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It's a fact that can't be changed irrespective of trials. You are the one made for me, and I love everything about you. You are the right one for me, just as I am for you, we both know that. And nothing will ever separate us, as long as we both believe in our love.

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It doesn't matter what comes our way, I'll always love only you. Our love is more like a covenant that cannot be broken to me. I'm sure if I leave you, all things will go wrong for me and I'll never be the same. I'll love only you and won't let go, no matter what. Even though time flies, surely our love will stand. Thunders roar and oceans rage, we'll be together always.

It's you plus me against challenges and storms. I love you, baby. My priceless love for you is without condition. I'll be sticking with you through all phases of life, good and pleasant, dark and ugly. We'll end well with our heads held up. I love you, honey, no matter what. Bad times notwithstanding, I'll always choose you. You already occupy a special place in my heart and life that no one else can fit into. I love you so much.

Here are special ways to pledge your dedication to your lover, just by sending him or her these cute no matter what I love you quotes, your dedication will be well made know. There's nothing of this world that will pull us apart. We've been destined to be one and together we'll fight challenges thrown at us. I'm gonna fight for our love and for you. We're gonna stick together in all things. You are the one I really love. And my love is unconditional. I wish you can see yourself with my eyes and that you can think of yourself with my heart.

I believe then, you'll know how important and special you are to me. I love you, sweetheart, no matter what. I try not to think of what my life was without you or what it will be without you. You've become a crucial part of my life that I can't do without. I feel the need to remind you that you can never be replaced by someone else.

You alone have the keys to my heart, mind and soul. It's you or no one else, no matter what. Thinking of you every day, I realize you are the only one I'll ever be content with. You rule in my world, baby. My love for you runs deeper than the deepest waters. You mean more than this world to me and I'm not gonna leave you for anything. You're the one I love. Thoughts of seeing your beautiful face again make me pull through each day, no matter how tiring.

This is another of the many reasons I can't afford to lose you. Nothing can make me tire of you. I've not found any. You light up my world and I can't give you up, irrespective of whatever happens. You know I love you no matter what. My decision about you can never change. You are the one I will spend the rest of my life with and this decision still stands notwithstanding what life throws our path. Let your lover know that despite the pressure from work, friends and even family, you still love him or her with these no matter what I still love you Quotes for lovers.

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Love for you runs deeply in my blood. You are like life itself and mean more than the world. Never will I leave you for someone else. My love for you is too deep for words. Words can't express what I feel for you. And I know my love is unconditional and will stand any test that time brings. I love you now and forever, my darling. Losing you will mean losing life itself. Killing my love for you will mean killing love itself.

I don't wanna stop loving you and I don't wanna lose you. It's you for me, no matter what. When it comes to you, nothing else matters. No condition, scars, past hurts and failures matter. All I envision is a bright future of forever with you. Daily, love for you fills my heart till there's an overflow. I just can't help it. And I hope you now see yourself with my eyes. I hope you now know how much you really mean to me. It took me a very long time to find love. Now I've found love in you and with you. I can never let go of you. No matter what comes our way.

We'll scale through, together. We may be so far apart from each other, but my heart still beats for you. You've filled every void in my life before your meeting me. If you leave me, I'll become empty. I'll stick with you because I love you, no matter what. Death is the only thing that can do us part. Nothing else. Once I'm with you, nothing else matters.

You mean more than the world and I love you no matter what. Where ever fate takes us to, no matter the miles separating us, you are the only one I'll have eyes for. You are the one who's got the keys to my heart. You are my love and I love you and will always love you with all of my beings. I know life will be meaningless without you. You have always lit up my life. I don't want to think of what will happen if I lose you.

I just can't. And because of my love for you, I'll hold on to you, no matter what. Tell your lover that with the situation that surrounds you, your love for him or her is unending with these I love you no matter what happens around us. Your physical features attracted me to you. But now, your beautiful heart of love has me enchanted and makes me want forever with you. Please, let's make this happen no matter what. Your entry into my life came with all things pleasant. I don't want to lose these pleasant things. More importantly, I don't want to lose you.

