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Blind Willie McTell (song)

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Last Session Album 12 versions. Prestige Bluesville. Sell This Version.

Blind Willie Johnson - Dark was the night...

Atlanta Twelve String Album 13 versions. A To Z Blues Comp 2 versions. Universe 3.

Blind Willie McTell: The Rough Guide To Blind Willie McTell - World Music Network

His voice was soft, clear and expressive and his musical tastes were influenced by blues, ragtime, gospel, hillbilly and popular music of the day. With a voice charged with extraordinary sensitivity he's able to convey a variety of moods from deep pathos to broad humour, as he draws us into his world of corn whiskey, teasing browns, passenger trains, stomp down riders and razor balls. Unlike the mechanical delivery of many early country blues artists, McTell was able to give each of his blues songs and rags a distinctive flavour, and in true songster fashion could draw on a massive repertoire of material.

Although he never produced a major hit record, he had a prolific recording career with different labels and under different names such as Blind Sammie, Georgia Bill and Hot Shot Willie. Unfortunately, McTell died in obscurity in , just before the folk-blues revival got underway, when many other original bluesmen were rediscovered.

Although his song 'Statesboro Blues' was exposed to millions via cover versions by Taj Mahal and the Allman Brothers band, one can only imagine the impact that he would have had on the new generation of young white audiences had he survived. Lyrically his records have much more to offer in terms of storytelling than those of the standard bluesman — whose writing style most often relied on the crafting of simple and circular lyrical patterns that all rolled toward the payoff in the form of a hook line resolution at the end of the twelfth bar.

"Blind Willie" McTell (1898-1959)

Blind Willie did adhere to traditional patterns with his guitar playing, however his lyrics typically told a story that developed from verse to verse toward a conclusion, and herein lies the element that has come to form this man's legacy and have such an impact on future songwriters, most notably of which being Bob Dylan , The Allman Brothers Band , and The White Stripes.

However, although this record offers a lot lyrically, the lack of strong melodies throughout the entire album really does limit it's overall appeal. Yes we are hearing something historically interesting through Willie's stories, but that's about all there is to be taken away from this record — a history lesson. It's not a terribly enjoyable record aesthetically due to the dryness and somewhat one dimensional quality of Willie's vocal delivery, and this makes it particularly hard to sit through the whole track list and find yourself still intently listening by the end. To put a simple finger on it — there's no balance created between lyrical substance and strong melody, so instead what we are left with on 'Last Session' are a bunch of tales that may have been just as interesting if they were read out as a tuneless audiobook.

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It's crushing to think of what he could have done with the hooky potential of a track like opener 'Baby It Must Be Love'.