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Dative Pronouns
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  2. Er gehört zu mir (English translation)
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He is drinking water are you kidding me if they can short ''isst Mittagessen'' so will I.

Phil Collins - Dir gehört mein Herz

Haven't failed me. I answered: 'That belongs to me', which was apparently wrong. I'd say it can be right too. Am I wrong?

Marianne Rosenberg

So your example sentence would mean "That belongs to me" but the one they gave technically means "It belongs to me. In Questions and Negatives sentences you use belong Do you belong to him?

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Er gehört zu mir (English translation)

Can you say both? June 1, Bayern, des samma mir lyrics and the winner is Ein Prosit lyrics. Don't miss: Skandal um Rosi Skandal im Sperrbezirk lyrics.