I love you wholeheartedly, and I'll do everything to keep you by my side. Each second spent with you is worth more than gold to me. I never want to leave your side. I never want to be away from you. Let's be together forever, my love. You, my lover, are also my best friend. The only one who understands me and condones my excesses. I promise this day, to love you always, come rain, come shine. Our love is everlasting, no matter what.

Something beautiful manifested the moment love happened to us. We go and grow deeper in love. It's a beautiful feeling I never want to recover from. And you are the only one I wanna experience this with. I love you, babe, no matter what. Thoughts of you drown me in the sea of love. I forget myself as you alone matter. And I don't want to survive this drowning experience. I love you, my love, no matter what. And just when I thought I was not capable of loving, you came swiftly and blew me away. Your love has taken over me. And with you, I've found reasons to love.

And I'll always love you my darling, no matter what. When you smile, happiness fills me and my heart beats. When you laugh, I'm so glad my heart stops for a moment. Love for you has swept me off my feet. And this love is gonna last because no matter what happens, I'll always love you. I know you won't forget this, as I will constantly bring it to your remembrance. No matter what, my dear. You are the love of my life. Flaws, inclusive. Past mistakes, irrespective. Shortcomings, independent. You are the one for me, no matter what. I love you unconditionally. True love like the one you and your partner share is rare and worth being guided with all diligence.

To achieve that you need the following no matter what happens I love you still quotes. All you need to do is to send it to him or her. I really can never forget the first day we met. How can I forget the day joy came to my life? The day my happiness began? The day my hope of being loved and loving another was restored? You are my treasure who means more than anything. It would seem that I've crossed the horizon to find you. And now that I have you and you are mine, I'll never let you go, no matter what.

I love you more than life itself. You are my everything. You are my world and my heart beats just by the sound of your voice and laughter. You mean so much to me and I'll always be by you, no matter what comes our way. This bond binding us cannot be broken. It's too strong and impenetrable. I love you for you. And I'm gonna do anything to keep you beside me. I love you and want eternity with you, no matter what. You come after God and after you, nothing else matters.

I love you enough to give all for you. You mean that much to me, no matter what happens. When storms wage and thunders roar, I promise to never leave your side. I'll always be by you as I've pledged forever with you. You matter a lot, my love. Together, we'll journey through life. Tough situations wouldn't be able to tear us apart because we're tougher than whatever life throws our path. And I'll always love you no matter what. It definitely isn't easy when two different people want to come together in unity of love.

But I promise to never give up on us, no matter the challenge we get to face. I'll always love you, no matter what. I strongly believe that our love for each other will sustain us through challenges and tough situations until the end of time. We'll be together because I love you just as much as you love me, no matter what. Like a knight in shining armour, I'll be near you whenever you call. You only have to call my name and I'll be by your side. You are the one I live for and I'll always love you no matter what happens.

Loving you has never been difficult. It's as easy as breathing. But situations could bring about doubts, doubts that we wonder where they come from. But irrespective, I know one truth: I love you and always will, no matter what. I believe tough times will make us stronger and a stranger us will birth a lasting love relationship. Let's go through these times a happy people, my love, with our love waxing stronger.

Knowing your weaknesses hasn't changed how I view you at all. As a matter of fact, I love you more. And nothing else holds water. It's you for me, no matter what happens. Even in the face of hard times and challenges, I'll always love you. Our struggles with life will never be able to separate us. I love you, my sweet, no matter what. My love for you grows every day. I really don't know what my life would be like if I didn't fall in love with you.

And for the record, we can never be broken up. Because I love you no matter what. You are more important than precious stones. You are far more beautiful than gold. You have captured my heart more than diamond has the miners'. I love you above all else. Ever thought of what can be strong enough to bring us apart?

