and people who use services who have been involved in codesigning, testing and implementing Always Events. There are a growing number of providers of services to people with a learning disability who are codesgining Always Events with good success.

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