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  1. Dr Emma Camp – Marine Bio-geochemist
  2. Emma's Camp CEO Experience
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Dr Emma Camp – Marine Bio-geochemist

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  1. Pharmaceutical Operations Management: Manufacturing for Competitive Advantage.
  2. Emma's Camp America Vlog | #5 Summer Best Bits!
  3. Emma’s Camp America Vlog | #5 Summer Best Bits.
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Emma's Camp CEO Experience

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Christina Ross

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  • Are you ready for the next step? Donate Now? Give today to help this campaign reach this goal. Emma's piano tuner takes a long time tuning the piano and Frank gets frustrated—this leaves the piano broken and the piano does not make any sound when Emma begins to play. The concert is run by Gestapo officers and the audience is filled with prisoners dressed as though they are in a concentration camp. Frank mentions that he takes very good care of Emma and that she is up to date with all of her vaccinations. Martin shouts out a few times during the concert and is physically punished by the Gestapo officers.

    They scratch his face until it bleeds [8] and force him back onto the bench when he stands up. As Emma's stagefright rises, Frank gets more frustrated and tells her that the show must go on. The piano does not make noise but Emma sings the notes of the piano and the crowd goes wild. She throws flowers at the audience and the concert ends. Once again, Frank pressures Emma and Martin into being intimate with one another and warns Martin that, should he disobey, he will lose his job. Frank also makes a remark that there is an odor in the air which means the children are burning the dead dogs again.

    Frank and Emma then tell Martin that they indeed were playing a prank on him and that Emma chooses to shave her head, does not have an itch, and enjoyed the joke very much. The act ends on Frank pressuring Martin into saying he also had fun and Emma falling to the floor in a fit of uncontrollable scratching. Emma and Martin are performing duties and, although it is not revealed exactly why they are doing these tasks, Emma does say that "they left us here to work. Martin triggers Emma's memory of the "showers" and she quickly reverts to another topic: hunting.

    She mentions that Frank is out hunting foxes and that he should be back soon. Despite how many times Martin has introduced himself to her, Emma still cannot remember his name. Frank sends Emma outside to grab whatever she'd like from the dead foxes. Frank confesses to Martin that Emma has always been able to leave and that he cannot handle her behavior any longer. He begs Martin to take Emma away from him and, after being paid for his work, Martin quits his job and leaves with Emma.

    Emma and Martin enter his family home and Martin realizes that something has changed.


    Neither his younger brothers nor parents are home and the entire place does not feel familiar to him. Screams of pain and noises of children playing are heard from outside the house, but Martin and Emma choose to ignore it. Martin is perplexed why his family is not home but just figures they went outside to play. Emma says she cannot stay in the house and demands to be placed in a hotel.

    She also looks through her suitcase and pulls out the only outfit her supposed secretary packed for her: a "red ball gown" a prison smock just like the one she is wearing. Just then, an Official walks in and rubs his palms together with a sense of satisfaction, commenting that the door was open. Martin asks him to leave but the official demands that Martin be immunized. Three burly male nurses enter the house with a metal bed and branding instruments.

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    • Emma runs to the corner and while sobbing tells Martin that "in order to know who we are, a little mark…" but is cut off as the three male nurses sedate Martin with an injection. The Official then comes over with a hot branding iron as the lights go out on Emma's groans. Gambaro's work calls upon the Nazi regime and European ideals of fascism.

      This is because Argentine militaries were trained by German armies in the early 20th century and long after fascist ideals left Europe they found a home in certain quarters of Argentina. Long after World War II, fascist ideals and concentration camps were still very much a part of life for those living in Argentina.

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      The Camp mostly revolves around the political violence and the effects of torture on innocent people who allow themselves to be victims of political torture. The Camp was written just after a massive military coup in and refers to the dictatorships that ruled Argentina. Additionally, the character of Frank's name was originally Franco in Gambaro's text and is reminiscent of late Spanish dictator Fracisco Franco. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

      Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

      Dr Emma Camp – On a Quest to Save the World’s Coral Reefs

      Oliver, William I. Austin: University of Texas Press.