I've thought deeply and I realise that such doesn't exist. Nothing is strong enough to break our bond of love, I assure you, my dear. I look into your eyes and I know you struggle to believe that I'll always love you no matter what. The thing is, you will never be able to decipher the depth of my love for you. And no matter what, my darling. It doesn't matter what comes our way, our love will remain because our love is true and pure and we have the Almighty on our side. So, no matter what, we'll always love each other.

You can't doubt the fact that I love you.

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All of my actions prove it. My words speak volumes. And my love for you is forever. Loving someone who loves you with the whole of your heart is very important and worth being expressed. Here are I love her no matter what quotes you can send to your lover. It doesn't matter what people say. I don't care who does or who doesn't agree with our union. We love each other and I believe that's all that matters. I love you and you know it. No matter what happens. One thing for sure is impossible. And that's being away from you. It just can't happen.

I don't see it happening. My love for you proves that. Because we both know that I'll always love you, irrespective of whatever crosses our path. The love that defies all reasoning is the manner of love I have towards you.

CopperKnob - I Love You No Matter What…. - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris – October

The love that's ready to go through fire and deep waters is the love I feel for you. The lasting kind of love. I love you, pumpkin. Let the world rain fire and brimstone. Let everyone be against us. We'll stand tall. We'll stand strong. We'll come out better. We'll be looking our best. Our love is ordained and will never cease, no matter what. The fire that keeps our love burning will never be quenched by challenges of this world. The source of the water that keeps our love for each other flowing will never dry up.

We're meant to last baby, and last we will. Whatever is meant to tear us apart will only make us stronger. I strongly believe in our love for each other. I know what I feel for you is true and can never be quantified. I love you, honey. Oh, my darling. I'll never leave you till the very end. Till I take my last breath. Nothing can stop me from feeling how I feel about you.

Believe in our love as I do. My everything. My world. I don't know what life would be like if you didn't come into my life when you did. I'll never take your presence in my life for granted. I always have. I always will. I can't count the number of times you've gone out of your way to get something done for me. And I'm not ungrateful. My love for you just keeps getting better and stronger.

I promise you on this day, that I'll never stop loving you. You showed me patiently, what love is and how to love. You have also made me know what it means to be loved. I'm never letting you go. I'm never leaving you. I'll always be in love with you. I choose to love you, no matter what. Make a special declaration to your lover, with the following romantic I love you no matter what quotes for him from the heart and watch him fall more in love with you.

Where do I stand if you decide to leave now?

Anthony Green:Love You No Matter What Lyrics

What does that make me? Believe me, it doesn't matter what the past is. I love you just as you are. Just the way you are. My heart will always beat for you. Your voice will always tingle my ears. You will always rouse beautiful sensations in me. I'll proudly announce to the world that you are mine. I'll make it known to the ends of the earth that we belong to each other.

We'll shout it on hilltops that nothing can separate us. We'll make it known that we love each other, no matter what. My love for you is patient. And so I'll never be quick to make rash decisions. I promise to always be patient with you and never give up on us. It is always just you, and there will never be anyone else for me. Because of you, I feel such great joy in my life. My heart is filled with thoughts of you, and I count each second until I can see you again.

Whenever you are sad, I am sad. Your happiness is my happiness. Where you go, I go. Because I love you, I cannot be apart from you. I will never let you down or hurt you because you are the most amazing woman that I have ever met. Now and forever, I will do everything that I can to be with you.

Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland (Official Music Video)

I belong to you completely. It would be impossible to stop me from loving you. Even if someone snatched me away and locked me in a far off tower, I would continue to love you for the rest of my life. You are the angel that I have searched for, and I am totally in love with you. Whenever you are gone, I cannot sleep, eat or think straight. From the moment I met you, my life was filled with indescribable joy. Now, the only sadness I feel is whenever I am away from you and cannot hear your voice.

You are my joy, my light and all of my happiness. You are the dearest pearl of my heart and the angel that lights my life. I will walk by your side forever and do everything I can to prove just how much you mean to me. Whenever I close my eyes, I see you. When I sleep, it is you that I dream of. You are the greatest treasure of my life and the reason for my greatest joy. I love you and want to spend forever showing you that.


Whenever I want to cry, something stops me. Even when life gets me down, I feel better just thinking about you. Nothing truly bad can happen because I have already found the greatest joy possible in your arms. I love you dearly. I wish I could fill my heart with you. My one goal in life is to bring myself closer to you every day.

I could never live without you, so give me a chance to show just how much I love you. Loving you has been the greatest joy in my life. Just seeing you arouses endless passion. I love the way you smile and how you brighten every room that you walk into. No one could ever make me feel as wonderful and elated as you do. I love you and will spend forever proving my love to you. Nothing could ever separate you from me. Even when we are not together, I still act as if you are there.

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I spend each day working to be the man that you deserve because you are the woman that my heart has chosen. I will never hurt or betray you because I love you too much. My heart sings of you from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. At night, my heart brings me dreams of you. When I wake up, I cannot believe that my dreams are a reality. I am so lucky to be with you and just want to stay with you forever. I wish that I could sleep without you at my side and breathe without you next to me. Since I fell in love with you, it seems impossible to sleep, breathe or smile without you there.

When I hear the birds sing, I hear your voice. When the sun or stars shine down, I see the brightness of your face. Everything I see or hear reminds me of you. All I can do is patiently count down the hours until I am at your side again. I love you. No one could ever take your place in my heart. From the moment we first met, you became my everything. Each thing I do or see during the day reminds me of you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life because I cannot imagine living without you. I love you no matter what happens.

When I close my eyes, I feel the warmth of your presence. When you are with me, I feel elated and happy. As soon as you leave, it is like the sun has set. The light dims in my world, and I sit in darkness as I wait for that elated, bright joy to return to my world again. You are my everything. Every moment of my life is happy because I have found my reason for living. Because you belong to me, I have no reason to ever be sad or depressed. Heaven sent me an angel, and all I can do is spend the rest of my life trying to deserve your love. If it takes me a lifetime, I will keep working to show just what you mean to me.

When I fell for you, I never realized that you would become an addiction. I cannot sleep or eat when you are gone. You are my reason to live and the reason why my heart skips a beat whenever I think of you. You are the one person that I have searched for in life. You put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I love you and will always be in love with you.

I would do anything just to show how much I love you. You are the love that I have searched for and that I have yearned to know. Stay with me, and I will show you that I love you no matter what. Nothing makes sense to me when we are not together. I see everything through the joy and happiness of our love. No matter what I do, I think of you and work to live in a way that makes you proud. I may not deserve you now, but I will keep working until I do.

You are like the star that brightens my day and brings me complete peace. I just want to belong to you forever because you are the love that I have searched for, for my entire life. Your eyes are like a captivating spell that draws me in and entices me to be a better man. I could never forget you because you have my heart bewitched. We belong to each other, and I love you completely. I wear my heart on my sleeves, and everyone can tell. My friends knew from the moment I saw you that I was captivated. You bring smiles to my face whenever I think of you.

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I thank God for bringing you to my life. I do not deserve you, but I will do everything that I can to one day deserve your love. I am truly in love with you. There is no gift I could buy or card I could write that could show just how deeply I feel for you. Until I can buy the world for you, I will never be able to show just how much I love you. From the moment you entered my life, the entire world changed.

You saved my heart, my smile and my joy. All I can think about is you. Even when we just hold hands, my heart skips a beat. Being by your side is the greatest joy and happiness that I have ever known. I see the light of passion in your eyes. In your eyes, I see my love reflected back. I cannot live in this world without you in it.

Just knowing that you exist has brightened my life and made even the hardest moments of life worthwhile. There is no meaning to life without you. What type of person would I be without having you in my life? I am in love with you and can never be with anyone else. Every day, my one goal in life is to not let you down.